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Quotes: Bill O'Brien on Friday


Head Coach Bill O'Brien**
(on the status of CB Kareem Jackson) "Good, yeah good. He should be ready to go."

(on if he is satisfied with the position and record of the Texans) "Well, I just said to the team after practice today that they've really put a lot of hard work into all of this. You know, if you go all the way back to OTAs, training camp and obviously week-in and week-out, certainly we all would like to be better than 6-6. We understand that. We go out there every week and we do everything we can to win the game. Some of the games haven't gone the way we want them to go and others have gone pretty well. At the end of the day, I think that these guys understand that these December games, that's what all that work is for. Hopefully, they go into these games and they're focused and they bring a lot of energy. I believe they will. They've had a good week of practice and we're looking forward to the game."

(on the team dealing with a lot of injuries and still being competitive) "I understand what you're asking. I really do, but I think one of the things, in my experience in this league, is you have to be ready for anything. On a week-to-week basis or month-to-month basis, anything can happen as far as injuries or anything. I think you have to be adaptable as a coaching staff. The players have to be adaptable. That's one thing I give these guys credit for. If somebody went down, I'll give you an example of an injury, if somebody couldn't play in a game, hey, there's Alfred Blue. He stepped up and had a good football game against Cleveland. Things like that have happened throughout the weeks. We've had DBs and corners, specifically Darryl Morris, A.J. Bouye, and Jumal Rolle, step up and play pretty good football for us. I think that's part of the NFL. Our players really understand that it's next man up."

(on how the team practiced this week after having a good practice week last week) "We've had a good week of practice. That's not always an indication of how you're going to play. I've obviously been around teams that have had terrible weeks of practice and went out there and played very well and vice versa. So it's not always an indication, but I do give these guys a lot of credit. They've practiced well over the last two weeks, this week included."

(on S Kendrick Lewis saying the defense is causing turnovers while playing in the framework of the defense) "K-Lew (Lewis) is a very good example of a guy that does his job. What he's telling you there is exactly what it takes in December to win games: every guy going out there and doing their job first within the scheme that's called. I think overall, especially over the last couple of weeks on defense, our guys have done a pretty good job of that. That has to continue because RAC (Romeo Crennel) and his staff, they put those guys in a good position to make plays. Those guys have gone out and made the plays. You give J-Joe (Johnathan Joseph) a ton of credit. Jumal Rolle has a bunch of interceptions. It's good. I think that as long as they are doing their jobs and then that interception comes in the framework of the defense like K-Lew is saying, that's really good for our defense."

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