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Houston Texans

Quotes: Postgame Texans vs. Colts



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OWNER BOB MCNAIR(Transcribed by Lance Jaramillo)

(on winning against the Colts) "It was really special.  The thing that's most gratifying was that fourth quarter drive.  When we needed to run the ball we did it.  We struggled running the ball for three quarters then when we really needed it the guys stepped up and got the job done.  (QB) Matt (Schaub) made some great throws and they executed well."

(on winning the AFC South two years in a row) "I'd like to get used to it but I'm proud of our team and we still have a lot of work in front of us and a lot of things we need to correct but it was a great game and we beat a fine team today.  They were 9-4 and there's a reason for that."

(on if he is relieved or looking toward the playoffs) "You can relax for the rest of the day I guess and that's about it.  That's what I told the team: 'enjoy it today but tomorrow we've got work to do.'  We've got all of the teams coming together at this point in time, everybody is playing with all they've got and so much of it depends on the health of your team and hopefully we're getting some of our players back and that will make a big difference but the young guys have stepped up and I was really pleased  (WR DeVier) Posey made a wonderful catch out there and you know we've got some guys like that that'll stretch the field and help take pressure off of (WR) Andre (Johnson)

(on the Texans locker room after the game and Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak's speech) "There was a little celebration and (Kubiak) gave up game balls and he gave (OLB Brian) Braman one and by the way what a tribute to him.  (Braman) had that nice article in the Chronicle today and then to go out and have a performance like that, that's a story book situation so I'm really, really happy for him."

(on if he gave the team a specific message after the game) "No, I just told them how proud I was of them because to win 12 games is no easy feat but we've done it and we still have a lot of work to do but this team's got a lot of character and they're going to keep fighting and battling and I told them the whole city is proud of them and that's the case and I couldn't be more proud of them myself."

(on who else received game balls) "(Defensive Coordinator) Wade Phillips and (General Manager) Rick (Smith) and I got one and I thought that was nice.  I think they ought to do that every week.  I was quite pleased."

(on winning the division) "Everybody thought this division was going to be easy and they found out it isn't.  We've got some really good ball clubs and I give a lot of credit to the Colts.  They've got a solid team and of course (QB) Andrew Luck is a great, great athlete and he's going to do nothing but get better and he's always a threat and they've got some great receivers.  I'm just pleased to beat them and say we won the division again.  We've got a young team and we just have to keep building on what we've got and keep it sound the way it is and we'll have a chance to compete every year and that's our goal."

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HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK(Transcribed by Tiffani Walker)

(on winning the AFC South division title)  "It's a great win for our team, for our city.  Obviously we've been working toward that all year long.  To win a twelfth game in this league is very difficult to do.  Just very proud of our guys and how they continue to battle and play hard every week.  And you do that good things come your way.  It was kind of our type of football: we played good defense all day and I thought we played very solid special teams and offensively we were able to run the ball when it counted the most.  Very proud of the victory and great win."

(on being picky and saying they could have done better in the game today)  "You evaluate everything you do, so you're always looking.  I looked at red zone; I know we didn't play good offensively in the red zone today.  Had some third and longs down there where we just conceded and kicked some field goals.  It's a tough league.  And I know you all are probably tired of me saying it, but it's hard to win in this league.  You just have to keep battling, you never know what it's going to take.  I think that's a dang good football team we just played.  Obviously we have to play them again in two weeks, we could end up playing them again.  I think they're an excellent football team.  But, I like the way we got back to what we kind of are as a football team today, protecting the ball, running the ball, playing solid defense.  That's how we win."

(on if he breathed a sigh of relief on their run game at the end of the game)  "I just think its commitment and pounding.  We were better at third downs today.  We can still be better, but we were better.  We got our snaps, we stayed on the field.  In the red zone, we did not run the ball real well and we ended up with some third-and-longs, and got one sack.  But, I think it's just commitment and I think (RB) Arian (Foster) carried the ball, if I'm right, in the top 20s, and it seems like when he comes out with that number, he's going to make some plays.  It wasn't pretty early.  The first half we ran the ball very poorly. So, I just think the total commitment to snaps, you end up wearing some people down and making some plays."

(on who gave him the Gatorade shower after the game) "I don't know.  But that sure was cold.  I don't know. I don't know who it was."

(on any changes coming out in the second half)  "Actually, when I came out in the second half I had a play sheet that the second play was a pass, third play was a pass, but then when we came off the ball and had a big play, I just stuck with it.  I started running the ball.  I come out with a script, but I'm not going to stay there depending on what we're doing.  So, I think we had seven or eight runs in a row there and then we stall in the red zone.  I'm going to go with what I think we're doing well and watching what's going on on the field.  We ran the ball well in the second half, and obviously that is where the majority of our run yardage came from."

(on having more success on first down in the second half) "I think we made some big plays in the pass game.  (WR DeVier) Posey came in and made a nice play, and (WR) Andre (Johnson) was exceptional, which he has been all year long.  I thought our quarterback (QB Matt Schaub) played very well.  We had some really, really bad situations, as far as getting caught in some blitzes and some things that happened, that we take sacks and they look like horrible plays.  But really when it's said and done, what he (Schaub) did, taking care of the ball and going down, they are good plays at the end of the day, cause you don't turn the ball over.  But we moved the ball good and we needed to find some more points than we found today."

(on if QB Matt Schaub seemed more comfortable today)  "I think he's been comfortable all year.  I just think this league is tough and there are times when people make plays on you.  But he's a battler.  His team has won 12 games out of 14, and that's how you judge a quarterback.  He's played pretty dang good."

(on DE JJ Watt's play) "I don't even know the stats, but I seemed like every time I looked up he was making a play.  That's him.  And it's that time of year and big time players make big plays in big games.  And how about (LB) Connor Barwin stepping up and getting the big sack there at the end.  They were locked in.  It was a tough week last week, and they were locked in all week and very quiet, very business-like, and got back to themselves this week."

(on WR Andre Johnson going over 11,000 receiving yards for his career)   "All I can tell you all is that I've been around this league a long time, and I've been fortunate to be with some Hall of Fame football players, and I think you're looking at one all the time.  I know we appreciate it here, but I don't think you really understand how great a player he is, but we'll all understand here down the road when he's not doing it anymore.  He's a special player, and a special person.  He's the 'go' for this team.  And right now he's money.  You can count on him.  They doubled him a bunch today, he still found ways to make plays and has continued to do that and play well."

(on the rush defense and Colts RB Vick Ballard rushing for over 100 yards today and Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson coming to town next weekend)  "I think our concern right now, defensively, is the big plays we're giving up.  I think that is what we're looking at.  It seems like we're doing good stuff, then all of a sudden, right before the half, the coverage we bust and you give up an easy touchdown.  They ran the ball pretty good on us, but we bent a little bit but we didn't break.  I think we're continuing to improve its some young players that we're playing on the field, with losing CB) Brice (McCain), J. Jo

(CB Jonathan Joseph) and Cush (LB Brian Cushing).  We don't make excuses for that, we just keep going.  And I think that we have a chance here, as we move forward, to keep playing better. So that is encouraging to me.  I know we haven't totally played our best football, and that is a great sign for our team, because that is what you're trying to do ultimately is hit that stride at the perfect time.  and we were much better today."

(on the play of the secondary) "I thought we played good.  You take away the really big play that we gave up, it was just a busted coverage, I thought we were good.  But the bottom line, it starts with the rush.   When we rush the quarterback well, then we're going to play better on the back end.  It sure helps you play when you're playing at home and you've got the noise, and you're getting off the ball, and teams are having to use a silent cadence.  Nothing bigger than being back in our place today; it was huge."

(on the forced fumble by DE JJ Watt on the goal line)  "I think that was a big part of the game.  Because it looked like we were kind of dominating the football game, but yet two possessions inside our own 10 could have very easily flipped the game and they only got three points out of it.  I thought that was huge that we came out of that still with the 10-3 lead.  That was a big, big play, but he's been making those all year long."

(on conceding and going for field goals and if he started being conservative)  "I think I try to do the right thing.  We had third-and-18 from the 18, I'm going to try and do the right thing and I thought the right thing to do was not make a mistake with the ball.  One time we threw the ball away, the next time I didn't think it was very smart to make a mistake with the ball.  I thought the field goal was big in that one situation. I could be wrong, but I think the percentage in this league over 12 yards on third down, is somewhere around 15 percent.  I was trying to make sure we didn't make a mistake and win a football game."

(on winning the AFC South division title for the second year in a row and what it means to him)  "It's something that as an organization, obviously we have worked very hard to get our self in position where we feel like we can win and be successful, week in and week out.  I told (Texans Owner) Bob (McNair) afterwards that he's got some really good players out there, and coaches out there working their tail off for him.  We've been pretty consistent for a few years, and there are obviously more steps for us to take, but I think we're working diligently to try to do.  Like I said, just very proud of the team and happy for this city."

(on who got the game ball)  "Joe Mar (Special Teams Coordinator Joe Marciano) got one, and (Texans Owner) Mr. (Bob) McNair got one.  And (LB Bryan) Braman got one too."

(on K Shayne Graham and his play today)  "The one that he missed, the ball got tipped.  I don't know if you all know that, it actually got tipped.  But he's hit the ball good in practice.  We've tried to create situations for him at practice, pressure type situations, and he's gotten better.  This week he was as good as he's been. And to kick off with a 1:05 left, and for him to put it out of the end zone, I like the way he rose to the occasion.  We have confidence in him.  He's capable of making those big kicks and I think he made a couple big ones today."

(on WR Kevin Walter not having a catch for the second week in a row and WR DeVier Posey getting more plays)  "We like what we see from Pose(y) in practice and we're playing him more.  We have confidence in Kevin, Kevin plays a lot in the game.  Kevin is doing a good job.  But what has taken place over the period of the last month is a young player who has really stepped up so we're going to give him more opportunities to help us.  But, we're a team that kind of spreads it all over the place and he deserves an opportunity right now."

(on resting any players down the stretch)  "Absolutely not. We've got a game.  We've got to keep going."


(on executing the Texans' game plan) "We had a sense of urgency. We knew how much was at stake this week and we wanted to get the division closed out. That was four quarters of good football. That's football that we're accustomed to playing. Indianapolis has a pretty good team over there and we knew were going to get their best shot. But from play one to the end we executed. We knew that if we could do that then we could play with them."

(on if penalties are still a concern) "Yeah, it's still a concern. We try to play clean football. We still shot ourselves in the foot on some drives. We have to erase those. We were able to overcome them this week. Going forward, we're definitely going to have to address that and get it fixed up."

(on if he had a sense in the game where the dam broke for running the football) "I felt like we had a pretty game plan going into it. And form the first quarter on I thought at any given time it could break. And I thought we did a good job of keeping the pressure on them. They had some plays where we got some negative yards. They stopped us for just a couple of yards but we kept the pressure on them and we knew towards the end of the game that we could kind of lean on them and they would get pretty tired. It worked out for us."

(on the facing OLB Dwight Freeney and OLB Robert Mathis in their new defense) "It's pretty different as far as the run game. You have to identify people a little different as far as zone scheme. As far as pass protection, it's pretty much the same thing. It's kind of similar to our defense. We knew that (OLB Dwight) Freeney was going to have his hand down, both him and (OLB Robert) Mathis would be rushing the majority of the time. So that's what I was preparing for. And two great rushers man. I think Freeney will be a first ballot hall of famer when he's done and you have to strap up. He's in year 11 I think, but he's still a threat. I think I did a pretty good job against him for most of the day. There were a couple plays I'd like to have back. You have to throw the ball a lot and you have to be ready for that."

(on if OLB Dwight Freeney has slowed down any) "Not much man. He's still strong. Still plays with great leverage. And it's always a battle for four quarters when you're playing against him. That's just what it is. When you're coming into this division you have that."

(on what it's like to being wearing an AFC South Division champions cap) "It's awesome. It never comes easy, and we knew that coming in.  This was our goal from day one to get this done. It feels great man. It's been a long season. I'm proud of where we stand at this point but there is still a long way to go. But it feels good."

(on if he thinks RB Arian Foster is catching his stride now) "I think us up front along with (RB) Arian (Foster) really wanted to make a statement in this game. For the last month or so we haven't been really consistent running the ball. And he takes pride in what he does. And that's why I really like Arian because he doesn't just run – he runs with heart. And that's the great thing about it, you have to like blocking for a guy like that. He gets to the second level and it's a joy to watch. And you have fun out there. You have fun when you see him make those kinds of runs that he made today and we didn't want to just go out there and coast our way through that last quarter, We wanted to make a statement, run the ball and make them like it. And that's what we were able to do."

(on DE J.J. Watt's season) "I'm at a loss for words for that guy. It never gets old. You see him makes plays week after week and you wonder at what point he is going to slow down. But it's not happening."

(on how he would stop DE J.J. Watt) "I'm not going to give my secrets away. But he's playing outstanding and this is a historic season for him. I'm just happy he's on my team."

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(on this division title win compared to last year) "They're both awesome, but it is cool to win here at home. Being able to celebrate and win in front of our fans is something really special for us. We are happy as a team, especially for Coach (Gary) Kubiak and Mr. (Bob) McNair. We're very happy for the city of Houston. We felt we let some people down last weekend but now everyone can have a smile on their face."

(on if this game was a bounce back win) "This really isn't a bounce back win because we played the way we know we can. In New England, we didn't play our type of football. There are still a lot of goals ahead of us to close out the season."

(on DE J.J. Watt) "Between his tackles for loss and sacks I was really curious if he had broken a record. He was absolutely incredible today in big moments. He made plays all day that were extremely important for us. If he doesn't win the defensive MVP it's a scam."


(on receiving a game ball today) "It means a lot. There aren't too many players that get it. He doesn't hand out a game ball every game. For me to be able to receive one means a lot. It's definitely a big thing."

(on the play where he scored a touchdown ) "Well (Special Teams Coordinator) Joe (Marciano) had actually come up to me earlier and we had talked about scheming as far as being able to get me in the backfield with my pass rush and stuff like that." He came up to me and told me to switch it up. Usually I'm on the right side, he told me to go on the left because he wanted to exploit the new wing that they had out there. I just went out there and I could kind of see it in his eyes. The personal protector had said something too him and he kind of had jittery feet, they were a little heavy. I was able to come up inside and block the punt. It took me awhile to find out where it was – it kind of fell in my hands. I thought I was closer to the end zone. I tripped up and I was lucky enough to make it across the goal line."

(on when the last time he scored a touchdown was) "It was actually my senior year in college. One of the first games I came through and blocked a punt in the end zone and ended up with a touchdown."

(on the touchdown being a critical play in the game) "Coach is always talking about making plays that you're supposed to make. If you're there and it's your play to make, that's something that you have to do. And you know it just felt good that I was able to do my job when the coaches called on me. Play my role with the team."

(on if he was expecting to have a big game today) "Every game. There isn't a game that I don't go into that I don't expect to have a big game. Whether it's on special teams or defense. The coaches expect me to do what I'm supposed to. I'm going out there to do it the best I can."

(on having a big moment in a game that was critical to the team) "It means a lot. Every game means a lot because that's the game that we're playing in. We can only play one at a time. We have to get a "w" at a time. It makes me feel good and more of a football player when I'm able to contribute for the team."

(on where this play ranks in his football career) "Right now it's at the top because it's the most recent. I actually had quite a few plays where I've been able to score touchdowns on defense. It's something that I like to do and I really haven't had the opportunity on defense to do something like that so I'm going to take my opportunities where I get them on special teams."

(on having nation-wide fans after this play) "It's just football instinct. It's not really anything that I'm looking for. I love this support and the fan base that we have here in Houston. It definitely helps with being out there on the field. Hopefully this will be another big play."

(on the feeling of the stadium when he made his touchdown play) "I did. In fact, I was actually joking around with the whole touchdown dance thing. The one opportunity that I get to have a touchdown dance and I kind of mess it up. My adrenaline is going, I don't even know what I'm doing - I'm just running around with the football. I guess you can say that you know it was genuine because I wasn't out there thinking about what I was going to do with it."

(on being a part of the AFC South division title team) "It means a lot. Players will play their entire career, no matter how long it is and not have the opportunity to be with an organization that can go out here and win division championships, let alone even go to the playoffs, however you want to look at it. It's definitely a blessing in my career as a football player and I'm definitely not taking it for granted."

(on his path to this team) "Everybody has their own path. A lot of people have the same goals but not everybody follows the same yellow brick road. It's been said that it's an interesting story. It's my story. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for it. I'm happy that I'm able to be here and do the things that I'm doing now."

NOSE TACKLE SHAUN CODY(Transcribed by Carla Bertoldi)

(on playing RB Adrian Peterson next week) "He's probably one of the best backs that we've faced. We definitely have to be ready and bring out our big boy pants."

(on DE J.J. Watt) "He makes big plays for us. It seems like whenever we are in a bind defensively or not playing up to our best he will come up with a big play to spark the troops or just make those tackles for losses, and sacks, and tip offs. Those are all huge plays on defense and when we get those, it kind of turns the tides of that series. He's a smart player. Obviously his size and stature are strong but he's also smart. He's got a combination of ways to beat you. He's really worked on his game this year. He's trying to get to that ball carry every play, front side, back side, or runs he is trying to get there.

(on DE J.J. Watt being MVP) "He doesn't care about that kind of stuff. He seems like he just wants to be the best player that he can be and if those things come it's good. On our team I know defensively he's our MVP because whenever we need those plays he is making them."

TIGHT END OWEN DANIELS(Transcribed by Matt Bodiford)

(on halftime adjustments ) "We were backed up a couple times at the end of the first half. We didn't have very good field position and it was hard to work from down there. Obviously we'd like to get a couple first downs to flip the field, but we weren't able to do that. We just wanted to get back to the basics of running the ball. As the game went on we wore them down and the offensive line did a great job of blocking and we were ultimately able to break free."

(on being able to wear down opponents) "Our goal is to stay balanced, but in order to stay balanced you have to be able to get big chunks of yards on the ground. We knew Indy wasn't going to go away especially because they've been able to come back this season. We knew they weren't going to quit so we had to wear them down to get the win."

(on proving people wrong from last week ) "We didn't need to prove anything to ourselves. We just wanted to play a better game than last week. If you talk about last week there were a lot of plays that we didn't make last week. Those things happen from time to time, but we were a lot more focused today on the importance of the game and the importance of each play."

RUNNING BACK ARIAN FOSTER(Transcribed by Rachel Jacob and Greg Dillard)

(on dissecting run defense) "I think it was primed to happen like that throughout the game. If you look at how the game goes you are going to get 4, 3, 3, 6, 2, -2 and then you pop one that is the nature of football. We knew it was going to happen, we just had to stay patient. Really we have been waiting a couple of games to get it going, but every time we are playing with a lead and we are patient as an offense, we feel like we can dominate on the ground and we go as our line goes. They had a tremendous day today."

(on the last drive and being able to do the majority of handoffs on the ground) "I think that is the first step to championship football is closing a team out when you need to and when your team needs you to. Keeping the clock running that is what we pride ourselves on—the run game. That is a big part of it. We have four minutes left and we were on the 8, 9, 10-yard line, we have to close the game out. Defense made a good stop and it was on our backs and we take pride in that."

(on WR Andre Johnson softening up the defense in the first half and then Arian Foster taking over in the second half and how that seems to be the perfect formula for beating teams) "There you go. I think what (Head Coach Gary) Kubiak envisioned when he put this team together, when he and (General Manager) Rick Smith sat down and put this team together, I think that is what you want. You want an offense that can win in the air and on the ground. You can win with the defense; you can win with special teams. When you are playing and firing on all cylinders like that it is tough to beat because in all aspects of the team we have playmakers. I think that is just a tribute to this organization and the eye for talent, the players that are making plays and the coaches putting us in positions to make plays."

(on how why he seems to get better towards the end of the game and why he seems to relish such opportunities) "I have been like that since I was a kid. I think it is just part of how I train. I train myself to be at my best when everyone else is tired and I am tired. I tell people all the time, 'They say guys are tired at the end of the game, everybody is tired at the end of the game, and everyone is at their 70% or 80%, but your 70% has to be better than someone else's 70%.' When you look at some of the greatest athletes period, everybody is tired, but you have to find a way to dig a little deeper. That is my mindset."

(on running the ball in the fourth quarter) "Especially with a team like this with our defense playing very well, we have to close out games an offense. That's something we emphasize. I think when you're successful at that it's going to be tough to beat because every team relishes that fourth quarter energy, that fourth quarter stamina. When you're able to stay on the field as an offense, you get your defense rest, you get momentum going."

(on facing Minnesota's Adrian Peterson next week) "Anytime we play running backs that I'm a fan of, I always them. I'm not going anything on the sideline. I'm sitting down so I look up at the jumbotron. I'm a fan of (RB) Adrian Peterson. I told him that personally. We talk every now and then on the phone. He's one of the greatest backs I think of our generation if you look at what he's doing, especially what he's doing this year off of the injuries he had. I'm going to talk to him and see what kind of juice he's drinking. He's tearing up this league and it's just fun to watch. I'm extremely happy for him because injuries like that you get counted out immediately be everybody as a running back. He proved that mind over matter. If you really want something, you can get healthy and you can play."

(on bouncing back this week after a tough loss) "(Coach Kubiak) Kubs in the locker room said something like, 'It's not really that we bounced back. It's that we played the football that we know we're capable of playing.' Hats off to the New England Patriots, they played us very well, but we shot ourselves in the foot so much. We feel we're a team that if we play how we know we can, I bet you every team feels like this, but we really do feel like this. If we play like we feel like we can it's going to be hard for us to get beat."

(on what's tougher for him this year compared to last season) "In the NFL sometimes people just have your number and different variables go into the effect that you're not as productive. Things happen all over every single game so it's hard to just put your finger on it. Teams are playing us very well. I think the emergence of (TE) Owen Daniels and (FB) James Casey catching the ball out of the backfield, they're open so check downs that were there last year, the last couple years, we're really not getting them, but we're still productive as an offense so it doesn't bother me at all."

(on the feeling after winning this division title compared to last year) "I think you always have to bask in the moment of winning a division championship, but I think expectations we put on ourselves and everybody puts on their selves are much bigger than that. We're very proud of what we've done here, but we've got more to go."

WIDE RECIEVER ANDRE JOHNSON(Transcribed by Jamie Goldberg)

(on his performance, reaching 11,000+ yards receiving for his career) "It is really big. Like I said, I don't really keep up with stats. That was a great accomplishment. I think a few people would have done it, but I think things like that are something that you would look back on when you finish playing."

(on this being the second consecutive AFC South Championship) "I think it was big. It was a team goal of ours. A lot of people wondered how we would respond after last week. I said we would respond well and we did it."

(on coming out with that 'look in his eye' and feeling different about this game) "You always want to play the game hard, but I just think a lot of people doubted us after last week. Everybody seemed, I don't want to say angry, but we felt like we had to show people what we were really about. In this league it is hard to win as many games as we have won. You win some you lose some, and you have to move on. The thing about this league is about how you respond after a victory or a loss."

(on how much fun it was to watch RB Arian Foster finish things today) "It was great. I went out there and when he got the ball that last time, I was just like 'Hey, run us home.' That's pretty much it. "

(on the first deep ball he caught and the type of day it was going to be) "When you get involved in the game early, it tends to come out like it did today. I just got presented with a lot of opportunities today.

(on the reception where he bobbled the ball a couple times before catching it) "I just got a little distracted. I almost ran into one of my guys when cutting across the field, and it kind of threw me off a little a little bit."

(on WR DeVier Posey and the game had had) "I think (Posey) has grown a lot as a player since he has been here. I think things have slowed down for him a lot. The kid is very talented. He has a lot of talent and I think the sky is the limit for him. He was very anxious. I have been talking to him day-in and day-out, and (Posey) is always like 'I just want to get out there and show people what I can do,' and I told him just be patient and your opportunity is going to come. When you get your opportunities you have to just take advantage of them. He got his opportunity and he did the best he could and he made some big plays for us."

(on if he wants to become more involved in the red zone) "I just run with what play is called. I don't have much control over it. You can sit there and say 'I'm open' all day, but if they don't throw you the ball it doesn't mean anything. All you can do is work to get open, and if it comes your way then you have to make the play, and that is how I approach it."

(on the key to always getting the first down) "I just play. I always know the down and the distance. You just have to approach it that way, and you always have to be aware of what is going on out on the field. Sometimes you may need to run a route deeper than what you're supposed to run it. "

(on the coverage he's received in the red zone this season different than other seasons) "A lot of teams we play against can't bracket me. But today, they were in a bracket coverage, but I think they busted the coverage because they passed me off. The cornerback came down there with me and he fell off. There was a guy inside, but I was able to get inside of him. Teams try to mix it up."

(on WR DeVier Posey and WR Lestar Jean and how they are adjusting to second line blocking). "That is just something we stress. Not only do we have to be great in the passing game, but we have to be great in the running game. That is what makes our play action work well. We have each other to make everything look the same so we are able to do that and block well in the run game it opens up things for the pass."

(on DE J.J. Watt) "I haven't seen a defensive player that good this season. What he's doing is amazing. 19.5 sacks is the most I've seen since I've been here. If he keeps going at this rate, he'll probably be the greatest Texan to ever come through here. He is a hell of a player and I've really enjoyed watching him."

(on the difference between clinching the division this year compared to last year) "It's a great accomplishment and we all feel good about it. We aren't as excited as we were last year, because last year we had never done it before. We're familiar with it now, and we have bigger goals. That's what we're focused on now is winning and getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs."

(on talking to QB Matt Schaub about clinching the division ) "Before the game, we always talk to each other and say let's get it done. It wasn't any different than any other game. After the game was over he came over to my locker and gave me a hug. We told each other congratulations and there are more things that we have to achieve."

(on if he is a San Francisco 49ers fan tonight) "Well, we'd like for them to win, but whatever happens, happens. You can only control so much, and the only thing we can control is how we play next week. We'll just have to watch and see what happens tonight."

(on the Texans success the last couple of years) "It's been great, and this is the most fun I've had since I've been here in the NFL. We have great team camaraderie, and we enjoy being around each other having fun. That's why we've been so successful is because we have each other's back and root for one another on the field."

CORNERBACK JOHNATHAN JOSEPH)(Transcribed by Matt Bodiford)

(on clinching the division) "A win is a win, for us personally, we just want to get back to playing football and taking those steps in moving forward as a team. It's a great feeling to clinch at home in front of all your fans that support you throughout the season. To be able to come back home and clinch is great for our team. Being able to beat teams within our division has been crucial in winning the division."

(on QB Andrew Luck) "He took some hits today, but kept his eyes downfield the entire game. It's good to see that competitiveness from a rookie, especially at the quarterback position. He did a good job today, but we also did a good job of containing him and creating pressure in the pocket on him."

(on the Colts receivers) "They presented a great challenge for us today. All of those guys have great speed and (QB) Andrew Luck was able to put the ball in spots where they could get it. He also did a nice job of getting the ball downfield throughout the game. We just had to stay close with those guys long enough so that our front seven could create pressure. We played solid defense throughout the game. We had one play they broke loose on and we had miscommunication that led to that."

*STRONG SAFETY DANIEAL MANNING *(Transcribed by T.D. Durham)

(on his success as a Texan) "This is just a testament, since day one when we started this, especially during my campaign here. My first year was last year and I've just been successful here and this organization has been successful."

(on his thoughts about how the game unfolded) "I felt like for the most part defensively we made some plays. We made a lot of plays to keep us ahead of them. But they are strong, they are a good team. They made some plays late in the game. (QB) Andrew Luck is really–he's a real deal quarterback. He's a big body guy who can take the punishment and can stay in the pocket and make throws. He stepped up a lot in our coverages that forced us to play longer. He's a strong guy, he can get out of some of those rushes. They are going through a lot over there also, but they stuck with it and they fought with us and continued to put the pressure on them. That big punt block that we got was a big turning point in the game."

(on what he thought of the punt block by OLB Bryan Braman) "It was big. I was just reading the newspaper this morning about (OLB Bryan Braman). I told him about it, I said 'that's big that they're writing about you.' And for him to go out and do that today says a lot."

(on being able to stop Indianapolis in the red zone) "It was huge. That forced fumble we got at the beginning changed the game a little bit. That basically took points off the board. They could have settled for a field goal, got points that way, but we took the ball away. And our offense was able to drive down and pin them and it changed the field position also."

(on DE J.J. Watt's game today) "It was a tremendous game he had. And he's always played like that the whole season. Sometimes teams get to a point where they can double-team him and he has to do other things. Today they felt like they could single block him and he was able to beat his man on run plays and pass plays."

* *


(on OLB Bryan Braman, if he surprises him) "Not exactly, he doesn't surprise me. It's what I expect from him no doubt. He's a special player and he has all the physical attributes to go in there and make plays when it's needed. And he went out there and proved that today too."

(on how exciting it was to see OLB Bryan Braman get that touchdown) "It was very exciting. It's been one that has been – we were waiting for it. He finally got it and made the touchdown and we felt the swing in the game and we just took off from there."

(on what it means for OLB Bryan Braman to do those things on special teams) "He brings a lot of excitement and all that. He gets guys going. He's out there making plays on special teams and other guys in special teams are trying to make plays just like him. He's a special guy."

(on what it means for this team to bounce back the second time in a row after losing) "Last week wasn't what we wanted to happened. But we took it as a teaching moment and things like that. We buckled down. We knew we had a lot to play for in this game and we went out there and got the "w."

(on what the mood in the locker room was after the game) "We were all excited for each other. We put in a lot of hard work this week. We were trying to make a statement and trying to make a comeback and clinch the division and all that. But still we have a lot of work ahead of us no doubt and we just have to contend from here on out."

(on what statement this game makes for the team) "The statement that it makes, the thing is, to clinch the division, and home field advantage in the playoffs. The thing is that it makes a statement that we're learning from our mistakes. We're not allowing other people to come into our house and defeat us."

NOSE TACKLE EARL MITCHELL(Transcribed by Carla Bertoldi)

(on the defense's ability to bounce back after last week)  "It's just another day, just to kind of feel better about ourselves.  We just have come out the next week and make sure we get that taste out of our mouths. That was one of our main focuses."

(on playing RB Adrian Peterson next week) "We have got to stop him. That's pretty much simple. We take pride in our run defense and maintain our gap integrity. We just look at it as just another task. So, we just have to contain him. We know he is a great player but we have got a job to do. We just have got make sure we stop him."

(on looking faster on the field than previous weeks) "We just played our game. We just made sure we had our bad taste out of our mouths from last week. That's pretty much all we focused on."

(on this week's game compared to others from a mental standpoint) "We had our deal. We wanted to come out here and play a little more loose.  We are back home and that's pretty much just how we took it. Obviously different from a few of the teams that we played. We just made sure that we took care of business."

(on the Colts missing some offensive linemen) "They were actually doing pretty good given the situation that they were given. Obviously they were missing a couple key players and it showed that they weren't on the same page. We just tried to take advantage of what they were giving us. That's all we could have done and that's what we did."

(on anyone but DE  J.J. Watt winning defensive player of the year) "I don't know who is running that. JJ is definitely having a monster season. He is definitely wise beyond his years. He's just having a great spectacular year. I would definitely be surprised if they gave it to someone else."

(on this being DE J.J. Watt's best game) "Definitely, I've seen him have some monster games. I've seen him practice every day and this is just part of his routine. He definitely does it every single day so it's definitely not a surprise when we has monster games like that."

* *

CENTER CHRIS MYERS(Transcribed by Carla Bertoldi)

(on players controlling their own playoff destiny not the scoreboard controlling it) "You don't ever want to have to watch the scoreboard. That's how it was around here the previous couple years, watching the scoreboard and hoping other teams would lose to get you into the playoffs. As long as you take care of it yourself, it's one of the most gratifying things. We struggled a little bit running the ball early this week but when it came down to the last drive, (RB) Arian (Foster)  just took off and we opened up some holes and had some break out runs. That's the way it works. You pound, pound, pound, grind, grind, grind and finally they bust out."

(on mentoring G/C Ben Jones) "Ben is wise beyond his years. He has got a lot of playing time this week and he's been able to understand the center position. That's tremendously helped him out as a guard. He sees things that a center would see and he's able to communicate that with a tackle. Like I said, he is definitely ahead of the game. Obviously there is a learning curve, a rookie learning curve, but he's getting some great time right now."

TACKLE DEREK NEWTON(Transcribed by Rachel Jacob)

(on keeping up with the Colt's defense) "They gave me a lot of different looks and made me work hard and I must say I had to really work hard."

(on if he had a feeling there was about to be a break in the running game and wearing the Colt's down) "That is constantly our thing from game to game, to get our running game going. When we can be more consistent in our running game, we are able to make more things happen. When we are able to do that a few big plays are able to pop out and that is what we are looking for in our big plays."

(on wrapping up the division title after last week's game) "I mean, yes it does. After that Monday night, we moved on. We were getting ready for this week and we had a good week of practice and we came out today and really played hard."

(on if he has a sense for what needs to be accomplished these next two weeks other than staying healthy) "We are going to continue to take it one week at a time. We don't need to think about the end, we have to worry about now and that is what we are going to continue to do, take it one week at a time."

WIDE RECIEVER DEVIER POSEY(Transcribed by Carla Bertoldi)

(on his big catch where he drew a penalty as well)  "Like I said, I lost my virginity on my first NFL bang. It didn't hurt too bad. That fear it definitely gone just not knowing what it's going to be like. I think all other passes shouldn't have an excuse of going to get it."

(on being more comfortable and learning the offense ) "I believe in the maturation of the player and growing and learning an offense. I just don't think it happens like that. I think it takes time and for me it did. I know my freshman year of college it didn't happen for me like that. I was just trying to learn. That's what I'm trying to do here, just learn more and more. We don't have an easy playbook or an easy scheme to attack people. Just being able to understand what we are doing conceptually has helped a lot."

(on the Texan's young wide receivers) "That's big for us. (Head Coach) Gary (Kubiak) challenged us a while ago when he asked us to step up. We know that the older guys needed us to step up. That's what we've been trying to do. I think we have a good group of core young guys. We are all playing for our first year together because (WR) Lestar (Jean) got hurt. Just to be able to grow and learn together and have these experiences together and be able to know what is takes to be able to win an AFC South Championship and as a rookie have experiences for our future just using that formula over and over again."

* *

SAFETY GLOVER QUIN(Transcribed by Roman Petrowski)

(on how it feels to win the division) "It's just the start. Last year we did it on the road, and the fans greeted us when we got back. This time to do it in front of our fans is great."

(on if today's game was a bounce-back game) "It wasn't a bounce back win. We had to do what we do. We are who we are and we played Texans football today. We ran the ball, we threw it and we played good on defense all day. That's what we do. We just have to go out and execute like we did."

(on the forced fumble on the goal line) "It was big. They were either going to get a touchdown or a field goal, so to get that turnover and hold them to zero points was big. Last week we didn't get that play, and this week we got it and won the game. That was probably one of the biggest plays in the game for us."

(on holding Indianapolis on third down) "We're always focused on third down. Last week we just didn't make a couple plays. This week we made the plays. We had great pass rush and great coverage, and that goes hand in hand when you play defense. They had a couple opportunities, but we shut them down today."

(on the play of DE J.J. Watt) "I told J.J. Watt at the beginning of training camp that the hardest thing to do in this league is to do it again. I was talking about what he did last year. Obviously he came out this year and surpassed that by a lot. So I'll tell him the same thing. The hardest thing to do is to do it again next year so he has to keep working."

(on Colts QB Andrew Luck) "He's a good player. He's a competitor. He has control of his offense, and he's going to be good for a long time. As long as he's with the Colts and I'm with the Texans we're going to be seeing him for a long time."

(on beating the Colts to win the division) "Obviously, the Colts have been a foe for the Texans for a long time. To win the division against that team is great. We're happy right now. Congratulations to all my teammates and the organization. That's two years in a row as division champions."

QUARTERBACK MATT SCHAUB(Transcribed by Greg Dillard)

(on how it feels to win the AFC South for a second consecutive season) "It feels great. There has been a lot of work put into this and to win last year after so many years. This organization has been trying to climb that mountain and to get over that hump. To win it back-to-back years, which is tough to do in this business, it's rewarding as a team to know how much work we've been putting in getting to this point. We still have a lot of work to do, but we're very excited about where we're at."

(on him being on the field and able to play for this year's division title) "It was huge. To comeback after the injury I had last year not being able to be out there on the field in the playoffs and the last few games of the season, to come back and be a part of this is special. We got a great group of guys. I'm proud and honored to be the quarterback of this team."

(on this week's preparation) "It was good for us especially how last Monday unfolded. Then to just turn right back around and play on a short week, play at home, come back to our fans here at Reliant. They showed up in a huge way for us today. Our team probably had one of the better weeks of preparation we've had in a long time. It says a lot about the character in that locker room and the refocusing of our group. It showed today."

(on sticking to the game plan) "You just stick to the game plan. We had a hard time finding holes in the run game early in the first half and even partway through the third quarter, but then we were able to get those 15, 20 yard runs. You just keep staying the course. Those three, four yard runs are going to turn into big ones and they did in the second half. (WR Andre Johnson) Dre, he did what he's been doing his whole career. A lot of guys had that look in their eye. You just notice on the stat sheet for a few of them, but those guys up front they faced a very stout, tough group on their side of the ball and our guys really handled that well."

(on WR Andre Johnson surpassing the 11,000 career yard mark) "That's the first I'm hearing about it so no I was not aware of it. I was just playing the game. Nothing he does to this point surprises me so that's just him being himself and just playing the game."

(on how important it was to start fast as an offense) "We pride ourselves in starting fast. We came out in the game plan to just play hurry up mode, which we do well in. We found a way to make some plays. (WR Andre Johnson) Dre made two huge plays there and got us going. From there, we had some tough field position there in the second quarter, but we found a way to make some plays and our defense played outstanding."

(on WR Andre Johnson's catch in the second play of the game) "We had a play fake. We had a little boot going on and he just popped wide open. They sold the fake pretty hard. He got behind everybody. I just tried to give him a chance to make a play. It was a closely contested ball, but he fought hard for it."

(on being aggressive on offense) "You get some loaded coverages in some of those situations where teams just rush three guys. They're spreading the field real well so a quarterback you want to take shots. You want to be aggressive and have that opportunity. We had one there in the third quarter. (WR Andre Johnson) Dre and I made a play. The line gave me time and was able to find a hole down the field. There are times for everything and the way our defense was playing when you can pin someone down or you can settle for three to go up by 11 or something, just take the points. You don't want to force things and then have something bad happen to you."

(on DE J.J. Watt) "What he's doing is special. It's every game when we need a big play on that side of the football he seems to be right in the mix of that play. It's inspiring for the whole team. He gives everyone energy when he makes those plays. When you get a sack and put someone in long yardage you can do anything you want as a defensive play caller so it's special to watch what he's doing."

(on improving on the red zone chances) "Things get constricted when you get down in there. The first thing you want to be able to do is run the football.  When you can run the football down there you can do so many things. They're a good group. They're good down there with their edge rushers and their coverages. They some bracket and stuff like that, try to take things away. You just want to stick to your plan and execute. You can't deviate from what you're trying to do throughout the whole game."

(on WR Andre Johnson getting just his fourth touchdown of the season) "Like I said they try to take people away. He's a guy, obviously, that other teams are going to look to so we have a lot of weapons. We try to do some things with our scheme to get guys open. Yeah, we always want to know where (WR) Andre (Johnson) is, but sometimes the play the defense called doesn't allow for that so you go to go somewhere else."

(on WR DeVier Posey's play) "He stepped in and was huge for us. He had a look in his eye too. As a rookie he's been coming along and been real well in practice. To see him go out and make the one play down the field and take a hit, that's inspiring as a young player to see him come along is great for us."

(on having the ball at the end of the game) "As an offense you want to have that solution especially when you're up two scores. Having the ball in your ends, the team is going to know that you're going to run it and you can be successful doing it, that pumps everyone up. You don't give them an extra possession. You're able to go down and get a field goal then put your defense with little time left."

(on the atmosphere in the locker room) "We were definitely excited, no doubt about. You work so hard. You go through so much in this business in this offseason, and training camp, and throughout the course of the season there are ups and downs. To get to this point, of course we're excited. There is a lot of stuff at stake and a lot of things that we can do ahead of us and we're excited for that opportunity."

(on possibly having home field advantage throughout the playoffs) "All we can worry about right now is A, be excited about the win today and refocus and be ready for the Vikings. All we can control is what we can control so we're going to get back in here Wednesday morning and figure out a way to beat the Minnesota Vikings in this place next Sunday. That's all we're focused on."

(on if he was involved in the Gatorade shower for Coach Kubiak) "I was in on it, but I made sure that the big fellas were taking care of that because I didn't want to have any part. I was there. I made sure I told (T) Duane (Brown) and (C) Chris (Myers). I said 'Hey go get the Gatorade jug', and they took care of the rest."

(on what he said to Coach Kubiak after the game ) "Just congratulations, there is so much that goes into this. I'm sure we'll have some conversations here over the next few days, but it's exciting."

DEFENSIVE END ANTONIO SMITH(Transcribed by Lance Jaramillo)

(on wearing his AFC South Division Championship cap) "It means I'm the AFC South Division champ and I get a first round home game.  I'm in the playoffs.  That's about it.  It's big because it's one of our goals but it's nowhere near our major goal.  I'm happy because I'm grateful and I'm grateful I'm in this situation and able to be a division champ.  I thank God for that.  It's hard to win in this league and people tend to forget that just because you win sometimes and they expect it.  Each week you're in a battle and it's hard to win in the NFL."

(on the pressure he put on Indianapolis QB Andrew Luck) "I made up my mind last week when I walked off that field that each and every thing I do from the rest of this year is going to be aggressive and how I used to play when I was younger and I'm not going to leave anything on the field.  I remember walking off the field a loser in the Super Bowl years passed and Christ has given me another chance to be here again and I'm not going to let it go."

(on DE J.J. Watt's performance) "I've never seen anything like it.  We were talking about it on the sideline.  I think there was a huddle, a group of players in awe of the job he's doing and a thing a lot of people tend to forget, and I said it on ESPN or NFL (Network) that J.J. is a (defensive) tackle. We've got him labeled as a defensive end, so everybody is judging him on the measuring stick as an end but he's beating two guys every play to get 20 sacks.  He's not out on the edge free on one guy every time.  He's getting three, four and sometimes five tackles for a loss each game.  He might end up ending the season with the most tackles out of a defensive lineman and the most sacks.  Where have you heard of that before?  I've never heard of it.  I want him to break the record.  I want him to go down in history and have his name written in the books forever."  

(on what J.J. Watt's teammates tell him) "We've been trying not to say it to him in his face.  We don't want to let him get too big of a head so we were in a huddle talking about him and he was like, 'What are you guys saying? Why can't I  know?'  So I broke down and told him what we said.  We just said the job that he's doing is amazing.  It's amazing and the reason we weren't trying to tell him is because we don't want him to realize just yet until he's finished doing what he's got to do.  He set some goals.  I'm amazed at what he did in the offseason after last year.  He set some goals, he wrote them down, he believed he could make them and he told me what one of them was and I was like 'I hope you get them.'  I turned around and was like 'he's never going to get that.'  A Tackle has never gotten those kinds of numbers but he put the numbers down, he believed in them and I think he's going to make them.  He's not too far from his goal."

(on what was different from the Patriots game) "What was different is that everybody had their own individual had like I had like what we're going to do to not let our dreams slip away and it still needs work.  We still need to tweak it and find an extra level on run plays and big plays because they ran the ball pretty solid and they did make a big play.  These are things early in the season we wouldn't tolerate so we've got some work to do.  Everybody is willing to make their own type of sacrifice."

(on OLB Brian Braman) "That guy's an animal.  He's been an animal all year, people are just now realizing he's double teamed on every special team and still dominates.  I've seen him beat the edge all year long and I said, 'One day it's going to come free for you and you're going to block it,' but to block it and the ball to just miraculously bounce in your other hand and score a touchdown, it's a humongous play and it ignited the stadium."

WIDE RECEIVER KEVIN WALTER(Transcribed by Matt Bodiford)

(on QB Andrew Luck ) "He is the real deal and a playmaker. Our defense did a great job of containing him today, but he did a great job today of making plays with his feet. Being able to scramble allowed him to make a couple big plays."

(on winning the AFC south for a second consecutive year) "This is goal number one, and that's winning the division. It feels great, and we have guys in here that work really hard. We have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming weeks."

(on the offensive production today) "(WR) Andre (Johnson) had a great game today. Whenever he performs at a high level it fires everyone up. It's unbelievable how well he plays as well as (RB) Arian (Foster) those guys did some special things today. We started off fast, and we really want to get seven on that first drive but settled for three. We made plays that got us the win."

(on the Colts defense in the red zone) "They played a lot of man coverage which is great for us because all you have to do is beat one guy and you can make a play. (QB) Matt (Schaub) put us in the right position to make plays. We executed a lot better this week than the week before."

DEFENSIVE END J.J. WATT (Transcribed by Ellie Pardee)

(on his play today) "I'm enjoying myself. I've said all along that if you're not trying to be the greatest, you're wasting your time. I'm going out there every single day and trying to do what I can to help this team win football games. I have so many great players around me. We have such a great coaching staff and such a great team that we can win in many different ways. I love being on this team. We don't care who gets the credit or how it happens. We just like to win."

(on winning the division title at home) "It's awesome. We're very happy that we got through it in front of our home fans. I love this city. We love playing for these people. They come out and support us unconditionally and we appreciate that so much. It's nice to be able to give back. There's a lot more fun ahead so I hope everybody is not celebrating too early."

(on having a special season so far) "Right now when I stand at this podium I don't, but when I step on the field in my uniform I do. I think you have to be like that. Off the field you have to be caring and show you are compassionate, but once you step on the field you have to go into monster mode. That's what I try to do."

(on writing "Newton" on his shoes) "We are out here playing a game. We're playing football, and there's something much bigger going on in this world. I just wanted them to know, and I wanted everyone to know, that our thoughts are with them. Nothing is bigger than that. We played our game today, but honestly our thoughts were with them, the families, the teachers, the friends, the first responders who had to go in and see that. My dad is a first responder. They were just kids. Our thoughts are with them."

(on dialogue with teammates on the field during a game) "We are all trying to get there. We all want to make the play first. The fun part about it for me is when somebody else does it. It's great to see (OLB) Connor (Barwin) get a sack or see (DE) Antonio (Smith) back there. It's a race. It's really a race to make the play because we have so many great players on this team. We're all trying to make the play and it's fun. I think that's what makes our defense so successful."

(on the significance of his momentum changing plays today, specifically the 15 yard sack and forced fumble near the goal line) "That's for you guys to worry about, I just make the plays."

(on being able to watch the offense from the sideline) "It's great. When our offense can end the game on the field, that's how we like it. Watching Dre (WR Andre Johnson) start out the game with a big drive and (RB) Arian (Foster) running it down, I love this team because we can beat you three ways, offense, defense and special teams. When I'm sitting on the bench watching (OLB) Bryan (Braman) go out there and score a touchdown, and our sideline goes nuts. There is a genuine love on this team for each other and a genuine chemistry. We're all happy for each other."

(on the three-and-out series that the defense forced) "We had them pinned back, and we wanted to keep them pinned back. That was a chance to get field position in our favor. We also know that if we give the offense the ball, they are going to do something great with it. That three and out was big. All day today we were playing hard football, just Texans defense, causing turnovers, big plays, sacks, TFLs and it felt good to be the bulls on parade again."

(on whether he thinks this was his best game of the year) "I don't think so. I think there were a couple of plays left on the field. I know I missed two sacks. I have to make up for those."

(on which game was his best of the season so far) "It's tough to say. I think probably our first Jacksonville game because we had such a little, I think I had played 37 plays. I went out there and had a couple of good ones."

(on what having the Bulls on Parade back means to him) "I think it's plain and simple, on Monday night we got embarrassed. We played a great football team, they played great. We wanted to come back and win a championship and we did. We control our destiny. The thing I'm most proud about with this team is that we understand that one win is one win and one loss is one loss. We let that go, we focused all week, we had intensity all week at practice and we came out here today and did what we had to do to win the division."

(on whether this week's preparation was similar to the week before the Baltimore game) "It was similar. We know what we are as a team and we know what we are capable of. Today we went out there and won a second championship."

(on his endurance contributing to his success on the field) "I think I'm right where I was if not better. One thing I pride myself on is taking care of my body and making sure that I am ready for this team and this city and that I can do what I need to do. They pay me a lot of money to play this game and so I want to make sure I give them every penny.

(on preparing next week to play against Adrian Peterson) "He is the best running back in the game other than Arian (Foster). You have to play good defense, the guy is playing lights out. He came back this year and is playing great football. I'm excited about the challenge. I know he has had quite a few hundred yard games in a row. I don't know what he did yet today, but I'm excited. He's coming here and it's a great challenge for us."

(on the difficulty in measuring a defensive players impact statistically) "I know what you're talking about. I don't know what to say about that. Quarterbacks are quarterbacks and they affect the game in many different ways and defensive players affect the game in many different ways too. I think a defensive player can have as big of an impact as an offensive player. I also fully understand the media's perception and how all that stuff goes. I can just hope for the best."

(on what he tells himself when they are backed up and need a big play) "You want to be that guy. When you're lying in bed at night as a kid, when I'm lying in bed at night the night before a game, you don't dream about first and 10 and going to make a three yard tackle. You dream about making a sack to end the game, about forcing a fumble on the goal line, you dream about tipping a pass that gets returned for a touchdown. I've been preparing my whole life for this stuff and it's just starting to come to fruition. One thing I'm excited about and happy about is that it's not over. I have a lot of football left and there's so much better I can get, I can get those two sacks. I can go out there and play better and the fun is just beginning."

(on being compared to Alan Page) "He's one of the greatest. There are a lot of names being thrown around out there. A lot of people put a lot of comparisons out there and say a lot of things. I'm always trying to make myself, you want to make yourself incomparable, and I'm trying to put myself in my own category where people don't have to compare me to somebody else. To be compared to some of the greatest is an honor."


* *









* *

INTERIM HEAD COACH BRUCE ARIANS(Transcribed by Amanda Worthy)

(on losing the AFC South to the Texans)  "Obviously we can't come into a stadium like this and beat ourselves, have them block kicks, one-for-eight on the third down and one-for-three in the red zone. The penalties hurt us and we beat ourselves in some areas. I thought on the positive side we ran the ball extremely well and for the most part stopped the run until later in the game when our offense didn't help our defense out, but overall it was a tough loss for us. We came here with one idea, and that was to win the division and we're not going to win the division.  They did it, and my hat is off to (Head Coach) Gary (Kubiak) and his staff and the Texans, and we'll see them in a couple weeks."

(on his impression of DE J.J. Watt in person versus on film) "Outstanding, just like he's been on film. It's the same thing and he made more plays on the back side of runs than he should have been making, but he's a high-effort, great player and is deserving of all the awards he wins."

(on the Colts running the ball well against the Texans' defense and if RB Vick Ballard is exceeding his expectations) "No, he's not. He's where I think he should be right now. He has the ability to make people miss and ran the ball extremely well. We felt like coming in that we matched up ok with them, and had a plan to attack what they do and on the most part it was successful. On our passing game we didn't get our chunks. They've been giving up a lot of chunks and we didn't hit ours. We had some guys wide open and either didn't have time or didn't find them and those are things we have to go back and correct."

(on why RB Vick Ballard wasn't in on the goal line) "Well (RB) Mewelde (Moore) had been in on that drive and it's my fault for not having him in there because after that time out, after they stopped the clock he should have been in there."

(on his personal foul for unsportsmanlike conduct) "I thought at that point in time there was a block in the back on that punt

return after what had been transpiring. The referees didn't cost us the game, and I've got to keep my composure better. I thought that (QB) Andrew (Luck) got hit dead in the face early in the ballgame and it wasn't called, and then they'd get a call on a hand that slides up the face, but overall I'm not going to say anything about the refereeing and I just have to do a better job of keeping my composure on the sideline."

(on if he was alarmed at how many times QB Andrew Luck was hit) "No, he's going to get hit. On the road and in a hostile environment like that he's going to get hit. He's got to throw the ball away some too, some of them he's on his own. He's going to try and extend plays and we're not going to stop him from that. He extended a play and made a touchdown. So when you stop and extend plays and don't throw it away you're going to get hit. When you get hit in the head I expect to see a flag."

(on if TE Dwayne Allen was supposed to hold longer on the blocked punt) "No, he's got to block the guy a little bit longer. He thought he had him long enough and obviously he did not."

(on if he was surprised at the Colts' mistakes and penalties in the first half) "Yeah, I was surprised with the penalties. We have not been a very penalized team at all, on offense especially, this year and we'll have to go back and look at the film and see what was what and why they happened."

(on if the Colts can beat the Texans in Indianapolis and why) "Yes, because I thought we should have beat them today."

(on if today felt like some of the games they had come back and won after cutting it to a one score game) "It was exactly what the feeling was on the sideline. There was a great sense of confidence on our sideline when we got it back to within one after the three and out to start the half, which was disappointing, but then to come right back and get that driving going to score, we felt very good about it. Hats off to (the Texans) they played extremely well and answered the bell."

(on if he was happy with RB Deji Karim on kickoff returns) "I was real proud of Deji stepping in, coming in on Wednesday and (he) did a good job on the kickoff returns."

(on if he had any update on the injury report) "I do not have an injury report right now."

* *

TIGHT END DWAYNE ALLEN(Transcribed by Jesus Acevedo)

(on the Texans blocked punt) "It's my responsibility first of all to be a professional. When you have injuries and other guys are called on to do other positions, if you're a professional, a true professional, you step right in and you don't miss a beat and I wasn't able to do that. That one guy (OLB Bryan Braman) was my guy and I wasn't able to block him securely enough so that Pat (McAfee) could get the punt off."

(on playing that position on special teams) "That does not matter. From a professional standpoint we're backing up everybody. If a gunner goes down and he needs me at gunner, I should be ready and willing to perform at a high level at gunner."

(on how he got beat) "He did a good job of swimming inside and getting his hands down to block it."

(on Colts third down conversions) "The Texans are a heck of a group defensively. They did a lot of things, especially up front to disrupt us on third downs and get us off the field. We were able to extend plays early whenever we were ahead of the chains but once we got behind the chains we weren't successful."

(on if it would help the Colts to have a quick start) "I'm sure that would be the case. We're not afraid to go down and were comfortable playing from behind. That's kind of been our M.O. (main objective) the entire season, so us getting behind today wasn't a factor in this game just us not being opportunistic enough. There were some opportunities, especially after the defense made a great stop and we got the ball back and we had a three-and-out. You just can't do stuff like that and offensively we got to do better."

(on the play of DE J.J. Watt) "It was (DE) J.J. Watt. It was (DE) Antonio Smith. It was a couple guys on the edge they did a great job man. That's why they took the time to build that team the way they did so they can be disruptive in the front four or five."

* *

FREE SAFETY ANTOINE BETHEA(Transcribed by Joshua Moon)

(on the teams overall performance) "We made some mistakes.  We didn't start off fast and they did.  We need to correct our mistakes."

(on them still having a chance to win the game in the end) "We had a chance, but with a good team like that, on their home field, we can't dig ourselves into a hole like that."

(on him thinking they had a good chance to win only giving up one touchdown) "It's a team game.  We did hold them to one touchdown, but that out us behind.  We still have some room to improve."

* *

CORNERBACK VONTAE DAVIS(Transcribed by Joshua Moon)

(on playing on the road) "We knew it was going to be a hostile environment.  That's the NFL.  Every week a challenge presents itself.  Houston came ready to play after their big loss last week.  We didn't rise to the occasion."

(on them being down at halftime) "They came out throwing the ball making chunk plays.  They got the big play down the field in the first half, but we kind of settled down after that and started getting them off the field."

(on the defense only giving up one touchdown) "That's a good thing.  If they don't score, they don't win.  The offense is going to make their plays but we strive on keeping them out of the end zone. We have to go back and look at the film, learn from our mistakes, and find out ways to get better.  We are still pushing to get in the playoffs"

(on if they still have something to play for) "Oh yeah. We have a whole lot to play for.  We have our heads held high and we are going to keep working."

QUARTERBACK ANDREW LUCK(Transcribed by Melissa Montemayor)

(on if he agrees that the Texans forced them to make rushed decisions) "They did a great job defensively of never letting us establish a rhythm or getting in a rhythm. We knew they're a good defense, a phenomenal defense with great players all over the board. They definitely brought the pressure to us as opposed to us bringing it to them and forced us into some bad decisions."

(on getting his guys inside the ten twice and their trouble getting it in) "We occasionally shot ourselves in the foot but I think that's a credit to their defense putting the pressure on us and us not rising up to the occasion on some of those opportunities and falling behind early. It's tough against a team with a high caliber offense like this. For our defense to keep us in the game and then us not really take advantage of those opportunities when they showed was I think a killer for us."

(on the Texans' inability to get to QB Tom Brady last week and if he saw anything different in terms of the pressure they put on him today) "You know what, I'll have to watch the film and see what went wrong maybe on a couple of plays. I thought our offensive line did a great job. I know myself that I put them in a bad situation a couple of times by maybe stepping out too early and creating an easier rush lane for the defensive linemen but we'll watch the film and get better."

(on what it meant to him to come home to Houston and play his first game here) "You know it wasn't too much of a momentous occasion in my mind. I come to Houston often to see my grandparents and family so this isn't the only time I've been back in four years. A division game that's more important to think about than a homecoming or people to see whatever. This was a business trip and unfortunately we didn't come out on top. They'll be many more down the years and hopefully we'll get the next one."

(on if the 62-yard touchdown pass was a called play or if he saw it open up) "It was a called play. I just stepped up when the guys converged on (WR) Reggie (Wayne) and (TE Coby) Fleener too did a great job just running by the guy. I got the ball to him I guess and he did the rest."

(on if he was shocked by their inability to convert on third down today when they are usually successful at it) "The credit is to their defense holding us on third down, getting pressure and confusing me with some coverages and forcing some bad throws. So we realized that if you want to have a chance against a good team like the Houston Texans, then you got to convert on third downs and you've got to convert in the red zone with touchdowns which we really didn't do."

(on if the opposing teams are taking away WR Reggie Wayne and if it makes him go somewhere else with the ball) "I don't think any more than any game at the beginning or middle of the season. I think everybody is aware that (WR) Reggie (Wayne) is a phenomenal player and you can go back and watch and see in week two or week one there were guys double teaming Reggie. I've got to find a way to get him more catchable balls, better balls because he is such a big part of this offense he really is. He's our leader and we go through him."

(on if this was one of those games where he got hit more or rushed more than in previous games) "A little bit I guess. I think you realize when you play this position that you're going to get hit in the pocket. I spoke to it earlier that I created some situations that I didn't have to create by moving before I should've gotten out of the pocket and got myself hit. Their D-line did a good job of continuing the rush and I thought our O-line did a phenomenal job and gave us chances to hit some plays which we didn't."  

(on what he learned from today's game experience) "You can't fall behind early to a good team and third down red zone. You got to be above average in those categories and if your defense is creating opportunities for you to score with short fields or big plays then you got to take advantage of those."

(on if they will still try to make the playoffs even though they can't win the division now) "Obviously we don't want to lose. We do realize there is a chance to still make the tournament and we'll fight for that. We'll move on to the (Kansas City) Chiefs next week and see how we can do." 

* *

(on if he feels more prepared to play on the road than he did earlier in the season) "Yeah I think so. I think we're better prepared for every game just by virtue of having the young guys get more experience. So I do think so."

(on how valuable not falling behind early is when competing for a playoff spot) "Obviously we'd like to win. I think any experience is valuable for any player at any level. I don't think we're going to take solace in the fact that we cut it one at some point in the game. That's not our M.O. (main objective). We came here to win not to put up a respectable showing so we'll move on to next week and hopefully get better."

(on if it's fair to say that it seems he's been missing high later in the year) "That's a fair assessment. I'm not setting my feet and getting the ball up. We'll work on it and move on to next week. We'll work on it in practice and try to get better."

(on if it's harder to make accurate throws with DE J.J. Watt bearing down) "I don't know. I think he's obviously a great player and the Texans have a great front seven core but every team in the NFL has great pass rushers and great players so I don't think it was any different this week than any other week."  

* *


(on Indianapolis' slow start and mistakes in the game) "Taking the gun and shooting ourselves, we just can't do that. We have to come out and play flawless, execute our style of football. We were not able to do that so we have to go get it next week."

(on if this game felt the same as other games when Indianapolis was able to make a comeback) "The Texans are a good team. You really can't play the way we did against teams like that or they make you pay for it and you can't come back."

(on his thoughts when the Texans won the AFC South) "Times have changed. We have to get back on the grind and go get it back."

(on if the Colts still have something to play for) "We have a whole lot to play for. We haven't accomplished our goals and we aren't settling for mediocrity. We have to pull it together and go get one next week."

* *

RUNNING BACK MEWELDE MOORE(Transcribed by Jesus Acevedo)

(on his fumble at the goal line) "No excuse for that and it's not acceptable. A play like that is not acceptable and I totally—it's all on me. I've got to make sure I take care of the football."

(on the hit that caused the fumble) "He knocked it loose and that's something that shouldn't happen."

(on playing after missing a couple games) "That's not an excuse. I have to play better. I have to do better. I have to come out and make sure I do everything I'm supposed to do."

* *

GUARD JOE REITZ(Transcribed by Matt May)

(on DE J.J. Watt's athleticism) "Obviously overall, (DE) J.J. (Watt) has a lot of different moves. He's got power, speed, and quickness. Watt's a good player and you have to give him credit. We didn't do a good enough job blocking and we need to do better moving forward."

(on if the Texans defensive line is the best they've faced this year) "They're one of the best in the league. They played very well today. Like I said earlier there are corrections to be made and as soon as we get back to Indy we will get right on that and move forward quickly."

(on Indianapolis' own mistakes in the game) "We shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times. We got down in the red zone a few times and didn't convert. We had some unfortunate things happen throughout the game. When you're playing a good team on the road you need to execute and can't shoot yourself in the foot which we did too many times today."


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