Quotes: Day 1 of training camp


Head coach Gary Kubiak and the Texans practiced Friday morning on the first day of training camp.

The Texans practiced Friday morning at the Methodist Training Center on Day One of training camp. Afterward, owner Bob McNair, head coach Gary Kubiak and some players met with the media. The following is a transcript of their respective interviews.

Owner Bob McNair Head Coach Gary Kubiak G Mike Brisiel LB Brian Cushing RB Arian Foster CB Kareem Jackson WR Andre Johnson DT Amobi Okoye QB Matt Schaub RB Steve Slaton RB Ben Tate DE Mario Williams

Owner Bob McNair
(inaudible) Well I can't comment on that, because Rick is the one that has worked with him, but I think it will be a successful conclusion to the negotiations. We said that we would look at his situation and do what we could do. He believes us and we believe him and that's what'll happen."

(on WR Andre Johnson's time left on his contract) Well I don't know that it has ever been done with that many years left, so it has to be a special situation and it has to be some reason for doing it. So that has been discussed."

(on WR Andre Johnson's contract terms being done in a few weeks) I would hope that we could get it done in a couple of weeks. We told him we would get it done, and that is what we will do."

(on his relationship with WR Andre Johnson) Well we have mutual respect. He's always done what he said what he said was going to do and he never misled us and I've certainly never misled him. I think he believes that, and he should."

(on the importance of him being on the same page with WR Andre Johnson) Clearly we've never done anything like this before and there has to be a reason for doing it and Andre is a special guy so we're giving him some special consideration."

(on his comments in Sunday's paper) I don't know, I just think that number one that they are great players and that is what I said. But I think that there is another level that they can play at, I think they haven't attained that next level and with athletes they quite often feel that they are doing everything that they quite possibly can and they don't realize that there is another level, and then they discover it and it's like a light comes on. With (DE) Mario (Williams) he is an All-Pro end now, but what I was saying was that if he gets to the next level, which I think he can he will demolish the league. It'll just be unquestionable, he'll be one of the premiere players and that is where I want to see him, and I encourage him to get there."

(on LB Brian Cushing ) I believe him. Now let me make it clear, I support the NFL and their programs one-hundred percent, but I believe Brian. Hopefully we will see that he has been telling the truth all along and I believe that he has. "

(on reaching a conclusion with WR Andre Johnson' contract situation) Well we think he is going to be our first hall of famer and we'd like to see him spend his entire career with the Texans and so hopefully that is what we will be able to achieve. That is what I'd like to see happen. We're ready to sit down and talk about putting something together that might allow that to happen."

Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(On how much it means to have all the guys here) "You know, actually (CB) Kareem (Jackson) did not practice yet, he hasn't signed yet, but he should be out here this afternoon. I think that's so important you don't want distractions and when guys miss or things are going wrong, those are distractions, and (WR) Andre (Johnson) being here just tells you what he's all about and you know, so they'll get that thing worked out, but I think it's good, it's good for the organization good for the football team."

(On expectations for team) "Well, the expectations for the organization is to win a championship, that can't get done until we win the AFC South or make the playoffs so we've got to stay focused on those two things and that will be our goal, but we've got to understand the work that has to come to accomplish those goals, this is the time of the year when it's about work."

(On RB situation) "We've got five very young football players. They're all young, I mean what's the oldest guy, three years (NFL experience) or something and it's going to be very competitive, it's going to be right down the middle with all of them. You've got Steve (Slaton) who's had a fine year in this league coming back off an injury, so like a lot of spots on our team it will be very competitive."

(On importance of getting running game established) "I think it's very important just for the make up of the football team, to know that we can line up late in games and close games out and control the ball better in some situations where we weren't able to control or finish some football games last year, so obviously we've been poor in that area and it's a big point of emphasis in this camp."

(On improvements of RB Ben Tate since OTA's) "Well, I like the way he prepares, it looks like he's got a pretty good grasp at what we're doing, so it doesn't look like that's going to be much of a battle. Very quick, we'll see, we've got all the tools and all the time, but ready to go now, I'm glad we've got him down yesterday, so he's right there in the mix of a young group of guys so we'll see how it goes.

(On being anxious for training camp to start) "Very much so, you go through the whole summer and you've got things going on, and then you come in here this Monday as coaches, and I think about noon Monday we were ready for practice this Friday morning, so, it's a long week, you just sit around and wait, but it's what we do, this is the fun part of our job, being on the field working with players, so, glad to be out here."

(On priorities in settling kickers and other positions battles) "I don't think any of them will be settled early, I don't think that's the case, I think they'll be settled over the long haul, and it will be very, very competitive from that stand point. We've got an excellent pre season ahead of us, we play three playoff teams and Super Bowl teams so you know, what more could you ask for from a competition stand point and checking everyone out. So, it'll be a long haul, we'll see how it goes."

(On everyone being here today) "That's important. Very important that we got them all and I just think it's important for all of them to be here."

(On thoughts of this first day) "Probably had too many balls on the ground, Center and QB exchange, but you're probably going to have a few of those when you haven't worked in a while. We'll get that fixed right away and I like the conditioning of the players. I like the excitement, but it doesn't take long for it to hit reality. Probably about twenty minutes in to practice they see what they're in for this summer. So it's just time to work."

(On Cushing and other LB's getting in) "As we're teaching these first ten days, there's plenty of reps to go around. We've got a lot of football players, we've got 80 guys, so we don't change anything as we approach a preseason, and some of that mindset will change, but right now we've got plenty of reps to go around, nobody's going to miss any time."

(On TE Owen Daniel's return) "I think we'll have a better idea in a couple of weeks as things pick up, I liked what I saw watching him today, I think two, two and a half weeks from now I'll probably have a better answer. We're all hoping for opening day is what we're hoping for."

*Kubiak also answered questions after the 3 pm practice, which took place inside the Methodist Training Center. The following is a transcript of Kubiak's interview from the afternoon.
on how was it to have CB Kareem Jackson in practice this afternoon) "It was good I wish that we could've had him in this morning, but he had finish up some paperwork. He has a lot of football up under his belt. This kid didn't miss a day in the offseason. He came in basically as a starter. He moved around really well. It's just good to have him out here."

(on how does it benefit CB Kareem Jackson to be coached by former NFL Head Coach Nick Saban in college) "I think first of all we know how he's been coached from the standpoint we know he's been coached pretty darn hard. He's been in an excellent scheme (in college) and our scheme is a lot like that from a teaching standpoint from some of the coverage we play in the back end. (Defensive Backs Coach) David (Gibbs) knows a lot from what he's coming in his verbiage so all those things kind of add to a player being out there a little quicker. It was all part of the process and the fact that he had been coached so well. Even though being a young guy made us feel pretty good about putting him in a tough role."

(on how important for CB Kareem Jackson to miss just one practice) "It was very important for him just to miss one practice. He came right back out here this afternoon so he was able to get some work in today. It's just important that the group is together and we are moving forward. Everybody knows that there was nothing we could do this morning. It was just getting the paperwork and trying to make sure everything is ok before he signs. It just the way that goes. Here's a kid that gave a lot of work in the off season. It's not like he missed time in the offseason. I don't think he missed very much."

G Mike Brisiel(on his foot injury) No, you know it's just one of those things, the doctor said it's going to be pretty painful for about 15 months, but it's just dealing with the pain. I don't think I can hurt it anymore than it already is.

(on the coaches putting him on the first team during practice) It's good, I just need to stay on the field. Everybody is competing for those middle three positions, so I just got to find a spot to play.

(on what he needs to do to win a starting spot) I just got to stay healthy, show them I can do that, I also have to show them that my level of play hasn't dropped off at all. Basically, I just need to show them I can be a reliable player.

(on protecting his foot) I got a couple of cortisone shots before the training camp and before OTAs. I just wear these orthotics, they have arch support that are real stiff and good for the foot. There is not a whole lot you can do with that situation, you just kind of got to grit and bear through the pain.

(on the injury being a motivation) It's one of those things that I put out of my mind. I'm trying to look toward the 2010 season, so I just got to get on the field however I can.

LB Brian Cushing
(On coming into his second year and motivating other teammates) "To be completely honest with you I just think everything in general. You know what to expect. You know, I'm just so much more prepared at this camp than last year. I'm trying to find a routine. I'm trying to find a place where I can do that. There's just so much more than football and people don't see that. But, now going into my second year, having that experience, I feel like a lot of things are second nature in what I'm doing."

(On how good he can be having another year under his belt) "Yeah, that's the biggest thing. The physical things are there, now it's just grasping the mental game. You can never learn enough, you can never be smart enough, you can never max out the ability of how much you can learn and I think that's going to really propel my game to the next level."

(On learning anything else on his failed drug test) "You know, no, but there's plenty of people still working on that. There's doctors still working on it and it's out of my hands now, that's basically the main part. I'm just on this field to help these guys get better and that's my biggest concern."

(On if there has been a change with his regimen or supplementation) "No, there's no change. I did nothing wrong, so how am I going to change it?"

(On his failed test and his concerns of possibly failing another) "Yeah and now we know that what happened is nothing because of what I took, so I mean, that's why I wouldn't change anything."

(On about it being tough to look ahead into the season and future) "It's just going into your second year and you know so much now, so much more now. I just feel I am a more well-rounded player now. The biggest thing is just maximizing on my abilities and to try to prepare my game the best that I can for year two and learn as much as I can and transfer that out onto the field.

(On starting the season this year with SS Bernard Pollard healthy) "Just the fact that we started the season off without him last year and there was kind of a hole at the safety position. It was kind of tough playing without him. You know once he came up, not only was it good on a physical standpoint, it was more of the attitude he brought too."

(On defensive rookie CB Kareem Jackson ) "I have, you know I've talked to him and not only that, he's on defense as well. He expected to come right in and start, like I had to last year. I've talked to him, I've told him what to expect. I just told him the steps I took in order to be the player that you want to be. Camp's tough, preseason's tough. It's getting to that first game and you've got plenty of guys around you that know so much, so you've got to learn from them."

(On what he's looking forward to getting done the most this season) "First and foremost is the team. I want to help take these guys to the playoffs. I think we deserve it, I think we are going to work for it and I think we definitely have the capabilities of doing it. That's the biggest thing that I want to get done with this team."

(On the situation with University of Southern California) "It is (tough), you feel for these kids, especially most of these kids weren't even in high school when this stuff happened. You know the kind of stuff that they're going through is just really unfortunate. I feel the NCAA came down on them really hard, but you know what, I'm confident in (USC Head) Coach (Lane) Kiffin, I'm confident in the staff and I'm confident in just the USC tradition. They're going to bounce right back in two or three years. I don't think anything from their standpoint of playing or winning is going to change. They are going to be the same team regardless."

(On coping mentally with being out these first few games) "Really, the same. I've got to have a good camp. I've got to have a great pre-season. I've got to prepare myself for when I'm back and I'm going to train harder than ever and I've got to top last year. That's my biggest concern and helping these guys win as best as possible."

(On the passion of Houston Texans Owner Bob McNair) "It means a whole lot. It means a whole lot coming from an owner. A great owner of a team that's been around for a bunch of years now. The kind of stuff he says, you kind of just sit back in awe in how much that really means to you. That's why you play the game, that's why you put all the effort in."

(On proving himself) "I think regardless of the situation I want to do that. You know, I want to prove that I'm better than you every four. I want to prove that, you know, I can be the best linebacker out there. I feel that in my heart and I'm going to do everything it takes to be it."

RB Arian Foster(On how he feels about camp) "It feels good, you know. Just picking up where we left off in the season and getting this good work in. Being around the guys again and getting this competitive nature going."

(On having confidence) "You have to have confidence in yourself in anything that you do in life period or else you're not going to do very well. I've got that in the back of my mind but focus is to do my job and not make any mental errors and go out there and play every game as if it's my last. I know that sounds cliché. There are a lot of cliché sayings that people do really well off in life. So, you've got to live by experience."

(On his attitude vs. last year's camp) "Well, last year I was trying to come out here and prove myself and to prove that I can play in this league. But to be quite honest, the mentality hasn't changed. I'm still trying to come out here every day and get better for the name on the back of my jersey and for this team and this organization to try and get where we need to go. So, it hasn't changed much. I'm trying to fight for a starting job as opposed to starting for a roster spot. So, the mentality is the same on fighting for a roster spot. I'm out here every day trying to get better."

(On fighting for a roster spot) "It's a pleasure, man. You know, we have all this talent on this field. It's up to us to see where we can go and what we can do. I'm going to come out here every day and do my part to make sure Matt (Schaub) stays up and we can counterattack this passing offense. You know, I'm trying to get some of my linemen in the bowl this year, that's my goal."

(On where he left off last year) "I think I got a little better actually. That was my goal in the offseason, so I hope that's obvious."

(On his capabilities) "Just my overall game, awareness, what I've retained as far as information, plays, quickness off the ball. Just overall, I got better.

(On having a chip on his shoulder) "Yeah, man. I don't think I'm ever going to lose it since it's my personality. But, I'm out here to do my job. I'm not out here to prove a whole bunch. I'm just trying to prove that I can play in the big leagues."

(On what he has to do to keep his job) "Just continue to do a good job. Come out here every day as if it's the first day. Come out, try not to make any mistakes and to do what I know how to do. I think I'm better every day. Eveyday I get a little bit better. That's it."

CB Kareem Jackson
(On getting his contract signed and into training camp) "It's just good being able to be out here with my teammates, running around a little bit and breaking a sweat. I really hate that I missed the first practice but it feels good to be out here and getting it done."

(On if he was worried that a deal wouldn't get done before training camp) "I wasn't worried at all. My agent told me that a deal would get done late last night or early this morning, and that was the case. Unfortunately, I missed the first practice. But I wasn't worried at all."

(On if it's easier to focus on football now that his contract negotiations are over) "It makes it a whole lot easier. No more paperwork. It's just playing ball. The hard part is out of the way, as far as getting things done in the meeting rooms. It's back to playing ball now."

(On being able to concentrate on football now) "I'm running with the first group and getting a chance to show what I can do and earn some trust from the other guys so that they'll believe in me and believe that I can do the things that need to be done as a player."

(On the biggest adjustment he'll have to make going from college to the NFL) "It will probably just be the speed of the game. I picked up the defense pretty good in OTAs. We'll probably throw a few different things in there when different games come around. The biggest thing for me is the speed of the game right now."

(On how playing for Nick Saban in college will help him as a pro) "It will help me a whole lot as far as learning that type of defense that we ran at the University of Alabama. Being able to pick that defense up and then coming here and being able to learn the defense as quickly as I did, it helped me a whole lot."

(On if Nick Saban is as tough as they say he is) "Definitely. You could see in the national championship game when they poured the Gatorade on him, and see that. But he's a good coach, overall."

(On how many times he's seen Nick Saban smile) "I was in the meeting rooms with him, so he smiled a lot in the meeting rooms, cracking jokes and stuff. On the field he's all business. Off the field, he's a fun, lovable guy."

(On the pressure he feels to live up to expectations) "I don't really feel any pressure. If I come out and do what I'm capable of doing, learn the defense and learn the different things I have to do on the different plays. If I do that, then I think I'll be successful."

(On if it's overwhelming having to know so much on defense) "It's not that overwhelming. From doing the things we did at the University of Alabama on defense and coming here, it's a lot different, what we're running. But it's not as technical, so it's not overwhelming at all."

(On how he expects Defensive Backs Coach David Gibbs to treat him) "I expect for him to be demanding of me. But at the same time, I know he's going to work with me and help through all the things I have to do. Somewhat patient, but at the same time, demanding."

(On how important it was for him to be out with his teammates on time for camp) "It was very important for me to be out here with my teammates. These guys are out here running around and sacrificing things. I wanted to get out here and be with them and show that I wanted to be part of the team."

(On if he's thought what his first big purchase will be) "Not at all. I guess I'll think about it later tonight. I haven't done too much thinking about that."

(On if it was overwhelming to sign his contract) "That was overwhelming. I've never seen that many numbers, and for it to be going toward me. So that was very overwhelming."

WR Andre Johnson
(on his contract situation) You heard it from the horse's mouth (Owner Bob McNair), he's the boss, whatever he says goes. I have confidence in him, he's a man of his word. I'm just waiting, when it works out, it'll work out. I'm just out here getting ready for the season

(on his progress between the OTA's and now) I came in; I just tend not to worry about it too much anymore. Because when you worry about it, you get frustrated because it doesn't work out when you want it to work out. If it's meant to happen, it'll happen so I don't worry about it too much.

(on changing agents) I think it has, I don't think having my uncle before was a big deal. A lot of people made a big deal about it, but I don't really worry about what other people say.

(on whether he has thought about holding out) To hold out? Nah, I've always wanted to be here. I've never thought about holding out. I think that me missing the first few days of OTAs got a little blown out of proportion. I came in, I'm heading out, that's all that matters.

(on where he sees the offense heading into the season) We definitely want to pick up where we left off last season. I think the biggest thing for us is getting off to a fast start. We tend to play our best football towards the end of the season. So hopefully we can start off like we finish.

(on the opener vs. the Colts) The first game of the season is a big game, it's a division game, and we have to go out there and win it.

(on the attitude and leaders of the team) I think in the past few seasons, we beat it up too much. Everybody talked about playoffs and I think now we don't really talk about it anymore, it's just an expectation. We know we are not going to get there by just talking about it, we have to come out here and bust our butts everyday in order to achieve that goal. And the guys now don't only look forward to getting to the playoffs, they're looking forward to try to win the Super Bowl.

DT Amobi Okoye(on if he agrees with the assessment that he has room for improvement) "Of course. Like I said, there's definitely room for improvement, but has the criticism been fair? Not at all, so it's left up to me to make those improvements and get those stats so that people can be off my back."

(on if he is dealing with criticism better now than he did when he was younger) "Yeah, without a doubt. I've grown a lot and going into year four and I'm only 23. And as I always say to those who criticize me, 'What were you doing at 23? What were you doing at 22? Tell me that.' I've never been a person to boast or brag about my accomplishments, but when you get those criticisms and you hear things like that, you feel like you've got to speak up a little bit. I'm just looking forward to the 2010 season."

QB Matt Schaub(On how anxious he was to start training camp) "It's just one of those things when it starts to wind down and you start thinking about camp. I'm fired up and excited to get going in camp mode and just come out with the team and continue in taking those steps."

(On WR Andre Johnson reporting to training camp on time) "We know what kind of guy (WR) Andre (Johnson) is and he is going to be here for his team. He's been here forever since the beginning and he's a consummate pro and he's going come out here and work hard. We are all going to accomplish this together."

(On how confidence the team is coming in to training camp) "Absolutely (we are more confident). I was told back in college by one of my coaches that "Confidence is a result of demonstrative performance." I feel like after the way we finished last season and taking the next step for this franchise we should have confidence. We've had a great offseason of work. We have all the players and enough pieces to the puzzle in place."

(On opening training camp in front of the fans) "This is a big time opportunity not only for us, but the fans and the city of Houston for them to come out and get look at us. It just shows how much support we have and the relationship between the players and the community. There is a lot good character guys on this team and they do a lot in this community. To see them come out and support us on a hot Friday morning it means a lot."

(On how much time together the offense need to establish a good running game) "I think that's one of the first and foremost goals in this offense. It's the first in order for us to take the next step as a team. Especially on the offensive side of the ball we have got become more consistent and more balanced."

(On fans talking about "Super Bowl" for the Texans for the first time) "If you don't have that as your goal in this business then you're in the wrong business. That is what we've set ourselves up for. We can talk about it all we want, but we have to come out here every day and work to get there. We just have to take it one day at a time. Ultimately that's our destination and where we want to be."

(On if he was surprised to see WR Andre Johnson arriving on time for training camp) "I wasn't surprised one bit. I've talked to (WR) Andre (Johnson) a lot and I knew he was going to be here. He's a leader on this team and he's been here a long time. He's a professional and he's going to come out here and work and get his business taken care of. We're a team out here. He's knows and we all know that and expect that out of him."

(On Texans Owner Bob McNair's comments on the team to step it up this season) "We all do. In this business you go out and prove yourself day in and day out. We have to take the next step. We can't afford to fall short in any of our goals. We are not going to talk about any of that. We just go out there and play and work hard and take care of our business."

RB Steve Slaton(on the big difference between mini-camps, OTAs and training camp) "Training camp is when the season is right around the corner, after this, the season starts. It's just a lot more serious."

(on his improvements in the off-season) "Just everything. I know I missed the last five games last year so the biggest thing is just me getting back on the field and being healthy. I think that's the number one thing I worked on, just my health overall."

(on any specific things he can do in the off-season to get healthier) "There are little things, but after all, anything happens. You have just got to be safe in everything that you do and treat you body right."

(on something to prove when he's on the field) "I think any football player or any player or any athlete should have that in their mind. Every day is a different day. You've got to always perform. It's always not what you did before but what you're doing now. That's my biggest goal is just to stay consistent and improve every game, every day."

(on his recovery from his injury) "It wasn't necessarily difficult, I think it was just the time waiting. The biggest thing was timing and for everything to heal right. It's just keeping my mind ready for the season, keep it in the book, even when I wasn't practicing and playing in the games."

(on putting his injury out of his mind) "I think my anxiousness to get back on the field helps me get over it fast. The doctor said I was goo and I believe in him. He's one of the best in the country. So, I'm going to go from there and do what I can."

(on how he is feeling now) "I feel good. I think today was a good day. The first day is always the easiest, it's all about the long run, week two. That's when you start feeling everything."

(on how it feels to not be wearing the red no-contact jersey) "Yeah, it's definitely nice. I didn't want to wear one when I had to, but it was doctor's orders. So, I had to wear one."

(on what's the difference of how he feels now opposed to last year) "Healthy. Overall its football. You're always going to play with nicks. I feel a lot better than I did at the end of my season last year."

(on what he went through last year) "I had a pinched nerve and a cervical fuse fixed that helped with the numbness in my right arm. The doctor cleared me so I am ready to go."

(on how to improve his fumbles) "Hold on to it, hold on to it. That's it, that's my job. My job is to hold onto the ball and I have to do my job to the best that I can."

(on the competition and how it pushes guys) "I think every team is going to have competition at every position, that's what training camp is all about. It's about coming out here and learning from the mistakes that you make and showing the coaches what you have."

(on what degree he has to re-prove himself) "I think, like I said before as an athlete you have to prove yourself in whatever you do or whatever you play. You want to get better

RB Ben Tate(on his first day at camp) "Long day. It was the first day. I was well rested. Everything moved fast. I was just trying to do the right things and not mess up."

(on the speed of the game being a big difference from college) "I wouldn't say that. It's just the fact that we haven't been out here in a couple months and you're trying to learn. When you're learning it's just the fact that your learning, that's why I think everything seems faster because you're learning. Once you get it down, it (the game) slows down."

(on his mental approach to training camp) "I never think of myself as satisfied, I'm always going to try and be the best that I can be."

(on learning from Steve Slaton and trying to win a job at camp) "It's a little bit of both. You know I ask him, I learn, I try to learn from him and pick up things. At the same time I'm trying to win a job just like he is."

(on the Texans playbook being more complicated and what's the difference) "Very much, Very much. It's a big difference. I was in a spread offense. I was getting the signals from the sideline. There wasn't too much in picking up blitzes my last two years. That's the big difference."

DE Mario Williams
(on Texans owner Bob McNair's comments that he and DT Amobi Okoye can improve) "We all need to step up. It's not just us. We're all looked at as the key points and we all know that. We've got to play better, just as well as everybody else, but definitely we've got to play better amongst ourselves."

(on Texans owner Bob McNair's comment that he has the potential to be a dominant player) "I don't need anybody to tell me that, so it doesn't matter to me. That's no disrespect to anybody that says that, but I don't need anybody to tell me that. I know I need to get things together and get it going."

(on how the offseason went for him) "It was great. (Head strength and conditioning coach) Cedric Smith had us out there running and lifting, and the offseason program has been great. We did a little bit in OTAs, running around and getting a little bit of football going, but it's been great."

(on if he knows more now than he did three or four years ago) "Yeah. Now, it's pretty much about staying healthy. As long as you're out there feeling good, you'll do alright. You can go out there and run around with the things you know, so pretty much right now, it's about staying healthy."

(on what he's seen from his defensive teammates on the first day of training camp) "Everybody's pushing each other. Everybody's going harder and faster. A lot of the players now, they've got it. A lot of the young players, they've figured it out and they can run with it without having to think."

(on the higher expectations around the team this year) "We've just got to play ball. At the end of the day we need to see where we're at after the 16 games are up. But in order for us to get there, we've got to take each game now one at a time, finish those games, take the good, learn from the bad and continue, but we've just got to take one game at a time. So that sense of urgency is pretty much just us going out and taking it one game at a time."

(on his expectations for the season) "Win. That's about it. Just win."

(on QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson's comments that the team's expectations are about the Super Bowl, not just the playoffs) "Yeah, definitely. That's what we're looking forward to; that's what everybody's goal should be. That's how we think; that's our mentality, but like I said, it all goes down to one game at a time. If we don't make it to the playoffs, we're not even going to have a chance at the Super Bowl. So we're definitely looking forward to the Super Bowl, but we've got to get there first, and that involves taking care of each game one at a time."

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