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QUOTES: Texans G Xavier Su'a-filo


G Xavier Su'a-Filo Conference Call** Friday, May 9, 2014

(on if he met with the Texans in the draft process) "At the NFL Combine I had the chance to have an interview with them. I was very impressed. Obviously they had the first overall pick and great teammates. They told me anything could happen in the process and I'm glad I ended up in Houston."

(on thoughts after being the first pick in the second round) "I was so emotional. I don't even know what happened. It happened quick, fast. I had so many people around that love me and I can't tell you how excited I am and how much I am looking forward to getting down there and working hard."

(on they will keep him at guard or move him to tackle) "I'm not sure what they have in mind for me there. I can play either. Like I said, I just want to get in there and I want to compete and contribute and help this team as best I can. It all starts up front and I want to get the o-line going."

(on if he thinks he is better suited to play guard or tackle) "You know what, I don't. I honestly don't feel like that. I played tackle the same amount of time as I played guard at UCLA. I feel confident that I'm able to do both and it depends what they want me to do. I'm hoping and willing to do it and be great at either one."

(on if going on a mission between seasons helped or hurt him) "It helped me. Obviously I was away from the game for two years, but I think it helped me be physically more mature and mentally more mature and helped me just become a better football player. When I came back I was an older guy. I was more suited to be a leader at UCLA. I look at it all positive."

(on playing with offensive weapons like Arian Foster and Andre Johnson) "I'm excited about it. They're two great players. I want to come in and contribute how I can. I know they're veterans, great guys, great players and it's such a privilege to get to block for them, compete and help the team in any way that I can."

(on who he watched play growing up and who he mimics his game after) "Yeah, Logan Mankins, guard for the New England Patriots. I love the way he plays, I think he's physical. I think he's nasty. You know, I try to implement as much from his game that I can."

(on if he is familiar with any of the Texans offensive linemen) "I don't to be honest with you. I don't, but I'm definitely looking forward to meeting them, getting along with them and becoming close with them."

(on what being an Eagle scout and having been on his mission says about his character) "Well, I made that decision to go on a mission and I loved it, but football is the most important thing to me right now. I think it says a lot about me and my dedication, my leadership and my worth ethic. That's something that I'll bring and that I get to bring in the locker room in that environment. I'm a fun guy. I like to have fun but when it comes to business it's all time to go."

(on what he tries to imitate about Logan Mankins' game) "Two words, physical and nasty. You watch Logan play, sometimes he kicks out to tackle so you know he's athletic enough to do it all, but he's physical, he's nasty. He comes off the ball, he tries to punish people. He plays this game trying to punish people and that's the biggest thing that I love that sticks out to me about him."

(on how familiar he is with Houston) "Yeah I have been. I can't wait to eat at Pappadeaux. But yes I've been to Houston before. I've been to Vidor, Texas right up near Houston, I've been to the fifth ward and we came down to play Rice, and so it was neat. The whole state of Texas is pretty sweet but I'm looking forward to eating at Pappadeaux and Whataburger."

(on what he was doing in Vidor, Texas) "You know how I went on a mission? My father went on one too, and he was in Houston. My dad served his mission in Houston and he spent time in Vidor. There are a lot of members of our church from Vidor and I got to meet him and his family."

(on his decision to leave UCLA early) "It was kind of a tough decision, considering what I had done my freshman year, but in the grand scheme of things, it's what I wanted to do. I went and I don't regret going; it helped me. It's something that had been a goal of mine. I knew that it could only help me become a better football player and it has."

(on the importance of religion and spirituality to him) "It's a big part of my life. I am an active member of my church, but that's understanding of loving football, as well. Like I said, I am an active member, but I have fulfilled my obligation, or what we would like to say 'my mission', and that was it. Now I am practicing my religion and I enjoy doing that."

(on if he has met Jadeveon Clowney) "I actually haven't met him yet. I walked by him (at the combine), but I know there has been a lot of hype and everything about him. I watched his tape yesterday, and he was so emotional. I like how he plays the game, he's passionate, and I am excited to have him as a teammate."

(on Jadeveon Clowney as a player) "I know he's a dang good player and he's hard to block. I've seen his tapes, you know he's great. I like his hustle, he's fast. I see a guy with crazy talent that paired with J.J. Watt, could be scary."

(on going against Clowney in rookie camp) "Oh yeah, I am looking forward to competing against everybody, trying to get better. Like I said, I want to come in and help contribute to the team and competing as hard as I can, and earning a spot is the only way I know how to do that."

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