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The Texans practiced Sunday morning at the Methodist Training Center, and after, head coach Gary Kubiak and some of the players answered questions from the media. The following is a transcript of their respective interviews.

Head Coach Gary KubiakDefensive Coordinator Wade PhillipsWR Andre JohnsonCB Johnathan JosephSS Glover QuinFS Maurice RolleQB Matt Schaub

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Head Coach Gary Kubiak(on the first week of training camp) "I think it was good.  I think we'll be pretty close to everybody being on the same page when we get back to work Tuesday morning.  I think our trainers did a great job and our staff just preparing for this first week, as crazy as it was with players coming and going.  I think they did a nice job with the preparation.  I feel good.  I wish we had all that time in the offseason.  I've told you all that before, but with the time we've had I feel good about it."

(on how the competition level will increase when everybody is playing) "It's already increased the last couple days.  Next week, we've probably got a good four days where it's strictly on us, still battling us and competing against each other and then we lock in at the end of the week and get these young guys ready to play the Jets.  Every week now, we get to get tested and find out where we are."

(on if ILB Brian Cushing will be back next week) "Yeah, like I said yesterday, our plan right now is mid-week next week.  That's either Wednesday or Thursday.  Hopefully he's back on the field and toward the weekend we'll see where he's at."

(on if the lockout will affect how much playing time players get) "It very well could.  It'll be late next weekend when we're going to sit down and say, 'Player number one, is he ready to play?' So it's going to be a player-to-player basis.  It's definitely got an affect and we got to be smart in what we're doing."

(on RB Ben Tate) "He came out, warmed up and said his hamstring was tight, so we moved on.  Derrick (Ward) was back.  That group right there has been impressive the last couple days in their work habits and getting the reps that they're getting.  Hopefully he's back later on."

(on if he's concerned about only having three healthy running backs) "Tuesday, we'll come back with four.  I don't see any reason we don't.  Arian (Foster) is going to be day-to-day so I don't know.  Is it a concern?  I think once we start playing, it's not.  That's plenty of guys to go around.  It's fun to watch.  Steve (Slaton) is having a great camp.  (Chris) Ogbonnaya is having a hell of a camp.  It's just fun to watch right now because those guys are getting so much work.  They're not sitting there or standing.  It's funny, you can show up one day as the fifth guy and the next day you're the third guy.  It's just fun to watch them grow up."

(on QB Matt Leinart) "He's really impressed me the last couple days.  There's no panic in Matt (Leinart).  That's a big challenge when you're taking the second offense against the first defense.  Matt just plays the game.  He throws it where he's supposed to throw it.  He's got a lot of confidence right now.  I'm excited for him.  I think his career's going to take off again and I'm excited for him."

(on OLB Mario Williams) "I'm watching him.  He's mad at me today because he had a couple sacks and we let the ball get thrown.  I let him know after practice I saw him."

(on where the team is behind without the normal offseason) "Volume of what you're teaching.  You're behind from that standpoint.  Defensively, Wade's (Phillips) had this football team for six days.  That's unbelievable and they've done a hell of a job.  Offensively, I think our timing is not where it should be.  I think some of that stems from us not working together.  When you're not working with Arian (Foster) in there and Andre (Johnson) missed a week basically, that affects you and what you're doing.  I'm anxious to get all those guys back, but I'm sure everyone else has their problems too."

(on the conditioning level of the team) "I've been pleased.  It's been hot.  It's always hot, but it's been exceptionally hot.  We've held up for good two hour practices and we're recovering well.  We've had some guys sick that have battled through some things.  I think our mental toughness and our conditioning level has been pretty good.  Those guys that really stuck to (Head Strength and Conditioning Coach) Cedric's (Smith) program that they normally would do, to me they're really moving forward."

(on if he's pleased with the first week) "Yeah, I am.  We should be further along, but we're not because we haven't been together.  As I said, I don't want to be redundant, with the time we've had, it's been good.  I feel good about the practice this week."

(on if the team is further along defensively than expected) "I've been pleasantly surprised with how far we've come in six days, I'll say that.  We've thrown a lot at them and I feel good about it."

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Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips(on how the defense has progressed over the first week of training camp)  "I think things are going surprisingly well in that the players have worked hard in the classroom.  They're working hard on the field, but I think in the classroom, they've learned a lot of things quickly and they've carried them over to the field, so I'm pleased with that."

(on the transition from the 4-3 to the 3-4 for the players)  "Well, that was what we were wondering.  I think they've adjusted real well. I don't see any big mistakes, I don't see guys making a lot of mental mistakes, and that's what I'm looking for."

(on free agent signees CB Johnathan Joseph and S Danieal Manning)  "Outstanding.  (Danieal) Manning and (Johnathan) Joseph have both started for their whole careers and they're both really good players, and they've both stepped right in."

(on being back in Houston, where he played collegiately)  "It's great to be back.  I know Houston - the University of Houston - is starting their training camp right now, so I look forward to seeing them during the season, but it's home.  This is home for me.  I have family here and I have great ties here."

WR Andre Johnson(on going against CB Johnathan Joseph in practice) "It's going very well, a lot of competition every day out here at practice. I think we're both making each other better and we're all working to make this team better."

(on being able to practice again) "I was just excited like a kid at a candy store. I was happy to be out here running around. It felt good and I was just excited."

(on the first week of training camp) "I think the first week went well. Of course I wish we had OTAs and stuff like that, so we've had to rush the offense and stuff. I think we're improving every day as a team and we're getting better."

(on CB Johnathan Joseph) "He's a great player. That's why we brought him here. Like I said, we try to do everything we can to make each other better; we communicate a lot about different routes and things like when guys get beat on things. We just try to inform each other about what's going on so that when it comes Sunday we won't be surprised about anything."

(on his dislocated finger) "It was fine, I had it protected and I had it taped up pretty good. I came out and caught some balls yesterday and I felt comfortable doing that so, that's what made me come out and practice today."

(on if having everybody practice next week will increase competition) "I think if you look at our practice today you can tell that it was very intense. Every practice has been very intense, guys are competing and guys are trying to make each other better. Guys are maybe talking a little trash to each other but it's nothing personal it's more motivational, you know, trying to get guys going and things like that. At the same time, like I said, we are on the same team so we're just trying to make each other better so that we can play well on Sundays."

(on how CB Johnathan Joseph and FS Danieal Manning will make the team better) "That's why they're here. Like I said before, Johnathan (Joseph), he's a great player you see him make plays out here and (Danieal) Manning is a great player. He comes out here and makes plays and that's why they are here, they're here to make plays for our defense and get off the field so that we can go on the field and score more points. I think they're going to help us out a whole lot. Like I said before, I think those two transactions were the biggest free agents that we've signed since I've been here so everybody is excited and I think everyone will help us out a whole lot."

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CB Johnathan Joseph(on if there's anything to learn in a 3-4 defense) "Just learning overall concepts and terminology of everything was the main part for me because I'm a cornerback. I'm kind of out there on an island myself and it's more important for the guys as safeties and linebackers of that nature. For me overall it's just making me a better player knowing the overall knowledge of this defense itself."

(on competing against WR Andre Johnson today) "It was a great competition. Like I said, Andre (Johnson) is the best receiver in this game and it's just a great pleasure to have him out here practicing against him every day. As a defensive unit it will only make us better."

(on if having everyone on the field next week will increase the tempo of practice) "I think it'll definitely take things to a heightened level. At the same time, you want to practice hard but you don't want anyone injured because at the end of the day these guys are going to make our team better once the regular season starts."

* *

S Glover Quin(on adjusting to the 3-4 defense) "Were picking it up. We're playing fast, we're making plays and everybody's getting the system. Everybody's buying in, everybody's communicating and it's looking really good,"

(on how the new defense has changed his role) "I'm more vocal now. I have to make calls. I have to understand what the offense is trying to do to let my corners know what's going on and let them know what to play. I'm in the box now sometimes as a safety. It's a little more responsibility but it's fun."

(on what it's like having CB Johnathan Joseph and FS Danieal Manning on the defense) "It's been great having two veterans that can come in and give some experience and talk with us and help us out and show us how to be great."

FS Maurice Rolle(on his first week of training camp) "For the most part, it's looking good. You are around guys that you see on TV and now you get a chance to play with them. They're standing right next to you, I mean (linebackers) Brian Cushing and Mario Williams."

(on the heat) "It's hot, the heat is ridiculous. I've never been somewhere before that's had three digits but now I'm starting to see a lot of those three digits."

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QB Matt Schaub(on how the offense performed in the last period of practice) "I thought it was good. I thought it was good work all day. A lot of what we were doing was on the line of scrimmage, just in a no-huddle fashion; not necessarily a hurry-up until we were in the two-minute drill. But that's good for us. It creates good tempo. (It) gets the defense going when not being able to huddle, which they're going to see numerous times throughout the season, so it's good work for them. I felt offensively, we moved the ball, guys were on their assignments and we did some good things."

(on working against CB Johnathan Joseph and FS Danieal Manning) "They look good. They just jumped right in. They're veteran guys, so they know how to disguise things, how things look, so they're looking good."

(on how undrafted free agents like WRs Lestar Jean, Jeff Maehl and Terrence Toliver have looked) "They've done well. They're progressing. Obviously, it's a lot a thrown at them. The first few days it wasn't too bad. As we get into the second week, things start building off one another and it gets to be a lot. The more they can study and get in their (play)book, the better. So far, the talent is there and the skills are there and they're progressing very nicely for rookies."

(on what he will do with his day off) "Just some family time, rest and get ready for Tuesday."

(on how WR Andre Johnson looked in his return to camp from injury) "He looked good. He probably wouldn't want me to say that he got a little winded; he hadn't practiced in a few days. Just (needs) to get his legs back under him. It's Dre (Andre Johnson). He'll be ready."

(on how this week of practice went) "The week went well. Getting guys back going and getting into football, it's just good to be back and be around the guys on the field. Everyone seems like they've been working and staying ready throughout the offseason, so it's good to be back in here."

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