Quotes: Jacoby Jones 1-on-1


Texans wide receiver Jacoby Jones is ready for a big 2010 season.

After the Texans concluded mini-camp, wide receiver Jacoby Jones was interviewed by Drew Dougherty for Texans TV. The following is a transcript of his answers.

Texans wide receiver Jacoby Jones
(On what's different now versus this time last year) "A year ago I was still trying to get my maturity level to where I wanted it to be. And I have matured. The plays have slowed down and the game has slowed down. So I know what I'm doing now and I'm having fun with it."

(On what he tells the rookies) "The first thing I tell them is 'Man, don't make the mistake I did.' When I was a rookie and the mistakes I made, it set me back a little bit. But I learned from it. I'll teach them certain things about a play, and I'll teach them how to learn a play. How to learn the concept before you learn the route, because it will throw you off sometimes."

(On which rookies he tells this to) "Every one of them. From London Crawford, to (Trey) Stross, to Trindon Holliday to (Dorin) Dickerson, every one of them."

(On if he needs a rocking chair and pipe because he's an old man) "I won't say rocking chair, because I can still walk a little bit. But I might deal with a walker. A walker with two tennis balls on the front of it so I can just slide it."

(On the potential for the 2010 Texans offense) "Oh man, we've got so many weapons. From the receiving corps to the backs, to the quarterback, to the tight ends. We've got so many weapons. It's a lot of firepower."

(On what he'll do from now until training camp) "We'll be here. I'll work out here and then I'll probably head home. I'll work out with my trainer for a couple of weeks and then come back and be ready to roll on the 30th."

(On what type of workouts he does) "It's a lot of speed resistance. I run a lot of routes, and cone drills, with resistance things strapped on me. Catching the ball, lots of resistance."

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