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Ragone World Bowl quotes

(On the game's final drive) "To be honest with you, I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and the first thing I thought about was 'The Drive' which was a 97-yard one to win the game for Denver. You grow up as a little kid dreaming of this situation and of making the winning play. We just fell short. We had a couple of chances here and there, but it was not enough."

(On throwing the ball 48 times) "We had to throw our whole gameplan out the window coming into this game because of the injuries. We were sluggish to start with, but scored at the end of the half, and I thought we really played well in the second half."

"It seems like momentum is so important in football games. There were times when things started to run away from us, and we had to stop that. We had some unfortunate penalties, and I couldn't get the ball out right at times, but you dig yourself your own hole. We were lucky to get the ball at the end, and we did have an opportunity to win. I saw the ball hit the ground, and I gave everything I had, so we made them win it."

(On the feeling in the huddle on the final drive) "We stayed calm. We had them a little, and they didn't know what we were doing. There was some players cramping up and they had a guy injured so we were wearing them down."

(On being down 17-0) "We made some good half time adjustments, and when you come out and score that many points when you need to, with your backs against the wall, that is really a tribute to the guys. Everyone played their hearts out today. It went down as a loss, but we will take a lot from how we played the game."

(On his feeling about returning to Houston) "It is one of those things where it was fun to be the guy, to be the starter over here, to go out and lead a team from the opening kick off each week .Being in the huddle and guys respecting what you have to say. You know it is your team. That is something that I have to overcome and be the best backup I can be when I get back to the Texans."

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