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Texans-49ers: Postgame quotes


After the Texans beat the 49ers, 24-21, the head coaches and players from both teams spoke with the media. The following is a transcript of their respective interviews.

Head Coach Gary Kubiak Texans T Duane Brown Texans LB Brian Cushing Texans LB Zac Diles Texans C Chris Myers Texans SS Bernard Pollard Texans CB Jacques Reeves Texans CB Dunta Robinson Texans LB DeMeco Ryans Texans QB Matt Schaub Texans RB Steve Slaton Texans DE Antonio Smith Texans DE Mario Williams Texans FS Eugene Wilson

Head coach Gary Kubiak
(on how the Texans nearly blew it in the second half) "I mean they're a good football team, they're a great football team, so you're right. I mean obviously, first half went very much our way, the second half—give them a lot of credit, but when the game is on the line we have to find a way to make plays. You know, it's a big win, I'm proud of our guys, the way they played. They played very hard. We got ourselves a little trouble with the turnover, other than that like I said, big win. I'm proud of our guys."

(on enjoying this win) "It's a big win. Two weeks in a row—we beat two very good football teams. We knew this team was a darn good team coming off a bye week. They were fresh, they were physical. We played so well in the first half, and I thought we were still fine. I know we gave up a touchdown early in the third quarter, but we go right back down the field. I think the thing that turned the game was when we put the ball on the ground there. We get down, they get up. And all of a sudden they grab momentum on the game. But, we made some big plays late, and defensively (FS) Eugene (Wilson) made some great plays. That's a very big win.

(on difference between 49ers QBs Alex Smith and Shaun Hill) "Well he (Smith) moves around probably a little more- that's the biggest thing. But, when you're a quarterback, you know I was that guy for many, many years, when you're the backup guy and your teams struggling you can just go in and cut it loose. And I think that's what he did. He went in there and made some great throws to the tight end down in the middle of the field. And you know, it could have gone either way. It could have gone to (LB) DeMeco (Ryans) or it could have gone to their tight end. The young man made some big plays, and that's why he was the top pick."

(on WR Andre Johnson's injury) "Well, we're concerned. He's got what they're telling me is a chest contusion right now. We have him down at the hospital; we'll get him looked at. But, obviously he could not go there in the end. So there's concern until we see."

(on growing concern with RB Steve Slaton's fumbling situation) "Yeah, it's very concerning. I think what happens in this league too is when you get a little bit of a reputation, you put a few balls on the ground for a couple of weeks, and it's almost like these guys just start getting more, a lot tougher, as far as holding you up. You know that's where he is at right now. I mean people smell blood because he's put some balls on the ground. So they're really getting after him. I told him when I walked in with him after the game, and I just said, 'You know we're going to go as far as you take us. And you got to figure out a way to protect the football. We're gonna work with you throughout the week, but you just got to have the ability somehow to hang onto that football.' But Steve's our guy and I have a lot of confidence in him, and it's our job to help him find a way to hold onto the ball."

(on TE Owen Daniels stepping up) "He's been playing extremely well, he's been our captain the last few weeks. He was our offensive player of the week last week, and I would say he probably has a good shot this week. I mean, he's just a big time player. He's playing well in the line of scrimmage. He's turning into a complete tight end. And you know on a day when it's hard to get (WR) Andre (Johnson) going with what they were doing, O.D. (TE Owen Daniels) made his plays, and that's what has to happen."

(on gut reaction to throw it in last offensive possession) "Well, my gut right there is, we were struggling on defense. I thought we had to stay on the field to win the football game. So, by no means was I in the mode where we were just going to run it, run it, and punt. I didn't feel good about that. (WR) André Davis made some big plays and we get the big run, and on the 3rd and 10 we had exactly what we wanted with (RB) Steve (Slaton), and (QB) Matt (Schaub) had a hard time getting him the ball. But, we need to be aggressive right there. I mean, had our defense been stuffing them in the second half like they did in the first half, maybe I'd play it different but it felt like we needed to make a play."

(on reaching a comfort level with throwing) "Yeah, obviously we're throwing it a lot. As long as (QB) Matt (Schaub) protects that football, as a coach you feel very good about it. The one thing that I'll say, I'm just peeking at the stats again, I know we're not running it as effectively as we need to, but to come out of the game with 30 and 27 that's still very important."

(on confidence in K Kris Brown) "I tell you what. I would like to take credit for that, but there's probably some added blame there at the time that I didn't see that it was a 52-yarder. I'm just glad he made it. You got to keep your poise in that situation. We had two personal fouls late in the game and that can be the difference between winning and losing. (K) Kris (Brown) kicked the ball well all day. He kicked it in the end zone on the kickoffs and obviously those are huge points."

(on the huge drive where the Texans answered) "Yeah, I mean that's this league. Like I said the momentum was totally on their side, everything was on their side, and we stepped up and made a few big plays. We kept being aggressive as play callers and I think (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) has done a tremendous job. But you have to make plays in that situation; you can't clam up and not play. You got to make plays and win games."

(on being on a roll since second half of Arizona game) "We got confidence right now. We're practicing with confidence, we're coming into this meeting room with confidence. I think, I'm hoping, that I've got these guys to the point to where they know these are the types of games they're going to play in every week. So, just expect to be in them, but want to make the difference in the fourth quarter, want to be the guy that makes the play. I think sometimes in this league it's hard to learn that, but we've been in enough of them now that we shouldn't expect anything any different. And we just need to find a way to end games or make plays to win games at the end."

(on keeping RB Steve Slaton down when he fumbles after his big plays) "Well obviously he makes big plays for us. He touches it and good things happen. But, at the same time you can make five big plays and one turnover can get you beat. Steve understands that. Obviously, the nice thing is to come out of this game with a win and try to correct something like this. Steve is our guy, and we got a lot invested in him and he gives us everything he's got. He's got a little issue right now that we're going to do everything we can to fix."

(on defense in first half giving up 50 yards which is the fewest in team history) "Well, they were exceptional. I think, the first two drives we're three and out and we don't do much. They kept us in great field position and then we got going offensively. You know, they've been dominant at times throughout this season and that was a good half of football we played. Like I said, we're playing a good team and you're hanging on for dear life there at the end."

(on 49ers WR Michael Crabtree's debut) "Well I'm just glancing here. He was impressive. I think he had five or six catches. He's a big target. Obviously, first time out in this league, first time stepping on the field in week 7, and a big game like this, I was impressed. But, that's what he did in college. He's a fine player."

T Duane Brown
(on protecting RB Steve Slaton) "I'm an offensive lineman. I consider myself one of the protectors on offense. I never try to do any cheap stuff, I just try to make sure that the game stays clean the way it should."

(on why the offense slowed down in the second half) "They (San Francisco defense) didn't change too much so I think that was more so on us. On the turnover, we had a pretty good drive going but just couldn't get the ball moving as much as we were in the first half, so I think it was just more so on us."

(on the penalty after QB Matt Schaub was sacked) "That sack, I felt like, was more of a coverage sack. I blocked the guy pretty good. I moved on from that play. The second play I felt like they were being cheap throughout the game and I just wanted to make sure that didn't happen, and the referees thought I was trying to start something."

(on what he thought was cheap) "It was throughout the game towards (RB Steve) Slaton, but there was one play in particular where (T) Eric (Winston) almost had to come out of the game because he got hurt when guys were trying to bend him back on the pile, and I went in and did the same thing I did that one play just trying to clean stuff up. I guess they didn't have a problem then but that one play they felt like I was doing too much."

(on the play of RB Steve Slaton) "I think he played pretty good. He had that one turnover, other than that I felt like he had a pretty good day. He busted that one out in the fourth quarter that really got that drive going, so he had a pretty good game I think."

(on if they are only a few more big plays from (RB Steve) Slaton getting to where he was last year) "Definitely. San Francisco is one of the top ten defenses against the rush. You're not going to just keep running the ball on them and you've got to hope for those big plays."

(on if the team got nervous in the fourth quarter) "Yeah, we never get an easy win. You get up by 21 and they come right back in the fourth quarter and make some big plays, so yeah we definitely got nervous."

(on winning two games in a row) "That's huge for us. Going back and forth was real depressing for us, but to get this second win and get one on the road and then come back home is definitely a huge boost for us."

(on if the team has turned the corner) "No, not yet. We got this second win in a row and that's big for us to get one on the road and then come back and get one at home is big for us but we've got a way to go."

LB Brian Cushing
(on the differences between first half and second half) "It was just kind of back and forth. We couldn't have played any better that first half. We really came out and played with good excitement. The second half, it seemed everything was down a little bit. They were making the plays here and there. When we had to grind down and make those last couple plays, we were able to."

(on the defense looking like it was eager to be on the field) "We're excited and we know we were playing against a very good team. We were successful today against the run. We were happy going out there. It was just an opportunity to go out there and show what we're all about."

(on setting the tone early) "We noticed that the games they lost, the other teams came out there and set the tempo. We watched the Atlanta film and they were able to. We knew they were a very physical team and we went out there and had to match their physicality and we were able to do that."

(on if it was a more conservative defense in the second half) "I don't think it had anything to do with that. (QB) Alex Smith was able to come in and do some things, where (QB Shaun) Hill wasn't able to. I think he did a pretty good job of coming in and getting those first downs they really needed. It's a game of momentum and they had it in the second half a little bit."

(on if he was concerned at the end) "Well, 24-21, I was a little worried, but I was confident in the offense and confident that if we had to go back on the field, we were going to be able to hold them."

(on if the change in momentum was strange) "We've been on the opposite end of that, so we've seen it before, early in the season. We just had to prevent it. We clamped down when we had to."

(on if it was execution on their part or lack of defensive execution) "It's probably a combination of both. I can't pinpoint it right now until we watch the film, but the most important thing is we got the win. We held a very good team to 21 points and they were hardly able to run the ball. We're making strides on the positive side and we just have to keep this going against Buffalo."

(on his foot) "I'm good. I'm fine. I just get sore. The foot just gets sore, but I'm fine. I'll be fine for next week."

LB Zac Diles
(on starting fast and finishing slow rather than their normal trend which is the opposite) "It just reminds me of how we came out against Arizona. That's kind of how they came out against us. It wasn't anything we were doing different. They went into the locker room and adjusted, and they get paid just as well as we do, so you never can stop or relax until the clock strikes zero."

(on importance of winning two games in a row) "It's very big. We have a road game this week coming up against Buffalo so we can take this momentum into Buffalo and get out of there with a win too. That would be real big for this organization. We are 4-3 right now and we're not looking back."

(on 49ers backup QB Alex Smith's play and if they were ready for him) "I was like, 11? It's been so long since he's had any game time we didn't even scout him last week so it was like, new quarterback? I kept looking, I was like Smith, Smith, I couldn't even remember his first name, but he came in and did his job."

(on 49ers rookie WR Michael Crabtree's play) "Who? Who? For his first game I guess he made a couple of plays, but I mean, Crabtree…, I don't really want to talk about him."

C Chris Myers(on the performance of the first half) "We were pretty successful with passing the ball, our run game was taking a little bit to get started. Coming into halftime, their making adjustments as much as we are and we came out, trying to do some similar things and kind of got stopped a little bit. We were moving the ball down the field, but we were stopping ourselves with turnovers and penalties."

(on RB Steve Slatons big run at the end of the game) "It was huge, we haven't had a big run like that all season and to have one at that crucial time was big for us. They brought a little bit of a blitz and we kind of caught them in it and he broke free."

(on how solid the 49ers defense is) "They're real solid, from inside all the way out. They're just a force to be reckoned with and we had to prepare for them. We had certain protections that were blocking one way and certain protects blocking the other, and every teams doing that week in and week out. They're a tough defense."

SS Bernard Pollard(on the difference in the first and second half) "We have to keep our energy up. We've got to play all out every down, and we let a couple get away and there were a couple of things that were easy and we just didn't execute. We've got time, especially with a win you can kind of get over it a little bit, but we're going to come in tomorrow, we're going to figure some things out, and we're going to get ready for Buffalo."

(on the difference the 49ers change in quarterbacks made) "Well that was the one thing we all said when we saw 11 (QB Alex Smith) come in, we said we haven't watched any film on him, but this is the NFL, you've got to be ready for anybody that's going to step on the field, and I thought 11 came in and played really well. He didn't turn the ball over I guess till the end, but we've just got to keep our energy up."

(on if he knew who 49ers backup QB Alex Smith was) "I knew who he was. We actually played him in Kansas City so he's a really good quarterback, he's a talented quarterback. With the NFL you never know what could happen, you could be in the doghouse one day and you could be praised by everybody, but you know he's a pretty good quarterback despite what people are saying about him. He came in and played a hell of a game."

(on why 49ers TE Vernon Davis was successful in the second half) "Like I said there are more things that we've got to fix. It was the little things that we just didn't do right. The wound can heal easier with a win, and that's something we want to fix up because we don't want to give it up next game."

CB Jacques Reeves(on if they knew much about 49ers QB Alex Smith going in) "I've played him in the past, but thirteen (QB Shaun Hill) has been their starter throughout the year. We haven't seen too much of eleven (Smith)."

(on if it is unusual not to prepare for the backup quarterback) "That's typical. You look at the guys that you're going to be playing against. If the backup quarterback hasn't played, you don't pay him the attention. You know who he is, but you're studying the starter."

(on if the change at quarterback for the 49ers made a big difference) "I think the difference was our intensity went down in the second half and the plays that we were making in the first half, we weren't making in the second half."

(on why they weren't making the plays in the second half) "Why is that? I don't know. We as a team understand that we can't do that without playing a 60-minute game so we have to get that fixed."

(on 49ers WR Michael Crabtree) "He's a pretty good receiver. A little rusty, you could tell. He's still learning the offense, trying to get a hold of the offense but he's a pretty good receiver. He had some nice catches today."

(on if it was simply 49ers QB Alex Smith playing better than 49ers QB Shaun Hill) "From their point of view, I don't know, but from a numbers point of view, he (Smith) did. (He) played better than the starter did."

CB Dunta Robinson
(on his thoughts on the game) "A win is a win, ugly or pretty. We got to go into Buffalo, tough conditions, a tough situation, and try to get a game against a good football team. I think we can do it, but talk is cheap. We have to go put it down on the field. "

(on the 49ers adjustments in the second half) "It's tough when you prepared all week against one quarterback and a new quarterback comes in and gives you something totally different. Sometimes that's kind of tough on a defense, but that's no excuse for giving up 21 points in the second half and give up 3 touchdown passes. It's just one of those situations where we got to expect the unexpected, and today it was unexpected and we didn't handle it too well, but we still came away with the win. And we'll take it, but this is a new day and age, and while we're happy with the win we still want to play a little bit better. A couple of years ago we would have been just happy no matter how we won the football game. Like I said, we are happy about the win but we know we got to play better because we know Buffalo is going to watch this film and try to pick up where the 49ers left off."

(on the defense's success in the first half) "I know that's the kind of defense that we are. We've shown that in spurts, but we got to put that together for 4 quarters, 60 minutes. They came out and they didn't stop fighting, they battled and got back in the football game. Luckily (FS) Eugene (Wilson) made the play at the end of the game to put it away."

(on if the defense was playing too conservative or they were thrown off by something different in the second half) "Well, anytime you got a 4.3 tight end down the middle of the field it's going to be tough for a safety or a linebacker to cover him. He was their big play guy and he made big plays. So that's a tough situation for those guys but we just got to find a way to maybe get to the quarterback or maybe have a corner overlap to make sure that doesn't happen."

(on if he feels good with the game) "I'm glad about the win, but the way we played in the second half, I'm not too happy about that. We got to put that kind of pressure on ourselves. We pitched a shut out in the first half, nothing should have changed in the second half, and things did change. Like I said, I'm not trying to be a party pooper, but I just want to make sure that guys stay up and stay focused and go into Buffalo next week and try to get this win."

(on if he knew who 49ers QB Alex Smith is) "Yeah, well when we went 2-14 that was a game we were slated to win in San Francisco. Alex Smith came out and threw his first touchdown pass of the season against us, so I'll always remember Alex Smith."

(on if he feels the team has turned the corner) "It's a good start. We've won two straight games to put us at 4-3. But you're battle-tested every week in this league, and Buffalo will be another test. I just don't want guys come in and get complacent, 'Okay we're 4-3 now we can relax a little bit.' We still got a long way to go because we dug ourselves in a hole in the first couple games. We got to stay focused and we got to keep battling. It's not about being over the hump, it's about winning week in and week out. You won't hear me talking too much about being over the hump because we got a lot of football left to play."

(on what he saw in 49ers rookie WR Michael Crabtree) "I saw a guy that's going to be a good football player. He ran good routes, and you know he's fearless. So I saw a rookie that's going to be a good player in the future. And for us it's always hard to come out and play a guy that you have absolutely no film on. I'm not trying to make excuses, the guy came out and did some great things. But it's always a little frustrating when you're not able to watch the guy and his first action is against you. But I think he's going to be a very good pro in this league."

LB DeMeco Ryans
(on if he thinks the team has turned a corner) "I think we're now headed in the right direction. After winning the last couple games, we still have a lot of things to clean up but I'll say we are finally headed in the right direction. We've got to be more consistent; we've got to go out and play the two halves."

(on the defense in the first half versus the second half) "In the first half we were having fun, getting stops and playing well. Second half we couldn't seem to make it happen on the field."

(on why it was different playing against 49ers QB Alex Smith versus QB Shaun Hill) "I think Hill, he is a good quarterback. He's capable of running the ball and making plays all over the field."

(on his happy feelings about the win) "You're always happy with a win because wins are hard to come by, but we've still got things we need to clean up no matter who is in a quarterback."

(on the defense's plan against 49ers RB Frank Gore) "We knew we had to stop him so our defensive line stepped up their game and they have been playing really well."

(on how good he thinks his team is right now and if they have potential to be great) "We're good, but we still strive to be great. We've got to get consistent and play the entire game. We do have the potential to be great; we have the right guys and the right goals."

(on how going through a lapse in the second half will help in the future) "It will definitely help us. Going through it is something that we know we can come out and win now. Our defense is going to go out and play the whole game."

(on how proud he was about defending against the run) "I was really good. We pride ourselves on stopping the run, and every play of defense that is our goal. We were getting that goal today and we're going to continue to get better and better at it."

(on if two wins in a row is just the start) "It's a good start. We've got a lot of things to clean up, but it's good to get these two in a row."

(on if he feels special as the team's all-time leading tackler) "I feel fortunate to be able to come in and set records. It's a great compliment, and I've got to thank the other ten guys that are out there with me."

QB Matt Schaub
(on the team's confidence right now) "We're confident. When you go out and win a game you build a lot of confidence, especially when you're playing well and doing good things. Obviously that game we did some good things. We needed to come out of the gate stronger in the second half; we knew they would come out playing. A lot of things were in place in that game to help us win. We're going to think about where we are at and just keep getting better to go into next week."

(on his comfort level and offensive identity) "I'm definitely comfortable in there. Our guys battled all day. They give me plenty of time and we got some guys open on the secondary. We've just got to keep playing football, keep doing our thing. Moving and passing wise we've realized that we can't force feed the run, we'd have to put the ball down there. We made that big play to (WR) André (Davis), and we've just got to keep making key plays.

(on what he said in that 44-yard pass to WR André Davis that got that drive started) "Well we had that option as soon as we took André from the secondary, and I wanted to give it a chance. I didn't quite see the catch, but it had to have been a tremendous play."

(on the connection between him and TE Owen Daniels) "That's something we worked hard on in the offseason; during the spring and in training camp we developed that feel for one another when we were working in the field of linebackers and safeties. He's finding the holes in the defense and I've been trying to get him the ball so we can make plays, and he's been doing an excellent job."

(on how great the offense could be) "When we get on a roll we know we can be great. It's hard to get 100% of your plays to go perfectly. There are times on a third downs where we might struggle on certain little things, but we're all just trying to go hard and get better all the time while taking our chances at getting it all right."

(on San Francisco's scheme coming into the first half) "I think they were playing with the same scheme as the first half, but the plays that we were trying to get in there just weren't working. The timing wasn't there."

(on if the team has turned the corner since the Arizona game) "It's hard to say if we have turned a corner because we do the same thing every week. We come in and do our game planning, go out and work, and then go find our next win. When we go look back at the end of the year we might see that it was a pivotal point for us, but right now there is too much on our plate to say that."

(on what he says to RB Steve Slaton) "Just keep your head up. We've got to keep playing and moving forward and make him gain confidence in his abilities."

RB Steve Slaton(on how he played) "I had a good first half, it's just one thing I have to work on is not letting the ball go."

(on where he feels he is in terms of fumbling in pressure situations) "I think I'm just developing the tagging. The first guy is holding me up and the second guy is ripping on me. I just got to put two hands on the ball. I have to know when I can't get any more (yards) and just go down."

(on if the fumbles are affecting him mentally) "For that time it hurts and I think it's hurting the team. But I just know that whenever I get that second chance to get on the field I'm going to try to make a play."

(on teams trying harder to strip the ball due to his fumbling problems) "I got four now so it's going to be a thing that the coaches preach to the defenses, to come after me."

(on the fumbles not hurting his confidence) "I mean, you got to live to fight another day. When you put the ball on the ground you're upset, but you know it's a long game, I think there were 18 minutes left, so I know how to come out there and keep playing."

(on his success in the first half) "It was just utilizing space, being one-on-one. On the goal line the offensive lineman pulled back and the receiver did a great job of blocking and giving me a hole."

(on winning two games in a row for the first time all season) "It's great, I mean I think it's what the team needs. It's definitely a roll that we hope we can keep on pressing on until next week."

(on if he feels the play-calling was more conservative in the second half) "No, I don't think it was conservative. I think we were going with what worked. We were moving the ball well in the first half and in the second half."

DE Antonio Smith
(on the performance of the Texans run defense) "I'm very proud, everybody has bought into it. Everybody has bought into stopping the run, everybody has bought into making this defense a great defense, and when we do that, regardless on how you started the season, if you finish it doing what we doing now, I guarantee you we will be in the top 10 defenses."

(on the performance of the defense and the secondary) "I like that, them boys be fired up out there. That's how I normally play and it's just going down from player to player, everybody on the defense is fired up and ready to get out there and make plays."

(on if there is a change in the atmosphere of the locker room) "Oh yeah, oh yeah. Confidence, willing to give up things for the defense, for the team, to gel together and work together to make this thing go the way we want it to go."

(on whether this team has gotten over their hump) "It's a game by game deal. You're pushing every week, even if you get over a hump, there's going to be another one. So you just have to keep pushing week in and week out."

DE Mario Williams
(on the team's effort and winning two in a row) "It's nice, for a change, for us to get back-to-back wins. We definitely needed to cross that hump. We don't need to go back, so hopefully we just continue with it."

(on their defensive pressure setting a tone early) "Yeah, we knew they had a week off to kind of change up what they wanted to do and evaluate themselves and change some things. They changed some things. They attacked us differently, some formations, but we adjusted and we handled it. We came out strong and fortunately, in the second half, we kind of played okay, but we still came away with the victory."

(on the difference between the two quarterbacks) "(QB Alex) Smith was definitely getting the ball off. It was definitely one of those things—three seconds and gone. He was definitely getting the ball off. It was a mix up of some other things, trying to deter from the run or the pass. We were trying to figure out what was going on and get after him."

(on if it was tough adjusting to QB Alex Smith because he hasn't played much) "Yeah, I didn't even know who the guy was when he came out. I really didn't. It was one of those things. He definitely managed the game for them. He got rid of the ball on time and was moving the ball."

(on his shoulder) "It's day-to-day. It's one of those things, that on Sunday, you've got to prepare all week for your shoulder. Not only do you have to prepare for the football game, but I have to prepare for my shoulder—just trying to make sure that everything is right with it."

(on if it was special playing in front of all the military people in attendance) "Yeah, it was. Especially to see those guys jump down through the roof. With the wind blowing and stuff, I obviously was hoping no one got blown into the seats. It was great to see them. It was a lot emotion it gave us a lot of energy. We came out strong."

(on if the 49ers made a lot of adjustments in the second half) "No, I think there were some plays that they did over and over again. They made yards on those. It was the same thing, they just kept finding that zone and then the passing was getting to us."

(on how nerve wracking it was to see the lead slip away) "You can't be. At the same time, when you're out there, things happen. We just have to adjust to it and get after it."

(on getting over the hump) "We're over the hump right now, but the most important thing is to stay across that hump. That's what we've got to do. We just have to try and play harder and try to win more games."

(on getting a sack the first play on defense) "It was great. I think they tried to go with a bubble screen and I was there. He had to pump fake and bring it down and I was closing in on him and got the sack. It definitely set the tone for everybody. Everybody fed off of that and we just continued to play."

(on how the defense has been able to turn it around) "I think we're definitely gelling together, like we're supposed to. We just have to keep it going and keep getting better."

FS Eugene Wilson(on the performance of 49ers QB Alex Smith ) "I think he came in and was really relaxed. He kind of sorted out the situation a little better than the first guy did (QB Shaun Hill) but the defense, we held strong and finished out good."

(on the defensive performance in the second half) "We were kind of frustrated with the mistakes that we made, but we're just going to have to go back to the game film, check out what we did wrong, and correct it."

(on his thoughts about 49ers WR Michael Crabtree) "He didn't really surprise me, I wouldn't say that. He had some solid catches and played a solid game, that's about it."

(on whether the defense was more conservative in the second half) "I feel like we did a few things more conservative than we did at the beginning. We had a lot more pressure and what not, but we got a win and that's all that matters at this point."

(on whether he got nervous towards the end of the game) "Get nervous? Ya'll might have got nervous, but being out there you couldn't get nervous. I don't feel like anyone got nervous, nobody panicked."

San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary San Francisco 49ers WR Arnaz Battle San Francisco 49ers WR Michael Crabtree San Francisco 49ers TE Vernon Davis San Francisco 49ers RB Frank Gore San Francisco 49ers QB Shaun Hill San Francisco 49ers WR Josh Morgan San Francisco 49ers T Barry Sims San Francisco 49ers CB Shawntae Spencer San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith San Francisco 49ers DT Justin Smith

49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary(on the team's performance) "Obviously it is very frustrating to come down here and get 21 points behind in the first half. There is no reason for that. We knew this had to be a game of details coming in here and to find ourselves in a situation where we have to dig ourselves out of a hole in the second half on the road is unacceptable. I know we came back in the second half and made some plays. QB Alex Smith came in and seemed to perk up the offense, but we just didn't play well and we just have to get better on the offensive line. We have to have better offensive line play. We have got to look at the film and continue to make the changes necessary that we need to make to get better. I think as far as the injury to (T Tony) Pashos don't know how severe that is; we'll have to look at the MRI and whatever testing we need to get done to see the extent of the injury. As far as our team is concerned it is disappointing, it is frustrating. I think it's one of those things where we have a team that got out of the blocks pretty quick and it seems like we missed the hand-off in the second quarter so far. All I know is that it will get better. All I know is that we are going to put the guys on the field that can play, that give us the best chance to win, and we will continue to do the things we have to do to find out who that is. The film, we just have to continue to look at it, evaluate it, and go from there."

(on making the decision to bring in QB Alex Smith) "I just felt it was time to make the switch. It's as simple as that. There was no long drawn out process, it was let's make the change."

(on the possibility of QB Alex Smith becoming the starter) "I can't say that going forward. We need to look at the film and look at some of the decisions made on behalf of both quarterbacks."

(on the appearance that the offensive line gave better protection for QB Alex Smith) "It seemed like it, but I can't say that right away because sometimes I don't know if it is Alex or the OL. Sometimes the quarterback makes the OL better, but we'll have to find out which is which when we look at the film."

(on QB Shaun Hill's poor performance) "I can't say that without looking at the film. It looked like he didn't have a chance to throw the ball. I don't know, we'll have to look at it."

(on reasons behind changing quarterbacks at halftime) "I think it was one of those things, I told (offensive coordinator) Jimmy (Raye) coming in that we need to think about making that change because our offense is in a rut and we have playmakers on the field and we need to get the ball to them when we have the chance to do some good things. Today I just felt like we needed a spark, a change. I felt that (QB) Alex (Smith) had that opportunity to come in and let's see what he can do in an adverse situation."

(on QB Alex Smith's performance) "I thought he did pretty decent. I thought he moved the team pretty well. I thought he made the plays he needed to make, the plays he had the opportunity to make he made. That was good to see."

(on if he was planning on the QB switch in the preceding weeks) "As I said last week, I talked to (QB) Alex (Smith) when I made the decision to go with (QB) Shaun (Hill). I told him (Smith) that this does not mean we are going to lock you in a barn. I want you to continue to get better. Chances are this is going to be a long season and we're going to need both of you. That is the same thing that I have said since the start. There was no conspiracy. It was just a matter of me feeling at the end of the half , let's put (QB) Alex (Smith) in and see what he can do."

(on when he had the conversation with Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye about switching QBs) "Probably at the end of the half."

(on if WR Michael Crabtree's presence helped alleviate pressure on TE Vernon Davis) "I'm going to say this: I think Vernon Davis is a heck of a TE. I don't think the presence of WR Crabtree made a difference because TE Davis would have made those plays anyways. Now ask me another question about WR Crabtree."

(on WR Crabtree's performance) "Do I think he did a great job today? Absolutely. He did a heck of a job."

(on limiting WR Crabtree's play-time) "What I said was 20-30 plays, but if you remember I said if he can handle it then let's let him go."

(on WR Crabtree making mistakes) "I'm sure he did a lot of things wrong. The bottom line is when he had the chance to make plays he made them. That's good. You're talking about a guy that's been working his tail off and hasn't been at camp and he came in today and it seemed like he had been here a while."

(on miscommunication between QB Shaun Hill and WR Michael Crabtree on the first play) "Yes, there was some miscommunication there. I'm not quite sure what happened, but yes there was some miscommunication. When he came to the sideline I asked him if he knew what he was doing. He said yes, and so I said ok fine we are good."

(on if he will be making a decision on which quarterback to start soon) "We have to sit down with the staff and take a look at it. I don't like going back and forth between quarterbacks. We'll have to sit down and look at it and see what is best for the team. We certainly have tools and there is no reason in the world why we're not playing better on offense and defense and special teams so we just need to continue getting better at all phases of the game and we will."

(on troubles with punt returning) "(PR) Calvin (Ross) had some issues too. It's not like he was catching everything clean. They both have issues. We just have to find a way to get that settled and that's something that we have to settle in a hurry because it makes no sense at all. It makes no sense to be dropping balls."

49ers WR Arnaz Battle(on how he felt QB Alex Smith performed) "It's a long time coming. He's gone through a lot. He has overcome injuries; he has had to compete for a spot. To see him go out there today and play well I was happy for him. Hopefully even though we lost we can build on this especially as an offensive unit and come out swinging earlier in games."

(on how the sun was a factor in today's game) "It was. The one I muffed had a great hang time on it. I felt like I was right under the ball. I was in great position. Actually when it came down it shifted on me. There was a defender right there and I could feel him. So as I went to my side and tried to catch it I bobbled it and they were able to recover it."

(on what a defender does when trying to catch a punt) "They say things but you try to block that out and focus on the ball. I felt like I was focused on it. I felt like was in great position. It was just one of those kicks where the ball shifted on me. Since I stepped into the role it's been tough. It's been some tough games. I really haven't had the opportunity to get things going and have kicks where I could catch it and have room to work and make something happened. Right now I would say I have to continue to work at it. Hopefully head coach (Mike) Singletary is not down on me and I could have another opportunity. Just continue to work at it."

49ers WR Michael Crabtree
(on how it felt to finally be out there) "It felt good man. It's football. It felt better to be out there on Sunday instead of Saturday."

(on the speed of the game) "I worked on that all this week in practice. It came kind of easy today because we did such a good job of preparing. I'm looking forward to next week."

(on how he played with QBs Shaun Hill and Alex Smith) "Both of them have the same timing. They are both good. My place is to run routes. Whoever is throwing the ball, it is my job to catch it. I like them both."

(on his performance) "I have to watch film. I can't really remember everything I did. I will watch film and give you that later."

(on his emotions going into the game) "I was kind of calm. I kind of practiced on being calm and coming into the game knowing what I'm supposed to do and executing plays. I think I did a good job and I think I have some more work to do."

49ers TE Vernon Davis
(on what head coach Mike Singletary said at halftime) "Coach talked to us and told us that we got to be moving. We knew that and we believed in it. Once we get going plays are going to pick up. When we are not doing anything it's hard."

(on if WR Michael Crabtree was nervous today for his NFL debut) "I'm sure he was a little nervous and excited. He put that behind him and made plays."

(on who he would think will be the 49ers starting quarterback next game) "I don't know, it's up to the coaching staff. It's not my decision. Either one can run our offense. I like both of them. I don't have anything against (QBs) Alex (Smith) or Shaun (Hill)."

(on the chemistry he and QB Alex Smith have) "Yes, we had a lot of chemistry me and Alex. We haven't been working together but still have chemistry. Me and Alex always had chemistry no matter what, whether he's practicing or not."

(on if he was surprised by QB Alex Smith's performance) "I wasn't surprised, I knew what he was going to do."

(on how the offense played better in the second half) "First you have to get moving. If you don't get moving it's hard to get going. You have to be that first catch for somebody to get the team going or that first run whatever it is it has to be something."

(on what the mood of the team was as they began to move the ball) "Everyone was getting excited. They started to believe. That's what it's about. You have to get going. If you don't get going it's hard, the game is flat and you don't have that momentum especially when the team is betting you. Once we get going we going."

49ers RB Frank Gore
(on him sending a message to the offense during their slow start to the game) "I was telling them that we can't win like that. We kept going three an out and we kept the defense on the field. I just told them that we had to get going. I just brought them all in and told them we got to get going."

(on the team now being 3-3) "We're going to be fine. We go down to Indy and we got to clean up all the mistakes we had today. Offensive wise, we need to pick up were we left off in the second half today and try to get better."

(on WR Michael Crabtree's play in his first NFL game) "He did great. Like I said man, I told him he would be fine. I told him as long as he knew the plays, he would be fine."

49ers QB Shaun Hill(on being replaced in the second half) "I'm pretty adamant about it. When the offense isn't going you have to put it on the quarterback. He gave us a spark. Obviously I wasn't giving us that."

(on the play of QB Alex Smith) "Alex played a great second half. He had a great second half out there. I'm very proud of the way he played."

(on playing with WR Michael Crabtree) "Obviously he showed you guys a little bit of what he has. He is going to be great player for us."

49ers WR Josh Morgan
(on how the offense improved in the second half) "I envision the offense scoring every time we get a chance. We have to execute a little better. I think with the talent we have we should score on every play. Every time we get the ball, every drive at least."

(on the delay of game mix up) "I think we just got the call real late. Nothing really happened just got the call real late."

(on how surprised he was of QB Alex Smith's performance) "He's a pro. He came out there and did a good job. That's what we do, that's what we suppose to do. They call on you to make plays no matter how long you've been out."

49ers T Barry Sims
(on how the offense came out in the second half) "We were coming from behind so we had a long ways to go. We just wanted to try and keep getting first downs and moving the chains. When you do that you are able to put yourself in good position to score touchdowns. We started catching a little momentum there, but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to continue."

(on QB Alex Smith) "Well, from what I can tell, he can get rid of the ball quick. When there was pressure, he was able to scramble out and get positive yards. It was good to see him out there for a little bit. We will see what happens."

49ers CB Shawntae Spencer
(on the defensive performance) "The last three out of four games we have just been beating ourselves. I don't really know what's going on. I've got to look at the film. I don't want to make any assessments up on what's going wrong with our defense without seeing the entire film of this game. This is the National Football League. We can't go down 21-0. If we don't go down like that then it may be a different ball game. We made them go all the way down to the wire for 60 minutes. Being behind 21-0 put a lot of pressure on our offense."

(on his first pass attempt to WR Michael Crabtree) "We just had miscommunication. More than anything it was a lack of inexperience. After that he knew exactly what had happened and he's ready to move forward. He played a great game."

49ers QB Alex Smith
(on chemistry with WR Michael Crabtree) "You know, I think he played really well for a young guy only being in a couple weeks, going out there and playing like that. He played really well, competed against a lot of man coverage and played really well. I just went out there and made my read and threw the ball. I wasn't trying to think about anything else."

(on delay of games and technical aspects for backup quarterback) "It's been a while, but that's beside the point. Obviously we have to push up the pace, and can't let it happen again. That's the key. We can't keep going out there making the same mistakes. We had some sideline game problems a few times today. Those are things we have to get fixed."

(on whether he thought this would happen today) "I wasn't sure. I guess I was ready for anything. I was ready for anything to happen."

(on getting time with first team in practices) "Yeah, during the bye week. I didn't look too much into that. (QB) Shaun (Hill) was banged up a little bit. I think that's pretty common. You know, we only had one day with the weather out there. So, I certainly didn't read into that at all I was just trying to take advantage of it. I just tried to stay ready."

(on if he was nervous when he was told he would be entering the game) "No question. I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't. Absolutely. You know, especially just because it had been a little while since I really took some game snaps. So there's no question. I mean it's nice to kind of get sweating and not be thinking about it anymore."

(on offensive schemes working against the Texans defensive schemes in the second half) "I just think they were giving us that. The plays we had called—that's what came up. I wasn't trying to force anything to him or do anything like that. He's (TE Vernon Davis) an extremely talented player and creates a matchup problem. And they gave us some looks down there where he came open, and he did a great job getting open and catching the ball."

49ers DT Justin Smith
(on the overall team performance) "It's pretty hard in the first half when you are down that big of a hole against a team that can move the ball like that. A couple of times we get the ball down the field and then turn it over. In the second half I think we played a little bit better, but it wasn't enough. We have to be able to hold people to three, six and nine points. We didn't get that done today. "

(on the performance of QB Alex Smith) "He did real well. He came in and moved the ball with confidence. He looked like he did well."

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