Quotes: Wednesday practice


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

OLB Connor Barwin

T Duane Brown

ILB Tim Dobbins

WR Andre Johnson

CB Johnathan Joseph

WR Keshawn Martin

LB Barrett Ruud

QB Matt Schaub

FS Glover Quin

DE J.J. Watt

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Green Bay Head Coach Mike McCarthy Conference Call

Green Bay LB Clay Matthews Conference Call

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Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on the team's health in practice today) "The only guy that did not practice today was (SS Quintin) Demps. Other than that, we were full-go."

(on the team's transactions) "We had a couple things happen right before we actually went on the field. We released Trindon (Holliday) and we signed Barrett Rudd, a linebacker from Nebraska. We also have activated (G) Cody White from our practice squad to our active squad. Obviously with the issue going, we were looking from a linebacker standpoint. We thought a lot of him as a player as we've studied him in the past. We felt fortunate to get him signed. With Cody, we think he's got a bright future. He's been doing a heck of a job. Gump's (RG Antoine Caldwell) been a little dinged up and some things there, so we want his availability as we move forward. He can play both center and guard so congratulations to him. As far as (WR) Trindon (Holliday), it was a tough decision. As you move through the season, you have issues at one spot or another. I think we're carrying 11 defensive backs right now. We had six wide receivers so we have to go pull from somewhere so that's the place we chose to go. By no means is it a statement that what we thought of Trindon. We have not been playing up to par on special teams, giving returns the opportunity, so that had nothing to do with it. You never know. Our paths may cross again, but we wish him the best. He did a good job. He earned his way on this team, but we had to make a tough decision today."

(on who will return) "(WR) Keshawn (Martin) will be the guy. (RB Justin) Forsett can do it also, but Keshawn will be our guy in both kick return and punt return. He has been working heavily there for the last month."

(on WR Keshawn Martin returning ) "What was going on, first off we have a lot of confidence in him doing that. He did it in college. He was excellent doing it. But we were working with four receivers there for a period of time with (WR) Lestar (Jean) being out. So I was concerned of putting too much on his plate. I have him playing two spots for a rookie, which is tough. If I had thrown that on him, I just felt like I was doing too much to him too early. I think he's made a lot of progress. The fact that Lestar is back, and will be ready to go this week so now we have five healthy receivers. I felt like we can give (WR) Keshawn (Martin) a little bit more, and hopefully he can give us a boost and get us going a little bit."

(on FS Danieal Manning returning kicks) "That will continue to be a consideration. I think we pick our spots were we do that. He always works back there, very capable of going back there. I think there is a time and place for it and not quite yet."

(on how much work has to be done to get LB Barrett Ruud up to speed ) "Quite a bit, but he is a veteran player who has been in some systems somewhat similar to what we do so we should be able to catch him up pretty quick. We do have eight healthy guys to move forward with because were carrying nine before. It gives us a little flexibility there going into game day. We think he can catch up pretty quick."

(on if ILB Brian Cushing has had his surgery) "No, not as of right now. Like I said, they're waiting for the swelling to go done. I'm not quite sure where he's going to have the surgery or who's going to do it. I don't know."

(on ILB Tim Dobbins) "First off, we have a lot of confidence in Dob (ILB Tim Dobbins). It's a challenge for our team. That's what this is when you lose a player like that. It's a challenge for your team. We got a darn good football team. We know Dobbins is going to go in there and play well. Every player in our locker room is going to take on a little bit more responsibility so we're going to spread that responsibility around. Everybody is going to take a little bit bigger piece of it and we need to respond."

(on ILB Tim Dobbins' abilities) "(ILB) Tim (Dobbins) is a smart player. He's been in this league awhile. He's very much on top of what (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) wants to do. He can make all the calls for us if we want him to do that. He's capable of doing that. The fact that our team named him the special teams captain this year would tell you how much the team thinks of him. It's an opportunity in his career and he's worked hard for it. I know he's looking forward to it."

(on RB Ben Tate's status) "(RB) Ben (Tate) did practice today. I would say this, we were very light in practice today. It was kind of more a teaching, but Ben did take his load today. My expectations are that Ben will ready to go Sunday. (WR) Lestar (Jean) probably was very close to playing last week, but it was our plan all along to push him back another week. He was full-go today, and I expect him to be ready also."

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

(on G Cody White) "Obviously we like what (G) Cody (White) has done in practice and that's why he's been around. It's just a security of having an extra guy up and available and to have the depth inside because at this point in time, it would take us awhile to train anybody for sure and to find somebody who has done as well would be equally hard. I think that's it in a nutshell."

(on if he's concerned about WR Andre Johnson's quiet game against the New York Jets) "No, I don't think there are any concerns. We didn't provide as many opportunities probably as we should. You have to give credit to (Antonio) Cromartie, too. He did a nice job a couple of times. I don't think so. I think (WR) Andre (Johnson) is still the dynamic player. We'll still get him the ball and he's a great part of our offense."

(on opportunities for WR Andre Johnson) "I think there are a few things. We got to a point where we're running. (RB) Arian (Foster) had a big day so we start feeding him the ball and thinking about the options there. Nobody in any stretch is worried. We'll be fine. There will be plenty of opportunities for Dre (WR Andre Johnson)."

(on the Packers' defense) "Their 3-4 is a lot different than the last one we played. They have a lot of great players on defense, Pro Bowl players, great rushers; nose (tackle) is big so the present plenty of opportunities or plenty of difficulties, I should say, opportunities to be worried. We just have to find our seams, work our game plan to see if we can take advantage and get some gaps running the ball, find some seams and then try to use the stuff that we generally do. We try to do what we do best and fit it into the scheme and the game plan."

(on the running game's improvements) "I think everybody did their job better. Even then, I told them today, it's a consistency issue. I think consistently we were better, but we still have some ways to go. By no stretch of the means we think we're all the way there. Everybody is just doing their job better. We ran three or four players, they were clinics; guys were on their guys. They were in the right technique. The hash placement was correct and (RB) Arian (Foster) did a great job running. They were blocked well and they were run well, but there are still a handful of plays that we could do better at. We're trying to teach form those, too. You've got to take what you do well and what you do poorly and try to coach off of both sets of tapes."

(on the offense improving) "I think everybody is working at it. Everybody is improving. I wouldn't know if there was a perfect way to do it or not. I just know that we're happy with the results. We're happy with how everybody is moving along. We're waiting to see which one works out the best. I think at some point in time, we'll be fine with it. We're still studying and they're still working very hard at it."

(on the offensive game plan ) "If that's what seems best, yes. You're kind of working me in a corner there. I'm not going to get in the corner that quickly. I think it's a blend of everything right now. Right now, I think we're doing fine. In a perfect world, maybe, but maybe not happening. I don't know. It's just like somebody asked me about the rotation of the carrying last week. It works itself out. It really does and I think that'll work itself out too."

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OLB Connor Barwin

(on the loss of ILB Brian Cushing) "I already missed him in the meeting room. I got (ILB Tim) Dobbins sitting next to me, and I was trying to fool around with (Tim) Dobbins but he wouldn't look at me. He was locked in and taking notes so it's a little different already. Obviously we all have to move forward and step up. I think we'll be fine."

(on the team's faith in ILB Tim Dobbins) "I have no doubt. He's going to get his opportunity to show what he can do. If you look at what he's done, what he did last year when he stepped in, he made huge plays in the run game. I think he had a huge fumble. He's always played in goal line situations for us and always done well. I think he'll be fine."

(on this team's ability to overcome key injuries) "No, there is no doubt, but obviously it's a huge loss. There is no doubt. We're a team. We got a lot of good players on defense and obviously they're going to step up on offense. Everybody is going to have to step up. Obviously it's a huge loss losing a guy like that."

(on what he said to ILB Tim Dobbins during the meeting) "I was kicking him because me and (ILB Brian Cushing) have some fun in the meetings sometimes because we've been here for a long time, know the system pretty well. But (Tim) Dobbins knew if he looked over, I'd be making jokes at him or something. He wouldn't even look. He's all ears right now taking everything in, making sure he doesn't miss any assignments."

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LT Duane Brown

(on Packers LB Clay Matthews) "Oh, Clay Matthews. He's the real deal, man. Heck of a player, very versatile, not really one part of his game that you can pinpoint and focus on, so it's a big challenge. Looking forward to it. Combination of speed, strength, quickness and just a lot of different moves. He doesn't really have just one go-to move that you can focus on. Very relentless, he doesn't stop after you initially stop him. He has a high motor so it's going to be an all-night affair, looking forward to it."

(on his mind set) "Bring your 'A' game. Doing a lot of film study here, just be prepared for it. It's a big stage and got to be ready to go."

(on hosting a Sunday night game) "It's going to be awesome. I'm excited to see what Reliant's going to be like. I can only imagine how loud it's going to be. Crazy atmosphere and two great teams going at it. It's all you can ask for."

(on back-to-back national broadcasts) "Yeah, we've come a long way, man. To have a Monday night game then next week have a Sunday night game just shows how much respect the Nation has for this organization and how much we've shown what we can do and how much ability we have."

ILB Tim Dobbins

(on replacing ILB Brian Cushing) "I'm not him of course, but I will try to do my best to fill in his shoes. It's a great system that we have here. I've been running it for years and I know a little bit about the ins and outs of our system. I'm planning on doing what I do. That's definitely trying to stop the run and keeping this defense going as we've been doing so far."

(on having a knockout punch) "It's definitely something good to have. Obviously if you get the opportunity to hit a running back or receiver, you don't want them to fall forward. You want them to fall backwards because it comes down to the inches."

(on his teammates' faith in him) "It means a lot. I started believing that they had faith in me when they voted me special teams captain. I'm filling in for (ILB Brian) Cushing right now and I plan on doing the best I can."

(on his relationship with Defensive Coordinator  Wade Phillips) "Our relationship goes way back, San Diego, he drafted me. He believed in me, and I think that's one of the reasons that I'm here now because he knows I know the system and I can run it."

(on if his mindset changes now that he's starting) "Not really because every week I prepare that I'm going to start. You never know if one of the guys will go down so I practice both positions, so I'm ready to play either one of them."

WR Andre Johnson

(on if he's still not happy with the way he's been playing) "I try to be perfect in everything I do. I know that I'm not perfect. I know there are things that are going to happen when I'm out there on the field playing. Every time I go out there on the field I just try to be perfect."

(on playing back-to-back primetime games on national television) "It's a big opportunity. A lot of people will be watching a primetime game. We'll be playing against a good football team so it will be another big challenge for us."

(on Head Coach Gary Kubiak saying he needs to get him more involved in the play-calling) "It's something you like to hear but I can only do my best with the opportunities that I get."

(on how he thinks the Texans' passing game has been through five games) "I think it's been fine. We have a bunch of guys who can step up and make plays. We've been running the ball real well, especially how we did on Monday. When you're running the ball, a lot of times you don't have to throw it."

CB Johnathan Joseph

(on his health) "I'm good to go, just some soreness, typical soreness throughout the season. No groin or anything like that, just typical soreness from playing in the game."

(on the Packers offense) "They're an explosive offense. (Green Bay QB) Aaron (Rodgers) can put the ball any place on the field, any given time. Strong arm. They've got great weapons, skilled positions so it'll be a good test for us."

(on the pressure of covering when QB Aaron Rodgers is in) "Like I've been saying all season, it starts with the guys up front applying pressure to him and he can extend plays with his legs as well. So it'll be a big challenge for us with the receiving group they have. The things that we do on defense, we'll be up for the task."

WR Keshawn Martin

(on how comfortable he is returning punts and kicks) "I definitely feel comfortable. I did it throughout college, so I feel pretty good back there, just in practice, getting those reps out there. I'm comfortable. I feel pretty good going into this game."

(on if WR Lestar Jean's return from injury and how that will allow him to concentrate more on the return game) "We got (WR) Lestar (Jean) back. He's a big part of this offense for us. I've got a little more responsibility with the returns and still playing some receiver. I'm going to approach as just going out there and making plays and just having fun."

(on what he thinks the problems with the return game have been this season) "We just had a couple breakdowns blocking-wise; just a couple mistakes that could be fixed. We're going to get it fixed this week."

(on what the keys are to being a good punt returner and kick returner) "Just having that instinct of finding the holes. The guys come down, they close so fast. You've got to hit it and get it on those things."

(on what it will be like to return kicks on Sunday night) "It's going to be fun for me. It's going to be my first returns in the NFL, so I'm going to be excited. I'm going to be ready. I'm excited about it."

* *

LB Barrett Ruud

(on what he's done since joining the Texans) "Kind of just getting all the medical stuff taken care of and trying to get familiar with everything. You're kind of like a rookie again walking around kind of clueless. I'm just trying to fit in right now."

(on what he's done this past month) "Playing. I just got up from New Orleans. I was down in New Orleans last month. It's going to be fun. It's going to be fun to come here to a team that's really got things rolling right now."

(on this crazy week for him) "It really is. It's definitely new to me kind of jumping around like this. Like I said earlier, when you come to a team that's really playing well that's very exciting for you."

(on if he feels like he's ready to play now) "Well obviously I've got to learn the defense first. That's the biggest thing. Physically, I feel great. I feel like I can play right now, physically. It's just a matter of learning what I'm supposed to do. You don't want to be a liability out there, especially as a linebacker, having somebody tell you what to do. You're kind of the position on defense where you're supposed to tell other people what to do. It's just going to be a lot of cramming the playbook for me."

* *

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FS Glover Quin

(on what the loss of ILB Brian Cushing means to the secondary) "It means a lot because we work as a group. That front seven has the back four. (ILB) Brian Cushing was a great blitzer for us, he did a lot of great things for us, and losing him is obviously going to affect us but we have to rally as a team. As a group, everybody has to take the team to the next level and pick up the slack. We can't look for one guy to come in and just replace Brian Cushing, because he's Brian Cushing for a reason. We have to do a good job as rallying as a team and pick up the slack."

(on how tough it is to cover TE Jermichael Finley) "He's very tough. I would say he's one of those tight ends that are receiver-type bodies; big, physical, fast, creates mismatches all across the field. He's going to be a tough cover. We faced a bunch of big tight ends like this so we definitely have to be alert of where he is on the field and do our best to eliminate it."

(on if losing ILB Brian Cushing on third downs changes anything for him) "Having a different player means we have to adjust to what the player does best, but I think (Defensive Coordinator) Coach Wade Phillips has a great understanding of the defense and what we do. I think he'll have a great game plan and call his plays, but obviously we're going to miss Cush (ILB Brian Cushing). He's a great player for us. We'll have to pick up the slack."

QB Matt Schaub

(on playing against Green Bay LB Clay Matthews) "He's obviously a very dynamic player, a good pass rusher so we're going to have to be aware of where he is, were he's lined up and our protection and everything. Obviously, he's used to having some help put on him by other teams, whether it be tight ends or backs. You just have to be aware of where he is and adjust accordingly."

(on the loss of ILB Brian Cushing) "Obviously it's a very tough situation. It's the harsh reality of football when things like this happen. It's a tough deal. I know (ILB Brian Cushing) is going do whatever he can to come back even better than he was before. He's one of the hardest workers I've ever been around, one of the best players I've ever been around. It just means that everyone is going to have to pick it up a little bit more. I'm fully confident in (ILB Tim) Dobbins stepping in there and playing well, but everyone is just going to have to pick it up. It's just another sign of adversity for this team that we're going to have to go through like we have over the last year and a half. We're going to have to just keep moving."

(on playing the Packers) "It's obviously a big challenge for us, a great team coming in, a team that won the Super Bowl two years ago. We got a lot of challenges in front of us, but we're going to prepare hard like we always do this week and be ready for them Sunday night."

(on similarities between him and Atlanta QB Matt Ryan ) "Just the fact that we grew up in the same area, I don't know if there are too many similarities. We're a few years apart, but it's good football that's played up there."

(on the offense) "I feel good about where we're at. There is obviously a lot that we can improve on. We're very hard on ourselves. We demand a lot out of ourselves as a group across the board, the whole team. We know each game there is things that we can get better. There is no perfect game out there. Whatever it calls on for us to win, we're going to go do it. We want to be consistently good at everything, so we're going to demand that out of each other every week."

* *

(on Houston's tight ends) "(TE Owen Daniels), he's been himself. That's what he's always been, very productive for us, a dependable guy. With (FB) James (Casey) coming along the last couple years with his role, we ask him to do a lot whether he's a tight end, a fullback, he lines up out wide, creates a lot of mismatches for us. He's very reliable. He's always going to be in the right place. (TE) Garrett (Graham) has really stepped up in a huge way, his blocking. We always knew he was a good route runner, could catch; but on the line of scrimmage he's really played well for us. We've got some weapons at that position."

(on this week's short turnaround to Sunday's game) "We do have a short week, but from a mental standpoint as players that's where it's on us to get us ourselves mentally ready to go. Coach (Gary Kubiak) is going to get us physically ready for the game, but not be too hard on us this week, let our bodies get back fresh. It's on us to just do the little things and the extra work in order to be ready. Fortunately, we don't play Sunday at noon. We play Sunday night so it's a few extra hours before the game. We're just going to have to get ourselves fresh going into Sunday."

(on playing on national televisions again this week) "It's exciting because it's like last week, it's a national stage. All eyes are going to be on us. We're the only game on and everything. For us in the room, it's just another game. It's another piece to this puzzle. One out of 16, so we're approaching it the same way. We got to go out and do the little things and the details to go win."

(on how happy he is that he doesn't have to face DE J.J. Watt) "Very happy about that. He's playing extremely well. What else can I say about him? He continually makes big plays for us in crucial situations. We're glad he's on our side. I got enough of him during camp, believe me."

(on the right side of the offensive line ) "Those guys work extremely hard, all four of those guys that are playing for us. They push each other to be better throughout the week and then in even throughout the games. The harder they work, the better they're going to get. The more plays they get, they're going to get better because a lot of them are young guys that haven't had a lot of game experience in this league so they're going to get better and better. The fact how hard they work, it gives them that foundation to get better. We're extremely pleased with how they've played."

* *

DE J.J. Watt

(on ILB Tim Dobbins ) "A lot of faith, he's a good player. He's a smart player. He'll do great."

(on facing QB Aaron Rodgers) "He's a very good quarterback, obviously one of the best in the league so it's a good challenge for us and we're excited about it."

(on playing on national television in back-to-back weeks) "It's a great opportunity for the Houston Texans, for our organization, for our city, for our fans. We're really excited about it and we're excited for another chance to show the world what we're all about."

(on the loss of ILB Brian Cushing on defense) "It's tough. You feel for (ILB) Brian (Cushing) because of what football means to him and what this team means to him. Time to take it to a new level, it's time for me to step up. It's time for our team to step up. It's just another challenge that we're going to have to overcome."

(on what the loss of ILB Brian Cushing for the season means to him ) "It's difficult. It's like my brother out there and to lose him is tough. I'm going to take my game to new heights to make up for it."

(on if he grew up a Packers fan ) "Yeah, I grew up a Packers fans. You have to grow up a Packers fan in Wisconsin otherwise they'll run you out of the state. I grew up a Packers fan, but I am no longer a Packers fan."

(on how it feels to grow up watching the Packers and now to play them) "It's pretty cool. It's a cool opportunity. I know it's putting a lot of my friends and family in a tough spot fandom-wise, but it's exciting. It's another opportunity for us to go out there and play a game."

(on Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan saying his skills could translate to the basketball court) "I'll take passes from Jeremy Lin down the post anytime. If they got an offseason spot for me, I'm in."

(on what he's running into against opposing teams every week) "The same thing that happens every week in football; the guys are trying to block me. I'm trying to beat them. Sometimes I have success. Sometimes I don't, but like I said before they can't double-team me because then they'll have to face (OLB) Connor Barwin, (OLB) Brooks Reed, (DE) Antonio Smith. If you want to double-team me, that's fine but we're going to have to face the wrath of everybody else on the defense."

(on QB Aaron Rodgers) "He's an extremely good quarterback, one of the best in the league. He's very accurate. He gets the ball of out his hand quick when he decides where he wants to go with it. The challenge he presents is he's one of the best in the game and you have to stop him. The way to stop him is just like everybody else. You attack him, get your hands up, you hit him, all the things that we like to do best."

(on QB Aaron Rodgers running) "He's a very good runner. He's such a good thrower, but he's also great with his legs. I think that's one thing that we're aware of and that we're going to take care of."

(on if he thinks back to where he came from when he plays against Green Bay) "It really hasn't. I could see that why that would be the case, but I'm so focused and so locked in on the game right now and preparation and week-to-week things. I'm not even nostalgic or anything like that. I'm in a zone right now and I feel good. I love where I'm at. I'm happy and I'm excited about another opportunity to play. It doesn't even matter that it's the Packers. It doesn't matter who it is. I'm just excited that we get to play a game every Sunday."

(on if his former coworkers at Pizza Hut will be watching Sunday's game) "Every person in Wisconsin watches the Packers on Sundays, so I know they're all going to be watching the game, and I just hope a few of them are wearing 99 jerseys and not green and gold."

(on working for Pizza Hut) "That's gotten a ton of air time. The moment has gotten blown out of proportion. It's become such a big story. People are trying to turn it into a fairytale. I want my story to be my play on the field. That was a good story and it's cool and it's interesting. It was a good moment for me. I want my play on the field and my stats and all that stuff and our team and the Bulls on Parade and everything to be a story. I don't want to take it all."

(on playing the Packers on Sunday Night Football) "It's national television. It's a chance for everybody to see the Bulls on Parade and the Houston Texans and this city. It's a home game. It's good for our fans. It's good for everything about this organization. We're really excited about it, and we can't wait to show the world what we're about again for the second week in a row."

Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy Conference Call

(on his team and expectations so far this season) "Expectations are obviously part of the preseason and going into the season we clearly have the same or even higher expectations of ourselves, but we also recognize the fact that every NFL season is different. Challenges are going to come at you, some different than past. We've experienced that some as a football team, but the reality is it's all part of the journey. It's definitely been bumpy, inconsistent to this point. With that, our focus is clearly on the Houston Texans, excellent football team. Just like you stated, they're undefeated, playing very well, excited about playing on Sunday night football. We know it's going to be a high energy environment down there in Houston."

(on injuries) "Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game. You hate to see any player get hurt; especially the respect the whole league has for (ILB) Brian Cushing. Just what we've been able to watch on film up to this point, the young man is a tremendous football player. With that, to me it's my opinion, it's the ultimate team game. We've had some experience of overcoming injuries and we need to draw on those experiences as we prepare this week for the Houston Texans."

(on fans not panicking at this point in the season) "I would ask our fans to just be focused on beating the Houston Texans because that's what the focus of the football team is. This is a one-week-at-a-time business. Our players understand where we are in this season. You only have so much energy and we're pouring it into this week's opponent."

(on if he enjoys primetime games) "I enjoy the game. I hate the schedule afterwards, to be frank. To get back three or four in the morning, we've been kind of along that road here the first six weeks. That's a part of having success in the past. I know Houston and ourselves are two teams that I think have three road games in a row. That's a product of our success."

(on QB Aaron Rodgers this season) "We have standards. He's a big part of them. We have quarterback goals every year that we set and are not quite there. We feel like we have our finger on what we need to do better, its' a collective focus. I'm confident that we'll move towards that goal."

(on the Texans' defense) "I have a lot of respect for (Defensive Coordinator) Wade Phillips and for what he's done over the years in the league. His defenses are always very fundamentally sound. He has his scheme and this group of players play very well. They're talented, very disciplined. They've got an excellent front seven. I think their secondary does an excellent job of playing the routes, playing the ball in the air. They had two big plays just this past week. We're looking it as a huge challenge for us."

(on DE J.J. Watt) "Well, you always keep your eye on the Wisconsin kids. You always appreciate what they do and what they've done for the University of Wisconsin but now what he's done down there. He's off to a great start just to say the least, been very impressed with his play. He's making big plays from the defensive end position. Their inside pass rush from him and (Antonio) Smith is as good as we've seen."

(on if DE J.J. Watt is the best defensive player in the NFL right now) "I have great respect for what he's doing, but I don't get involved in those statements."

(on how the Texans' defense stacks up against the Chicago and San Francisco defenses) "I think all three of them are very good and playing very well. The one thing about it is all three of them are talented, but they do an excellent job of playing their schemes. You're talking about three different types of scheme. The 3-4 that (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) plays and what (Vic Fangio) plays in San Francisco are different defenses as far as the base fundamentals of it and obviously Chicago's scheme is different. They play their scheme very well. They're doing an excellent job taking away the football. That's what I always look for. This is going to be a big challenge."

(on facing tough opponents to start the season) "That's parity. Parity in the National Football League. I think scheduling is a big part of it. I have no problem where we are. You are what your record says you are, but I'm more focused on what's ahead of us. We're not happy with our record. We have great confidence in our abilities. The NFL is about the next week, and this week is a big one because we get to come to Houston."

(on his job as a coaching staff to get the players' minds right this week) "We have the same job every week. It's about keeping the pulse from the finger of your football team and make sure you continue the opportunity to grow. I'm a big believer in creating culture that produces wins and growth. To get into the specifics about that would be another day, this is a great opportunity this week and we know we're going to have to do the things that we do best. We got to play our type of game when we come to Houston. They have a style play that's extremely productive for them, and that's what we're working and coaching against."

(on Texans QB Matt Schaub) "I think Matt Schaub is extremely disciplined. I think he definitely has an excellent handle on what they're trying to do. We played against him a few years back up here. He's been in the system now, and it's very impressive of really how disciplined their whole offense is and obviously he's a huge part of that."

Green Bay Packers LB Clay Matthews Conference Call

(on the Texans offense) "Well, they're obviously doing something right over there. I think the 5-0 record starts with a good quarterback in (Matt) Schaub. (RB Arian) Foster's a fantastic running back. That offensive line does a good job creating those holes for them. When the defense takes a play off, they do a great job capitalizing on that and keeping their offense in situations that benefit them and not so much the defense."

(on the way RB Arian Foster runs) "He's a good one-plant-cutter-type guy. He's good at being patient and finding the hole and hitting it and creating some yards. He's also a big back, too, so that presents some problems. Ultimately, I think the offensive line does a good job of stretching out the defense and creating a lane for him that he finds."

(on his take on the tackle that injured ILB Brian Cushing) "Obviously, I was a little frustrated because (ILB) Brian (Cushing) is a good friend of mine, but I meant what I said or what I tweeted, that I think it's time the defense start getting some protection overall when so much emphasis has been placed on the offense. I'm not saying that play was right or wrong, but ultimately I think there's some steps that need to be taken, and I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back."

(on if what happened to ILB Brian Cushing is his worst nightmare) "Well, I think it's anybody's nightmare. I think anytime you suffer a knee injury or the dreaded ACL that you'll have to have surgery on is difficult because it's a long recovery process and it is something that can be avoided. I know a lot of emphasis had been put on head protection and head trauma, but we can't neglect other injuries that are major contributors of people falling out of games and missing the remainder of seasons."

(on where the Packers are mentally heading into the game) "Well, I think this week finally benefits us as far as getting back on a normal schedule. Being 2-3 isn't where we expected to be but we finally get a regular week where we have some time. I know Houston's coming off a Monday night game so they'll have a short week. Ultimately, you have to have a short memory in this game. We let one get away from us last week, but we still have all the pieces of the puzzle and look forward to hopefully getting a victory this Sunday."

(on what the key to getting back on track is) "Just got to stay the course. We need to be able to put teams away and put ourselves in a better situation where we don't allow ourselves to lose by that minimal margin. Obviously, looking back, we had some opportunities to put some teams away. We just have to continue to stay the course, we're going to continue to gel and get better as the season progresses. We have everyone for the most part from last year, few injuries here and there but ultimately we got a good team.  We haven't played a complete game in all areas and we need to do that, especially against a good Houston team."

(on if the Texans offensive line being in flux is a point of emphasis for the Packers) "Not really. The game plan is the same each and every week. Got to be able to stop the run, get them in some third-and-long situations, try to have the quarterback beat us. We believe in our athletes. Ultimately it comes down to guys creating pressure on the quarterback but that's ultimately if we can stop the run. Whatever side of the line is, we expect to win."

(on feedback he had from his tweet about what happened to ILB Brian Cushing) "For the most part, it seemed like a lot of people agreed with me. I think this league is definitely an offensive league, that's what brings in the fans; it's glamorous scoring touchdowns and quarterbacks and all that's good on the offense. But as s a defender, it's tough to sit back and watch one of your fellow colleagues go down. Ultimately, I put something out there that I truly believe in and am passionate about."

(on what stands out in this Texans offense) "They're efficient. Obviously they have a good running game, they get you in downs  in which they keep it manageable, that way they don't have to put too much stress on their offense. And they do a good job of just marching the ball down the field. So, good running game, scrappy offensive line and big-play wide receivers as well as good tight ends. Ultimately, they've got exactly what you need for a winning formula."

(on if the Texans offense is his stiffest test this year) "Yeah, it's going to be a hard-fought game. Obviously, we look forward and revel in the challenge of playing against a good team such as Houston, one that's continued to get better over the years. Hopefully we can have our best game to date and get a victory."

(on what he's seen from DE J.J. Watt) "He's doing well. Obviously, I got to see him play a little bit this past Monday night. But that defense, having the five down linemen, as well as spreading them out and create some one-on-one mismatches, he takes advantage of it. He's playing well, and, ultimately, he's a guy you've got to keep your eye on."

(on QB Matt Schaub's season) "Well, he's 5-0 so I think that says enough. Ultimately, he's doing exactly what he needs to do, and that's points on the board, not turn the ball over, get sacked as minimal as possible. So I think overall the schemes, the athletes as well has his decision making has created a recipe for success."

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