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Quotes: Friday practice

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak and cornerback Johnathan Joseph answered questions from the media after Friday's practice at the Methodist Training Center. The following is a transcript of their respective interviews.

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Head Coach Gary KubiakCB Johnathan Joseph

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Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(on the team donating bikes to kids) "It's something we've been doing every year. It's kind of grown as we went. The players have been very generous. I think we had 300 bikes this year that we gave away. It's pretty cool. It's a chance to help some kids out, make a good Christmas for them and it brings a smile to our players' faces too. I know they enjoy doing it."

(on WR Andre Johnson's status for Sunday) "He won't go. He'll be out, but he ran very well today. He has made a lot of progress this week, so we're very close to having Andre back on the field, so that's exciting."

(on how much he'll pay attention to other games this weekend) "I really don't and I said that all week. My concern right now is our team and how good can we be playing three weeks from now. With the adversity we have, we've got a new guard starting this week, we've got things going on with our team that we have to continue to work together because we're not a finished product by any means. So, I'll stay focused on us and what we're trying to get done. We've got a big challenge this Sunday and we'll have to play better than we did last week."

(on if he's talked to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to see how he's doing) "I have not talked to Wade personally. I have talked to his wife numerous times and he is doing very well. I'm hoping he gets moved to his room today, it's my understanding. Everything is going as planned and the most important thing is he needs to get well and we need to handle the football until he's back."

(on how important it is to have WR Andre Johnson play before the postseason) "Well I think it's important, but I also have to be smart. I would love to see him come back and play in a couple games and get some reps before we get to January, but I'm going to listen to (Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer Geoff Kaplan) Kap, I'm going to listen to Andre because we need to make sure when he comes back, he comes back and he's here for the long haul. It'll be week to week, but we're getting close."

(on how difficult Panthers QB Cam Newton is to defend) "I tell you, I've said all week we can't give our guys the look that he's going to present to us. You just have to respect his talent, do the best we could at practice. We've had guys do different things as far as when he runs from a throwing standpoint. He's one of the top athletes, best one I've seen in the business and the way he's playing their offense moving the ball, we'll have to play well. Hopefully, offensively we can hang on to it ourselves. That'll be important."

(on any other injury concerns) "I got a decision to make with (Tim) Bulman, whether he's up or not. GQ (Glover Quin) missed practice today. His wife is a little sick, so he's trying to help her out, but he'll be ready to go."

(on the receivers and tight ends being focused when the game is on the line) "I think the thing with us is we spread the ball all over the place. You don't go out there knowing where the ball's going. Our guys never know who's going to get called upon to make a play and I think that's what's made us effective. Everybody knows that you better be ready, better be doing your job and everybody's pitched in this year and that's why we're where we're at today."

(on if he'll be any more involved with the defense this week) "No, absolutely not, other than listening the way I always do. What I do, from my standpoint, for the defense, is if I see things offensively that I think I can help them out with, the way they're doing this, the way they're doing that, alignments, that's about the only time I ever even speak up. So, I try to stay out of their way. (Linebackers coach) Reggie's (Herring) ready to go. They've done a great job this week. The players are ready to go, so we need to get to work."

(on what CB Johnathan Joseph has meant to the secondary) "Well, he's a great player, but he's been a great leader, so that's been the most important thing. The two guys we've added on the back end have been more than just players for our team, they've been leaders, so that's been the most important thing."

(on defensive coordinator Wade Phillips' health update) "He's doing really well. Everything went good. It's my understanding he could be getting to move to his room as we speak right now. I don't know. When I talked to his wife this morning, that was the plan. Everything's going good. We just need to get him on the road to recovery and we need to handle the football while he's gone."

(on if there were any additional issues with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips' health) "No, like I said, first off, I want to respect Wade and his wife's wishes. They'll handle that, but everything went according to plan yesterday. We just got to support him and just make sure he's taken care of himself before he comes back."

(on if there's any idea when defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will be back) "You know what, there is no timeline. There is no timeline on your health. He's got to take care of himself. We've got to take care of the football and the good news is we're on the way to getting healthy and getting back, so that's the key."

CB Johnathan Joseph
(on facing Panthers WR Steve Smith and QB Cam Newton) "They're both a dual threat. Cam can take off and run with his legs and beat you with his legs as well as his arm. So for us, we just have to be disciplined in what we do defensively, stay in our gaps, stay in our lanes and have guys in the right positions and the right spots at all times just because of the different things that Cam brings to the table."

(on what he will have to do to contain Panthers WR Steve Smith) "Just have to go out and compete for all four quarters. He's a dynamic receiver in this League. He's been that way for years and he seems not to be slowing down any. He's on pace for another big year this year, so for us, defensively, we have to play sound defense and not give up explosive plays."

(on if he will have to look back at Panthers QB Cam Newton while he's covering WR Steve Smith) "No, it's all about everyone doing their jobs. It's my job to cover Steve at that time and moment. I have to keep my eyes on him and let everyone else do their jobs because in this defense, everyone does their job and to be a sound defense, you have to have everyone do their job and not have someone else try to do someone else's job."

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