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QUOTES: RB Alfred Blue


Houston Texans Transcripts** RB Alfred Blue Conference Call

(on how excited he is to join the Texans) "I'm very excited. It was a long wait. I'm just happy to be Texan right now."

(on decision to enter the draft instead of returning to LSU for a fifth year) "I just felt like I did my four years. I just felt like it was time for a new beginning."

(on rehabbing from torn ACL) "It was very difficult. It was frustrating. Jeremy Hill took off and started having a great year, so I was just on my back, trying to get back, and reclaim my starting job. It was just a frustrating thing to go through and I pushed through it and overcame it and I think I became a better player."

(on if he met with anyone from the Texans staff at LSU's pro day) "No ma'am. It was kind of a surprise that the Houston Texans drafted me. I talked to them a couple of times. I gave them a couple of answers to a couple of questions, but I never really met with them in depth about anything.

(on when he talked with the Texans) "During the Combine and stuff."

(on coming to Houston and learning from Arian Foster) "I think it's a big advantage. I think my game is similar to Arian's, so I plan on coming in and asking him a lot of questions and critiquing him and watching him and probably be on his hip everywhere he goes."

(on what kind of runner he is) "I say I'm more of a balanced runner, a mixture of speed and power, a lot of versatility. I'm 6-foot-2, I can block, I can catch, move me out in the receiver spot. I can just do a whole lot."

(on being comfortable with a one-cut scheme) "Yes, sir."

(on if there was a running back he grew up watching) "Adrian Peterson. Just growing up watching him, and watching what he overcame with the ACL. He was a lot of motivation for me, too, when I tore my ACL. Watching him come back, what he did was unbelievable."

(on running style before and after ACL injury) "I feel like I run the same way. I feel like I'm more of a stronger runner. I don't hesitate or nothing. I'm pretty much the same person, but I run more determined."

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