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Quotes: Head coach Gary Kubiak on schedule



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Head coach Gary Kubiak

(on opening on the road in primetime) "Well, the first thing for me it changes our training camp a little bit because anytime you're pushed back to a Monday opener it changes when you can report and all those type of things. The dynamic's change a little bit. We'll be sitting around watching a lot of football over the weekend before we get a chance to play, contribute. I think it's a good opener, obviously it's gonna take great focus to o on the road Monday night and start the season the right way. I think we've got a very tough schedule which you're gonna have whenever you go out there and win 12 games. Looking forward to it, and there's certain parts of it that mean a little bit but I'm trying to catch up on it myself right now."

(on the four primetime games in the 2013 schedule) "The more success you have in this league I think the more of those you get. Last year we really handled that very well; I thought we showed a lot of mental toughness going to New York, some of the places we went and played on Monday night. Going to Chicago, playing on Sunday night. Some of them made for tough trips, really challenges getting your team ready to go each particular weekend. But I think we grew with that last year and obviously we'll face it again."

(on if he has a preference on when the bye week is) "I like it somewhere in the middle; we're after seven games this year so that's fine. I think you never know when you're gonna need it from a physical standpoint. I think taking a break somewhere in the week 7, 8, 9, is always good for the players and gets you ready for the homestretch. After 7, which is gonna be a very tough 7, we take a break and play a big, big game at ho against the Colts. I think it's good timing."

(on the challenging games towards the end of the season) "Those are obviously tough playoff football teams. The thing that jumped to me more than anything is four out of our last six are on the road, three out of our last four are on the road and they're division games then they squeezed in the Patriots and the Broncos in there, so we better be good at the end. We just need to be a good football team. It's gonna be a tough schedule. That's what gives you a chance to be successful in this league; when you can play them all and play them all pretty well."

(on if this is an exciting day for him) "Yeah, it is. You kind of sit around the draft meeting all day. I've been in there three weeks now so those walls are closing in. (Director of Public Relations Kevin Cooper) Coop came in and handed me the schedule so there were about three players in the draft meeting that I can't say I watched very closely, I was busy looking at our schedule over and over again. It kind of changes your focus and in a week from now we'll get going in that direction. We know where we stand now, we know what's gonna happen, we knew we were gonna play a tough schedule so now we get ready to do it."

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