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Robinson press conference

GM Charley Casserly
(opening statement) "I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the signing of our first first round draft choice. The deal as we announced a couple of days ago was a verbal agreement which was reached. It was taken to the front office for approval, which is standard procedure, and now we have the contract signed. We're excited about having Dunta (Robinson) in camp and on time. I think when this happens it's a credit to a lot of people involved. It starts with the owner Bob McNair. Without his commitment here financially, and without his commitment here to win, we're all not sitting here one week before camp with both our first round draft choices signed. Dunta is the highest player in the league signed at this point. It is also a credit to both sides. Both sides had a desire to get this done and that's how you get these things done. Certainly with Jason (Chayut) and Alan Herman, Brian Mackler; all of them worked hard on their end to get this thing done. On our end we primarily had Danny Ferens who was aided by Rob Kisel and Barry Asimos. Both parties have worked on this for a very long time. Both parties said they were going to get this done before camp, and that's why it got done before camp. We're very excited to have Dunta and we're very excited to have drafted him and he's going to have a long career here."

Head Coach Dom Capers
(opening statement) "From a coach's standpoint its always encouraging when you're able to get your number one draft pick signed before camp starts. Dunta was able to take part in our off-season. He came in and worked for 19 practices. He did a great job. I'd like to echo what Charley said and thank Mr. McNair, Charley, Dan Ferens for all his work. There's nothing more frustrating to identify and pick your guy with your number one pick and not be able to have him start training camp on time. It's exciting for us that a week from today Dunta will be out on the field and be able to start from scratch. We have high expectations of him like we have high expectations of our football team. We're really excited and we're anxious to get started. Congratulations to Dunta for getting this thing done."

CB Dunta Robinson
(opening statement) "It's a great feeling. It's been a long time. I've worked hard to get to this point and this part is finally done. Now I can concentrate on going into camp. I'm happy to be in camp on time so I can continue to grow with my teammates, I think that's very important. I'm happy to be here. I'd like to thank the Texans organization, my agent, and everyone who made this possible. My parents, Shante, I'd like to thank everyone for everything they've done for me to help me get this far and up to this point. Thank you."

Robinson: (area of improvement since being with the Texans) "Getting a better grasp on learning the system. It's different. When I came in, I didn't know there were as many tricks to the NFL game as there is. Talking to some of the vets, especially Marcus Coleman, Aaron Glenn and some of the other guys who play my position, they've showed me things and I still have a lot to learn. But I've improved a lot since the first time I've stepped onto the practice field.

Robinson: (on gravitating towards other players) "Sometimes I see Aaron do something and I'm like ‘how'd he do that'? I see him make plays and it's because he has been here for so long. He understands the game. You might see him jump a route and make a play, but if I try it ends up being a double move. That's because he understands the game and knows what's going to happen at that particular time. I ask a lot of questions, but I'm not ready to start jumping routes yet. We'll wait a little while and see what happens. He's taught me a lot and I've learned a lot from him."

Robinson: (on patterning his style after Glenn's) "No, that's not what I try to do. Every player is different. I try to go out there. You don't want to change too much, because once that happens that's when you start messing up - when you try to do things that other players are doing. I just try to learn from them and use some of the things that he does that makes him a great player. I try to use those things to make me a better player."

Robinson: (on planning to start on time) "Definitely. I wanted to be in camp on time. Like I said, it's very important to be learning. Over the years a lot of rookies have held out and once they get out onto the football field things are slow and they are not being as productive as they should. I wanted to be in camp so that I can get the flow of things and see how things work. Its my first training camp and I want to get in on time so that the players can get used to me and I can get used to them."

Capers: (on the cornerback being the toughest position) "I think it starts out with having the athletic ability. We feel Dunta has the type of athletic ability. There's a lot of learning as you go through. It's a step-by-step process. We started that this spring. You walk in to one of the meetings and I'd smile because Dutna and Aaron Glenn are sitting right beside each other. I see them exchanging a lot. I think it's a good situation. To have a type of guy like Aaron and a young guy like Dunta, learning from the veteran. It's a difficult position to play because you are going to be isolated out there and many times one on one with great athletes. The process has started. We feel good about the process to this point. This is the next step, as far as getting the contract signed. Now the next step will be having a good training camp and preseason. It is difficult, but we feel good about where Dunta will be."

Robinson: (on the importance of signing before training camp started) "The whole purpose of signing now was so that I could be with my teammates when training camp started. We'll be going into training camp next week and I will be ready once it starts."

Robinson: (on being tested by other teams' top receivers as a rookie cornerback) "It's something I'm looking forward to. I've accepted that role. Aaron Glenn has proven himself over the years as one of the top corners in the NFL. Now there is a new face out there and they will test me to see what happens."

Robinson: (on his preparation for training camp following mini-camp workouts) "I continued to study my playbook and tried to get better. We actually weren't allowed to take our playbooks home, but I took a lot of the notes home. I wanted to make sure that when I came into camp, I'm fresh. I don't want to forget anything. Mini-camp was a little bit slower than what training camp will be. I want to make sure I can jump right into the mix."

Robinson: (on his mentality to not holdout) "One of the things that stuck in my mind was that guys who do hold out, don't have good rookie years. That's one of the things I don't want to happen to me. My team believes in me and they are ready for me to come out and play. I don't want to let those guys down."

Capers: (on the how difficult it is for a player to miss time in training camp and still start) "It's extremely difficult, even for a veteran. I don't care what you do on your own, a player can't simulate what they will face out on the field. It's extremely difficult for a rookie. Our first day of camp we have a pair of three-hour meetings. Even if you miss a day, you have to go back and try and fit in three meetings to catch up. It's an awful tough mountain to climb."

Capers: (on having a players signed before training camp) "You're always excited to get your number one pick signed and you have all the guys coming in on time. It's a great thing when you have ownership and management who understand the importance of having players start together and having everyone on the same page."

Capers: (on the importance of Robinson's preparedness heading into a possible starting role) "We're not going to put any more pressure on Dunta than he'll put on himself. It's a big step and a big challenge. We think he's capable of doing it. You have to take a disciplined, mature approach. We liked what we saw of him the spring. He came in and applied himself in the classroom and on the field. He put forth a really good effort. When you work hard and you're tuned in, you normally get better."

Capers: (on encouraging a rapport between Robinson and Aaron Glenn) "In my mind, the best way for a rookie to learn how to do things is to study a guy who has made the journey before them. Players certainly relate to other players. It's always good as a coach when you can point to a young guy and say ‘watch how this guy does it.' There's reason this guy has been in the league for 10 years."

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