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Quotes: Brooks Reed conference call

Texans second-round draft pick Brooks Reed spoke to the Houston media via conference call after he was drafted at No. 42 overall.

Texans LB Brooks Breed(on his initial thoughts on becoming a Texan) "I couldn't be happier. I can't even process thoughts right now. Everything is happening so fast, my heart is beating fast, and my mind is racing. I can't believe I was just drafted. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the Houston Texans."

(on what he expects to bring to the Houston defense) "I'll bring versatility to this defense. I want to contribute however and whenever. I'll bring versatility to the 4-3 defense. I am willing to contribute in any way possible to make this team successful: special teams, whatever. I am putting it all on the line because they put it all on the line for me."

(on how he developed his explosiveness) "I always have had great explosion off the line. I always have had that; it's not really a technique thing. I had that in high school and it's finally helped me as the defensive end coming into college making the position switch from fullback to defensive end."

(on playing for Wade Phillips and alongside Mario Williams, Brian Cushing) "Oh, my God. I can't even imagine right now. It will be an honor; I just can't believe I got drafted to this organization. I couldn't be happier."

(on playing with former Arizona teammate Earl Mitchell) "I can't wait to call him after I am done talking with all the media. I am sure we will have a conversation about what is going on down there. It's great to have someone from the Wildcat family down there. I'm sure he will show me the ropes."

(on comparisons of him to Clay Matthews) "It's pretty honorable. He's an awesome, awesome player. He plays with the style that I want to play with. He plays the right way; he's a complete player. He does everything - he passes rushes, plays the run, drops into coverage - and I think that is something I could do."

(on playing on the strong side in a 3-4 defense) "I always played on the right side. I didn't play on the strength. Depending on the offensive scheme, I could have lined up on the strong side. I have done a little bit of both, strong and weak side. I'm up for it. I guess we will see. I'm sure I will transition well as a linebacker. It's something I am looking forward to."

(on where he watched the draft) "I'm in Tucson, Arizona. I have about 20 people here."

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