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Quotes: Texans Training Camp Day 7


Head Coach Gary Kubiak** G Brandon Brooks
C Chris Myers
QB Matt Schaub

Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(on if there are any injury updates) "We had a few guys get nicked today. (ILB Cameron) Collins had a hamstring issue this (morning). (DE Earl) Okine, heat I think got him. (NT Daniel) Muir's got an ankle, got stepped on. Y'all saw him get carted off. We're trying to finish up this first week, pretty physical this morning in pads, but I liked the work. I thought it was really good. We did a lot of no-huddle, a lot of hurry up stuff. I thought we worked good."

(on being at practice for nearly a week and if the team has hit somewhat of a wall) "I think they're working through that right now. Usually hit it about mid-week, but we're working through it and we're down some bodies, which you're going to be at this point. Probably tomorrow will probably be the toughest day from that standpoint, but I think really the key in this business and I tell them all of the time, when you go through those first eight-nine days of training camp, now we're going to play every week. So we're going to get tested every week. You've got to feel really good about your work and I think we've come a long way. It's been good."

(on if there have been any trends so far and things he likes and doesn't like) "Yeah, there are various things. First off, I'm sitting here watching number 10 today (WR DeAndre Hopkins). I like that, I know that. He's making a lot of plays. I think one of our big pushes as a team is that we have to be better covering people and we have to be better beating man coverage. It's just a fact in this league. We've introduced a few periods in practice where the emphasis is getting open and covering people. I think we've gotten better there and then we've tried to introduce some things offensively that we haven't done in the past, which y'all see us working on. It's as much for our defense as it is for our offense. I think it's been good, but like always, we've got to get better."

(on if it's rare for him to see a rookie like S D.J. Swearinger have so much confidence from day one) "Well, we knew that's kind of what we were getting from our interviews with him and being around him, but I don't think we had any idea it was this, just mature and what he does as a football player. It's been, especially with (FS) Ed (Reed) being out, we expected it, but it's been even more. So hopefully he can get going, but he's going to be a big part of this team."

(on if it makes him feel better that S D.J. Swearinger is coming along so well in case FS Ed Reed can't play early) "Yeah, I think it gives the team more confidence. They see (WR DeAndre) Hopkins coming in here and they see what he's doing. They see Swearinger coming in here and they see what he's doing. That's how you get better as a team. Yeah, it's been good."

(on how NT Daniel Muir's training camp has been despite his injury today) "He's been good. He's done some good stuff. He's a veteran player. He's been around this league a little bit. We'll find out in the preseason when we start to work against different guys, but he's done some good stuff."

(on if he has any idea what he'll do with return specialists) "Well, (WR) Keshawn (Martin) is our primary guy. (SS) Danieal (Manning) is obviously our starting kick returner if we went out to play a big game today. He's probably not going to do it in the preseason. We're going to look at (RB) Dennis Johnson. We're going to look at (WR Alan) Bonner. I'd like to look at (WR) EZ (Nwachukwu) a little bit. We've got to find out about those other guys because their value to your team is how much more they can do, so we'll see."

(on how close OLB Sam Montgomery is to practicing) "He's way behind the team. Way behind. He's behind conditioning wise and, now, he's got an ankle that he can do nothing about. It's not his fault, but he's way behind. Got to get back out here."

(on if frustrating to see the two third-round picks OLB Sam Montgomery and T Brennan Williams fall behind) "Yeah, it is. Don't get me wrong now, there's nothing they can do about it. When you're injured, you can't go if you can't go. But it's just tough because it's been a long offseason and we're counting on those guys to push players on this team and be in position to help us. Right now, it's just not happening right now. Hopefully, we can get them going and hopefully we can get them out here as soon as possible."

(on if this team has a chance to be more physically opposing this year compared to last year because of some of the additions) "We'll see. (FS) Ed (Reed) is a physical player. He's a hell of a tackler, all of the years I've played against him, putting hits on people down the field. I think every team has an identity they're trying to take on. That was my talk to the team today; we want to feel like we can do everything. If we've got to line up and be physical, be physical. If we've got to play a hurry-up game, we've got to be able to do that. But I think we've added some pieces, yeah. It's a good point. If it all fits in place, we were physical last year and we can probably be more physical this year."

(on preparing for the pistol-formation that more teams are running now) "We're working on it. It fits some of the things we do, but our defense needs to see it. Just kind of like I said, we'll do some things they need to see. Whether we do it or not, I don't know. They'll do a lot of things for us that we need to see, whether (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) does it, I don't know. We try to incorporate a little bit of everything. That is something new for us, but I think it's been fun for the players. It's another challenge."

(on if there is an extra concern because so many guys are nicked up) "To be honest, it's probably about normal. Every year, it just seems that way. I think we came out here today with, I'm going to say 79 out of 90 guys practicing. I've been down as low as 72-73. We'll see, but it's probably about where it normally is in all honesty."

G Brandon Brooks
(on going against DE J.J. Watt) "It feels really good going against one of the best in the league, defensive player of the year and everything."

(on his role and being comfortable) "Just you know, every day, not only getting better but playing with consistency. Now that I know what I'm doing, I feel like I should do it every play to the best of my ability."

(on if DE J.J Watt ever takes a play off) "No, high motored guy. I know whenever I go against him, you know, it's a hard hat job on every play, every day."

(on if he gets nervous going against DE J.J. Watt) "No, not really, just because I just want to go up against him every play and I know every rep I go against him, I'm getting better."

(on going against DE J.J. Watt) "You know, coming out and going against him every play, like you said every day just from the beginning of camp until now, I feel like I got a lot more technically sound going against him."

(on how he gets practice in all skills during practice) "Yeah, exactly like you said, he's the total package. So, say I'm on a passer I know I've got to sit down for the bull but also got to be ready for speed or secondary type of moves. Like you said, it's all in one and I'm getting the best of both worlds going against him every play."

(on how much confidence it gives him going against DE J.J. Watt every play) "I wouldn't necessarily say confidence, you know. I do have confidence in myself. I just think it'll make me a better all-around player going against him every play and stuff like that."

(on his mental game and how he is able to flow now) "Yeah, yeah. Once I got back, I got with the coaches and the playbook, got with (C) Chris Myers, (G) Wade Smith and Duane, extra film with them, then went through OTAs and everything. Getting the teaching … in the classroom as the offensive line and then coming out here, going through it, the different team periods. It's starting to slow down for me. Starting to know what to expect on every play and what's expected out of me every play."

C Chris Myers
(on offensive line coach John Benton and how he has built the line) "I kind of view myself as doing my job. For J.B. (Benton), throughout the years and kind of build the line that he's had, it speaks volumes for him and the rest of the staff. I mean, J.B. kind of got us all from the get go. He brought in (G) Wade (Smith) from another team and I came here on that trade but he's pretty much kind of got us all on his own team from the get-go. So to be able to see especially a guy like (T) Duane (Brown) transition from his rookie year to where he's at now, it's all mainly due to J.B."

(on worrying about the right side of the line this season) "Every year is a fresh start and to be able to have the right side of the line kind of building that cohesiveness now and hopefully we solidify those two starters there so we're not transitioning five guys at two spots like we did last year, but (G) Brandon (Brooks)  seems to be jumping in full tilt and he kind of got the mental part of the game down now so he's not having to worry about thinking during a  game. He's just playing and that's tremendous help."

QB Matt Schaub
(on whether he needs a day off of training camp) "No way! We love what we're doing obviously. After a week of camp, you hit on each other, you're physical, you're tired, and you're dragging. Coach is good; you need to have a little time off. You need to get away, recharge your battery physically, so you can come back and get ready to go play against somebody else each week. It will be good to get a little time off, but we'll have a big practice tomorrow, get physical, and get after each other. Everyone needs a little time."

(on QB Case Keenum) "Case has done a great job. Just going from last year to this year, the improvement is so dramatic. He is night and day from where he was last year. Just having to learn how to take a snap from under center because he never did that in college. I mean that was one of the most basic things in football that he had to learn how to do at this level. The way he's been able to grasp our offense and understand it in and out has been exceptional."

(on whether he sees QB Case Keenum developing into his backup) "I definitely can because you see what he has physically, how he can throw the football, how he reads defenses, and his command in the huddle. He has all those attributes and I definitely see him being able to play at this level. No doubt about it."

(on having LT Duane Brown) "Oh, it's paramount. What he has been able to accomplish in his career and where he is at now after going on, I think, his sixth year. Duane has just made such huge strides and I don't even think twice about what goes on over there. I know that he's going to get his job done and lock people down."

(on throwing to WR DeAndre Hopkins during the 2-minute drill) "Yeah absolutely, I mean you give a guy a chance and you just go in and make plays. In the 2-minute drill, that's what we're supposed to do as an offensive. Whatever we need to do to get ourselves in position, whether we need a touchdown or a field goal, that's what we're going to do. To start the drive off with the post route that we threw to him, I mean, that's him making a play. I'm giving him a chance and him coming down with it. That's on him to do that and get us right down in the red zone to where we can then look to score from there. It was a great job by him."

(on evaluating training camp and the offense) "I think we've had a good camp. My camp is directly tied to how the offense is doing and I think offensively you're going to have some ups and down. You got to fight through adversity and I think we've done that as a group. I think we've had a good first week of camp and we need to continue to strive to be better. We've got some young guys that are helping us out, so we need to continue to bring them along. The good thing is we're going against one of the top defenses in the league every day, so that makes us better. There's no uncontested throws, so it's always tight coverage. We've got to be accurate, we've got to put the ball in the right spot, our playmakers have to make tough catches, and we're doing that."

(on DE J.J. Watt and DE Jared Crick affecting his throws in practice) "Well right now they affect us because we play against them, but in the season we don't play against them because we're going against the scouts. There was a play, one of the first passes in practice, where I had (WR) DeAndre (Hopkins) open on a little skinny post but J.J. was there in front so I had to tuck it down and try to make a play elsewhere. That's a good play by him being in the spot to maybe bat the ball down if I let go of it. It's good to have those guys because it makes us better and makes us aware of those things."

(on the defensive backs) "They've looked great. You look at where J-Jo (CB Johnathan Joseph) and (CB) Kareem (Jackson) are in their careers and the type of tandem that they are. You add (CB) Brice (McCain) coming off his injury inside. Brice is, I think ,one of the best inside cover corners you're going to find at the nickel spot and he is always tight coverage. It makes me be accurate; it makes me be precise in where I'm throwing it to get my receivers the best chance to make plays on it. Then our safeties, they always try to disguise thinks and make it tough on us as far as the looks and reads until right after the snap. That makes it challenging on our receivers for route adjustments and me knowing where my progression is going to start. "

(on whether this is the work week of camp) "No, there's nothing bad about camp. Camp is a great time of the year. Yeah it's hot, it's hard, and it's challenging, but we're all going through it together. You find out what guys are made of, what your young guys are made of, where guys are coming off the summer time, and we're trying to put our team and build something to be ready September 9th. Our team's right where we want to be right now after a week and we want to just make sure we continue to progress each week. The good thing is each week now we get to finish it off by playing against somebody else."

(on TE Garrett Graham) "Garrett has looked great. Since he came back, they have been bringing him along slowly just to make sure he is back to 100 percent. The way he's moving around and catching the football, he made a nice scramble drill play on the sideline early in practice. That's Garrett. He made a play down in 7-on-7 for me moving and making a play for a touchdown. Garrett has just really come in to his own over the last year and half to two years as a player and he is really going to help us out."

(on WR DeAndre Hopkins nice catch during practice) "That's what he has shown since he has got here. The ability to make plays on the football field. You don't have to be perfect when you're throwing him the ball, he can adjust to it. He has such body control and can go up and get the football. We saw on the first play, that's a huge drive starter in the two-minute drill when you can get a chunk like that and put yourself in the scoring zone after one play. Now you can take your time. You can get in the huddle if you want and you can change up the tempo of the game once you get down there inside a two-minute drill."

(on his excitement about WR DeAndre Hopkins) "Yeah absolutely, it's foreshadowing. You see what can happen down the road. For him to be able to step up and make that type of play then make the play at the end with the fade route to go up and get the football. You just see the types of things he can do down there and the pressure he might take off of a guy like (WR) Andre (Johnson) or (TE) Owen (Daniels) down in the red zone with an added weapon in there."

(on WR EZ Nwachukwu making a nice catch) "It was just a great play. You try to encourage all these guys. Those young guys go out and they're heads swimming so much in the playbook after six or seven days that when they go out and do things exactly the way they're coached, make the play on the football, and catch the touchdown. That's awesome and those guys showing progress and showing that they are studying and putting in the extra work at night. I just went over to make sure he knew that we all saw it."

(on the offensive line) "We had some young guys last year playing on the right side next to one another. Whenever you put two guys next to each other right there that are new and have no experience, there is going to be growing pains. It's going to be on all of us to help them and pick up the slack a little bit, but those guys having all that time under their belt with (G) Ben Jones, (G) Brandon (Brooks). Then you got (RT) Ryan (Harris) and (RT) Derek Newton at right tackle. All those guys have so much more season going into this year and understanding the game, the pace of it. They have really picked it up and done incredible job. Then you just have those veterans like (C) Chris (Myers), (G) Wade (Smith), and (LT) Duane (Brown) that help them and that group, that core is fantastic for them."

(on having veteran offensive linemen and if that makes him more comfortable) "Absolutely. It's a collective effort. It's not just on them; we ask our backs and tight ends to do a lot. More than half the time, it's on me to get rid of the football even. They're going to do everything we can to keep their guy from getting to me, but sometimes I've got to beat the rush myself."

(on having leaders all over on offense)  "If you look across the team, that's what's great across the team and where we're at. It's not one or two guys that have to step up and be the leaders. You have your top leaders on the team, but we have so many guys who have played enough football around here and command that respect and that leadership. It's a collective effort when you look at (LT) Duane (Brown), (G) Wade (Smith) and (C) Chris (Myers) up there and then there's me, you've got (RB) Arian (Foster) and (RB) Ben (Tate) who have been around for many years and (TE) Owen (Daniels), you've got Dre (WR Andre Johnson). There are so many guys at every position that have that leadership ability, and so it's by the group."

(on if he feels faster out there) "I'm only going to be so fast. I definitely feel like I can move around a little bit/ I've always felt that way. I feel good out there. Do what I have to do."

Afternoon Practice

Head Coach Gary Kubiak
Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips
ILB Brian Cushing
TE Garrett Graham

Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(on how he liked the work on the two-minute drill) "This morning, I thought it was pretty good. Obviously, (we) made some big plays. (WR) DeAndre (Hopkins) made a big play and (QB) Matt (Schaub) got them in position to win the game. That's his job. That's what you're trying to do. Defensively, our first defense stepped up, made big plays. The biggest thing about that is doing it when you're really, really tired at the end of practice. For the first time, I thought it was pretty good."

(on TE Garrett Graham being back out at practice) "Yeah, it's real good. He's starting to feel like himself. He pretty much practiced today almost full tilt. We'll get a good day of work out of him tomorrow. He should have no problems moving forward."

(on any difference in TE Garrett Graham's play) "No, he just lost that weight. That was the biggest difference. Just got to make sure, but, I think once we get to Sunday, with Garrett, I don't think we'll ever know a difference."

(on if TE Garrett Graham's absence due to illness was good for TE Ryan Griffin in terms of getting more reps) "It was probably good for all of them. They end up getting extra reps when that happens. In camp, guys are going to miss time and when these young guys get a chance to step in there, you find out a lot about them. So Ryan's come a long way. He's done some good stuff."

(on what he's hoping to accomplish tomorrow before the day off) "Well, we're going to bang again in the morning. I don't think we'll be out there real long, but it needs to be good and crisp. We'll let them get their legs back under them and then we'll start playing next week. I think it's been a good week, just want to finish it the right way. I thought we had a good practice this morning."

(on if the team is anxious to play other teams) "Oh, no doubt. They get tired of each other. They really kind of butt heads and go against each other for about three weeks in preseason and then you're starting to work for opponents. That's when you start to find out who's going to help you and who's going to be on this football team, so looking forward to next week."

(on if there is any new news on FS Ed Reed or RB Arian Foster) "No, nothing different. We're hoping Arian's a participant in practice on Sunday. We'll see how he does. Obviously, Ed's still got some time away, but he's doing really good."

(on T Brennan Williams' status) "We drained his knee. It's swollen. We drained his knee. The stuff they took out was clear was good the way I understand it, the way they explained it to me. But it did come back and swell a little more the next day. Right now, he's just in a holding pattern and probably in a holding pattern until Sunday."

(on talking to the officials today and them explaining that teams scout the way they make calls) "I wouldn't say that we scout officials. Sometimes, we'll see one crew three times in a season, but you never know who you're getting. I don't find out until the Tuesday before the games, but you have a relationship with the guys. I think you know how certain guys handle the game and they also know how you play when you have guys that have a lot of your games. We're pretty familiar with all of them though. Once the season starts, there will be a few new crews going around, but, for the most part, it's the same guys every year."

(on the officials saying they set the tempo of the game pace-wise) "I don't know how to answer that. I think they're probably saying that there are certain teams that probably try to push their envelopes. That's probably what they're trying to tell you, but I think they do a good job. They're very consistent. They come out of each week and they're graded. If the league feels like they didn't do a good job in a certain situation, they'll correct them. So we're all in it together and they are evaluated just like we all are."

(on if the plan for ILB Brian Cushing is to get a little more physical after the day off) "Yeah, what he's doing right now is he's doing individual and seven-on-seven. I think it's like a four-day plan. So that'll be up. The next time he steps in, now, he starts to do some regular team and some banging stuff. Yeah, it's coming. He's on schedule to do that probably next week."

(on if RB Dennis Johnson plays bigger than he is) "He plays strong. For a little guy, he plays strong. When he thumps off people and stuff, he's moving forward. I've been impressed with him, but you never know about backs out of college is can he play three downs? Can he protect the quarterback? He's shown that he will and he'll step in there and do that. He doesn't have big size to do it, but it looks like he has the heart to do it."

(on his impressions of TE Ryan Griffin given TE Garrett Graham's recent absence) "We're excited. To get a kid like that in the sixth-round, to get a talent like that, we feel very good about it. He fits the mold we've had here that have been successful for us. I'd like to keep some of this weight on him. He's got good size. He's been impressive."

(on if TE Ryan Griffin has surprised him with his talent) "I think he's surprised us how well he runs. We knew he was a good physical player. I think he runs better than we might have thought, so that was a plus."

(on what kind of camp WR Keshawn Martin has had) "He's had a real good camp. He's tired right now like everybody is. His legs are tired, but he's been excellent these first few days. When he came back, you could tell he had taken care of his business. He's operating like a pro, third or fourth year guy now and we have big expectations for him and he's responding to it."

Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips
(on ILB Brian Cushing) "Yeah, he looks good. He's felt good for a while. He's been like a race horse and they hadn't opened the gate yet, but they opened a little bit and he kind of squeezed through. He enjoyed 7-on-7, as did we, so we'll pick it up more and more as we go."

(on ILB Joe Mays) "Good reactions. He has to learn the defense, but I think he's a good reactive player. I see a lot of things that we can utilize."

(on ILB Joe Mays having any issues with his leg) "No, no he moves well."

(on OLB Sam Montgomery being behind) "Well, I worry about any of them that miss time. Any rookies I'm talking about that haven't been here, haven't been in the system, and haven't learned what to do. But he is paying attention in meetings and we test him every day as far as mental tests. Sometimes on paper and sometimes on the board, we make him get up and draw what they are supposed to do, those kinds of things. He is trying to stay up that way and when he gets back he's just going to have to pick it up."

(on why S D.J. Swearinger doesn't play with the starters) "(S Shiloh) Keo is more experienced and he knows what to do, so we put him there and D.J. is playing with the second group and gets just as many reps. We have the same number of reps for everybody, so it doesn't matter which group you're with. You get the same number of reps and take advantage of that."

(on if there is a problem with playing S D.J. Swearinger with the starters) "I do right now. Guys have to earn their way in most cases. There are exceptions. If you have a number one receiver who looks like he can play, we put him on the first team. All that first, second, third team doesn't really matter now. They all get the same number of reps. Once we start saying, 'Hey, these guys can play better than those guys' than we will give them more reps and the preseason games will make a difference."

(on OLB Whitney Mercilus) "Unfortunately, he is banged up a little bit right now, but the good thing about him is he has played in the defense and knows what to do. When he comes back, we can put him right in there. He has come a long way. Last year it would have been his senior year in college, so he played and played well last year and we expect the same thing this year." 

(on how many moves DE J.J. Watt has at the line of scrimmage) "J.J. has as many moves as it takes. If they do one thing, he will make a move to counteract that and make the play. He is a pretty phenomenal player."

(on if DE J.J. Watt has a game plan or just reacts at the line) "Yeah we just let him do whatever he wants to. He plays within the defense obviously, but we give him more lee-way. As we will with (FS) Ed Reed, as we do J-Jo (CB Johnathan Joseph), and (ILB Brian) Cushing when he gets in there. We give them a little more latitude, within the defense, and say, 'Hey, if you see this go ahead and go. We'll have somebody back you up.' That kind of thing, so that's the theory of our defense."

(on adjusting to new offenses like the pistol) "Well our offense is running it which helps us. They are doing some of that, so we're going to see it. We know that. Everything you see on TV when it shows a team, it shows them running that. It looks like it's going to try to make its way in more so, but we'll be ready."

(on whether the pistol offense is tough to defend) "Well, we went through the run-and-shoot phase. We have gone through different phases since I've been in the league, so it remains to be seen. I coached in college and they run the wishbone, so there are all kinds of different looks and the defenses have to adjust to whatever it is, but we've still got 11 guys out there so well adjust all right."

ILB Brian Cushing
(on if today was his first time doing 7-on-7) "No, I have been doing 7-on-7 the last two days."

(on how important the last couple days have been) "They were. Just to get back out there playing football again. Obviously to get back into the groove and all that has been very critical. It just feels normal again to be back out there, running around, and playing football. There's been really no residual feelings or anything holding me back. It's been pretty much 100 percent and full-go. It's gone just as good, if not better, than I hoped for."

(on the coaches slowing him down) "I understand it's a long season and it's a very delicate injury. I'm still working my way back from it, so the biggest thing is coming back right, strong, and 100 percent."

(on any surprises during rehab) "I think more than anything just really how well it's responded and how I've been able to come back so far. It doesn't feel like it's weak or anything. If anything, it's stronger than ever which I would have never expected when I first hurt it."

(on if it's hard to be patient) "Not this time of year, not this time of year. Obviously, if our first game was a week away I would be really pushing right now and be very anxious. But we got some time. I'm going to be smart. I'm a little bit older in my career and understand how things work and the process of stuff. I'm not killing myself to get back out there. Obviously, I would love to be there but at the same time I know what really matters is being 100 percent for the first game."

(on ILB Joe Mays) "I'm impressed. I watched Joe a little bit over his last couple years and know what kind of linebacker he is. He is very physical and he's going to help this team a lot. I think for him to come in and just be a starter right away obviously speaks levels about his game. He's a very good football player that's going to help this team."

(on the new rule about peel-back blocking) "Well, I'm glad. Obviously there is nothing that can be done about my situation, but as far as future incidents that can prevent it. I hope that can really help that and prevent a lot of injuries. I'm glad something came out of it at least."

(on having the rule referred to as 'The Cushing Rule') "I don't know. Yeah, it might be weird having a rule named after you, but like I said if it helps people in the future than I'm all for it."

(on owner Bob McNair giving back to the community and how it trickles down to the team) "Yeah, he's a very generous person. You look at the owners around the league and I think he's the best owner in sports. Just how generous and giving of a person he is and I think he wants that for the whole organization. He wants to draft character guys and like you said, it trickles down. I think you get good quality players and on top of it he gets good people. So I think that kind of just shows what kind of person he is. He wants to kind of duplicate what he is as far as into his players."

(on the injuries around the team in training camp) "No, no I'm not. I mean, if were talking about serious season ending injuries I'd be a little bit concerned but you know, these guys are just nicked up right now. It's part of foo tall it's part of camp, it's going to happen. And I know pretty much everyone out there going to be back."

(on being ready for any of the preseason games) "I think we are still just taking it slow, I think I will be, but for the most part we are just going to gauge how I feel and go along with it kind of in that order."

(on how important preseason games are to him) "Well I like to get a couple of snaps in, whether it's second or third or both or what-not. But you know, just get a little rust off and get some of that game action again before I just jump in September 9 and play a full football game so I think if anything, it's mentally more than anything that will help."

(on them not letting him get off the bus for the fourth preseason game) "Yeah I know, I know. But you know, like I said I just got to do all things in the right fashion and be ready for the first game."

(on if they have talked about the plan for the preseason) "A little bit, but like I said were going to take it how it goes and take it day by day and see how my knee reacts. I'm sure I'll be getting some snaps here and there in some games."

TE Garrett Graham
(on TE Ryan Griffin) "He's a great player. You know, a big guy, certainly will hold up in the running game. Can run good routes, has great hands. So I think he can definitely help us win some ball games this year."

(on this off season to improve) "Just in the weight room with (strength and conditioning coach) Ced (Smith), trying to get bigger stronger faster just like we do every year. Focus a little more on my route running and try to win versus man in getting open."

(on his concussions last year) "No, you know, it was kind of a fluke thing. I wasn't able to get my head out of the way once, and the other time they were just being cautious with me because I had a concussion the week prior so I was able to play the next week. Not really something that I was really worried about at all."

(on how it will be different with TE Owen Daniels playing a traditional two tight end set) "It's possible, yeah. I'm sure we will be in a little three tight end sets again this year. You know with (FB) Greg (Jones) coming in, and what he can do I think he will definitely be an asset to our team so were looking forward to it."

(on how Mr. McNair is around the community and how it trickles down to the players) "Mr. McNair is great in the community. With that, He's always giving his money and his time wherever he can. For us as a team, we like to do that too and show our support throughout the community, so we try to help out any way we can."

(on the community work being genuine and how the team wants to be there) "Yeah absolutely, you know one thing about it, all of the guys on the team guys; they're a lot of good guys. There's nobody really who's a disease in the locker room. That's one thing that stands out with our team."

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