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Quotes: S D.J. Swearinger conference call


S D.J. Swearinger
(on his initial reaction) "It was just a relief. I was just ready to know where I'm playing football next year and playing next to Ed Reed. I'm blessed, truly blessed right now, words can't even describe it."

(on looking up to Ed Reed) "Oh yeah, most definitely. I watched Ed Reed before every game. Him and Sean Taylor both. That's definitely a guy that I'm looking forward to learning from him and feeding off him."

(on when he started watching Ed Reed play) "Back in high school I started watching him. Sean Taylor and Ed Reed are some of my idols that I looked up to when I was in high school. I want to just keep it going in the NFL."

(on how much interaction he had with the Texans prior to the draft) "At the Combine I had a great visit and great meeting with them. Their DB coach (Vance Joseph) is great. I got a phone call last week that said they were very interested in me and I said that I would love to go and play with my idol and that it'd be great."

(on the timeline of talking with the Texans) "Last week they called me to confirm my numbers and their coach, Coach Kubiak, he talked to me and said he gave me a lot of hope when he was talking to me, so I was looking forward to it."

(on playing for Steve Spurrier at South Carolina) "Coach Spurrier is a great coach.  I appreciate Coach Spurrier and appreciate all of my DB coaches, but it was great playing for a coach like Coach Spurrier. I had a special career and I did a lot of great things that got me here where I am today. I really appreciate Coach Spurrier."

(on the pride he takes in being a physical player) "I take a whole lot of pride in being physical. Since I was little, it's been a strong part of my game to be a physical force in the middle and to control the middle. I think I've done a great job of that, and I'm just ready to take my game to a whole other level and get to the biggest level of football."

(on how he thinks he will fit into the defensive back scheme with Ed Reed and Danieal Manning) "I'm looking forward to learning from both guys. Definitely Ed Reed, they have a great d-line with J.J. Watt, and their quarterback (Matt Schaub). I'm going to a great organization."

(on what does such a competitive secondary bring to the defense) "Wideouts think twice about coming across the middle. You have to be a physical force, and I think I would be a great force in the middle and I think our defense will put a lot of fear in the offense's part."

(on playing for defensive coordinator Wade Phillips) "I've heard a lot of great things about Coach Phillips. I can't wait for the opportunity to get out there and get coached by him. It's a blessing and I'm just ready to play football."

(on if he has ever met Ed Reed) "No I haven't."

(on how excited he is to meet Ed Reed) "Oh, man, I don't know, I don't even know how excited I am. I'm just ready."

(on what he wants to learn from the veteran safeties) "The ability to read the quarterbacks and he's had a lot of career picks and I'm looking forward to learning and looking to what he sees from the quarterbacks, so I'm looking forward to that."

(on how many times he went up against DeAndre Hopkins in college) "DeAndre (Hopkins) was an outside receiver so I didn't really line up against him at all except for once my sophomore year. He got me on a double-move and I still remember that. But that's great, both DeAndre is from the ACC and I'm from the ACC so this is a great fit."

(on former South Carolina cornerback and current Texan Johnathan Joseph) "I really haven't watched him play. I've heard a lot of things about him so I'm looking forward to meeting him."

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