Quotes: Trindon Holliday conference call


Trindon Holliday of LSU was drafted in the sixth round, and head coach Gary Kubiak projects him to be a return specialist.


These quotes are part of our 2010 Path to the Draft coverage presented by FOX Sports Houston.

Trindon Holliday, a return man/receiver/running back from LSU, was selected by the Texans in the sixth round with the 198th pick. After the pick, Holliday answered questions from the Houston media via a conference call.

Texans returner Trindon Holliday

(on his initial reaction when he received the call from the Texans) "My heart just dropped when I received the phone call."

(on being labeled the fastest man in college football history) "It was a great accomplishment and great title to have with me playing in the SEC."

(on if he was surprised that the Texans drafted him and if he heard from any other teams) "Right before I received a call from the Texans I received a call from the 49ers where they said they were considering me. When my name popped up on the TV screen from the Texans I became really excited."

(on what he believes was his 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine) "I felt that I ran a 4.24 or something in that range."

(on what is the fastest that he has ever run the 40-yard dash) "The fastest I ever been clocked was at 4.25 when I was training."

(on if he feels comfortable playing receiver instead of running back) "I feel very comfortable. I've been working on catching the ball as good as I can."

(on if he believes he has to prove that he can play in the NFL despite his size) "I just want the opportunity to show some teams that I'm a capable guy and I can make something happen for some teams."

(on if his height could be an advantage) "I think it's a real advantage. I believe I could hide behind some of those guys in offensive line."

(on if he has followed the Texans) "I used to watch the Texans all the time. Especially the last couple of seasons they have done a pretty good job."

(on if he is competing in any more track meets) "I'm done with that. I'm just concentrating on being a Houston Texan."

(on winning the national championship in track and field at LSU and now being drafted in the NFL) "It's very exciting to be able to be a national champion and a couple of days before my birthday being drafted in the NFL. It is just a dream come true."

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