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Slaton conference call with Houston media


The Texans picked running back Steve Slaton with the 89th overall selection.

After the Texans selected Steve Slaton with the 89th overall pick, the running back from West Virginia talked to the media. Here is a transcript of the conference call.

RB Steve Slaton

(on reaction from the phone call today) "Very excited, very excited. It's been a long dream and it's finally come true, and I'm happy to be with the Texans."

(on how offensive coordinator/quarterbacks Kyle Shanahan feels he fits in to the one-cut system, adjusting to the zone-blocking scheme and becoming a possible third down back for them right off the bat) "I always think that the work you put in is what you get out of it. I'm going to work very hard to come in and do my part."

{QUOTE}(on whether former coach Rich Rodriguez leaving for Michigan was a factor in deciding to come out early) "It was a little part of it, but playing in the NFL has been a dream since I starting playing football, and I felt an opportunity came and I had to take it."

(on knowing the Texans) "Not right now, but I am going to learn."

(on the biggest adjustments and on what he looks forward) "I think the biggest adjustment is knowing that everyone who is picked is the cream of the crop now. I have to use my God given talent and do my best."

(on what he credits his success from West Virginia to) "All work and a great scheme. And I made a great choice going to West Virginia and it played in with my strength a lot."

(on what kind of contributions he can make) "I see myself as a playmaker. I am proud of myself for making big plays and I think that is what I can bring to the Texans."

(on offensive coordinator/quarterbacks Kyle Shanahan, the offensive coordinator, comparing him to Reggie Bush or Kevin Faulk) "Hopefully I can get my foot in the door. I can make my own comparison and just be Steve Slaton."

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