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Quotes: Offensive line coach John Benton


Offensive Line Coach John Benton
(on what he likes about T Brennan Williams and his plans for him) "Brennan was a guy that we targeted early in the draft, in the process. He impressed us off of film. He's a big man; he's got long arms, two big things that you look for. He's really a pretty good athlete from that standpoint, but I really liked his play-style. I thought he fit what we did. He's aggressive. He's a finisher. He's really a pretty physical player, just as he is. He's very, very active, which is something that we really value around here. I liked him right from the start and I'm excited to get him where we did. As far as his shoulder, he missed the last four games of the year with a torn labrum, had surgery for it. At the combine, he wasn't able to participate, but was able to do everything and was cleared medically by his doctors and did a workout. We feel pretty good about that. We feel good. As far as where he fits into our plans, he'll come in and compete initially at the right spot. We've got kind of an up-in-the-air situation with Derek Newton being injured. We're not quite sure when he'll be able to come back. Ryan Harris probably figures into the mix a little bit. We'll put Brennan in there right off the bat and compete and we can only get better through that competition."

(on if Brennan Williams' aggressiveness and his mean streak were visible on film) "Yeah, you do see it on film. Like I said, that's what I mean by a finisher. He's a finisher. You see all kinds of guys all along the line. Some are perfectly content to keep their guy out of the play and as long as that happens, then that's the baseline and they're pretty happy. Brennan likes to put people in the ground and wear them out over the course of the game. He did it fairly consistently. It makes it fun to watch college film that way. He is a physical player and an aggressive player. That is definitely one of his positive attributes."

(on what advantages a player has with a parent that played in the NFL) "I think it's got to be an advantage. Not having a parent who played myself, I'm not exactly sure. I think they've got to come into the situation a little more grounded and a little more aware of what to expect. I think that would be the one thing, not just from the initial shock but the preparation and the work and how much of a profession it is at this level. I think that would be the biggest advantage from that standpoint."

(on if Williams played right tackle in college) "He did. He played the right tackle."

(on if playing the right side in college will ease his transition to the Texans and if he has played a similar scheme) "Yeah, I don't know them to be a follower of our scheme, but they ran some wide zones and that type of thing that we ran. It does fit into that. He is on the right side. He should be fairly comfortable with the initial footwork and those types of things. Of course, as this plays out, if he comes out and wins the position outright, great. If not, he's got to learn to play left (tackle) too. That's how it works. We'll be working from both sides and that angle right fairly quickly. Maybe not focusing on swinging left to right or vice versa, but at some point we'll have to work towards that."

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