Quotes: Aaron Glenn retirement

Former Texans cornerback Aaron Glenn retired from the NFL by signing a one-day contract with the Texans on Wednesday. Following are quotes from his afternoon press conference at Reliant Stadium.

Owner Bob McNair General Manager Rick Smith CB Aaron Glenn

Rick Smith"I'd like to welcome everybody. Certainly there is a lot of excitement around the building this week between training camp starting and the launch of our 2010 football season. But today marks a significant day in our organization's history for a different kind of reason. As much as we are excited about the present and our future here, today is more about the past and celebrating an individual who really exemplifies everything that you look for in a football player. As a general manager, the biggest thing that I'm in charge of is player recruitment and developing a football team. I've had a model for our scouts and it's that I'm looking for tough, smart, physical players with high character that are competitive and passionate about the game of football. And we start every draft session with that model and that creed. And everything that I just talked about with respect to what we look for in players is what this guy is all about. I didn't have the good fortune of being with him on any teams but I sure competed against him several times and marveled and admired his play. And I'm very proud to be a part of this day and a part of this ceremony as he has elected to retire as a Houston Texan. We'll have comments from Mr. McNair as well as Aaron, but I think at this point, what we're all about today and this whole ceremony, is to sign a contract. So, we'll get to that."

Bob McNair
"Congratulations, Aaron. It's nice to have you back as a Texan. Aaron was one of our first players and during those early days, we were really concerned about bringing the right kind of people in and people that would add the right mix to our team. We needed some players who were veterans to provide some leadership and we were fortunate that we were able to make a deal with the Jets to that we could get Aaron down here. We were never disappointed, Aaron, in the way you play. And it was a great experience for us. Aaron provided a lot of leadership in the secondary. He was the guy that everybody looked up to. And he's the one that took the lead and showed them how the game should be played and how to conduct themselves off the field. He was just a very steadying influence and I never will forget Aaron during the game in Pittsburgh. We went to Pittsburgh and of course we didn't have a chance to win and we went up there and our total offense was I think 47 yards, is that right? Forty-seven yards and I think the score was what, 24-6? We scored three touchdowns—all by the defense and Aaron scored two of them. He intercepted two passes and ran them back for touchdowns. Afterward, Bill Cowher, said, "I've been to all kinds of games, I've seen everything. I've never seen anything like this before in my life." It was just a wonderful victory and Aaron was NFL defensive player of the week that week. And he went on to make the Pro Bowl. Just had a wonderful career for us. But that was the sort of the type of player that he was. He could rise to that occasion; provide that kind of leadership and so, Aaron, it's only fitting that you be the first player to retire as a Texan. We are honored to have had you play for us and we are honored that you will have the honor to be the first Texan to retire as a Texan. Congratulations, Aaron. And Aaron, we have to put you in uniform again. Aaron is one of our ambassadors and does a great job representing the team and we thank you for that too, Aaron."

CB Aaron Glenn
"I'll tell you what, I've done a lot of speaking engagements and I'm never nervous. I'm never nervous to speak in front of people. But, this has to be one of the hardest things I've done. This brings closure, closure to a 15-year career. Playing football is my life. To this day, it's still my life. My wife will tell you, it's hard for me to sit at home and watch a game because I get excited. Sometimes I want to take my son out and play one-on-one with him sometimes. But, it's a good thing. This is the right thing to do. There are so many people I want to thank and so many people a part of me being here right now. First off, I have to thank Mr. and Mrs. McNair. You guys are everything to me. Not just as far as being here with the Texans, but even off the field. You've been a big influence in my life. I've tried to model myself with the things you've done and I'll continue to do that. I want to thank you guys for that."

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