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Quotes: LB Trevardo Williams conference call


OLB Trevardo Williams Conference Call

(on his initial reaction being drafted) "I was relieved, it was a big relief. I was shocked that I was coming up next time and it was just a big surprise."

(on how much he knows about the Texan defense)  "I know that they're a 3-4 defense and they have a really great defense. I'm not greatly familiar with the team entirely but I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can."

(on what position he played at UConn) "I played defensive end, stand-up and more like a linebacker sometimes."

(on his comfort level playing in a two-point stance)  "I'm a natural two-point stance pass rusher. I believe I excel better in a two-point stance. I have so much explosion from that stance. I know that I am extremely good in a two-point stance."

(on what sets him apart from other ends) "My speed, my versatility, my explosiveness, my agility, my athleticism. I have the whole package."

(on how excited he is to play for Wade Phillips) "Oh man, I don't know how to put this in words. I just know he's going to teach me so much more. I know I'm going to grow as an athlete even more than I am right now, and I'm looking forward to that. I'm excited."

(on where he is from) "I was born in Jamaica, in Chilani."

(on what it was like growing up in Jamaica) "You know it was a different experience. I'd spend most of my lifetime outside just playing, having fun with my friends. It was a free spirit kind of lifestyle. I'm glad that I was born in Jamaica because it got me to where I am right now."

(on his best time in the 100 meters) "My best time was 10.58, that's when I was skinnier."

(on whether he ran at UConn) "Just in high school but I would do the 40 every spring or winter."  

(on if he has had any conversations with the Houston staff prior to being drafted) "They called me to verify my number but really I haven't had any meetings or workouts or anything like that with them."

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