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Quotes: Friday practice

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak spoke with the media after his team practiced Friday at the Methodist Training Center. The following is a transcript of his interview.

Head coach Gary Kubiak(on the health of the team) "From an injury perspective, (WR) Jacoby practiced today so everything looks good going into Sunday. So that's a positive. Other than that nothing else changed."

(on how important to have WR Jacoby Jones in the lineup) It's very important. He gives us speed as a returner and gives us an opportunity to make big plays. He's always a big part in what we do. He's worked real hard and got himself back. So it'll be nice to have him."

(on what is the feel of the team going into this week's game against the Chiefs) "It's another week. We practiced great last week. We practiced well this week. We just got to see how we play. You don't win games on Fridays you got to win on Sundays. We've had a good week, but we got to transfer it to the field."

(on the health status of DE Mario Williams and LB DeMeco Ryans) "Well, we're beat up. We're beat up as a team like a lot of teams in this league. We got a bye week staring at us and we can get some of these guys fresh and healthy. We got to push through. We got to win a game and find a way to get another W. That's part of this league, to try to push through those types of things. We are getting tested, but they'll be there."

(on if he is going to try anything different to spark the team playing at home) "Our preparation has been the same as it always been. We started the game fast the other day. We didn't play good midway through the first quarter and into the second quarter. We've prepared and we had a good week. We're going to play four quarters and hopefully play them well."

(on if DE Mark Anderson will play this week) "Yeah, he should play. He's had a good week.

(on what does he see in TE Owen Daniels now that he didn't see when he first returned on the field from injury) "I just see his speed. I don't see him come out of the game. The first few games when he came out of the game you could see that he was leg weary. It would take him all the way till next Sunday to get him going again. Mow you see him responding on a day-to-day basis like players do when they're in shape. That's what I've been seeing."

(on if he will expect more from LB Brian Cushing this week as opposed from last week) "I just want to see him get better. He was pretty darn good last week. Like I said, if you haven't played football in a while and then you have 70 snaps it's going to take you a full week to recover. It's taken him a full week, but he practiced good today. I just want to see him improve." (on how important is it for TE Owen Daniels to be big part of the offense) "He's always been a big part. He will be again as we continue to go. (TE) Joel (Dreessen) has done some good things. So, we get to spread it around more than we did in the past."

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