Quotes: Thursday practice

The Texans practiced on Thursday morning at the Methodist Training Center. After, head coach Gary Kubiak answered questions from the media. The following is a transcripts of his interview.

Head coach Gary Kubiak(on the news of Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger being diagnosed with cancer) "I talked to him yesterday. Obviously he's a very good friend of mine and I worked with him for some great years there in Denver. You just pray for him that hopefully some positive things happen along the way, but he was very upbeat. I got a chance to visit with his son yesterday before I got him on a plane and flew him to Tennessee. I just wish (Titans offensive coordinator) Mike (Heimerdinger) the best and say a lot of prayers for him. He's a great person. It's very tough, but Mike's a tough guy, too."

(on any injuries today) "As far as practice-wise (DE) Mario (Williams) was back. (DT) Shaun Cody was ill, did not practice today. (LB) Brian Cushing did not practice today. His knee was sore so I just decided to hold him. Other than that we're okay."

(on the condition of CB Glover Quin's hand) "He has a small fracture. He has to wear a protective cast, but he's fine. He practiced with it all week. He's okay to go."

(on if he will expect LB Brian Cushing back tomorrow) "I'll have to wait and see. His knee was sore. So it didn't make sense. We came right back after practice yesterday and went back to work earlier this morning. So I'm trying to rest him, but everything tells that he could be right back and playing."

(on what worries him most about this weekend's game versus the Titans) "The thing about their team is that they play a lot of games the same way. They play a lot of low-scoring-type games that is decided by a field goal here or there. They find a way to get points. They've been very productive from a points standpoint with turnovers and their offense in the red zone. Defensively, they are the best team in the red zone, I think if I'm right, either number one or two in the red zone. All those things that they stand for, running the ball, end up playing close low-scoring football games."

(on WR Randy Moss influencing the Titan's running game) "No, doubt because everybody wants to roll to him and they worry about him. When people do that, here comes a stretch play that way. It's a monster from the standpoint of what you got to do right now, but it all starts with stopping the running game. If you don't stop it, you're in for a long day."

(on the two big games Titans RB Chris Johnson had against the Texans last season) "I think this is one of those young men that he's the center of their offense. He's going to get so many touches a game. He's always going to have his yards. The question is, do you contain him enough to not to give up the big play? Does he not come out of the game averaging seven-and-a-half, eight yards a carry, which he has done in the past? It's about trying to limit him and getting him off the football field because they can hold the ball on you and you know that's been a problem for us."

(on if there is any doubt that Titans head coach Jeff Fisher is rallying his team) "There's no doubt in my mind. I know how this quarterback is coached. He will play well. The team that we have to beat this weekend doesn't change a lick because of what's going on at quarterback because of the way they play and what it takes to find a way to get a win against them never changes."

(on the focus of the team today on the Thanksgiving schedule) "They didn't like waking up at five in the morning. So it took awhile to get going, but they did good. We got our work done, now they can go home and enjoy their families."

(on if every player made the 6:30 am meeting) "Everybody did."

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