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Quotes: Dorin Dickerson conference call


Pitt tight end/receiver Dorin Dickerson was the seventh round pick of the Texans, and was the ninth player overall the Texans took.


These quotes are part of our 2010 Path to the Draft coverage presented by FOX Sports Houston.

The Texans wrapped up their 2010 NFL Draft by taking Pittsburgh tight end/receiver Dorin Dickerson in the seventh round with the 227th pick. He answered questions from the Houston media via a conference call, and the following is a transcript of his interview.

Texans wide receiver Dorin Dickerson

(on what positions he has played) "I started off as a receiver and then I got shifted around a lot. I moved to linebacker my sophomore year and then to tight end my junior and senior seasons. I've shifted around a lot and just trying to find a home."

(on the possibility of playing an H-back role) "I have a lot of flexibility; they can use me in a lot of different ways. The coaches will decide that when I get there and I'll be playing a lot of special teams. I just want to help the team win and hopefully get to the Super Bowl."

(on what the Texans said when they called him) "They were real excited and they said they would love to have me and hope that I'll make the team and learn the position in their offense. I'm just real excited."

(on the Texans' tight end competition) "The competition is everywhere you go. The best guys would end up playing. Those are the guy that would come in early and do the right things. They are the ones that would play and make this team go. I'm ready for the competition and I'm ready to compete."

(on how he would describe himself as a player) "I'm a versatile H-back. I could line up in different positions. I could line up in the back field and I could line up at tight end. You'll see me moving around a lot in special teams. Anything the coaches ask me to do, I'm going to do. I'm going to try to compete and win."

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