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Quotes: OT Brennan Williams conference call


T Brennan Williams
(on whether he is surprised or not) "I mean, I'm not surprised and am surprised. It's really a toss-up and I'm just really excited to be going and going to Houston."

(on why he thinks he was selected by the Texans) "Coach said I'm a physical player. I have a mean streak. I'm a little nasty and I'm the kind of offensive lineman they like, so I think I'll fit right in."

(on how much he knows about the Texans) "Not as much as I'd like to. I'm not from particularly close, but I'm eager to learn because that's where I'm going to be."

(on his comfort level with playing in zone schemes) "I'm very comfortable, actually. We ran a pro-style offense for most of my career there at North Carolina. Most of it was actually with T.J. Yates. I'm really comfortable with the schemes. I went over some of it with the coaching staff down at the combine and I'm just looking forward to it."

(on if he has talked to T.J. Yates during the draft) "I talked to him a little bit. We actually have the same agent, so we've been in touch."

(on how he's feeling after his labrum surgery) "I'm feeling great. I have no complaints."

(on if he is completely healed from his labrum surgery) "Everything is completely healed; it's just about getting all the strength back and which is just about done."

(on the important of following in his father's footsteps) "It was extremely important. It was an expectation that we always had to make it to this level. I'm truly blessed to be where I am today but now it's time for me to carve out my own footsteps."

(on if his father gave him any secrets to having a long NFL career) "He had a pretty long career so I'm going to keep them to myself but he's given me a lot along the way."

(on how he describes himself as a player and an offensive lineman) "As a player, I think I'm athletic. As an offensive lineman, I think I can play any position that I needed to play. Like I said earlier, I've got a mean streak and an aggressiveness that I don't think a lot of people have and I think that will help me a lot."

(on where his mean streak comes from) "I don't know where it comes from. It probably comes from having a pretty good chip on my shoulder from the get go. I'm from Massachusetts and we don't exactly put out a lot of Division I talent, so I've kind of been looked down upon for most of my career. Even now, I've got something to prove and I look forward to getting in and cracking some heads."

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