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Houston Texans

Robinson conference call


Texans first-round pick CB Dunta Robinson

(on being picked where you expected) "I was figuring to go anywhere from eight to 12. I knew that a team anywhere in that range would probably pick me up. Luckily it was Houston. I enjoyed my visit there and I'm happy to be a part of the Houston Texans family."

(on looking to come in and start) "I look to come in practice well. I want to be a starter, but I know that takes great practice. I'm going to give it all I got. I'm looking to come in and play right away. I just hope that things work out for me."

(on having the opportunity to help the Texans to the next level) "I'm glad the coaches have confidence in me. I'm very confident in my ability. I think I can really help this team. I know they have some great guys on this team. I know they have a real young team, an up and coming team. I'm just happy to be a part of this, in the middle of rebuilding. Hopefully I can come out and make the best of it."

(on his strengths) "I consider myself a great cover guy. That's one of my strengths. Also, a great tackler."

(on things he needs to work on) "Being too aggressive sometimes. I think that I need to learn how to control my aggressiveness."

(on emotions of being a first round draft pick) "When my name was called I really didn't know how I was going to react. Once my name was called I had tears of joy. I just broke down because it has been a long hard road. I fought and I finally made it to the top. All my work isn't gone, but I'm willing to give it my all."

(on playing opposite Aaron Glenn) "That's great, a great teacher. I would love to be opposite Aaron Glenn. I am really looking forward to that. I'm just happy to say that I'm his teammate. I'm coming in and all things are brand new to me. I'm all ears. Whatever suggestions he has, I'm all ears."

(on the Texans' combination of size and quickness on the corners) "I think that'll work great. Aaron (Glenn) is also a great cover guy. I think that once you have two great guys that can cover then you have yourself a great secondary. It's going to be fun to play with a veteran like him. I'm looking forward to it."

(on how he spent the day) "I spent the day at my house in Athens, Georgia. I have family members from both side of the house. I have a lot of my closest friends here and we have just been in front of the TV knowing anything can happen. We're glad that Houston chose me and I'm ready to let them know that they didn't make a mistake."

(on any disappointment that he wasn't selected by Atlanta) "It was fine. The same thing happened coming out of high school, I didn't get recruited by the Georgia Bulldogs. That's fine with me. Everybody that passed on me will pay for it."

(on Marcus Coleman moving to safety) "Marcus Coleman is a big guy so I don't think he'll have any problem with it. He's played the safety position before. I think that that will make our secondary even better having two great cover guys and then have a great cover guy playing at the safety spot. I think that we're going to be a tough secondary."

(on how he played against the top receivers in college) "I played against Michael Clayton, one of the top receivers, Devrin Henderson, also from LSU. I played well against those two guys. I didn't give up a touchdown in two years. I don't think they had a lot of receiving yards either. I played against Fred Gibson from the University of Georgia, who was a deep threat and didn't give up a touchdown against him. I've played against a lot of real good wide receivers and held my own."

(on why he wasn't a safety) "I think because of my aggressiveness and ability to hit. I came in my freshman camp I laid a big hit on one of the running backs. And that's why I was moved to safety. I think that it's a part of my game that not a lot of corners have. Not a lot of corners are able to come up and support the run. That's on of my positives."

(on any Houston connections) "Really I don't. I don't have any family in Houston but that wont be a problem getting used to what's going on in Houston. I can adjust to anything."

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