Quotes: OTAs Day 12


After the Texans practiced on Tuesday morning, Texans coach Gary Kubiak spoke with the media.

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak
(on rookie RB Ben Tate) "Well, he's faster than everybody else, so obviously he's fresh, and it's his first day out here doing all of the full work. Things I was impressed with: Obviously, he was paying attention and knew what he was doing. We were actually doing some tough stuff on him today as far as no scripting, just calling stuff and seeing how guys react and turning the noise on. It was good to see him out here and get going."

(on if he was impressed on how far along Tate looked on the field) "I was impressed with the fact that I know he's been paying attention because he didn't get out there and all of the sudden get lost. That's what you're looking for in guys. The guys are going to miss time and are going to have issues, but you can stay involved with the game, and obviously he's been doing his homework so that's good."

(on anything he particularly wanted to note on today's practice) "No, just had to move inside, but I thought it was good. We wanted some noise and we wanted a little chaos going on at practice here these next few days. I thought it worked out good."

(on the health front of the team) "(CB) (Mark) Parson is back, glad (WR) (Glenn) Martinez is back. I think we're full strength today, and tight end was back today so I think we're full."

(on if minicamp next week will be for everybody) "I can't tell yet. I'll tell you Wednesday or Thursday. Did they tell you to ask me that? Mum's the word."

(on QB Dan Orlovsky being significantly better than this time last year) "Yeah, he's had a couple of days throughout the camp that have been tough days, but overall he's been much more consistent as a player right now. Had a good day today, and his team needs him to continue to improve and be able to handle it if anything happens to (QB) Matt (Schaub). He's making progress, and he's a better player than he was last year."

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