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Quotes: Barry Sanders likes Texans


Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders was at Reliant Stadium on Monday for a photoshoot with Verizon Wireless. He stopped to talk with Nick Scurfield of about Arian Foster and the Texans' 2012 season.

(on what he's doing down at Reliant Stadium) "It's kind of neat. Like you said, I'm here doing a photo shoot for Verizon and had a chance to chit chat with a few of the current Texan players."

(on what he talked about with RB Arian Foster and what he thought of his game against Miami) "Well, just running back stuff, things you wouldn't really care about like carries. He's a great, great player, and we talked a little bit about yesterday's game and just work out regimens and things like that."

(on what he thinks about RB Arian Foster's style as a running back) "Well, he sees the field very well. He's one of those guys that has a lot of great qualities. He has great speed, great vision, quickness. He can negotiate his defenders very well; he doesn't take a lot of big shots. He's a wonderful combination of a runner."

(on what he thinks of RB Arian Foster off the field) "I think he's in a good place; I think he's matured a lot. And certainly a guy that's been able to handle business on and off the field, and you can't ask for anything more from your star players."

(on how WR Andre Johnson compares to Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions) "A lot of similarities. Big and physical, fast, just great hands. I think Calvin is probably a little taller but very comfortable as far as football skills."

(on what his impression is of the Houston Texans this season and what he thinks they can accomplish) "Well, I'm hoping for big things. Had a great year last year, played deep into the playoffs and had every chance of beating a great Baltimore Ravens team last year. So, I don't see any reason why this year can't be any different. They're one of those teams that's very balanced. Offensively, you know that you almost have to pick your poison. There's no reason why this year they can't do similar to what they did last year, and maybe even further."

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