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Smith loves Molden


Defensive coordinator Richard Smith talked to Texans TV in an exclusive interview about cornerback Antwaun Molden, who the Texans selected with the 79th overall pick.

Brooke Bentley (Texans TV): Talk about Molden's athleticism.

Richard Smith: First of all, we were really excited about getting him in there at that pick. We were sweating it there because going from the first round all the way to the third round to our pick – we were just really fortunate he was there. What he is, he's a big corner. He's like 6-foot and a half and he weighs close to 200 pounds. He's got the size you're looking for and he also has the speed. He's a 4.4 40-guy. What we did personally was we had Jon Hoke, our secondary coach – we sent him out there to work him out. He came back with really high remarks on this kid with his work ethic, his athletic ability where he's got the feet and the hips, which are the things you need to do to play the position. And with that and watching the film on him, we were really excited. We think he's got a big upside. He does come from a smaller school. Coming in and facing the competition that's much harder than it was in college, it might take a little bit of time. But we think he's got a huge upside and he has the chance to be a really good corner in this league.

Brooke Bentley: You mentioned he had an excellent combine workout. How did that improve his draft stock?

Richard Smith: Well, I think it did. Here, he's from a smaller school, not very many people know it, and, then all of a sudden, he gets to the combine and he pulls up some pretty good numbers in vertical jump and broad jump. And you've got a big man, a big-sized corner who has those numbers, you're stock does start to rise. We also went and worked him out personally there to see his foot speed and his hip ability, his turn and we really liked what we saw.

Brooke Bentley: Some draft pundits say that he's a tweener and can also play safety. Where do you see him fitting in the Texans' system?

{QUOTE}Richard Smith: Everybody looks at somebody a little differently. We like him right at the spot we though, as a corner. He'll come in here and compete, and we think he has a bright future for us.

Brooke Bentley: You said the team was committed to getting a cornerback. Early in the third round Chevis Jackson and Charles Godfrey go, several top corners. How did that affect you?

Richard Smith: Every time those corners keep coming off the board - especially in the first few rounds a lot of them went – we were sitting there and just praying that the guy that you are looking for is still there. Godfrey, we liked him upfront. And Jackson, we certainly liked his ability. He's a fine player. But we had Molden right there in that spot and we got him.

Brooke Bentley: With the 89th pick, the team selected running back Steve Slaton from West Virginia. Is there a sense of relief that you have fulfilled some needs?

Richard Smith: Yes, and there still a few more to go. So it's going to be a nice day for us here and we're hoping we can continue to do well here.

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