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QUOTES: TE C.J. Fiedorowicz


Houston Texans Transcripts** TE C.J. Fiedorowicz Conference Call
Friday, May 9, 2014

(on if he has played half back in addition to being a tight end) "I played a little bit of that Iowa. I feel like I can be a guy who is off the ball in motion. I'll do whatever they ask in the blocking game. I did a lot of that at Iowa. I'm going to prove to the Texans that I can be a receiving player as well. I don't want to be known as a guy who can block on the line of scrimmage. I don't even know what to say. I'm so excited right now.  This is amazing to me and I'm so excited to come there."

(on if he talked to the Texans coaching staff at the Senior Bowl) "I talked to them at the Senior Bowl. I talk to them a little bit at the combine. I've watched the Texans over the last couple of years and I've seen that they use their tight ends as a big part of their offense. I just want to continue that tradition and keep things rolling at the tight end position."

(on if he came to visit the Texans) "No I didn't. Coach O'Brien worked me out at my school."

(on his impressions of Coach O'Brien after meeting him) "I watched him at Penn State. I saw him coach a lot of great tight ends and he's a cool guy. You can talk to him. You come up and can approach him whenever you want. He's a guy you can really learn from and I can't wait to work for him. I don't know what else to say but he's an awesome guy and I've watched him over the years and I respect him a lot."

(on if Coach O'Brien talked in their conversations about how he has used tight ends in the past) "He didn't talk to me personally about tight ends but I watched Penn State and they had a lot of three tight end sets. He was with New England before that as the offensive coordinator and they really utilized the tight end and I feel like I'm going to really show and prove to everybody that I'm a dual threat. I'm going to catch the ball and block on the edge and do everything he asks."

(on if he was still watching the draft when he got the call) "Yes, I'm with all my friends and family right now, and they just went nuts. I got the call and saw the Houston area code and I couldn't even talk because everyone was yelling. I'm still smiling, I've got a smile from ear to ear right now. I still can't even believe it but thank you so much."

(on who he models his game after) "I like watching Rob Gronkowski, he's a guy who can dominate at the line of scrimmage but also stretch the field. He's a big, physical guy. I feel like I can really dominate in both areas and that's who I'm going to keep pushing to be, the best. I'm not going to settle for anything."

(on blocking being one of his strengths) "Yeah, that's definitely one of my strengths. As a freshman, Coach Ferentz said from day one, if you want to be on the field, you have to learn to block, and I took that to heart. From that day on, I started blocking and enjoying it. That's a big part of what people do in the NFL and what you would want to do, so if they ask me to block on the edge, I am going to do everything I can do to see that edge. If they ask me to go out on a route, I am going to do catch every ball."

(on when he expected to be drafted) "My agent kind of told me the five or six teams that I had a chance to and he mentioned Houston. It's hard to say, to be honest. I know I did good in front of Coach O'Brien. I know he liked me a little bit, but this much is crazy. I don't what to say, I'm sorry. I'm usually good at interviews, I promise, but I can't even think right now."

(on what Coach O'Brien likes) "When he was working me out, he really just had me do some things that he didn't seem to do at Iowa, like a lot of catching drills and a lot of hand-eye coordination drills. He knew I could block originally, but he wanted to see if I have natural hands and really succeed in the passing game. I feel like I have proved that to him and he seemed excited. That was an exciting thing too for him."

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