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Ravens post-game quotes

Ravens head coach Brian Billick

(On the win)

"Incredible, incredible finish. Learning things that you can only learn out on that field. I told the team in there we've run a 2-minute drill; I don't know how many hundreds we've run from the beginning of the season until now, but you only learn when you do it out on that field. That's the value of what we have the rest of that season, drawing any experience we can. That was an experience we're going to draw on. A hell of a finish, and I've got to feel very good about it."

(On the final drive)

"Given the circumstances, where we were back up, the way the thing came about. A lot of little plays. Jamal getting out of bounds, that's huge. There again, that's an experience that you can talk about it, you can clinic it, you can put it up on the board, you can stress for the players, but only living it is where you make it real and a lot of little plays like that, protection, that offensive line, to have three fifths of the starters out. And you talk about Adam Terry now, who got his first real snaps in that environment. Boy, that's something to hold on to."

(On being surprised on Houston blitzing on the Clayton completion)

"No, because obviously we're getting a little momentum there and you've got to make some things happen. If they'd have gotten to us, it would have been a brilliant call, obviously."

(On Clayton's big catch)

"You're only going to know that and him learning that by being in those situations and not making the big plays but then coming back and making a play. You actually couldn't script it any better from that standpoint."

Ravens QB Kyle Boller

(On the late drive and the win)

"You've got to make something happen. My guys executed. They went out there and made plays. Todd made plays, Mark came up big...the offensive line, too, because there were a lot of guys that had to step up. They're working very hard, and we're going to grow together. It was a good win."

(On the last drive)

"It's one of those things where, a two-minute drive, you only get to practice so much. All you can hope for is to execute the way that we did. It was great that Jamal got out of bounds, and you've got to just get up there and kill the ball as quick as possible so you can save time. Guys just made plays, and that's what it's all about."

(On his confidence for the last drive with new linemen)

"Obviously, those guys don't get as many reps in practice, so it's going to be tough on them. Those guys did a great job, they've worked real hard. We're just going to continue to get better and better and grow together."

(On being surprised by the Houston blitz on one of the last plays)

"I was just hoping that Mark would get underneath and he did. He made a great play at making the guy miss. I didn't really think they were going to do it, but if they did, that's what I had to be ready for. "

(On beating the Texans)

"They're in a lot of close games. They've played some great teams very close. It's a great win for us. Our defense played well. We still have a lot of work to do. The way it ended was kind of sweet."

Ravens RB Jamal Lewis

(On why he was out there on a passing situation in the final drive)

"I probably wouldn't have been out there, but Chester went down with something...and I knew I had to get in the game. [We] help each other out and keep each other going. When I'm in the game, he gets me going, and when he's in the game, I get him going."

(On getting the win)

"We're all out there trying to win. We're not losers. Since I've been here, we haven't been in this situation, but we still have that fight. Everybody has individual goals they're trying to achieve and things like that."

(On the play where he got out of bounds)

"I knew what I had to do. I'm not really in the game on those type of plays, Chester's usually in there. But I'm in that mentality where I'm trying to get upfield and make plays. I knew what I had to do, and I just had to fight to get out of bounds, so that's what I did. I just kept my legs going, I had to do my job, and in the two-minute drill, coach is always preaching to get out of bounds."

Ravens SS Ed Reed

(On getting back on to the field)

"It felt good, and the win makes it feel even better. But we need to correct a lot of things, we have a lot of things to work on, and all of that stuff comes with it."

(On people making the plays they're supposed to, regardless of injuries)

"Basically, that's it. That's one of the reasons I was brought here, and why anyone was brought here, to know what to do when they're on the field.

(On the game-winning drive)

"We shouldn't have been in that situation. Hats off to the Houston Texans, they're going through the same thing we're going through. But throughout the game, I felt like we should have kept ourselves out of the situation where we had to win the game [like that]. We've done two-minute drills countless times in practice. The execution is there. It's just a matter of guys doing what they're supposed to do. Jamal picked up a great block to Kyle just enough time to hit Mark Clayton, who was doing his job. And when everyone's clicking on the same cylinder, we're pretty good."

(On the rest of the season)

"The season's not over with. We still have games to play and you don't want to get embarrassed. That's what I was thinking about when we were playing the Houston Texans today. This is our house. Ray Lewis and the Ravens' franchise have been a dominating franchise for years. That's what we strive for..But when you don't study the tape after a game, and you're just blowing it off, you're setting yourself up for failure."

Ravens LB Adalius Thomas

(On his interception/touchdown)

"It took the ball a couple of days to come down, but I just knew that if I caught it because it was right there on the line of scrimmage (I might score). Double J (Jarret Johnson) did great job of tipping the ball up. We work on that drill actually of tipping the ball, tipping it up and going and getting it. I felt like I was just like Prime Time.

(On forcing turnovers for points)

"I didn't feel like I necessarily had to, but we talked about how we needed too score. I just happened to just be the right person at the right place at the right time with everyone doing their job. That's one thing that we wanted to do -- sticking within the structure of the defense and still making plays. I think we did that today.

(On the Texans' late push)

"Everyone thought that the Texans were going to come in here and just quit. I don't know if you guys have been looking at film, butt they have been real close at winning a couple of games. They always play hard when they go out. We knew when they came in here they were not just going to lie down, that's just like every Sunday. They were still in the game and they were still in the game, so they still had hope. We just went out there, do our best, and get a turnover to stop them. I think we did that.

(On Domanick Davis' 100-yard day)

"I'll give up yards for a win anytime. I don't know what else you want me to say. If we stop them for 50 yards and we lose, people will say that we stopped the run well, but we still lost the game. (Davis) is a good back. He came in and did his thing. They spread us out with three-wide and we missed some tackles here and there, but other than that I think we did well."

Ravens K Matt Stover

(On his game-winning FG)

"There were no time outs left to ice me. Trust me; I know every game where there is a time out left. I knew there were not on any side, so in that situation it was just a matter of whether or not we were going to be able to kick it or go for another play. When Brian (Billick) said to kick it, I said, 'Fine, let's go win this thing and get this over with.'"

(On building on the close win)

"Coach Billick after the game said that we have got to take the lessons that are learned from these situations in December, late in the season and be able to pull out a win. Yeah, effort-wise, I think we can pick it up a little bit, as well as execution with our team. Then with regards with making plays when we have to, especially at the end of the game, that excites me. To have Kyle Boller throw the rock in there like he did to Todd Heap and Mark Clayton, you can't say enough about that. Mark made the run after the catch, which got us close into field goal range. "It excites me here, as a veteran, that we didn't give up, and that we did enough things to get a win in the ball game."

(On the distance he was comfortable kicking)

"At that point in the game, I didn't care. We had the wind, and the balls were flying pretty well that way. We just wanted to get as close as we can in that situation just to get an opportunity. Aaron Elling wasn't up today. Which left me in the mindset that I don't care if it's 58-yard field goal, I was going to try it. Mind you, I would have brought out my driver to do it and left the seven iron in the bag. But, as it worked out, we ended up getting enough yardage to bang it through."

We had a left to right wind, and I was keeping the ball left. If you go back and look at the film, it stayed left, too. If I'm on the left hash, kicking into the wind, it's going to carry the ball a little bit farther to the right, so I kind of knew what I had to do to kick the ball through the up rights."

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