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Quotes: Brandon Harris conference call

Texans second-round draft pick Brandon Harris spoke to the Houston media via conference call after he was drafted at No. 60 overall.

Texans CB Brandon Harris(on his initial reaction to being selected by the Texans) "My initial reaction was crazy. I had no idea; I didn't even see them on the board and when they called, it was emotional."

(on what he will bring to the Texans) "I'm going to bring a lot to the organization. I'm going to be a shutdown corner. I'm going to bring the University of Miami swagger to the team, be a very disciplined player, very coachable and just have a good time enjoying it."

(on his relationships with University of Miami alumni on Texans' roster) "I know them all. I train with them each and every day right now. It's a long, ongoing relationship, especially with (WR) Andre (Johnson). I have known him since I was six or seven years old."

(on going up against Andre Johnson in practice) "It's going to help a lot. He's one of the best receivers in the game. Going up against a guy like that is going to help, to have a mentor teach you certain elements and not just on X's and O's, but just on how to conduct yourself and how to make the transition from college to the NFL."

(on whether he had any inclination that the Texans would select him) "I had no idea at all."

(on seeing members of the Texans that he's trained with now that he's their teammate) "It's going to be a lot different. It's going to be crazy."

(on his biggest strength) "My versatility - the fact that I can play inside and outside at the corner spot and being able to tackle as well as being able to play off the man-to-man coverage and just adjusting to different things off the fly, and having a football IQ to play fast at a high level."

(on his first step to adjusting to new position) "Get back with Andre (Johnson) and keep doing what we're doing."

(on improvements against bigger receivers) "Just repetition. I don't have a problem covering bigger receivers. Bigger receivers are all a part of the game and you use what you have. When you have a guy in your offensive backfield like Andre (Johnson), who is one of the biggest receivers in the game, and when you can match up toe-to-toe with him and measure yourself up to him, there aren't too many other bigger receivers in the game."

(on watching the draft) "I'm in downtown Miami with about 15-20 people here."

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