Quotes: Myers 1-on-1

Texans center Chris Myers recently talked with Texans TV about the 2011 offseason, the run-game success in 2010 and much more. The following is a transcript of his interview.

Texans center Chris Myers(On what the start of the offseason has been like) "A couple of months in the offseason already in the books and we're kind of getting back down to work. There's uncertainty with the whole CBA issue as of right now. But for the most part, getting back into workouts, everyone is on their own wherever they're at, but we're hoping for the best and hopefully we can get a deal done soon."

(On his health, and what progress he's made over the last month) "I'm doing well now. I got a quick 'scope (arthroscopic surgery) on my (left) elbow. I had some bone spurs in there and got it removed. There's a good amount of guys that are getting some work done. Come the CBA, the training room and everything is going to be closed, so everyone is trying to get their last bit of treatments in and their workouts in here at the stadium before everything ends up panning out. Aside from that, my elbow's doing great and I'm anxious to see what happens."

(On what he and his teammates will do to stay in shape this offseason) "We've been talking about it. There's a couple of different scenarios that may work out. If there is a lockout, for the most part, everyone's going to be working out on their own. We're trying to get as many guys together as possible to work out down here in Houston. There's talk about maybe working out at a couple of gyms around the area. Rice University. (Texans TE) James Casey is an alum from there, so hopefully we can do something like that. It's causing a bit of a problem, but we're all going to stick with it. We're all professionals and we'll all work out together."

(On how proud he's been of the attention RB Arian Foster has received lately) "It feels good. It feels good in the offseason to see all the accolades that Arian is getting, and knowing that you were a part of it. It's well-deserved, everything that he and Vonta (Leach) have been getting this offseason with the Pro Bowl and such. It's just one of those things that's a testament to the hard work we put in in the offseason and such, focusing in on the running game. (Offensive coordinator) Rick Dennison, (offensive line coach) John Benton, everyone helping out. Relating to that story, it's tough to see (former offensive assistant) Bruce (Matthews) go up to Tennessee. But he was a tremendous help as well, with (assistant offensive line coach) Frank Pollack. "

(On the role Dennison played in the run-game success in 2010) "He played a huge role. Him coming in here, and the dedication he put into the running game. Him having the trust in us, knowing we can get the job done. He interviewed for that Denver job, but we're lucky to be able to keep him here and work on our running game from here on out."

(On the hot-water Myers was in for appearing on the January 2 cover of the Houston Texans Gameday Magazine) "Everyone kind of knows that we do fine each other in the offensive line room. For being on the cover, there was definitely a good amount of money fined my way. It ended up being a great story. I kind of wanted it to be overall about the offensive line, but it was about me and I appreciate it. But I'll take the hits as they come and move on."

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