Quotes: OTAs Day 6


Texans head coach Gary Kubiak spoke to the media after the Texans' sixth practice of organized team activities (OTAs) on Tuesday.

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak
(on Day 6 of OTAs) "We had a new face here today. (CB) (Sherrick) McManis is through with all of his graduation work and was able to come in with us. Good to have him here. We've got to get him healthy. He and (RB Ben) Tate are probably on the same program right now as we evaluate them before we put them out there."

(on if anyone wasn't at today's OTA) "(TE) James Casey is not here today. He and his wife are, his wife is, having a baby as we speak, so we're wishing him well. We thought it was going to happen yesterday, but it didn't. So hopefully it happens today and everything is ok."

(on his expectations for CB Antwaun Molden) "You know what? They grow everyday. Today we were in stretch and I called (defensive coordinator) Frank (Bush) over and I said I was really impressed with how far he (Molden) has come. He's a very talented young player that's had a hard time staying on the field. If he can stay healthy, he has a chance to be a dang good football player, so we'll keep our fingers crossed. Our whole back end is just young, hungry guys trying to make it in this league, and he's right in the middle of them. So we'll see."

(on if RB Arian Foster has picked up right where he left off from last season) "Yeah, he's better than where he left us. He's more professional, he knows what he's doing, and he's getting a great opportunity. He's lining up with the ones. He's much better about his work and the way he goes about his business everyday."

(on if there is still a chip on Foster's shoulder from not being drafted last year and if it's beneficial) "Well, there's nothing wrong with that chip being there, but there becomes a point when everyone just wants to see you do your job. I think that started to take over last year with him. He knows that this league is strictly about production. If you're doing it, you're going to play. He's a quiet kid, doesn't say a whole lot, but he's not making mistakes. He just needs to keep going. But he's better in everything he's doing."

(on how the number of cornerbacks drafted over the past two years has affected Antwaun Molden's situation) "I just think it's just been an issue with our team. We had young guys step up and play really well for us last year. (Defensive backs coach) David (Gibbs) has a lot of confidence in coaching young players and getting them to do the right thing. Molden is still a young player. It's a wide open back end. We've got two guys lined up as starters right now, but it's wide open and it's going to be very tough."

(on how SS Bernard Pollard has progressed since last season) "He came in and added a kind of attitude toward our defense in a lot of ways, the way he plays the game. Bernard has a lot of fun. He likes to talk at practice and stuff, but he does his job. You can be however you want to be as long as you're doing your job in this business. He handles his stuff and works very hard."

(on how Pollard is becoming a leader in the secondary) "He's the old guy in the group, and he's not that old. He's still a young player so those guys look to him. He knows what's going on, and he's played for (defensive backs coach) David (Gibbs) before. He kind of sets a tone for what we're doing back there."

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