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Quotes: Texans vs Raiders



HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (Transcribed by Tiffani Walker)
(on the game) "It gets back to, I'm looking at the turnovers and looking at them being good in the red zone and us being bad in the red zone. We were really bad on third downs offensively as a team.  Still, if we can line up and make a yard at the end of the game, we win the football game.  But we didn't do it."

(on the sideline discussion at the end of the game between QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson)  "I saw it.  That's just frustrations. It doesn't bother me if players get mad. I hope guys get mad when things aren't going well. But, we have to be able to handle it, and we'll handle it. Them two will handle it—just frustration. What we've been going through and continue to go through today. It's just something those two will handle. They've played a lot of football together."

(on putting QB Matt Schaub in the game)  "What was happening was, we had to make a lot of changes from a protection standpoint to handle some of the things they were doing.  Trying to create some tempo and do that.  And it made it very tough on (QB) Case (Keenum), in my opinion, being a young player.  I knew that (QB) Matt (Schaub) could get done some of the things that I wanted to get done, real fast, and to give us a chance to win the football game.  So that's why I did it."

(on the protection and moving around players, specifically T Ryan Harris, for better protection)  "We had to play with only two tight ends.  So we played a tackle at tight end today.  That's where we're at as a team.  We played there all day long.  It's not that we were trying to max protect with him, it was just something we had to do, gameplan wise, with the personnel that we had to play the football game with."

(on the frustration of the players and the half empty stadium and if he's talked to Mr. Bob McNair)  "We talk all the time.  I'm not going to share my conversations with him, but we talk every week."

(on his feelings with how the season is going)  "I'm as frustrated as everybody else is.  I totally understand, from a fans standpoint, from a player's standpoint.  We're trying to work through some things with some really young guys playing football in some situations.  We have to stay positive with them.  And I know it's very hard on people like (WR) Andre (Johnson) and people like that who have played a lot of football here right now.  But it's frustrating for me too.  I want everybody to understand I'm right there with them.  It's very difficult and something I have to try and work us through."

(on who will start at quarterback next week)  "I have to go look at everything we did.  I think we did a lot of things poorly.  We had a lot of penalties, a lot of things going on as a football team.  We rough a punter in a situation where we can't rough a punter.  We had a lot of things going on.  We'll continue to work through it.  We'll see."

(on the play of the special teams)  "I think we had two penalties the first two times we stepped on the field.  Our field position in the game, I think they averaged start (on) the 37-yard line in the first half, and we averaged start (on) the 17-yard line.  We were fortunate to even be in the game with two turnovers from that standpoint.  But, field position was definitely an issue today."

(on the changes that can be made at this point in the season)  "I think we're trying to make a lot of changes.  It seems like week to week we're doing things different, trying to find some spark and those types of things.  Some of the changes, some of the young players we have playing, change in practice, change a lot of things.  But obviously some more things have got to change because we've got to play better.  But still get back to, if we make a yard today, at least we feel good about winning a game.  We've got something positive to go off of into next week.  So, unfortunately we didn't."

(on if he went into the game thinking QB Matt Schaub would play based off of his good week at practice)  "No, not at all.  We hit a situation where I was trying to get the tempo of the game up and I changed a lot of calls from the gameplan to adapt to some of the protection issues we had.  And I knew he could get all that done and I thought it would be very difficult to put (QB) Case (Keenum) in that situation.  That's why I did it."

(on his health and coaching from the press box)  "I'm fine.  I didn't like being up there, but if that's what they want me to do, that's what I'll do."

(on how it was different being in the press box)  "You don't feel emotion up there and stuff.  One of the things, me visually looking down, we looked tired as a football team moving around.  And that concerns me because we've done everything we can to try and freshen our guys up.  It may be more mental than it is physical.  But I know it's a tough time, but I have to find a way to get them upbeat and moving quicker."

(on WR DeAndre Hopkins)  "Bottom line – DeAndre made a lot of mistakes early in the game, so we gave another guy a chance to play.  That's the bottom line."

(on CB Brandon Harris going in for Brice McCain)  "We were going to play all those guys.  I have to go back and look at the film. But we suited, I think eight DBs suited today and seven linebackers suited today. So everybody was going to play and contribute."

(on being quiet in the coaches booth and if other coaches toned it down with him in there)  "I don't know, I couldn't tell you because I've never been up there with them.  So I don't know."

WIDE RECEIVER ANDRE JOHNSON (Transcribed by Matt Bodiford)
(on how surprised he was when QB Matt Schaub replaced QB Case Keenum) "That's a coach's decision. That's what the coaches decide, so we've got to go with it."

(on what happened on the last play of the game) "I messed up I'll just put it like that. I messed up."

(on the exchange of words between him and Matt Schaub at the end of the game)  "We just exchanged some words. It's just the heat of the moment; once we got in the locker-room we talked about it. I'm not worried about it; me and Matt have played a lot of football together. Things like that happen, I think there's a lot of frustration going on, and I think it happened because of frustration."

(on how the tough the season has been on you personally) "It's been very tough. Like I said it's been frustrating not just for me but for everyone. Hasn't been any fun."

(on if the frustration came when being left open and not thrown towards) "No it wasn't about just one play I think it's been the season period. Just everything that's been going when you pile up the losses in a row. It's been frustrating for everybody."

(on getting close towards the end) "We just didn't get it done."

(on the difference between Case Keenum and Matt Schaub at quarterback) "I've always said I feel comfortable with everybody. No matter who's at quarterback, you know I can't make that decision. I just try to do the best I can."

(on the crowd booing Matt Schaub) "They're fans; I mean they have their opinion. It doesn't matter what I say or what anybody in this locker room says. They choose to boo, they're going to boo. I feel like it's very unnecessary. They may not feel that way, and I can't control what they do. At the same time I don't really approve of it."

(on the last play did Matt Schaub tell you that you messed up) "No, I mean there was just words exchanged. You could see the frustration on his face, and the frustration on my face. Like I said I'm not worried about that. I think you all are making a big deal about it. We talked about it it's over. I have no problems with Matt we've played a lot of football together. We have a good relationship."

(on if it's important to admit you messed up) "I mean it's part of it. I didn't do my part. I could've made a play that would have had a different outcome."

QUARTERBACK CASE KEENUM (Transcribed by Matt Bodiford)
(on Head Coach Gary Kubiak making the change) "It's a business, and the business is the game, and the game is producing and playing well. I wasn't the best thing for the team at that point, I guess. I respect the coaches; decision, and everything they do. I follow them wherever, and today wasn't my day. Matt (Schaub) came in and played well. He moved the ball, and got some points on the board. I was just struggling."

(on what he was told when the decision was made and if he was surprised) "Just that Matt (Schaub) is going. Yeah, I wasn't planning on it going into today. It's something that quarterback is a different position. People rotate in and out of other positions, and don't think anything of it. Yeah, I was surprised."

(on what it does to his confidence) "It doesn't change my confidence. In a decision like that, I need to play better. I need to be better for this team. That's the bottom line in my book, and I'm going to get better."

(on his outing today) "I was not playing as well as I could have. I made some mistakes, the interception was seven points right there. We put our defense in a tough spot early. I just didn't make the plays that I needed too."

(on what the difference in play in your first half compared to second this season) "If I could, I'd fix it. I stressed this week on staying focused and finishing strong. Not only starting strong but finishing strong as well. Little things here and there. I'd have to go back and look at the film, and see what happened."

(on how difficult it was to be pulled) "I mean it was tough. It wasn't fun, I'd rather play, but I want what is best for this team. Today Matt (Schaub) was that towards the end."

(on his reaction to being pulled) "I was surprised, obviously came into today expecting to play well. I felt like I prepared extremely well. I had a good feeling coming into this week. I didn't make the right plays at the right time, and I couldn't keep the offense on the field in those critical third downs."

(on if you expect to start next week) "I mean it's early to start talking about next week, but I expected to start when I was on the practice squad. It's kind of my mindset to play every week. I'm going to expect to go out there, and take it with the same preparation as I always do."

(on Gary Kubiak saying they switched because of protection issues) "Yeah, they started going with a two minute drill, and Matt (Schaub) has done more operating on the ball. They made the switch, and we moved the ball. I don't know their reasons or anything, I just go out and try my best and I wasn't successful."

(on what he thought was the reason he were taken out) "Not converting on third downs. As a quarterback, I think if you want to be a big time quarterback in this league and lead your team and be successful, you need to keep your offense on the field and get first downs. That's where I feel our money is earned, and I wasn't doing that."

WIDE RECEIVER DEVIER POSEY (Transcribed by Matt Bodiford)
(on the feeling when QB Matt Schaub came in) "We were functioning, I felt like we were moving the ball. We were putting points on the board we just have to finish."

(on the frustration of being two yards away) "There have been a lot of games like that. It comes down to two minute drills this season, and I don't know, all we can do is put our heads together and try to figure out what we can do to put the ball in the end zone. It will take a group effort to get the job done."

(on Matt Schaub yelling at the wide receivers) "He is a competitor and he wants to win. If anything it was just frustration that we didn't get a first down or a touchdown. Out of everybody in the building he was probably the most mad. We understand we have to be clean on our assignments."

(on if QB Case Keenum is getting enough reps) "I don't know, to me we just do what we need to do. Case is a humble guy, and he knows how to handle everything. He'll be in here tomorrow preparing for next week, and recovering from today."

QUARTERBACK MATT SCHAUB (Transcribed by Rachel Jacob and Cali Roper)
(on when he knew he was going into the game) "It was right before I went in. The series right before he said something. It was a quick turnaround. I think right actually when the defense had a third down and we were about to get a punt so I only got a few throws before I got to go back out there. It was good to be back in the hole."

(on what happened between he and WR Andre Johnson at the end of the game) "It's just emotions, emotions of the game, a culmination of a lot of things but stuff we will keep between us. He is a great guy and a great competitor as am I. Just the heat of the moment but that is behind us."

(on the last play of the game) "We got down there and we only needed a yard for first down and two yards for a touchdown and we had a few shots at it and then we had the penalty that backed us up and we were trying to take a shot in the end zone to give them a chance to make a play to win the game and they made the play."

(on being rusty when it came to reps) "No, not really. I have had enough reps with all those guys in the past; it's somewhat like riding a bike. Obviously not having gotten a lot of reps in practice or things like that, but I mean the plays are the same, we just dress things up a bit. There wasn't much rust, it was just the first series and I hadn't thrown, I had only had about five or six throws before going in there so I need just a little bit of oil to you know loosen things up."

(on the uncertainty of his role and if he has had any similar experiences in the past) "There was a time back in college, I think the first year starting back as a sophomore where I rotated with another guy but since I have been at this level I have never been a part of anything like that."

(on what is happening to the Texans in the red zone) "You know, we're not making the plays. We've had some penalties, we've had some turnovers along the way, we are hurting ourselves. We have plays to be made, whether it is a run or a pass but we just aren't finding that extra yard, that extra inch to get that first down or get in the end zone. We need to find that, we need to go and get it."

(on what has happened to the Texans in these past eight games) "It's surreal. It's hard to imagine that we have gotten to this point with how hard guys have worked, the veterans we still have in the locker room, the young players we have added, with the amount of talent that we have to see things slip away from us the way they have. You know we are a big reason for that and we need to buckle things down as a football team."

(on wanting to finish up season as team's starting quarterback) "Absolutely. That's why I am here. It means a great deal to me."

(on expectations for next week) "There's a lot to review. Obviously I want to be in there but we are still fresh off of this one. We need to go in there and digest it, and move on with whatever Coach decides in the next coming dates, but I want to be out there."

(on if he felt that QB Case Keenum couldn't handle the pressure of today's game) "I don't know. It is hard for me to speculate that. I need to sit back, watch the film, and look back at it. It is hard for me to make that judgment right now. I just try to prepare as best I can every week to go out there and play. It is what I always do. I just come to work and do the best that I can for this football team, and that's what I am going to continue to do."

(on getting the guys on the team more motivated) "Yeah, you just feel that you just have to insert some enthusiasm and energy to get guys going. We got down. They had that long play and made an eleven point gain and so we are trying to make plays go fast. It creates some tempo and gets guys energized a little bit. We were able to do that. Obviously we got down there and had to kick a couple of field goals along with that situation but it got us to a point where we were within a touchdown to win the game. The guys fought a hard battle. Energy wise, we are just trying to lift it up, and we want guys into things."

(on feeling more like himself during today's game) "I kind of feel that way, but it hasn't been the couple of months that any of us in particular would have hoped for.  That's part of this game, especially when expectations are really high. We have great standards and high expectations for ourselves. I feel like myself. We just have to move forward and find a way to get a win, bottom line."

(on disagreement with WR Andre Johnson) "We will handle that. That is between us and our team. It won't be a problem. We have been around each other long enough. It's an emotional game and we have been through things before but we will handle it."

DEFENSIVE END ANTONIO SMITH (Transcribed by Ellie Pardee)
(on how the team can turn their streak around) "You've got several answers in your mind, you know, you're going to come up with several different things you think that can happen. I did that exact same thing this week. We just have to go back to the drawing board, look and see what our mistakes were and then try to find out how to go and get a win."

(on his reaction when Matt Schaub went in the game) "I didn't even notice until the whole crowd went crazy. It sounded like it was mixed feelings there, some cheering, some not. I looked up and the only thing I thought was we need to get this win. That's the whole thing I was thinking this whole game, you know, until that last little snap we've got to find out how to get this win. I sure thought we had it with that last drive that Schaub had. I thought we had it."

(on the exchange between Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub at the end of the game) "The last play, I saw it."

(on if the exchange was frustration) "I don't know, I don't know what it is. Everybody, they say everybody in this world has a breaking point, you know, I guess if it was frustration is was probably both of those men's breaking point. I didn't really see an exchange, I saw the play but I didn't see any frustration exchange. I would think if somebody had a frustrating exchange then somebody just got fed up."

(on if this is the most frustrated he has been as a competitor) "It's right up there with the most frustrated, but I've been in a program that had to start from the bottom up and have some losing seasons and some winning seasons. I've been through it before but I guess I'm feeling it right now so it feels like it's the most frustrating time I've been through."

(on what the team's frustration is due to outside of the final score) "I don't know. He asked me a question of why somebody could lash out and have frustration. I said probably just because they had a breaking point."

(on if he has reached his breaking point) "It takes a lot to break me, man. I can have some frustrating times but my faith doesn't reside in me, or this team or anything else. So it takes a lot to break me. I love my brothers, whether they fail or they prosper, whether they do good or do bad, we will chastise each other and let each other know that we need to step it up, but my love for them is not conditional. So, I'm not going to give up on them and I hope they wouldn't give up on me."

GUARD WADE SMITH (Transcribed by Adrian Jones)
(on his personal level of frustration) "It is high. We were in position to win the game and we didn't win. It is very disappointing."

(on protection issues leading to change in quarterback) "I don't know anything about that. The change in quarterback's just felt like the thing to do."

(on thoughts when QB Case Keenum was replaced by QB Matt Schaub) "I was disappointed in the reaction of the crowd. But it is what it is. We are here to play and (Schaub) came in and gave us a chance to win."

(on if chance in quarterback surprised the team) "Not really. I don't know if it was something that wasn't happening or did happen, but seeing (Schaub) come into the huddle was nothing new to me. It wasn't a 'wow' moment. It was a 'let's go.'"

(on hearing the crowd booing when QB Matt Schaub entered the game) "It was very disappointing. It was disappointing because we had to go to our silent count at home because we couldn't hear. It was disappointing because it was effecting how we had to play. Besides that, we are all grown men and have thick skin. But the fact we had to adjust what we were doing to put us at a disadvantage like we were on the road that was a disappointing thing. But we are grown men. When there are accolades we don't shy away from it, so when there is criticism we can't shy away from that."

(on failing to score in the red zone at the end of the game) "It was very disappointing. We needed to make the play and we didn't make it."

(on confrontation between QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson at the end of the game) "I don't know anything about it. You have to talk to them. But I really don't know anything about it so I can't comment on it."

(on losing eight games in a row) "There is a lot of frustration and a lot of disappointment. I can't put in to word how I feel because you put a lot into it. It is not a situation where guys are going the other way. Everybody is still in it. It is just we are not getting it done."

RUNNING BACK BEN TATE (Transcribed by Shelby Wells)
(on how tough it is to not get the win) "I mean, it's very tough. It's tough. I feel like I should have made the play. I feel like I let the team down. So it's tough."

(on if he was aware that QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson had words after the game) "When you're in the heat of the moment and supposed to win a game. I would have had a problem if neither one of them said anything to each other. To me, I feel like maybe they wouldn't have cared but they both wanted to win the game and that's OK as long as they hash it out. Once everything settles down, as long as they hash it out. They're just two competitors."

(on catching a break when the ball popped out) "No. I was thinking, 'You messed up' because maybe I had a chance to get in the end zone. I feel like I needed to make the play either there, or the next play. I don't know, I'm always tough on myself so I feel like I need to do more."

(on if the spreads were an issue today) "It's always an issue. I just try to do the best I can."

(on the switch at quarterback) "Obviously he came back and I think he played well. It is what it is I think. Coach made a decision to do what was best for the team."

(on if the switch at Quarterback was necessary) "That's something you have to ask Kubs (Gary Kubiak)."

(on Gary Kubiak in the press box) "I think it was business as usual. I mean, that's something that you're used to seeing him down there and talking to us. Coach Dennison he was pretty fiery down there and he was getting us together. That's the same thing Kubs (Gary Kubiak) would do too. I think we needed that emotion and that energy from the coaches. Coach Dennison was really upset at certain times and I don't blame him."

(on Wade Smith's disappointment with the crowd's reaction to QB Matt Schaub coming out) "These fans here in Houston are so up and down and so wishy-washy. I'm just shocked at that because this organization has come a long way. I just feel like if you're a true fan, you stick with the team through the tough times and we're going through a tough time right now. In regards to who was back there, fans are going to be fans. It is what it is."

DEFENSIVE END J.J. WATT (Transcribed by Hank Nathan)
(on if he was surprised when QB Matt Schaub went into the game) "I didn't even really know it. I was on the defensive side trying to stop them."

(on his frustration level right now) "Whatever is beyond frustrated, that's where I'm at."

(on if today's loss was tougher because the team came so close) "Like I said before, every single loss is extremely difficult."

(on his injury that took him off the field) "Just a little rib or back, something like that. I don't know. It's football. You get hurt and you keep playing."

(on why he didn't immediately go back into the game after returning to the sidelines) "They just wanted to make sure I was all right."

(on the big run play by the Raiders and if he just broke through the line and took off) "That's what it looked like. I haven't had a chance to check out the film. I'm not sure."

(on the argument between QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson and how that affected the rest of the team) "I didn't see it, so I don't know."

(on if he sensed that the team would pull out the win towards the end of the game) "Yeah, that was the plan."

(on where the team stands right now) "We've lost eight games in a row. We need to find a way to win a football game. Eight times we've gone out there and tried to do it, and eight times we haven't done it. So something's got to change. We've got figure something out. Every single week, I go back and watch the film and try to figure out what we need to do, what we need to change. Every single week, I go out confident and expecting to win. And obviously, eight times it hasn't happened."

(on if he feels like the coaches and players are doing what's necessary during the week to make changes) "I worry about myself and that's what I've always said. You have to look in the mirror and you have to analyze yourself and make sure you're doing the right things. So that's what I do. Every single week, I go out and make sure that I'm doing the right things to help us win football games."

(on if it's unfathomable that the team has lost eight in a row given the expectations going into the season) "Yes, it's extremely frustrating."

(on not giving up and having two sacks in back-to-back games, and how he's adjusting to how offenses are playing him) "It doesn't matter what people throw at me. It doesn't matter how they try and block me, how many people they try to put on me. I have to do what I have to do to help this team win football games. Like I've said, that's the only thing that I can focus on is going out there making sure that I do as much as I possibly can to help us win and make sure our defense does as much as we possibly can to help us win. I know teams are going to put everything they have towards me. All I can do is go out there and give them every single thing that I have."

(on saluting after he got a sack today in honor of the servicemen and if it meant anything more today) "Yeah, it feels great. It's great to know that they're there, but I'm sure that a win would have felt a whole lot better."

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