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Auburn running back Ben Tate is headed to Houston after the Texans selected him in the second round.


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The Texans selected Auburn running back Ben Tate in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Tate spoke with the media via a conference call, and the following is a transcript of his interview.

Running back Ben Tate(on if he looks forward to playing for the Texans) "I'm going to love it. I can't wait to get down there. I heard it's a great city."

(on the Texans' current running back situation) "I can't wait to get down there just to compete. It's a great football team and hopefully I can make an impact this year."

(on getting along with Texans first round pick CB Kareem Jackson from rival Alabama) "That's (the rivalry) just on the field. You have to remember I'm from Maryland. I'm not from down there in Alabama. The rival kind of grew on me, but now that I'm gone it's not like that anymore."

(on how he describes his running style) "I think I'm the total package. I think I can bring it all. I'm going to do whatever the Houston Texans need for me to do."

(on if he surprised himself by his performance in the NFL Combine) "I didn't surprise myself at all. I think I surprised everyone else."

(on how comfortable he is running in a zone blocking scheme) "Very. When I first came to Auburn that's what I ran in and that was one of the reasons why I went to Auburn."

(on why he's comfortable running in a zone scheme) "There's no real reason why I was comfortable. It's just when you're a running back, when you got the ball in your hands you're comfortable period. That's my style of running, you know? Inside zone, you get me downhill, that's what I do best."

(on if he'll be good in goal line situations) "I'm going to make people pay. I'm going to make people pay. I'm going to get the extra yardage."

(on joining Houston Texans explosive offense) "I can't wait to get in there with those guys. We have one of the best wide receivers in the NFL with Andre Johnson, and one of the best quarterbacks. I'm just trying to add to it."

(on where he thought he would be drafted) "I kind of thought I would go to San Diego or New England with a chance of going to Houston. When I saw San Diego and New England pass on me I couldn't see myself going anywhere else. This is a great situation and this is one of the places I wanted to be."

(on his conversations with Texans coaches) "I remember at the combine, that went really well. Other than that, that was the only other time I've talked to them."

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