Quotes: Shelley Smith conference call


Shelley Smith of Colorado State is headed to Houston after the Texans drafted him in the 6th round.


These quotes are part of our 2010 Path to the Draft coverage presented by FOX Sports Houston.

Shelley Smith, an offensive lineman from Colorado State University, was taken by the Texans in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. The 187th pick answered questions from the Houston media via a conference call, and the following is a transcript of his interview.

Texans offensive lineman Shelley Smith

(on his initial reaction to being drafted by the Texans) "I was just excited and glad to know where I would be going and just can't wait to get started."

(on what type of offensive lineman he is) "Physical, tough — I play hard as I can every snap."

(on if he talked to anyone on the Texans staff leading up to the draft) "I talked to a number of different scouts, offensive line coach, head coach and a number of different guys in the organization."

(on what the Texans said when they drafted him) "They just said, 'You'll have a chance, come in to work,' and I am."

(on playing with current Texans players that played at Colorado State) "I got a chance to play with a number of those guys and I'm looking forward to seeing them and playing with them."

(on how familiar he is with the zone blocking scheme) "Very familiar. We ran a lot of zone blocking at Colorado State since I been there, even after the coaching change. I think that will definitely help me."

(on having the chance to talk with Texans head coach Gary Kubiak) "I had the opportunity to talk to him off the field."

(on what advice Texans coach Gary Kubiak gave him) "He just told me to come ready to work — make sure I'm prepared. I can't wait. I'm excited."

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