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Practice quotes - Wednesday


On a sobering note, running back Ahman Green discussed the passing of his father, Edward Scott. Meanwhile, rookie defensive tackle Amobi Okoye shared his feelings about being named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month, and this Sunday's National Anthem singer Paula DeAnda came to speak to the media as well.

Head coach Gary Kubiak(on TE Owen Daniels becoming an integral part of the offense with a shortage of receivers) "He should be either way, regardless of who's playing outside. He's a very good player. We try to get him the ball every week in a lot of ways. He's definitely picked up his game in the last two weeks. He plays every play. He's a great football player."

(on the status of injured players) "With (RB) Ahman (Green), I would say it's very encouraging what we saw today. With (WR) Jacoby (Jones), I wouldn't go that far. It's not totally out of the realm that he might play this weekend, but he was not as encouraging as (RB) Ahman (Green)."

(on when he wants WR Jacoby Jones to come back) "I want him to come back as fast as he can, but we worry about it. He's definitely got a heck of a separation there. There've been guys who come back and play in two weeks, there's guys that take four. He did come out and do some things today. He caught punts and did a little bit in the walk through, but enough to take the football field- no, not yet."

(on the status of WR Jerome Mathis) "He didn't do much of anything today, limping around pretty good. So not much of anything."

(on if CB Demarcus (Petey) Faggins will start) "(CB) Petey's our starter. I believe in him. He'll be there starting this weekend. He's going to play good; I believe in the kid. He's had a few misfortunate plays, which happens in football if you're a corner. That's part of the business. You've got to have a short memory, so I expect him to come back and play well this week."

(on making changes to the secondary during the second half against Atlanta) "Fletch (CB Jamar Fletcher) took some outside at corner. We'd like to get (CB Fred) Bennett involved too, but Fred's got to come out here and earn the right to get on the field. He's been better. He practiced good Friday; he practiced good today. If he's playing the way he capable of playing, then you'd like to get him involved but he's going to have to do it out on the field first."

(on what CB Demarcus (Petey) Faggins needs to do differently) "I think you've got to go back and play. I think playing corner in this league is a lot like playing quarterback. You go out and throw three picks or four picks, and the space from being a hero to a goat in this league at that position – there's not much in between there. He's just got to have a short memory and go back and play. If he gets the ball coming his way, his confidence goes way back up and he starts playing well. We believe in him, and I'm expecting him to play well."

(on if the defense needs to blitz more) "We blitzed plenty last week. We came 27 times. A lot of it was in the run game, but actually a lot of our pressures have come when we're working with a four-man rush. That's something we're doing better, and if we think we have to do it we're going to do it. We have tried it, but it hasn't necessarily been the answer to us getting pressure on the quarterback."

(on if he will get the running game more involved this week) "You just keep working on it. We changed our practice pattern today. We devoted some special time to it in what we're doing offensively; I just call special attention to it. It's an attitude. It's something you've got to be committed to; we tried to be committed to it the other day until we got down, but we're not going to run away from it by any means. We need to find a way to do it."

(on if he will move CB Jamar Fletcher over if CB Fred Bennett to challenges for a starting spot) "No. I think both of them – we watch them practice; we watch them work. Of course, Fletch works inside at nickel. They're both doing a good job and we're trying to find a way to get them on the field, whether that's at nickel or whether that's base. With (CB) Fred (Bennett), it's strictly been a hamstring and he hadn't done much for two weeks until last Friday, and that seems to have changed because he's gotten better."

(on being more effective in the red zone) "Whatever it is, we just got to be more effective. When you're 0-3 down there – really 0-2 because one of the other ones was when we stepped inside the 20 on our third down and kicked a field goal, even though that counts against you – looking at it realistically, you're down there twice inside the five, and that ends up being a difference of eight points when it's all said and done, from field goal to touchdown. When you don't do that, that's the difference of winning and losing, and actually this week, we had three because we missed a field goal there at the end. We've got to be better in the red zone, and to bet better in the red zone it seems to always go back to running the ball."

(on QB Trent Green playing differently in Miami) "He's the same guy. He's been a very effective player in this league for a long, long time. He's got some weapons there; he's got a great back in (RB) Ronnie Brown, the receivers with (WR Chris) Chambers and (WR Marty) Booker and now they've added the young kid who can just really fly. I think they're a team that you are only going to see get better every week; that's what it looks like to us. They have multiple shifts, so we'll have our hands full."

(on if he'll take advantage of Miami's weak run defense) "I guess you would say you are, but when you turn on the film you know what happens. (LB) Zach Thomas is one of the best middle linebackers to play in this league for 10 year and he hasn't been on the field for them in the last two weeks. That would be like us walking out there without (LB) DeMeco (Ryans) and that's a blow. They are expecting him (Thomas) back this week and they have some Hall-of-Fame players with (DE) Jason Taylor and you talk about (LB Joey) Porter and (LB) Zach (Thomas). They've been a great defense through the years, and we know which one we'll see with (LB) Zach (Thomas) coming back.

(on if RB Ahman Green will play on Sunday) "I can't say that. I'm encouraged by what I saw, but to say that would be way too premature.

(on LB Zach Thomas) "He's an amazing guy; (Texans defensive coordinator) Richard (Smith) could probably tell you more about him than I can. I've gone against him ever since I was a college coach and he's a heck of a player. He studies tendencies; he's amazing on the field; he's like a computer out there and he's been doing it a long, long time. When he's out there, they're pretty dang good. They've been good through the years."

(on if he'll make decisions Friday on playing WR Jacoby Jones and Ahman Green) "We'll make them the morning of the game. It's just like this week, we had to make one at 11:30 and that's part of the league. I tell the players that they should never be in a mindset of, 'I'm not playing this week. I'm not up this week.' Hell, you don't know. You don't know until you wake up Sunday and everybody wakes up in one piece read to go."

(on if he's looking to sign other running backs) "We're working out players every week, but we're going with the guys we've got. We just want to get (RB) Ahman (Green) healthy, but we're going with the guys we've got."

(on what he expects from André Davis this week) "We need to get him the ball. He's turned into a heck of a player. You watch him practice today and he continues to play well. He's the prime example of a player who was waiting for a prime opportunity to play in this league; he's got it and he knows he'd better take advantage of it. He's done extremely well."

(on DT Amobi Okoye being the defensive rookie of the month) "He's played really well. What's he have, four sacks? He's played really well. He's played the run better than we thought he would as a rookie, and we're just excited about his progress. He's a good kid and really learning to be a pro, too. For such a young kid, he's doing really well."

CB Fred Bennett(on how he is physically right now) "I'm 100 percent. I'm ready to go this week. Thanks to my trainers, they got me right, so I'm ready."

(on if he expects to get more reps in practice and more playing time this week) "Whatever my coaches want. It depends on them how many reps I get. Whatever they want me to do, I just go with the flow."

(on what he brings to the team) "That competitiveness. When you play my position, you have to be a competitor. I'm a great competitor. I go out there believing that I can win every play that I play, so that competitive edge."

(on if he thinks he is ready if called upon) "Yes, I'm ready. I have a lot of confidence in myself. I know my teammates have confidence in me, my coaches. I'm ready at any time."

(on the difference between now and when he first got to camp) "When I first came to camp, I was still learning. I was still learning a lot of things. With the help of the other two corners we have, and my defensive back coaches, and my other coach, I think I have everything down pat. I'm just playing with a lot of confidence right now. I'm just ready to roll."

(on his role the last couple of weeks) "The last couple of weeks in practice, they had me in there a little bit, rotating me around. My coach has been in my ear. He's been coaching me real hard, preparing me, and I'm just ready to go."

(on if he has any indication of what his role will be this week) "None at all. I'll find out when we step on the practice field today. Whatever it is, I'm all up for it. Me playing a little bit, me playing a lot, I'm ready for it."

LB Danny Clark
(on if QB Trent Green is more of a pocket passer after taking that hit last season) "He may not want to run as much as he used to, but, I think we have to play his arm. I think he has a big arm and can make plays with his arm. He has a running back to run the ball, so he's good."

(on how good RB Ronnie Brown is) "He's great. He's strong. He's gotten a lot better from year two to three. I think it is his third year, I believe, and he's gotten better each year he's been in this league. I played against him his rookie year, he was a bit heavier. Now, he's light and he's moving faster. He's as strong as he's been and he's a guy that we have to pay some attention to."

(on the perception they are not good because they don't have a win) "You can't take anything for granted. We got beat by an 0-3 team last week. We definitely don't play into the whole 0-4 deal. This is the NFL. They have great players. They are a play away from being 2-2 or even better."

WR André Davis
(on how he approaches every week) "Everybody who's here, we're all getting paid to do a job. For me, I just look at it like I'm going out there and this is what I'm getting paid to do. I'm getting paid to catch the ball. I'm getting paid to come in here and study film and go out there and just work each and every day. I'm just looking at it in a business fashion, just making sure I can go out there, take care of my job, execute my part, and try and do everything I can to help the team."

(on how nice it is for things to finally be going well in his career) "I mean, I wouldn't say things haven't gone well for me. I've just been playing special teams and just doing other things to help the teams out. And it seems like a lot of people think that if you're not on offense or you're not on defense, you're not helping the team out. Special teams isn't really a glorious job; you don't really get appreciated for it, but I was able to do that and help the Buffalo Bills out last year, but this year I have the opportunity right now to go out there and play a little bit of receiver. Just enjoying it now."

(on what his teammates have said about the catches he is making) "No one has really said anything. It's just something that I think is expected of our receivers. We need to go out there and make plays. I don't look at it as being anything special; I just look at it as going out there and doing what I'm supposed to do."

(on what's the message) "For me, it's just a mindset for me. It's just a matter of how hard do you work. A lot of people, if they're de-activated, they might not be working as hard. For me, I'm preparing every week like I'm going to play. It's just a matter of am I playing on Sunday or am I not. But that doesn't necessarily mess up the way that I prepare for the game. I prepare for the game to play. When I do get in there, I expect myself to make plays and that's what I've been able to do."

(on if he is concerned about the Dolphins being hungry for a win) "What concerns me is the Houston Texans and what we're trying to get done. I think as long as we can continue to fix the things that we have wrong with us, with the turnovers, with some of the penalties, and blocking schemes. I know for me personally, I need to work on blocking more. I think we need to work on the things that we have here and if we can do that, we'll worry about the Dolphins on Sunday."

RB Ron Dayne(on where the team needs to improve) "It's not one specific area, we just have to go as a team and do it."

(on if he is surprised not being as effective) "Definitely, any time it's not working, you have to find a way to get it to work. We're just going to go work on it this week and hopefully get better."

(on how they can correct the mistakes in the red zone) "Just work on it. That's really it. Work on it and get better."

(on if the mistakes have been because of technique, or if it was mental or physical) "Just probably a little bit of everything."

(on if there is a different mind set in the red zone) "To score. To try to get six rather than three."

(on the Dolphins' defense) "We know they're going to come in here and give us their best shot, so we just have to go out and work hard this week and practice well."

CB Demarcus Faggins
(on how he feels about the talk he may lose his starting job) "The way I take it, I let the coaches make that decision. I'm going to go out there and continue to go out there and do what I do. I've been here for a long time. I've been playing the game. So I know what I've got to do to change it; I've got to get out there and just continue to work hard and continue to try to make plays."

(on how hard it was to get taken out of the game in the second half) "It was hard. No, I wasn't used to it. A couple pass interferences, you know, but it happens. That's just part of the game, so you've just got to let that go by. As a corner, you've just got to let it go and just come back and try to play whenever you get back in.

(on if there's anything different he can do on the field) "Right now, I won't say it's something that I can do any different. I've just got to get out there and just play more aggressive, continue and just try to make plays.

(on how hopeful he is the coaches will not allow that game to determine his status on the depth chart) "Well, we've got good coaches and they're able to make decisions like that. Like I said, I'm just going to let them make that decision and then we can see what happens."

(on if he's worried about losing his starting spot) "Oh, no, I'm not worried about it. Like I said, that's something I can't worry about. I've just got to go out there and continue to play my game."

(on what about his game he needs to fix) "I say I've got to be more aggressive and just compete a little harder. That's it. because like I said, I've been doing it for a while. I've been here six years, you know, and I've been making a lot of plays. So I've just got to find that, find it again and just get back out there and play."

(on what him being a survivor says about him) "Six years, I mean, they found a great player. They know what kind of player I am. I'm not going to give up. It's not going to be easy, but they know I'm going to go out there and I'm going to work hard and do everything I can to help the team."

(on if the outside criticism has been hard on him) "It's been hard, but it's not going to be harder than what I feel about myself. I can take it from anybody else, but it's harder for me to take it for myself. So I'll just be hard on myself and just do something to make it better."

CB Demarcus Faggins – after practice(on head coach Gary Kubiak saying he's still the starter) "That just goes to show what kind of relationship we have as coaches to players. They've got faith in me, so I'm just going to continue to work hard."

(on how important it is for head coach Gary Kubiak to tell the media that) "I mean, that's important to me to tell y'all that he's not giving up on me, and that lets me know that he's not giving up on me."

(on if he's surprised he's still the starter) "No, I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised at all because like I said, I just feel like we've developed that kind of relationship."

(on how he feels like he played in the game) "I thought I did things good other than the three pass interferences. That's always bad as a defensive player, three penalties. That's, what, 38 yards in penalties that I gave up."

(on if that starts to get in his head as the game wears on) "I mean, you try to forget it but you never forget it but you just don't let it bother you and continue to play."

(on what the coaches told him about his starting spot) "I just talked to Kubs this morning and he was just telling me the same thing he told y'all: I'm his guy, don't worry about it, just continue to go out there and just work hard."

RB Samkon Gado(on what changed last year to improve the running game) "Towards the end of the year, we were able to plan out some pretty good running games. We had the same components: we didn't have new players; we didn't have a new scheme. It was just emphasis."

(on what the emphasis is) "Obviously, you're trying to get six. And a lot of times you can put an emphasis on that, but there are 11 guys on the other side of the ball that are paid to stop you and you're not going to get in every time. Now it stinks that we didn't get in as often as we could've this past game. It's frustrating, but you just kind of get up and do it again. And you don't change anything you're doing. The formula's still the same and you just go back to work and hopefully next week you'll get in as opposed to getting held out."

RB Ahman Green
(on the loss of his father) "You know, it's something that, he's real close, he was real close; we were all a close family and my mom and my dad, they got down here prior to the Tampa Bay game, and that's when he fell ill then. But he's been fighting cancer for about five years and when they diagnosed him the first time, they told him three years at tops, so he outlived that and it basically prepared me and my mom and my fiancée Marie for all this, because it's tough. Regardless of if we knew it was coming, it's still tough to handle. It's something that, like I said, he was my step dad so he basically raised somebody else's seed and I'm proud of the fact that he took that responsibility, because he did an awesome job with taking care of me and taking care of my mom growing up. And so I feel a stress is left off my back because I didn't want to see him suffer no more. Because he was suffering just to get out of the bed and to go use the bathroom and things like that, simple stuff. And when you see somebody you love like that go through basically pain every day, you kind of, you're like, let's get this over with because it's almost, it's torture watching him go through that."

(on if his father had been staying at his house) "He wasn't staying with me; he was staying over at M.D. Anderson (Hospital). He was in the Medical Center since he basically got here, which was late August."

(on when his father passed) "It was last night around six p.m. our time. I actually had to go back to Omaha for some family business there and when I landed, I got the message from my mom and it didn't sound too good in her voice and I called her, she basically confirmed it."

(on if he can ever really be prepared for that) "I mean, he did prepare us, just the way, just to know that it was coming, that no matter if it was six-to-eight months or two weeks or a day, when you get there, when you get to that time, just let it go. Let the tears flow, cry, then talk about it; don't hold it in, because that's when you get sick and you have other issues yourself, so talk about it and let it be."

(on his father's age) "70."

(on his father's name) "Edward Kenneth Scott. He was born in New Orleans."

(on where the cancer was located) "Liver, and kind of masticated everywhere. Colon, lymph nodes, everywhere."

(on how he'll move on to focus on football) "The way my dad raised me and my mom with him, they basically said, 'You know, you've got to roll with the punches.' Regardless of if they're little pitter pat punches or big punches like the one me and my family had yesterday. And, you know, got to just focus on what's in front of me. If he was here right now, he'd be like don't worry about him, play football. I know how he works. And that's not being cliché; that's not saying what everybody else says when they lose a loved one; that's the truth, that's how my dad was. He basically made me who I am because I played with a lot of stuff in terms of emotional, physical injuries. I played with a ton, there's a lot of stuff a lot of people don't know about that I've gone on the football field with, either on my mind or hurting my body. And he helped build that confidence and that pride, that willingness to basically give it all up for my team on the field, regardless of how I feel."

(on how old he was when his father came into his life) "I was six, six years old."

(on when the funeral will be) "We're planning on thinking about next Tuesday, possibly Wednesday, but we're looking at Tuesday."

(on if he can use football to take his mind off of this) "Yes. I'm never going to take him off my mind, but just to ease the pain a little bit. But he taught me a lot of great things in my life and that's what I'm glad to have, and I'm going to be thinking about every day."

(on how his knee looks for the upcoming game) "Just like any other day, I'm just taking it one day at a time and it is getting better every day, that's the good thing. We're definitely far away from where we were at last week, the way it was feeling, so that's the good positive thing I've got to say about the knee."

(on how hard it's been for him to watch the run game struggle) "Very hard. I've just been juggling that, watching my team hurt without me and dealing with my family issues off the field. It's just all been tough, to be honest. But with our job, we've got to focus and work through all of that, but regardless of the fact, it was tough. It's tough to do all of that at once."

(on if it's easy or hard to talk to the media about his loss) "Like I said, the way my dad prepared me for it, it's easy. Because he said it was better to talk about it than hold it in, regardless of people I don't really know like you guys, I'm learning to know, or people like I know like my family."

(on if his knee has been worse than he expected it to be) "Yes. It kind of snuck up on me. I've banged knees before and bruised it before and it's never felt like this."

(on if he collided with somebody else) "Yes, in the Kansas City game, towards the end of the game. I believe it was a knee on knee. Could have been helmet to knee, but you know after a game, you get injured, you'll be like, 'Where the heck did I get that one from?' I keep icing it every night and it'll fade away, but it's something I had to get an MRI like we did last week and now we've been banging at it in terms of treatment and rehabbing it pretty good, and it's getting better.

(on if his knee bothered him in Carolina) "Yes, it bothered me in Carolina. I just worked through it."

(on if his dad had been living in Omaha) "No, they were in Wisconsin with me and pretty much been everywhere I've been, so Seattle, Wisconsin and now Houston."

FB Vonta Leach(on the protecting against the pass rush and DE Jason Taylor) "We can't get frustrated and stuff when they do make a play. We've just got to come back, our backs got to help out and chip him before we go out on our pass rush. I think we're going to scheme them pretty good. I think we're going to be alright. (T) Eprhaim (Salaam)'s going to do a good job on him, so we're going to be alright."

(on if the Dolphins blitz a lot) "They do blitz you from all different angles and stuff. They play a lot of man coverage in the back end, so I think we're going to have to be good in our pass protection to guard from the defense that's been good in the last five years - they've been one of the top defenses in the league. They throw a lot of different things at you, (but) I think we're going to be ready for them."

DT Amobi Okoye
(on if there is more pressure on the defensive line to put more pressure on the quarterback) "I think after every game, you want to fix the negatives that occurred during the previous game, and that's one of the things that the defensive line wanted to do. We wanted to be in the situation where we go in there and put pressure on the quarterback to throw the ball and help our secondary out. Our plan is to go crazy in this game because the last couple of games we haven't had it. We really want to just go and put more consistent pressure on the quarterback."

(on if he noticed teams playing him differently) "I've noticed what teams are trying to do since game one. Since the Kansas City Chiefs game, it's kind of been similar game planning from my point of view, but it may be different from everybody else. I think as games progress, people will probably pay more attention to me."

(on he is facing more double teams or are they running more things at him) "Yes, I've been getting different combinations of blocking schemes, kind of like if they let me get off the line or if they take me out of the equation of the play."

DT Amobi Okoye – after practice(on winning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month) "It means a lot; it means a lot. I feel like it's just scratching the surface as far as it goes, ourself and myself. I heard about it a while back, I think I saw it a couple of times with DeMeco (Ryans), but I never really paid that much attention to it. I'm just taking it one game at a time. It's just a start for me of all the goals I want to accomplish, and hopefully I can keep this thing rolling."

(on if the transition has been tough from college) "The transition has been pretty tough as far as just adjusting to the heat here first, then adjusting to actually practicing with the same intensity, and then it was just the long drag of just practicing against the same person over and over again in OTA's and camp. Then when the season started, that's when the real fun started. Everybody has fun on game day. I have fun; that's my best day. I'm a different person that day, and it's kind of the approach I kind of take to it. Game days, it's time to go out there and just let it all out. That's pretty much what I did, just go have fun these past four games. And the first quarter's over, there's three left. This is pretty long. 16 games? Wow."

(on who's given him advice) "It's come from everywhere. My family's been great to me. This team is like a family."

(on if his family is staying with him) "Yes. My brother and my cousin stay with me; we all stay together. Then the team, everybody on the team's been real helpful. I can't really just even pinpoint one person, from N.D. Kalu to Mario (Williams) to Travis (Johnson), Earl (Cochran) or (Anthony) Maddox. Everybody's been helping me. There's been help from the trainers, from the managers, and that's a good thing I really like about the team. The P.R. guys (too)."

(on what he's done the best so far) "I probably have to say just being patient. Being patient and not just expecting everything to fall in place right off the bat. Being patient and just trying to work on being consistent."

(on what he hasn't done well so far) "There's a couple of things I definitely don't think I've reached where I wanted to be at this point in time. But it's not just one thing, it's a couple of things. I've got technique issues here and there I need to work on."

(on if he's gotten better with the heat) "That's one thing I know I got better with. Today was actually the first day of practice it got windy and I really realized it. And I said something to somebody and they were like, 'Oh yeah, it's starting to cool down.' So good thing."

G Chester Pitts
(on if familiarity plays a role with former Texans head coach Dom Capers being Miami's defensive coordinator) "I wouldn't say so. He was there last year. We played him last year. They're pretty much doing the same things we were doing. They're a very good defense. And the front seven's outstanding; the back end's pretty good, too. It's a great challenge for us."

(on how good DE Jason Taylor is) "Well, he wasn't the defensive MVP of the entire football league for nothing. I mean, he's been a heck of a player year in and year out. Everybody says he looks thinner every year, but I've seen him run people over in field goal protection. So whatever he's doing, it's working."

(on if they move DE Jason Taylor all around the line) "He'll flip flop sides, he'll rush the passer, he'll drop into coverage. He's talented, he can do it all and he's real versatile and I think coach Capers likes him a lot for that and he does what he can with him."

(on why the third-and-short situations have become such an issue) "Well, because we didn't convert them. We didn't execute; we didn't do what we needed to do to get a yard. In this business, the attitude and response from coaches, it's if we have 20 people out on the field, we have to get a yard. It falls back on us. It's obviously disappointing and we have to find a way to correct that ship in a hurry."

(on how they can improve) "Well, just focusing on technique, getting off on the snap count. The little things turn into big things and we just have to lock in on a way to fix it."

(on what Dom Capers was like as his coach) "Very structured. Coach Capers, he had a plan and there was no way he was straying away from his plan. I thought it was kind of cool; you always know what you were going to get. You always knew what to expect when you come in. When you know what's coming, you brace yourself to get prepared for it."

QB Matt Schaub(on if his thigh is ok) "Yes, it's fine. It will be fine."

(on what he sees in the Dolphins) "The thing about their defense is they have a lot of veteran guys. They are very experienced across the board and they're very fast too and physical. They present a great challenge for us. I think 0-4 doesn't really mean anything. They're not the remnants of an 0-4 football team. They're a very solid defense."

(on if they Dolphins defense is shell-shocked after what Oakland did) "I don't know. I can't really comment on the attitude of their team. It looks like a lot of their guys will be back and they're going to present a tough challenge for us that we have to be ready for."

(on the team not taking a step back after the two losses) "I think we just have to clean up some of the mistakes we've made. We've hurt ourselves in those ball games by turning the ball over in a tough area of the field and giving our defense bad position. We have to minimize our mistakes and penalties hurt us as well. As a football team, if we can cut down the turnovers and the penalties, we'll be right there and we'll like what we see."

(on he is encouraged offensively given some of the personnel wasn't there) "I was definitely encouraged, but we knew that we could go out there and do that. We knew we had guys that could step up and make plays if given the opportunity and they were given a chance and they really executed and took advantage of it. So we knew all along that they were able to do those things and it was great to see them execute it on Sunday."

(on the best thing WR André Davis does) "He knows the game of football. He's a veteran. He's not a young guy. He's played a lot in this league and he understands what it takes to be successful. He's gotten an opportunity. He brings a lot of speed and he can make the tough catches down the field, as you've seen the past two weeks. He can make that tough catch one-on-one with the defensive back."

(on what kind of problems DE Jason Taylor causes for an offense) "I think he presents a lot of the same challenges like (DE) John Abraham did last week, like (DE) Dwight Freeney did the week before. He's a tremendous athlete, really long, long arms, can get off blocks and get around the edge. And he's very veteran, so he has a lot of moves in his repertoire. He definitely presents a challenge for us."

(on what he has to do to improve the red zone offense) "I think we just have to stick to what we do and do it well. We've hurt ourselves. In the Colts game, I threw an interception. Last week, we had a fumble down there. We just have to continue to do what we do in the field and just get touchdowns, rather then settling for three."

(on if the mentality changes in the red zone) "Definitely, because it's a shorter field. The defense doesn't have as long of a field to defend. They don't have to drop back in coverage so the windows are tighter, things happen faster. In the run game, things are a little bit tighter, so you have to make a couple guys miss. Definitely, the field is shorter."

(on if he is pissed about the last two weeks) "That's really very well put. We're disappointed in the way we played. We definitely could have played better and we were in both of those ball games at the very end. And if we didn't hurt ourselves with mistakes, we would have a good chance to win those ball games in the fourth quarter."

(on how the team has reacted to the last two games) "We came in Monday and we addressed the issues that we needed to address, we got them corrected, and we'll go out here today, and have a good practice, and focus on what it takes to beat Miami. What's done is done and we can't change the past. We can look forward and be excited about the opportunity to start off October with a win and be 3-2 here."

(on not being able to convert third-and-short) "It's a mentality. You get down to third-and-one and you know they put a lot of guys up there but at the same time, you have to be able to punch that through and get one yard. It's tough and it's the way this league goes. We just have to bounce back this week and when we get that opportunity again, be able to convert it."

(on what TE Owen Daniels has meant to him) "He's a very reliable target. You know where he's going to be. He's very athletic for his size and can adjust to the football and uses his hands well. If a defender is on him, he still has a chance to make every play. He's definitely been a good target for us."

(on looking at some of the numbers that have been put up on Miami this season as a aberration) "Without a doubt. You look at the names they have on their defense and the skills that they present, you have to go out still each Sunday and execute your game plan. You throw out what happened last week and just move to this week and it's going to be fresh start."

G Fred Weary
(on if this game means more to him because he didn't get much of a chance to play under Dom Capers) "I guess if I would've played in this game last year I would've felt that way, but I'm a year older now and I feel a lot more comfortable in what I'm doing. I didn't get a lot of chances when coach Capers was here. That's just the way the ball spun."

(on if timing is an issue with the running backs) "Yes, because each back will bring something different to the table. (RB) Ahman (Green), he brings speed, a lot of elusiveness to the table. And (RB) Ron (Dayne), he brings in that power mentality. I think the first two games we kind of did what we did with (RB) Ahman in the game and Ron came in and grinded out the tough yardage that we needed."

(on if third-and-short was a big concern) "Yes, that was a big concern, because as an offensive line, you want the coach to be able to call those type of plays in that situation. It was times last year that our backs were against the wall and we needed those plays and we made them last year. We haven't made those plays this year. We have to stay on the football field. If it's third and one, we've got to get the first down, stay on the football field, continue the drive.

DE Anthony Weaver(on if it's important to jump out to an early lead against a struggling team) "It's important any game to just jump out to a lead early, especially when you face an 0-4 team because they kind of lack that belief in 'Can we win a game?' So hopefully if we can get up early, they start to have those doubts and we can pound them."

(on what the Dolphins' offense has been lacking) "They're just making the mistakes. The thing about them is it's not a lack of talent. They have tools in Ronnie Brown and Chris Chambers and multiple guys on that offense. So it's up to us to go out there and play our game and hopefully shut them down."

(on stopping RB Ronnie Brown) "You know, stopping the run's very key in this league because when you do that, it enables you to go out there and get a chance to go after the passer. So if we can get them in third-and-long situations, avoid that third-and-short, it'll get us a better opportunity to go out there and to sack the quarterback and win the game."

(on the difference in not causing turnovers the last two games) "You know, sometimes it's just where the ball bounces. I look at the Indy game, where we forced the fumble but couldn't recover the fumble. It's not a lack of a matter of effort. We're going out there, we're trying to get the big hits, make the big play; right now, we're just not making the play. We're putting ourselves in position but we're not making the play. So for us, it's just a matter of emphasizing it in practice, and hopefully it turns the corner this week and we get some turnovers because the formula's easy; when we force turnovers and don't turn the ball over on offense, we win ball games."

(on how good RB Ronnie Brown is) "He's a great player. The thing about him is not only is he a good running back but he's catching balls out of the backfield, too; I think he's their second-leading receiver. So he's a guy that you have to account for on all plays just because he's so multi-talented."

(on how close the defensive line has been to making big plays) "I see a defensive line that's on the brink. There are times when we show flashes where it looks like we can't block us any more when they're trying to get back to the quarterback. Other times we might get stuck on the line when we needed it the most. Right now, it's just a matter of consistency. It works hand in hand. When the back help's playing well, we get sacks. When we're getting sacks, the back end plays well. So once we're all on the same page and we're all playing well collectively, it'll all be done."

National Anthem Singer Paula DeAnda
(on how it feels to be singing the National Anthem at a Texans game) "It feels great. I'm really excited. I'm from Texas, so it's really cool to do that. I love Houston; Houston's so much fun and I've done some stuff for Houston. But I get excited when I sing the National Anthem and also a little bit of the middle of the game, too, as well, because it's going to be really fun. I'm doing my single which is out right now, called "Easy," and it's going to be good."

(on if she's a football fan) "I am. I don't really get to keep up as much because I'm a girl and I have other things to do like get my nails done, get my hair done, stuff like that, but I do like sports and I'd rather be in person to see them than on TV."

(on if she would say she's a big Texans fan) "I am, in a way."

(on if she's a Cowboys fan) "I am, too. You know, I'm mutual. I go for everybody. Whoever's a winner is a winner in my book."

(on where she's from) "I'm originally from West Texas. I live in San Angelo right now. Corpus Christi, though, since I was 12. I'm 17 now."

(on if she'll watch the Texans more now) "I will. I promise, I will. When I'm in front of the TV, that is, since I'm always on airplanes a lot for my career."

(on if it will be the biggest crowd she's ever played in front of) "I've performed in front of a lot of people before; I think 30,000 might be the most. So yes."

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