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Prime Time Game Predictions | Daily Brew


A lot of the general public and the TV prognosticators are predicting big things for the Texans in 2024.

I don't predict records but I will predict other things, like how many prime time games the Texans will get this coming season.

I'm going with – drum roll please – four. Three will be scheduled and one will be flexed. If they schedule four right out of the chute, I still get to be right. My rules.

To forecast what the league might do, one needs to look at all the possibilities, not just the ones that apply to your team. Unfortunately, that will take more time than the I-45 project. So, I'm going to shoot from the hip and do my best, as usual.

Whenever 'your' team plays at Dallas, it's safe to say that many people think you'll be in prime time or playing on Thanksgiving. Contrary to what the perception is, the Cowboys do not play every game on national television.

In fact, the Texans have played Dallas six times and two were prime time affairs – opening night of team history and the 2018 Sunday Night overtime thriller.

I'm thinking that C.J. Stroud and the Battle Red faithful going up to Arlington is too much for the schedule makers to ignore. So, I'm going to pencil this one in for a Sunday night tilt.

I debated whether to put the Ravens or Lions on Monday Night Football from NRG Stadium. The Ravens will get a lot of national games. But they are loaded with dates at K.C., Dallas and the Chargers. Plus, they have Buffalo and Philly at home. So, I went with Detroit at Houston on MNF.

The Texans haven't had a Thursday night game since 2022. It's time. Let's go with a toss-up between at Green Bay or at Indy. I say the league favors a divisional showdown against the Colts late in the season for the Amazon crowd.

The flexed game will be possibly at the Jets, Jags or even Minnesota, if the Vikings right the ship (see what I did there?). I'll pick the Jets. Somehow Aaron Rodgers is healthy and the game takes on stretch-run meaning.

We'll check my work in May when the schedule comes out. I can't be held accountable if the NFL doesn't see it my way. I'm still waiting for them to call me for my advice.

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