Quotes: Texans vs. Jaguars postgame


HEAD COACH BILL O'BRIEN(Opening statement) "It's good to get a win. There are some things that we need to correct, but the guys were resilient. They had a good week of practice and a very, very tough football game. These games are hard. It every game is league is tough. Winning on the road and in the division, it's good for you."

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(On if he saw what he needed to see from Brian Hoyer) "Definitely. There are always things that all

of us can improve upon, especially coaching-wise. I think when you look at him, he went in there and managed the game well. He has a good calmness about him right now. He's confident and I'm proud of the way he played today. "

(On the difference in the 2nd half) "I don't know. I'll have to go back and think about that more. I will just tell you that the guys came in there at halftime and felt like they were not going to be denied. They were going to win the game. They paid the price during the week. Give a lot of credit to Jacksonville because they were a real difficult opponent. I don't care what their record is. It was a tough football game for us and a division win on the road. It was big."

(On how the team responded after the 4th-and-1 didn't work) "I thought the defense had a good week of practice. We ran the ball well in practice. On that particular play, we just didn't have a good play there. We have to go back and look that the design of the play. I thought our defense responded well and it was good to see."


(On causing turnovers)** "It was big. Obviously when you get a pick-6, it's huge to score points on defense in a time when we really needed it because the game was still in the balance. Andre Hal made a big play there. The turnovers were real good for us."

(On offensive line changes) "We mixed and matched a little bit. What we are trying to do is to get the five guys on the field who are playing the best. We rotated a little bit at right tackle. We made the move at guard with Brooksie (Brandon Brooks) on the left and (Derek) Newton on the right. We'll have to look at the tape. I thought at times it looked real good, other times there are things we can improve on but we'll look at it and try to get the best combination of guys out there."

(On Hoyer getting hit & Ryan Mallett having to come in the game)"I felt like that was a penalty which was called and good to see. I was thinking about that next play. I was just thinking Mallett was in there now. George (Godsey) and I were only thinking of the next play."


RB ARIAN FOSTER**(on the win) "I've been on a lot of different teams in the NFL, run of the mill teams, 12-4 teams, 2-14 teams, but this team doesn't feel like a 2-14 team. Hopefully we will build on this win and keep improving and I know we could be a good team."

S ANDRE HAL(on pick-six) "It means the world and especially in the NFL, you don't have games like that too often. I had a great game and happy we got the win.

(on first two interceptions of career) "I got the opportunity to play and made the most of my opportunity. Hopefully I could make more plays."

(on first interception) "I just try to stay in the game and keep on playing. I don't think how big it is. I just keep on playing."

WR DEANDRE HOPKINS(on the win) "We played complimentary football tonight.  It wasn't just the DeAndre Hopkins show.   This was the Houston Texans show."

(on two TD catches) "The first touchdown was a cover 2, outside release and I was just hoping Brian (Hoyer) would find me in the hole.  The safety was inside and the corner let me go outside of him and

he put it where only I could get it.  It was a great throw for him to be able to see me in the back of the end zone.  

The second TD was a double move call and I got caught in a one-on-one, giving the best guy out there with a chance to make the play."

(on QB Brian Hoyer) "He's a leader on and off the field.  It didn't surprise me to see him come out the way that he did.  He's talking to us about things that we need to do.  His leadership is something that doesn't surprise anybody in this locker room."

QB BRIAN HOYER(on hit sustained late in the game) "You never want to get hit like that.   It's one of those things where you get hit, you kind of have to assess yourself and there's a little bit of showmanship too to make sure

you get the penalty.  I didn't know I would have to come out of the game. I guess I stayed down too long, but I was able to bounce right up and get back in the game. 

(on divisional win) "We knew we were going to come in here and they were going to give everything they had. They were coming off a tough loss too.  It was definitely a challenge and it wasn't always pretty.  When it counted, we made the plays.  It was a total team win and everybody did their job."

(on TD passes to DeAndre Hopkins) "The first one, they only rushed three, dropped some guys in coverage so I had some time to buy.  I saw him in the back of the end zone, and I got a little nervous when I threw it because the safety almost got over there.  But DeAndre made a great play.  The next

one it was man coverage.  For me, it was check Arian and then go right to Hopkins. 'Hop' did a great job of beating his guy."

(on Hopkins as a teammate) "It's fun.  He's very talented and wants to do his best.   When you have a guy like that that wants the football in crunch time and has the ability to go out and do it, it's fun to have him on your team."

(on first win as a member of Houston Texans)  "It's good to get my first win as a Texan.  Quarterbacks are judged on wins and losses in the end, so whether we won 10-3, or whatever the score was, you have to out there and get the win.  For me, I didn't know if I would get the opportunity again.  Now I've played three straight weeks.  It's not easy.  You have to go out there and prepare every day like you're the starter.  When your name is called, you have to go out there and execute. It feels good."

(on Blake Bortles) "It's my second time playing against him.  He's a tough kid. You see him scrambling around and making plays.  As long as he keeps putting in the work, things will turn his way.   I don't want him to do well when we're playing against him. I think as a young quarterback with that kind of toughness, you can see his teammates respond to that."

WR CECIL SHORTS(on coming back to get the win) "We played well together as a team and to come back here and get a 'W' means a lot."

(on how he felt in return) "I was excited coming back and I'm not going to lie to you. When you have played somewhere for four years, start your career there, you want to have a good game. We played well together."

(on what the win means) "It's big for us, a divisional opponent, and good to get the win today. There's a lot of season left. We wanted to get back on the right track and to come away with a divisional win is important. We forced three turnovers today and capitalized off of them. If we play like this, we expect to win."

(on Brian Hoyer performance) "He did well, ran the offense, did a great job leading us down the field on a 99-yard drive. We overcame two penalties and he led us down the field. He played well today."

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