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Quotes: Foster, Joseph on Pro Bowl selections


Texans running back Arian Foster and cornerback Johnathan Joseph spoke to the media on Tuesday evening about being selected for the 2012 Pro Bowl. Following is a transcript of their respective interviews.

RB Arian Foster
CB Johnathan Joseph RB Arian Foster (audio provided by KRIV FOX 26 Houston and Mark Berman)
(on what it means to be selected to the Pro Bowl) "Well that just means a lot because I came from a place where, statistically speaking, you're not supposed to make it in this League, especially to that high of a level and I've done it twice. It's just a tribute to hard work and my teammates helping me out. I wouldn't have been there without them. I'm just happy about it and hopefully we can add a bigger trophy to my trophy case."

(on what it means to be selected to the Pro Bowl in back-to-back seasons) "It's a nice accolade, it is. I guess when I finish my career, I'll look back and flaunt it maybe, I don't know. But as of right now, it's just a nice compliment from my peers and I'll take it."

(on winning the fan vote and having his peers vote for him as well) "It's a nice honor. People that love watching the game, people that love playing and also the coaches that have been around it for 20-some odd years, it's just the highest compliment in this League is when you're voted in by people that know the game. It's just fun."

(on making the Pro Bowl after overcoming a hamstring injury earlier in the season) "I don't know, man. It's kind of surreal because I remember wanting to be the best I could as a child and now to be at the height of the game, it's just fun. My coaches have a lot of confidence in me and they feed me the ball. My teammates and my line, I think they got the shaft this year, but that's just a part of it. It's a business, but I think one of these days, they're going to realize that we have a great offensive line in this city and they're going to get rewarded."

(on how disappointed he is that no one on the offensive line was selected) "Absolutely, I'm extremely disappointed. It's still one of my goals to get one of them in there. Hopefully I have a long career here in Houston and we're going to get that done."

(on his message to those who voted for him) "Well I just appreciate the continued support and on my end, I'm going to do the best I can to represent this city and this team from here and not only this year, but in years later because I think that it's just a big compliment and you're obligated to give this world your best."

CB Johnathan Joseph (conference call with Houston reporters)
(on how it feels to be selected to the Pro Bowl) "It speaks volumes about the guys on this team because I couldn't get it without the help of everyone else on this team, the guys up front on defense, just a collective group overall with the coaches helping me since coming over here to Houston. Just everything altogether, it's been a pleasure being part of and being selected."

(on if he's surprised that he's the only Texans defensive player selected to the Pro Bowl) "Yeah, absolutely. To me, that's kind of strange to see the year that everyone else has been having. It shocked me a lot to be honest just because I thought other guys were going to get voted in. It wasn't our main goal or focus. We weren't watching it, praying about who was in and who was out, but just the way everyone has played this year with Connor (Barwin) having the year he's having, Brian Cushing, J.J. Watt, Antonio Smith and the rest of those guys, it's kind of a disappointment. At the same time, we're looking forward to playing in the Super Bowl, not even playing in the Pro Bowl."

(on representing the other guys on defense that did not make the Pro Bowl) "It would be a great honor, just because there's like a bond of brothership there with everyone on the defense. I'm sure those guys are happy for me and vice versa. It's just a great honor just to go out and represent the Texans as a whole, not just as an organization itself. I've got to represent (defensive coordinator) Wade Phillips, defensive backs coach Vance Joseph, (assistant defensive backs coach) Perry Carter, those guys and just the whole Texans defense and football team, so it's just a great honor altogether."

(on if he is taking any coaches with him) "I really haven't had a chance to make any decisions or anything, just been so much focus on what's ahead. We have a lot ahead in football. I'll let those things take care of themselves when the time comes."

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