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The Texans practiced Friday inside the Methodist Training Center, and after, head coach Gary Kubiak and receiver Andre Johnson answered questions from the media. The following is a transcript of their respective interviews.

Head Coach Gary KubiakWR Andre Johnson

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Head Coach Gary Kubiak(on how the last practice went) "It was good. We practiced well. We just really had a walkthrough, like you said. Obviously, we are down numbers-wise and try to get them fresh and ready to play, but we have practiced well this week and I expect us to come out and play well this Sunday."

(on if he expects WR Andre Johnson to play Sunday) "He did nothing today and so nothing's changed."

(on how tough it is to not have WR Andre Johnson two games in a row) "It's very tough, but I know it's been hard on him all year long and I just appreciate what he did throughout this season. I think it was amazing and I think it's stuff that you're not going to realize till 10-15 years from now. Really, he's a special player and a special person and he's needs to get healthy. He's got a lot of great years ahead of him and still young. So we need to make sure that we do right by him."

(on worries that playing could make WR Andre Johnson's ankle injury worse) "There was never an issue. So if it would've been we wouldn't have let him do some of the things he did so it just got to the point where I think because of our crazy schedule there over that four- to five-week period and just because of the way it piled up on him. I just think it wore him down and got to the point where he just wasn't responding like it was earlier in the season."

(on what does it say about WR Andre Johnson being out for three games this season and QB Matt Schaub being able to play the full 16 games this season) "That's unbelievable. It just says that we got a good system. So we get the ball around to whomever in there. That's important, but it tells you that (QB) Matt (Schaub) does his job. He just doesn't look for this guy or that guy. He goes out there to defeat defenses and get the ball at the  right spot. I remember a couple of years ago ya'll said he wasn't able to play 16 games. This is two years in a row that he's held up. If he holds up, he's going to put up some big numbers throughout his career."

(on what are his expectations for WR Jacoby Jones this week) "I like what he did last week and he'll get an opportunity to do it this week. It's (WR) Jacoby's (Jones) chance to prove that he's a starter in this league and he's been impressive this week with just the way he's been practicing and gotten ready to play. So I'm expecting the same."

(on the Jaguars starting QB Trent Edwards) "I don't think anything will change. He could move just like (QB David) Garrard. So I think their offense stays the same. They are built around the run and he's very capable of running around. So I think we'll face the same thing offensively."

WR Andre Johnson(on missing the last two games) "I'm definitely not happy about it. Like I said, the biggest thing was just being smart about the situation. The best thing I felt was for me not to be out there to have something else bad happen or me re-injure the ankle like I've been doing the whole season. That's pretty much it. It's not something I'm happy about."

(on not being able to get 1,500 yards receiving) "I really didn't put much thought into that. I don't really go into a game saying, 'I want to have this many yards.' I just kind of let the game come to me, and then when I see the stats at the end I'd rather have it be a surprise to me. I'm not mad about it. I think I went out and did the best with the opportunities I had this season, but to not have 1,500 yards this season, I'm not upset about it. If it would've happened, I would've been happy about it, but I'm not upset about it."

(on QB Matt Schaub) "I always say I think he could be a great quarterback just as long as he stays healthy, and you can see the past two years he's been healthy, he's put up the numbers. As long as he's healthy, he's going to continue to do what he's doing. He works hard. He works his butt off every day. He loves what he's doing and when he's out there playing he's having fun, so I'm not surprised at what he's accomplished."

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