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Smith on NFL Network

EDITOR'S NOTE:Here's a transcript of defensive end Robaire Smith's recent appearance on NFL Network.
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Rich Eisen: All right, Keith Bulluck, the first round pick for the Tennessee Titans back in 2000 out of Syracuse; later on in that 2000 draft in the sixth round, they chose Robaire Smith, who played four distinguished years in Tennessee before moving on to the Texans. Right? He left you guys?

Keith Bulluck: Yeah, he had to go but it's going to work out for him.

RE: Yes! We'd figure we'd hook you guys up through the magic of Texans Cam as Robiare Smith joins us right now in his new home in ... Oh my goodness gracious, Robaire! Who are you wearing?! [addressing the fact that he's wearing a Detroit Pistons jersey] Is that a Ben Wallace? What do you got on there?

Robaire Smith: Naw, I got the throwback Isiah Thomas, one of the original bad boys. Got to represent the home team.

RE: You went old school and you're not a frontrunner here. Just so folks know, you're form Michigan; you went to Michigan State and, now, you're sitting in your glory after a game 1 win over the Lakers.

RS: I mean, yeah, they did a good job. Them guys play hard [and] as long as they continue to play hard, they're going to always have a shot so, as long as they continue to the things that they did last night, they're going to be alright.

RE: Hey Robaire, how come you and the Titans parted ways? If anybody comes up to you and ask that, much like I just did, your answer would be what?

RS: I mean it was just more of the business side. I was a free agent; I guess they didn't feel they had enough money to try to keep me around. They had other players so I had to go my own way. I hated to leave the guys I was playing with for four years; we just started gelling together. So I mean it was hard at first but, now, I'm getting settled in down here practicing with these guys-being around these guys-and I'm starting to feel more at home.

Keith Bulluck: What's it like being down there. Now, they look at us as vets. We've only been in the league for five years but you go to a new team. You just got a nice contract I must say, "Very good, very good," (laughs all around) and, by them giving you that contract, they're saying that you're one of their guys that they're going to depend on and I know what I'm going to get from you so how do you feel you're going to fit in down there and what are the plans for your defense?

RS: I think I'm going to fit in pretty good. It's just that I got to get the terminology down. It's basically not too different from what we did there in Tennessee but I think I have to bring attitude, playmaking ability, and things like that down here to this team. Like you said, there's a lot of guys out here depending on me. Upstairs, they're showing me that they trust in what I do knowing that I go out there every Sunday and play hard and make plays.

RE: Hey, Robaire, Jevon Kearse was just interviewed last week and he said that still can't believe that he's not a Titan. He sometimes, when he signs his autograph, he sometimes signs, "Go Titans!" and has to stop himself midway through. Do you feel the same way?

RS: I mean, yeah, especially after going out there and battling with them guys, knowing how everyday we come out and practice hard and be there for one another not just on the field but off the field. It's hard to leave the friendships and the things like that behind but, at the same time, we all know that it's a business and we got time in the summertime where we can all hook back up and be around each other.

Keith Bulluck: They're telling me that around now there all the younger guys are looking at you and you're coming across as one of the most intimidating people on your team. Now, I played with you for four years and I know what it's like. On the field, you get down for yours but intimidating? To your teammates? What's up with that?

RS: Man, Keith, I got to bring that hard work mentality. You know how we do it up in Tennessee. We practice hard, we play hard; and some of them guys coming up from college feel it's intimidating to see guys playing at that type of speed everyday-you know, turn around, running to the ball, making plays, getting off on the ball. Those type of things intimidate the younger guys coming in but, at the same time, it's going to help them. It's going to feel that it's going to be the only way they know how to play once they go out here so, I mean, it's just different. You know it was when we first got there. The guys we you used to look up to; now we're sitting there doing the same thing they was doing-just trying tomake a difference for everybody else.

Keith Bulluck: You've got to show them [and] you've got to pave the way. Show them how's it's got to be done; show them what you expect of your teammates. I feel you.

RS: Exactly.

RE: Ay, Robaire, give me some dirt on my in-studio compadre for the next couple days.

Keith Bulluck: (directed at Robaire jokingly) Ay, ay, watch your mouth, boy. (laughs)

RS: Naw, I can't do that, man. That's my man. I ain't got no dirt. That's my boy. He's a good dude. I'm just mad he didn't invite me to the game this weekend; I think he's scared that I was going to score too much but it's alright.

Keith Bulluck: You're making excuses right now for not showing up. That's what you're doing for now showing up this weekend.

RE: Which game is this? What are we talking about here?

Keith Bulluck: My little charity fundraiser event for my foundation. I do a basketball game every year and Robaire is supposed to be one of the guys on the ticket but it's the summer so you never know what happens weekend to weekend.

RE: What happened, Robaire? Obviously, you've got the jersey for it?

RS: I think they're still a little mad because my Pistons are still in it right now; you know, the home team. I'm just playing but I'm going to be down there this weekend celebrating helping my boy out. It's a great event that he does every year so we're just going to go out there and try to continue the things that we've been doing out there, especially helping him out for the community.

RE: Now, Robaire, some things that folks might not know about you is that you're one of many athletes in your family. Your brother Fernando played nine years in the NFL, correct?

RS: Yeah.

RE: Your brother, Antonio, played for the Toronto Raptors, after leading Michigan State to the championship in '99, correct?

RS: Yep. Yes and he just came back from overseas. He was over in Italy for a year playing basketball and he just got back home. He's talking about he thinking about trying out for football.

RE: Is that right? And Keith, I don't know if you knew this either but Robaire has a sister who's a model.

Keith Bulluck: I didn't know that but I do know. He's been hiding her. He hid for four years. That's all right, though.

RS: Yeah, I got a sister. My sister, she's the second oldest. She's a model. She's been modeling for like eight to ten years now but she's out in LA doing her thing, trying to get accomplished.

Keith Bulluck: That's good, that's good. Very, very successful family; very good people. I happen to know all the Smiths [and] they're very good people.

RE: Well, Robaire, listen, man. Thank you for joining us here today on Texans Cam and we appreciate that. You're old teammate is talking really well of you behind you're back so don't worry about it.

Keith Bulluck: You know how we do it, man. Go out there and represent. We always get a good game from y'all in Houston so, when it's time to play each other, take it easy on Steve and what not. We'll have a good game.

RE: you guys play twice a year now. Is there any predictions? Can we get any smack talk going here?

Keith Bulluck: Naw, man. That''s ...

RS: Naw, man.

Keith Bulluck: We don't do that. We just go out there and handle our business accordingly

RE: All right, Robaire, well, listen: enjoy the rest of the offseason and we'll speak to you along the way and maybe we'll see you in game 2 or 3. The Pistons can use your six fouls, you know. (laughs all around)

RS: That's all I can give them is six fouls and a tech.

RE: All right, Robaire Smith, joining us.

RS: All right, see you later.

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