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Practice quotes: Wednesday


Cornerback Dunta Robinson said Wednesday morning that he never before had been so excited for a practice.

An eager Dunta Robinson spoke to the media before his first practice with the Texans since injuring his knee and hamstring last year at Oakland. The cornerback was placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list before the season started, and Wednesday was the first day he was eligible to practice.

Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on CB Dunta Robinson) "He (CB Dunta Robinson) looked good. I'll go back here after practice and take a peek at it. We put a play count on him today, and I know he was excited and we were excited to see him out here."

(on what he saw from CB Dunta Robinson that he liked) "Well, watching his work after we would practice and stuff, he looked very much like he was ready to play, and then we put him in a competitive environment today and saw the same thing. Right now, what you're hoping is that you wake up tomorrow morning and there's no set backs, he feels good and then we move forward."

(on how he sees using CB Dunta Robinson) "I think what we have to do is probably either say we are going to play him (CB Dunta Robinson) in nickel or play him in base, but he is only going to play 15 to 18 plays. We've got to strictly put a play count on him and bring him along like he's starting the preseason."

(on the communication getting better in the secondary) "Yeah, definitely. What's happening right now is that it's very competitive back there. (CB) Petey's (DeMarcus Faggins) played himself right back into a starting role. It's hard to get on the field. With (CB) Dunta (Robinson) coming back now, it's fixing to get even harder and competition makes your team better."

(on how hard it is to move a guy like CB Dunta Robinson into a rotation) "It's a nice problem to have. Everybody has been waiting for this kid (CB Dunta Robinson) to come back, this whole team. It was a tough decision early in the season to go the route we went, but we knew for his future it was the best thing. The team's upbeat, had something good happen last week. He adds to the positive atmosphere around here today. So, it's good to have him back."

(on how difficult of a decision is it to put CB Dunta Robinson back on the field so quickly) "It's difficult from the standpoint of being smart. From the standpoint of this football team needing (CB) Dunta (Robinson), it's a very easy decision. We're trying to do exactly right by him. All indications are right now that he's ready to do something. So, we'll see. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed."

(on if he could see himself using CB Dunta Robinson at safety) "Yeah, he can play anywhere. He's still got his feet. He can still cover. Today just watching him matchup on people, he looked very, very good. I know one thing, he can help us on the field regardless of where that is."

(on if it is unusual for a guy like CB Dunta Robinson to be gone that long and come back and still have it) "Well, I think we've seen it though. It's not like he hasn't been doing anything and then all of the sudden he jumped out here today. We've been watching him work through training camp and on his own after practice everyday. Just watching him go about his work, all signs indicated that he was going to look like this today."

(on if the trade of WR Roy Williams and the placement of QB Jon Kitna on the IR has changed the gameplan) "No, we're trying to stop their offense. Their doing the same thing whether it's the young kid (QB Dan Orlovsky) or whether it was (QB) Jon (Kitna). They've been making some big plays throwing the ball. They've got a young back (RB Kevin Smith) back there that's been running the ball well. They've been very aggressive on defense the last two weeks. We know exactly how their feeling. They're hungry for a win. They played extremely well last week. Should of won the football game and didn't, and we know we'll get their bets shot."

(on WR Jacoby Jones' special teams honor) "Yeah, that's big time. It's important for this team that he gets all the confidence back and that swagger and we knew it would just take a play. The thing I'm excited about is the kid has been working real hard. Probably had his best day of practice last Friday. It was noticed by the whole team, and then something good happened to him."

(on if it was good for QB Matt Schaub's psyche to be able to come back and win the game) "It's always good for any player to make those plays or do something like that. But that's part of being a quarterback and (QB) Matt's (Schaub) going through the hard part of becoming an NFL starter for a long, long time. He's just got to weather the storm and the way he works and the guys playing behind him like they did last week, he will."

(on the guys talking about QB Matt Schaub's confidence helping their confidence) "He's a very upbeat guy, and people have ways of handling pressure and that was a pressure situation. You look at most players, they'll usually say something or do something in the huddle that lightens the moment. Everybody understands what's going on, and I think that's what he's trying to do."

(on what's been different with WR Andre Johnson the past two weeks) "I don't know. I think ever since he left Tennessee. It was there against Jacksonville also. It's just that the ball tending to go other places depending on coverage. He's been on a mission I think ever since he left Tennessee. He's playing extremely well. You have to remember he never went through camp. In a lot of ways, the first few weeks for him were like camp. He's definitely looking like himself right now and he's leading this team."

(on if special teams coach Joe Marciano is making WR Jacoby Jones carry around the football) "Yeah, we continue to work on those things that we have problems right now. Notice I didn't mention it. But we're going to work on it and he's part of us working on it."

(on if there is a confidence or swagger the defense gets with CB Dunta Robinson back) "Well, I just think they gain a lot of confidence with him stepping back out there. He's a leader and every body knows what type of player he is. I think also, guys root for guys like that. They know what they go through; they get hurt in a pivotal point in his career. So, I think they're all pulling for him, that's the big thing."

(on what he can do about the turnover problem) "We just continue to pay attention to it and work on it and drill it. Just do everything we can. The bottom line is I think this football team is trying to learn to play in pressure situations and be clean. And we haven't been. In all honesty, we have not been. When we do start playing clean in pressure situations on both sides of the ball, then all of a sudden we have a chance to take the next step. So, we just have to keep working on it."

(on the health status of the team) "No, (S Dominique) Barber is still out. (TE Mark) Bruener was back today. I'll go back and see how he did. It looked like he held up today. And (RB) Chris Taylor continues to be out."

DT Tim Bulman

(on it not being his nature to want to come out of the game) "No, no. I've had a lot of years just trying to get that in my head. I've got a lot of fuel inside my tank left. So I'm feeling good."

(on the team looking for a pass rusher on the opposite of DE Mario Williams) "All that's in my head is that play, making the play on that play. I try to keep it really simple. I don't want to look ahead because you never know what's going to happen. I just try every time that I get a chance to do something I want to take advantage of that opportunity to the fullest extent. That's my only goal."

(on what goes through his head when he sees guys around the league that throw opportunities away) "Well, everyone is different in this league. Coming in, I got a dose of that. Being a free agent, you find out quick that you're opportunities are few and guys who are selected high get more chances and they're taking more time to develop. For an undrafted free agent when you're opportunity is there, you better be ready to take it because it's probably not going to come around again."

(on if it is a possibility to take the Lions lightly) "No. No, the coaching staff has us prepared well. Our mindset, it's been like this for the whole season, is we just want to take it every day at a time, every game at a time and never get ahead of ourselves because that's when things start going wrong. I think we're doing a great job of that as a team."

DE Earl Cochran
(on if CB Dunta Robinson ever gives him any grief about the collision last year) "No, he hasn't given me any grief. We joke about it, but he understands that is part of football. He was off to a great year last year, a Pro Bowl type year. We kind of joke about it. He said no hard feelings about it."

(on CB Dunta Robinson joking that he has to be aware of where DE Earl Cochran is on the field now) "That's what all of the guys around the locker room are saying. They say they have to watch out when 96 is coming, so either make the tackle or get out of the way (laughs)."

(on what it means to him to see CB Dunta Robinson back and ready to play) "It means a lot. I'm excited to see him play this week. Everybody is kind of excited to see him play. Hopefully, he can come out this week and pick up where he left off last year."

(on if he feels like QB Dan Orlovsky is someone the defense can rattle) "All I have to say about this is everyone plays their best game against the Houston Texans. So, we're coming out as if we're playing against (Indianapolis Colts QB) Peyton (Manning) again this week. We're coming out to play the way we play."

(on the Houston Texans team) "Relaxed. When we're relaxed and go out and have fun, we're a better team instead of being uptight and worrying about this and worrying about that. We go out and do what we do and not worry about as much of what they do."

(on CB Dunta Robinson rehabbing here and still traveling with the team) "Yeah, because some guys, once they get hurt, they rehab and they kind of just go off. He never lightened up. He was always here, always around talking to guys, even commenting on defenses. He was asking players about this and that and talking to the coaches about defenses, what he thought was good and what he didn't think was good. For a guy like that to stick around just shows that he's not just here for a check. He's really concerned about winning games for the organization and doing whatever he can to help out his teammates."

TE Owen Daniels
(on if helping win the game helped with QB Matt Schaub) "No doubt about it. I don't think any of us had any doubt in him. Just went through a little rough couple of decisions he made. But there was a whole lot of game left to play after that. It just shows what type of guy he is and what type of player he is to be able to come back and keep working and just forget about that stuff that happened earlier."

(on what it is that keeps them confident in QB Matt Schaub even when he's struggling) "I think he doesn't get too high on things and he doesn't get too low on things. You want that in your leader. You want a guy that can forget about their mistakes and be able to move on from it. The same thing if something positive happens, not get too worked up about it but keep moving on and keep working."

(on what has opened things up for WR Andre Johnson the last two weeks) "I know. Well, I like to hope that I might be able to help him out at times but I think mostly he's helping me out. When I get myself open, too many people are focusing on him. He makes some plays every week. He might have gotten off to a slow start, not what people expected out of him. But nine or 10 catches a game is what I've known Andre to be and what most of us have known Andre to be."

(on what his reaction to WR Andre Johnson's fourth-down catch was) "I got a better look at it actually on Sunday night on SportsCenter and replays like that. They really slowed it down. Unbelievable. To have a guys arm in between your arms when you're trying to catch a ball is ridiculous, and to do it in those types of circumstances was unbelievable. Glad he came down with it."

(on if he feels like the offense can be a great offense with the weapons they have) "I think we've thought that all season. For the most part, we've moved the ball pretty well. What's killed us is not converting in the red zone and then turning the ball over. It's been like that all season, it was like that last year. If we could just cut down on that - we focus on it. I don't know why it's become such a problem for us. But if we can erase some of that or at least limit those turnovers, we'll put ourselves in a lot better position to win games."

S Will Demps
(on if it makes his job any easier without WR Roy Williams around) "Of course, (WR) Roy Williams is definitely an exceptional player and that's why Dallas gave them the picks and took him as a trade. So, definitely, he's a factor with Dallas now, but with (him leaving) Detroit, there's going to be other guys that are going to have to step up. We don't know who that is. So we're going to have our hands full dictating what position that guy is going to be in, but definitely know that (WR Calvin) Johnson is going to be their guy. So now we know to kind of target him and take him out of his game and make sure that the other guys have to beat us."

(on if they would have double teamed WR Roy Williams if he had been on the Lions this Sunday) "I really don't know. I wouldn't know what the game plan is going into the game, but definitely he's a factor that you understand that they want to give the ball to him. He's a big guy, give him his routes, and he can probably take it the distance as you've seen against Green Bay and other teams he's played against. So we're going to have our hands full with the guys they have right now because every week is a new week and definitely a different challenge. So with Jim Colletto as offensive coordinator, it's going to be a good guide, running in there and trying to smash the ball and understanding that he has to be a physical game for them to kind of overcome a win."

(on how good is WR Calvin Johnson) "(WR) Calvin's (Johnson) a big receiver. He's still young and understanding that he needs a quarterback to kind of gel with him and feel for him. Definitely with the running game, they need that. He can be an exceptional player if he has the tools and understands that people around him have to work for him and get with him."

CB DeMarcus Faggins

(on Lions WR Calvin Johnson) "He's (WR Calvin Johnson) a very, very impressive receiver as far as size, speed, going and getting the ball. So, he's a great player."

(on how big of a challenge WR Calvin Johnson is for him) "I haven't played him (WR Calvin Johnson) before, but you can look at the quarterback situation. So, you've got to take in the fact that he's not been out there a lot. They've got to get the rest together so they can get on the same page."

(on what he has seen from QB Dan Orlovsky) "Really, I've seen him (QB Dan Orlovsky) make some great throws. So, we've got to be on key with that. So, we can't go to sleep on him when we go out there on Sunday."

(on what the Texans have to do to not take the Lions lightly) "We've only won one game. That's the way I see it. We've got to come in and win another game. We know we lost four games. So, we've got to come in and execute like we did last week and finish the game."

(on what it means to have CB Dunta Robinson back) "It means a lot. We've all been waiting on him (CB Dunta Robinson) to get back and make sure he's healthy enough to come back and be a part of this team. We're excited for him to get back."

(on what it meant to have CB Dunta Robinson around during his rehab) "Just because he hasn't played with us, he's always a part of the team. He's a part of the DB's, the secondary. So, he's a veteran in the game now. he's one of the leaders on the team."

(on if it adds confidence to the team and secondary when CB Dunta Robinson is back) "Yes, you can look at it when he's (CB Dunta Robinson) out there, the other team knows that he's a great player. So, it kind of gives confidence for the whole team, offense and defense and special teams just to know we've got another great player out there on the field."

WR Jacoby Jones
(on finding his mom in the stands among everything else) "It was just when I turned the corner and straightened up I saw her jumping up and down, so at that part, I said, 'I'm on my way.' I wasn't worried about anyone else. When I saw Momma, I had a one track mind."

(on if he was aware that he was going to make it) "I think I was already gone. I had a feeling that nobody was going to catch me. That's what it was."

(on if he thinks he's gotten past the attentiveness of worrying about his shoulder) "Well, I was in a little drought, but I think I'm back now, the old 12, Lane College Jacoby. So, I'm just having fun again."

(on if there was some attentiveness after the shoulder injury) "Well, I kind of slowed down and lost my rhythm and I was trying to find myself and trying too hard instead of just playing my game."

(on being named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week) "It's a big accomplishment. It was a shock. I didn't even know I had it. I think it's a big accomplishment for the whole special teams as a unit. So, we're going to move on and try to do it again next week."

(on if it means more that he got the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week award and got the win) "The win takes over everything. That's what we're working next on: the win in the next week against Detroit, which is a good team coming in."

(on how you keep from getting too confident against a winless team) "They did have (WR) Roy (Williams), but you've still got (WR) Calvin Johnson who's a big threat. You can't doubt any team in the NFL because it's the NFL. Anybody can win on any given day."

C Chris Myers
(on how you avoid not looking past the Lions) "Because they're in the same position we were last week - them and Cincinnati the week after that. We have to take every week as it comes. This is a team looking to fight and claw their way for their first win. They, last week, fought their hearts out last week and then came up short. But they did everything in every way to win that game last week and fell a little bit short. But, we have to treat every week the same. We have a good team coming in here."

(on if the last drive last week makes people think that you can get stuff done) "That's true. I mean, that's something that we've been working on all year, is to finish a game. Everyone said before, that's what our concentration was on last week, was finishing. We had to go into, what three seconds left in the game, to finish that game. And it came down to it, and that just builds our confidence and more effective going into this week."

(on if he looks at the breaks they got in the game last week) "Ifs, ands or buts. There's positives and negatives on every end of the game. We came up short the last couple of games. So, we're going to take every edge we can get and we got the edge this past week. Whatever it takes and yeah, we have to cut back on out turnovers. We're, I think last in the league on that. We have to cut back on that and good things will happen to us."

(on LT Duane Brown) "Any brand new tackle, go talk to Jake Long in Miami, any new left tackle in the league; brand new rookie getting thrown in the fire is going to have their problems. He's held up pretty decently well and we're trying to help him out any way that we can. He's got a good head on his shoulders and he's an amazing athlete. He's going to be here for a while."

CB Jacques Reeves
(on if this is a dangerous game because the Texans face a winless team that is hungry) "I don't think so. We're hungry for wins. We want to win. So, I don't think there will be any let down on this team at all. So, we're hungry. We're going to come to play."

(on what it means to the team to win the game against Miami) "It makes you feel good. It makes you feel good. We've been putting in a lot of hard work throughout the summer and throughout the season and finally got a W. So, it's a sense of relief, but like I said, we're hungry. We want to get more W's."

(on how nervous he was standing and watching the offense on the last drive last Sunday) "Standing? Nah, I was pacing. I was pacing. I didn't do much standing at all. Like I said, it was a good game and they came through for us. They came through big for us and got a W."

CB Dunta Robinson

(on how it feels that every teammate is really excited to get him back on the field) "It's a great feeling. I think a lot of the coaches and my teammates are more excited than I am. That's a great feeling. This is the first time I think I've ever been this excited to go to football practice, I can tell you that much."

(on where he is right now based on a percentage) "If I had to give a percentage, I'd say somewhere in the 90s, probably low to middle 90s. I feel good. It's been long overdue. I feel like I could have started practice a long time ago, so I'm feeling good. I've just got to go out here, this will be my first day of practice, but let's see how I feel today."

(on how much he thinks he can play this weekend) "Being my first game back, I really don't want to go out there and play 40 to 50 snaps. Keep it somewhere between 15 to 20 maybe 25, but I'm not trying to play a whole game. I just want to go out there, if it's possible depending on how everything goes with this week of practice, I just want to go out there and try to get back into the groove and a couple of games down the line, maybe I can start playing the entire game."

(on if he can play safety) "I can play anywhere they put me at. Defensive end, too, but I think (DE) Mario (Williams) pretty much has that under control."

(on how it was watching the first month of the season with the team losing and he couldn't do anything about it) "It was extremely tough, especially when you think you can go out there and help your teammates win football games. You just feel useless on the sideline. But, I knew what I had to do and that was come out here and work hard every day and make sure that once I do get back on the field, I can put my team in position to win football games and not be 11 or 10, me being that minus guy on the defensive side of the ball."

(on if he was a cheerleader or a fan on the sideline) "I was a little bit of everything. It was actually the first time I had gotten to watch a football game, so that was kind of exciting. I just tried to coach a little bit, give the guys as much knowledge as I can. I just tried to stay out of the way a little bit. I know the feeling of when you're playing and you don't want people always talking to you especially if they're not playing. So, I tried to stay out of the way as much as I could."

(on if he understands how fans react to things now) "It really hasn't sunk in yet, but we'll see."

(on if he ever stood there and though he should be booing the team) "Nah, not at all, man. These are my guys, good times or bad times. We'll correct whatever mistakes are made. We'll get it corrected in here, but I never thought to boo once or call guys out. That's never been my personality."

{QUOTE}(on not missing WR Roy Williams being there on Sunday) "Definitely. I'm so glad to see (WR) Roy (Williams) in a different jersey. I was like, 'Man, if I play this week, I've got two great receivers to face.' That isn't the type of atmosphere that you want to face coming off of a knee injury. But, (we've) still got one hell of a receiver (WR Calvin Johnson) to deal with. It's going to make our job tough."

(on if the defense can do things to complicate things for QB Dan Orlovsky) "We'll try to throw a lot of different looks at him, just try to get to him. That's the main thing. A young quarterback, you want to pressure the guy as much as you can, hit him as much as you can. That's what we'll try to do."

(on Detroit being hungry for their first win and if that makes them dangerous) "Oh, yeah. Any time a team comes in and they haven't won a football game, they have nothing to lose. They've been in some tough games just like we have, except they haven't come out on the winning side. So, we know it's going to be a tough game. We know they're hungry for their first win. They're going to come out here and play a real physical football game and try to get their first win."

(on if he ever doubted he would be 100 percent again) "Nah. I never doubted it. I always figured if I worked as hard as I could to get better, the sky's the limit. I think coming back from injuries is all about the way you work. With my work ethic, I knew I would be fine. They told me that I could play again, and that was all I needed to hear. Now, I was going to do my part to make sure I got back out on the football field."

(on if there are any mental apprehensions because he is not at 100 percent) "No. I'm just going to go out there and go as hard as I can. I'm not going to really think about the knee, just go out there and play as fast I can and do all the things that have made me the player that I am. So, I really don't think about it much because I know if you go out there and you try to not do certain things, then that's when you get hurt again. So, I'm just going to go out there and go full speed and see if I can make some things happen."

(on why he stayed around during his rehab and traveled with the team almost like he was a coach) "I love the game. I want to be around the guys. I didn't want to just show up when everything was fine and jump right back into playing. I like being around these guys. I like the atmosphere. I like being in this locker room. I think mentally, that did a lot for me. If I was somewhere by myself rehabbing, it's just me and it's too much time to think about things. It's too much time to get down on yourself. So, I just wanted this atmosphere so once I'm plugged in, I feel right at home. And I do. They've welcomed me. My teammates have welcomed me with open arms. It makes you feel good and it gives you that adrenaline rush that you need."

LB DeMeco Ryans
(on how big was last week's win) "That was very big. The first one is always big to just to get that feeling of winning in the locker room, get that confidence rolling, boosting everybody's moral and ego around. Hopefully, that just sparks us so we can get on a little streak."

(on having a winless team coming in and if that is dangerous) "It can be dangerous if you're not aware of the situation, but like you said, we've been in their position. We understand how they're going to come out and fight to get that first win. We're not going to take them lightly at all. I think about our game last year against Atlanta and coming out against those guys, they hadn't been doing well, but they found a way to get it done against us. So, I think a lot of guys remember that last year and are going to take this very serious. We can't take them lightly at all."

(on if they can do a lot of things to confuse the young QB Dan Orlovsky) "We're going to try to. We're going to try to confuse him, try to get after him a lot just because he's a guy that hasn't had a lot of reps in there. When you have a fresh guy in like that, you have to try to throw different things at him and try to confuse him and try to make it as hard as possible for him as we can."

(on if he can sympathize with Detroit and the hard start they have had) "Yeah, we understand it, but we're trying to get number two. Just as their trying to get number one, we're trying to get number two. We're trying to take it to them."

(on how difficult it is to lose so much like Detroit) "It's hard just trying to change the whole shape of the organization and the things that took place in the past. You have to kind of bring in like a new winning tradition, a winning attitude. You have to kind of get rid of the losing mentality that may be in the locker room. So it's hard to change, but it takes time and I think we're headed in that direction that we're dong. We're headed there. Like I said, it just takes time."

(on if emotion is enough to carry to the next game) "Oh yeah. You have to ride high on your emotions. Winning that game left us on a high emotion level, and I think we'll just continue to build off of that. It helps us by playing at home this week. It helps keep the emotion going knowing that our hometown crowd is going to be behind us, cheering us on. It's going to help us out a lot."

QB Matt Schaub

(on if anything is different after the win) "Well, that's the only thing. We were able to get into the win column. And that's the bottom line. It was a total team effort and a total team win, across the board. We got a big play in the special teams, the defense played well when we had to. Offensively, we were able to come up with big plays to win the game. So we're really excited about that, but we just have to keep our head down and keep it going one game at a time and build on what we were able to accomplish on Sunday."

(on if he thinks the team handled the losing streak fairly well) "Well, I think ending on Sunday the way we did, we were able to bounce back from some unfortunate circumstances in the right way and able to come away with that win. But obviously we look at what we've been able to accomplish this season and we could, as far as wins and losses, be heavier in the win column if we were able to really finish off ballgames in the past few weeks."

(on what you do to change the turnover problem) "We just have to keep working at it and understanding that it's of the utmost importance. That ball, when we have it and the other team doesn't, they don't score. When we give it over and give them extra possessions it increases their opportunity to score. We just have to be very aware of what we're doing in our game plan and not try to force things. That's the only way we can improve upon it."

(on if head coach Gary Kubiak stresses that) "He stresses it and we're going to keep stressing it until it goes away. That's the way we're going to approach it and we're going to get it to go away. It's going to start this week. As an offense, everybody is onboard and we're going to get it done."

(on if he had ever scored the winning touchdown on a run) "Not that I can remember. There was a couple times in college where I ran it but I don't know if it was like the last play of the game like that. So, that was the first time."

(on why he threw the ball at the wall after his rushing touchdown) "That's just all the emotions and the excitement coming out. I'm just glad my shoulder didn't get thrown out when I did that. That's just the excitement, you know, hey guys, 'all that we've been through this season, today throughout this 60 minutes of football, we came together and we were able to get it done together despite some adversity.' "

(on if there is a chance they look past the Lions or take them lightly) "No, without a doubt. No. We're not looking past anybody. They have a lot of talent. You look at their game against Minnesota last week and they really could have and should have won that football game. So, they are a very tough team and a good defensive football team. We have to come out and play our best ball or else they are very capable of winning any week."

(on what's tougher for a defense, a 12-play, 80-yard drive or a three-play, 80-yard drive with a 50-yard pass) "You know, I'm not quite sure what's tougher for a defense. I know offensively we'll take either. Some of the offensive lineman might take the three-play, 80-yard drive because it doesn't wear them out so much. But any way we can get points, we'll take it. As far as how a defense looks at it, I'm not sure. Obviously, they might get worn down on a 12-play, 80-yard drive and then towards the end of the game they are a little worn out. And sometime those drives can be demoralizing, but so can big plays. So we'll take it offensively any way we can get it."

(on if he is happy with the amount he gets to throw downfield) "I am. We have the ability and the receiver and the guys upfront to have an explosive offensive attack. But at the same time, we're not going to be teams that just chunk it deep four plays in a row and hope one of them is complete. We want to be a ball-control offense and when those opportunities are there, we're going to take them. But we have the ability to go deep as well as work the ball on the short and intermediate routes."

(on if he decides when he lines up in shotgun) "A lot of the time it's up to me. Depending on the play call or what we're trying to do but sometimes (head) coach (Gary Kubiak) will give me it. But a lot of the time it's on me."

(on if it is more fun to come to practice after winning) "Well, I think so. I think there's just a positive energy throughout our locker room and guys are excited about getting that first win and getting over that hump. So, we're excited to go back to work this week and look for number two. We just have to keep our head down and keep focused on this week and not get too in to what we've been able to accomplish and look to what we can do this week to build on what we were able to do on Sunday."

(on if he thinks the timing between him and WR Andre Johnson was off and if it is better now) "I think it's definitely back. I think we've been really working hard at it and he's been working tremendously hard to get back in sync. So, I think we're back in full swing."

(on what's different between him and WR Andre Johnson now) "I don't know if there is too much different. It's just being able to get a few weeks of work on the practice field and after practice and just talking about things in the meeting rooms. It's just a combination of everybody putting in that extra work that needs to be done."

(on what it means to have CB Dunta Robinson back for the team) "It's an incredible lift to see 23 (CB Dunta Robinson) out there. He's a tremendous player and he's worked really hard this whole offseason and so far this year just rehabbing and being able to get himself in position to be back out on the field. It's going to be exciting to see him out there and if he's lined up over there against me I'll make sure to go after him a little bit; test him out."

(on if the fans reactions to him bother him) "It's motivation. I just use it as motivation to go out there and play better and play well. The fans are so excited for us to win and be successful and want us to so bad that I understand where they're coming from. I think I said after the game, I grew up in Philadelphia. There's no tougher fans than up there and I grew up one of them. So, I understand where they're coming from and motivationally, it's something I just use to make me play better."

(on if he has ever booed a quarterback) "Maybe when I was younger but it was a long time ago. After I started playing the position, I don't think I ever did that."

(on the fans not knowing him that well but his teammates all speaking so highly of him) "I don't know about all that. I hope the fans will eventually get to know me. I'm still only a year and a half here and I hope they get to know me a little bit and see that I'm a likeable guy. As long as my teammates like me and understand that I'm just trying to do the best I can to help our team win, that's all that matters."

(on if he has heard from other players around the league) "No. I'm not worried about it. You just keep moving forward. You just keep playing."

(on if being able to mount a comeback and win and personally score the winning touchdown erases some of the negativity) "Yeah, a little bit. Just to have a positive ending to a game where, that game kind of had everything that we've gone through in our season wrapped up in 60 minutes of football. With the rough start, especially offensively, with some turnovers to starting to play better and move the football and then have another turnover. And then at the end there we think we have it won. We get an interception, turn it back over, they go down and score. It's kind of like the whole season wrapped up in one game. But to finish it with a win, that definitely put a nice exclamation point on it."

(on how he stays upbeat when things aren't going well) "I think it's something that goes back to my college days. I had some adversity there, you know, splitting time with a guy early on in my college days. You just try to be the same guy every day and don't let anything effect you and don't let your teammates see anything effect you, whether it does or not. Just remain the same guy and keep playing. Once you lose confidence in yourself, that feeds into the other guys on the team and they lose confidence in what you guys are trying to do as a group and that just starts a downward spiral. And you can't let your teammates see you like that."

(on if he thinks having that attitude helps build things with his team) "Yeah, I think so. Trying to motivate guys and keep them in a positive mind set and not let them think about things that have happened. Just look to that drive or that series and say, 'hey, we're going to go down and score.' When everyone buys into that you can see good things happen to you."

(on if he tried to pep WR Andre Johnson up after his fumble in the third quarter) "I mean, I felt for him because I knew where he was. I was like that in the first quarter. I really didn't have to say anything to him because (WR) Andre (Johnson) is a smart guy and he knows what he means to this football team. Eventually when it came to the fourth quarter, me and him had to connect for a play to eventually help us win the game."

(on how important WR Andre Johnson has been to his development and feeling comfortable with this team) "It's been huge because you have a guy who's been here almost since the beginning, one year removed from the beginning of the franchise. He's been the face of it, and he's just a tremendous player. And he knows what it takes to be successful and to win. To have a guy like that on your side that can, when you need someone to make a play, you can believe that he's going to make it. It's just great to have a guy like that."

(on if WR Andre Johnson ever said anything when the fans were booing him) "Oh yeah. He's a guy that, like you said, he doesn't say much, but when he says something, people listen to him because you know it's going to be important. So, it meant a lot. We just kept after things and just keep working."

(on why he was smiling during the tough times in the game on Sunday) "It was just, you know, it's been tough so far but hey we're going to get this done. We've been here before. In the past two seasons, we had been in that situation and fought our way out. So, that's what we were able to do. It was just like, 'Hey guys lets just relax now. We have a lot of football left and we can't go in the tank now. We have to rise above all this and keep playing.' "

RB Steve Slaton

(on how much the win meant to him) "I meant a lot. It's very exciting to get your first NFL win."

(on what it can do for this team) "It did a lot. The previous three weeks showed that we needed to play a full 60 minutes of football. And we did; we took it to the last three seconds to win the game."

(on him not used to losing) "It was tough but we got used to it. We definitely got used to it. I mean, it's a long season and you're going to have go with the ups and downs."

(on if the approach is different than other games) "No, it's the same. It's definitely a must-win. We know how feels not getting that win. This team is playing teams great. They should have won last week so we know they are going to be hungry and play a good game."

(on if he has surprised himself this year with his play) "Yeah. I mean, it's something you really can't dream of, coming here and starting. It's a lot of hard work."

(on if he feels like he has something on the Lions since they don't have a win yet) "It's a crazy game. You really can't feel anything. I think when you're coming into a game on Sunday, there's no records because anyone can come out with a win."

(on how good the Lions are defensively) "They're real good. It's just that the luck hasn't fallen their way. Hopefully we can put points on them."

(on how they can clean up the mistakes) "We have to take more emphasis on the small things and try not to turn the ball over. You don't win a lot of ballgames turning the ball over and I think we can be a great team if we don't do that."

DE Anthony Weaver
(on what it means to have CB Dunta Robinson) "(CB) Dunta (Robinson), his presence is going to inspire this football team. I don't want him to get out there too quick. I don't want to lose him again, but hopefully, he gets his legs under him and when he's right, he's as good anybody there is out there."

(on if he can tell that CB Dunta Robinson is itching to get back on the field) "There's no question about it. I think he was ready three weeks ago."

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