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Practice quotes: Wednesday


The Texans settled into their weekly routine Wednesday and began to game plan for the Tennessee Titans. Members of the team spoke to the media after practice.

Head coach Gary Kubiak
(on if anything is new today) "No, we practiced pretty good. We got a big-time place we're trying to go play against a good football team. I thought yesterday was really good, and today their focus was good. And like I said, we'll deal with the other issues we have with the players on a personal basis but when we come out here it's been all business."

(on Titans RB Chris Johnson) "A lot of speed. He's giving them big-play ability. When he's touched the ball, he's given them a chance to make a big play all through the preseason. He's done it in the regular season. He did it in Cincinnati last week. We're facing a little bit of a different group from a standpoint of it not being Vince (Young), but it being Kerry (Collins), who's a very accomplished player in this league. And them having that speedster back there is a little bit different from that standpoint."

(on the Titans defensive front having DE Kyle Vanden Bosch and DT Albert Haynesworth) "Yeah. And then you got (Jevon) Kearse. He's a hell of a player too. I was just talking about those two out here. They play all eight of those guys; they rotate them to keep them fresh. From a standpoint of Kearse and (Kyle) Vanden Bosch, you won't find any better two. And when they are at home they are even better just from the standpoint that they get off the ball so fast. So, Duane (Brown) has his work cut out for him and so does Eric (Winston). They have to do a good job containing those guys."

(on what the running back situation is) "As of right now, if we played today, it would be (Steve) Slaton and Chris (Taylor) and Darius (Walker) would be up. Ahman (Green) still didn't practice today - and I would say, I keep telling you he's day-to-day but I'd say he's very doubtful for this week."

QB Sage Rosenfels

{QUOTE}(on if he has the Titans number) "Like their phone number? What do you mean? (laughs) I have been here for—this is my third year, and I haven't beaten them yet. So, obviously, I don't have their number and obviously no one here on this team that has been here since (head coach Gary) Kubiak's been here has their number, but we're hoping to get it this Sunday."

(on about the success that he's had against the Titans) "Well, I've had some statistical success, but the only really statistic that matters is winning and I have not had that success in my two years here."

(on regarding DT Albert Haynesworth) "I hope the only piece I get of Albert Haynesworth is at the end of the game and we're looking up at the score board and we've got more points than they have. That's really all that matters."

(on regarding the comments about QB Matt Schaub from DT Albert Haynesworth) "Everyone has an opinion. It's a free country, and he (Albert Haynesworth) can do what he wants. He's a very good player, and he backs it up every Sunday. He can say what he wants. I think its great motivation for our guys, especially our offensive line. I think they're going to come out and play a very physical football game and be excited to protect Matt (Schaub) and also run the ball."

(on if people talking about players can be a motivator) "Well, anybody that tells you that you suck, I think that generally motivates you. If it doesn't, you probably shouldn't be in sports."

(on QB Matt Schaub not speaking back) "I think that no one player is going to win or lose this football game. I think it's going to be a team effort. I know that's the way we're looking at it. Our team needs to go out and play great football and execute and play physical and not turn the ball over. I know it's going to be a close ballgame. They always are with the Titans."

LB DeMeco Ryans
(on the Titans running game with two different backs) "We know they have a good running game. The rookie running back (Chris Johnson) has been doing a good job for them. LenDale (White) is running well. So, our biggest focus is stopping them in the run game and getting them in third and long and get after Kerry Collins."

(on if the team has faced QB Kerry Collins before) "We faced him (QB Kerry Collins), I think it was our first game down here. We did a good job. We made them kick a lot of field goals. This time we really have to focus on shutting the run game down and stopping them and make them turn the ball over and punt the ball."

(on what type of quarterback Kerry Collins is) "He's a guy that is going to stay in the pocket, not a very mobile guy, but he can beat you with his arm. He's a smart guy, a smart quarterback. (He's) been around a while. So, he knows how to make the right decisions with the football."

(on how big of a game is this one to get a win) "It's very big for us. We plan on not only playing for ourselves, but for everyone around the city, everyone around the state of Texas that's looking to sort of get back to a normal life. Everybody loves to watch football. So, hopefully we can do that for our fans here and for our hometown here in Houston, get back on the winning side of things."

QB Matt Schaub

(on if the Titans defense is similar to Pittsburgh's talent-wise) "Well, obviously they run a different scheme. They run a conventional 4-3, which is refreshing because we get to see normal every day looks. But still they are fast, they're physical. Points and yards are hard to come against them so we just have to be on top of our game and on our P's and Q's and execute our game plan and not get behind early and just keep playing and no matter what happens, good or bad, just keep playing through it."

(on what he sees with Titans CB Cortland Finnegan) "Well, he's obviously a guy that has a nose for the football. He's football smart. He knows routes and patterns and how to match them up. He's definitely a guy that makes a lot of plays so we have to be aware of where he is and what coverage he is giving us."

(on if the running game is important because of the two defensive ends the Titans have) "I definitely think so. If we can establish the run and mix in our play pass, it gives us the best chance to win. So we just have to be able to hold up against them and play well and not give up the big play that can hurt us."

(on how tough it has been having two weeks to think about the last game against Pittsburgh) "Well, it's been tough, but I think we've had a couple things on our minds since then to take it off the Pittsburgh game. But it's good to get back out here practicing and preparing. We're excited to play this week."

(on what he says to himself when he looks at his two interceptions against Pittsburgh) "Just making better decisions. You know, getting out there and if nothing is there just living for another down and not trying to force the issue and trying to make a play. That's the thing I take away from it."

(on if it felt more normal today) "Yeah, I'd say so. It definitely felt more like a Wednesday. We're getting into our game plan and what we are going to do this week and watching film and just more of a routine. So, it definitely felt more normal today."

(on how the Titans defensive line rate with other d-lines) "Oh, I think it's definitely one of the best ones out there. You look at their ends and then the guys inside; they are very stout and have a great pass rush. They don't have to blitz a lot because they get a good push with those four guys."

(on if it's scary to look up and see Titans DT Albert Haynesworth coming at you) "I try not to look that way. I'm trying to scan the secondary and everything. I have faith in my guys up there that they are going to do their jobs. So, we're going to get it done, all 11 of us."

(on why he thinks Titans DT Albert Haynesworth said the unkind things about him last year) "I don't know. It's just his personality. That's the way this game is; it's intense and you have some fierce rivalries. It's just people being people and competitors competing."

(on if would prefer to answer Titans DT Albert Haynesworth with his play rather than verbally) "Yeah, we're just going to go out there and play the game. Guys handle things differently. We're just going to go in there, our team, and try to beat their team."

(on if they win if he'll have kind things to say about Titans DT Albert Haynesworth) "No, we're just going to let our play talk. We're not going to get into all that stuff."

(on if he is anxious to get out there and play) "It's going to be great to get out there and play after this break and all that we've been through. It's going to be fun to get out there and play this game that we've played for so many years and have fun doing."

(on if what Titans DT Albert Haynesworth said bothers him on a personal note) "It's just, everyone's different. Everyone has a different personality and handles things differently. My outlook is, guys are going to say what they want, but they got the best of us last year. They beat us and so we have to come out this year - it's a new year - and play our game, play smart football and let our play talk."

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