Quotes: Position coaches discuss fourth rounders


Linebackers coach Johnny Holland talks about Miami (FL) linebacker Darryl Sharpton during a Saturday morning press conference at Reliant Stadium.


These quotes are part of our 2010 Path to the Draft coverage presented by FOX Sports Houston.

Linebackers coach Johnny Holland and tight ends coach Brian Pariani answered questions about fourth round picks in linebacker Darryl Sharpton and tight end Garrett Graham. The following is a transcript of their press conference.

Linebackers coach Johnny Holland Tight ends coach Brian Pariani

Johnny Holland
(opening statement) "(LB) Darryl Sharpton, our fourth round draft pick out of Miami, played Mike linebacker in college. He's a versatility guy, plays Mike or Will linebacker. Compact player, very explosive, I thought he did an excellent job of coming downhill, playing physical. That's the type of play that we like our linebackers to play. We've been eyeballing him for a while; didn't think we'd get him as a fourth round draft pick as a linebacker but we're definitely glad to have Darryl. He'll bring a lot of energy to our group, he'll fit in good in our group and to our team and he will definitely be a top contributor on special teams. I just like the energy he plays with, I like his versatility that he can play Mike linebacker or Will linebacker and we're very excited to have him. I think that was a great draft pick for us. You know, chemistry is really important in our group and not only is he a good football player but he's a great person. I think he's graduated already, a 3.0 GPA guy, comes from a great family, so we're very excited to have him."

Brian Pariani
(Opening Statement) "Obviously, we're excited about (TE) Garrett (Graham) playing on the team. I think anytime you can add a tight end of that caliber again, that can catch the ball and block, you're only adding to what we already have at that position between (TEs) Owen (Daniels), Joel (Dreessen), Anthony (Hill) and James Casey. I'm excited to get another player that fits the mold of those kind of people and I think he'll play in this kind of system for a long time."

(on they would have drafted Graham k even if all the Texans' tight ends were healthy) "Yeah, I think if we were healthy we would have still made that pick. I think that we value this player, and I think we can never have enough tight ends. I said that last year. The way to beat defense is by moving people around and I think that this is another guy that is smart, and he's been a good player in the Big Ten."

(on if Graham will play backup fullback) "No this guy will be a tight end."

(on how Graham will fit in when the all of his tight ends are healthy) "When they're all healthy we let them go out there and compete to see who the best players are, which one of them can help us win."

Johnny Holland
(on Sharpton's potential playing time) "Well first of all, his versatility as both a Mike and Will is good, and he will definitely be a contributor on special teams. He played Mike in college and some Will early in his career, but there is a challenge for the backup spot. He's competing to play behind LB DeMeco Ryans. He's not competing with DeMeco, but he can definitely be a backup."

(on if the Texans expected to get a linebacker as a fourth round draft pick) "We only have six on our roster, and we usually go to camp with eight or nine of them so we had to find some somewhere. We need young guys that can really contribute on special teams, and young ones that can contribute all over the field."

Brian Pariani(on if Graham is similar to TE Owen Daniels, having come out of the same program) "Yeah I think you can see that he has spent three years there (University of Wisconsin). I'm just excited that he's on the team and can compete with the other guys we have."

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