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Robinson/Babin press conference

Head coach Dom Capers

(opening statement) "This is an exciting day for the Texans. As we moved into year three, we felt our greatest need was to try to improve our defense. As the draft started, our goal was to improve our pass coverage and pass rush. I made the statement that if there was some way to get Dunta Robinson and Jason Babin that would give us the best chance to move forward. Not only are we getting two talented players, but players that we feel are the type of players we look for from a workout standpoint. When you combine that with talent, you get a winning combination."

CB Dunta Robinson

(opening statement) "It's a great feeling to be in this city. The Houston Texans are an up and coming team with a lot of young talent. I'm happy to be a part of it."

LB Jason Babin
(opening statement) "I would like to thank all of the coaches and owners for taking me under their arm. This is definitely an honor and hopefully I can pick up some of the cultural differences of Michigan and Texas. Thank you very much."

Robinson: (on working with Aaron Glenn) "I could not have come into a better situation. Aaron Glenn is a great cornerback and I'm looking forward to learning a lot from him. I'm just happy that he's able to extend an invitation to hang out."

Babin:(on Texans giving up picks for him) "I would not say the words gave up I think it's more along the lines of commitment. They look at me to get the job done and I will get it done for them."

Capers: (on what to look for in a player) "You're always looking for athletic ability and speed. Watching Dunta work out and the time he ran at the combine was one of the best ones there. When he plays, he plays with the same speed. We felt the same way about Jason at his position and he'll be making a transition to defensive end. When we look at defensive ends like Jason, we look for guys that can take their hand off the ground. We thought that Jason is a three down player. We feel he has the size to play the run and if we wanted to do some defensive end type things with him we can, but if we wanted him to play outside linebacker he can. I think everyone in the league puts a premium on pass rush and coverage. I think we have a lot of work to do and these guys understand that."

Capers: (on Marcus Coleman) "Marcus has been our starting corner for two years and has done a fine job. With his size and athletic ability we saw him make many interceptions last year, we think he can cover a lot of ground for us at the free safety position. It's a natural progression in this league. A player that I've had in the past and had similar conversations with is Rod Woodson when he was with the Steelers. He is still playing today because he was moved. I think what we've done, is give ourselves a chance to upgrade our safety, the corner and outside linebacker position."

Capers: (on Earl) "I'm not going into a lot of detail on Glenn, but we feel extremely good about the pick. We have to be patient. Our medical people have looked at Glenn's knee and I think he's on the same type of schedule that Tony Hollings was a year ago after surgery. I spoke with Glenn today and he tells me he's doing well, our medical people say he's doing well and he has exceptional talent."

Capers: (on added talent) "We've added these two gentlemen here and Glenn Earl giving us three very good physical tools. We think they are all the right type of guys we want to bring into the organization."

Robinson: (on playing against MVP players) "This is the NFL. There is going to be many great players and I know that. That means I have to go out there and do my job and depend on my teammates to do theirs. I'm not looking at them as MVP's just great football players."

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