Texans-Broncos postgame quotes

Head coach Dom Capers

(Game summary) "Tonight was our first opportunity to really evaluate our team in game conditions. I like what I saw with our offense in terms with taking the ball down the field. We had four shots at the one yard line, we didn't get it in so we have to invest in time in our goal line work. We are experimenting there with a couple of new people, so I know we will benefit from that We have a pretty good goal line offense and I feel like we will be a good goal line offense.

"Other than that, I really liked the way the offense moved the ball down the field the first series. I liked the way the defense went out and stopped them three and out. We had them backed up, they made one first down and we stopped them forcing the punt four plays from where we were able to get excellent field position. Tony Banks went out in the second series and hit Matt Murphy down the middle of the field for the touchdown. From that point on, we really didn't get a lot done so we are going to have to take a good look at that as we go through this process of preseason. The number one goal is trying to find 53 players that you feel will enable you to have the kind of team you can move forward to accomplish the things we want to accomplish. I did see many good things early, there were a couple of guys that showed up. Shantee Orr, I thought had a real nice punt coverage, had a sack and made a nice penetrating play on the run. Matt Murphy's catch was a real nice catch. We are always looking for individuals. We tell them all the time there are so many opportunities and you have to take advantage of those opportunities.

"Our injury situation, Zach Wiegert has a high ankle sprain. He is going to have an MRI tomorrow. Jonathan Wells, I think he may have torn a tendon on his right index finger. We'll have to have him see a hand guy. Chris McKenzie, you saw him pull a hamstring on a long touchdown pass at the end of the game. B.J. Symons separated his shoulder when he took a sack on the blitz coming from the backside."

(On first series of game) "I was pleased with the consistency of our first offense. That was one of the nicer drives that we had in preseason, we went right down the field. We did have one ball that we didn't catch. Other than that we were hitting it on all cylinders. When you are sitting down on the first and goal of the one yard line, you want to be able to punch it in, so we are disappointed in that. I feel like we'll get that squared away and make some plays the first two series. After that, you've got a lot of different combinations of people in there. So we weren't able to get the kind of consistency we needed to move the ball. They made a couple of good plays. The quarterback run on third down play was a big play which put them down in scoring position."

(On Vernand Morency, Tony Hollings, and Jonathan Wells at RB) "We didn't get to see Wells play as much as we wanted because of the finger. He went in, competed hard and did a good job. Hollings had a couple of nice plays, he caught the screen pass. He looked real good doing that as you can see, he had a burst and some speed. Morency is a young guy that has really good cutting ability. He has a lot to learn in terms of his reads and when to cut and when to stay and continue to press the hole. I'm not disappointed in any one of these three. I think we have good competition and these guys will continue to compete through the preseason. Things I think will get clear as we move along. I think all three of them have the ability to help us."

SS C.C. Brown

(On possibly leaving to go fight) "If something like World War III broke out, I would be leaving the team. I hate to, but I have to go serve my duty."

(On what made him decide to join) "When I was growing up I didn't have any parents, I just had Grandma's in the house hold. So it was either sell drugs in the street or join the army, so I decided to join the army."

(On the opinion that the coaches are very high on him) "I hear it every now and then, but I try to downplay it. I just go out there and play ball."

Texans DE Travis Johnson

(On his new haircut) "I didn't lose a bet, Robaire and Gary gave me a hair cut, and this is what I have going on. It was just a welcome to NFL type of thing… I can cut it off tomorrow, but I think I'm going to wait until it grows back."

(On playing in his first professional game) "It feels great, I am excited to play a whole lot more for a long time out here."

(On the difference between college and NFL) "I think a little bit of speed, but I am enjoying myself."

(On what you learned) "It was just like college as far as the cut blocking, and trying to get up before you hit the ground."

CB Demarcus Faggins

(On defending Jerry Rice) "It feels good. I draw from the competitiveness that he has. He has been in the league for a long time, some 21 years, and growing up I always watched him and then I end up lining up against him. I have to play and compete. I don't want him making any catches on me."

(On the pass deflection in the end zone) "It was just me on him, one on one, and he ran the route. I read the route and I came up and made the play." (Comments on the game) "It's just a learning experience, just trying to get back competing against different players, other than those that we practice against on our own team. Just going out there playing hard and having fun."

Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan

(On the way Bradlee Van Pelt played) "Bradlee did a good job tonight and he has played excellent through out camp."

(On the offense making adjustments after the first drive) "No not really. The first time we had a chance to hit Adams deep and then Plummer was chased out of bounds. We expect people to do their jobs and when they don't you get stopped."

(On the running backs) "They did a great job and had a couple of big runs for us in the game."

Broncos QB Bradlee Van Pelt

(On his performance today) "I think I could have done a lot better. I'm a perfectionists and I want to complete every ball. But it's the first game and I just got to let it go."

(On his three-yard run) "It was just a quarterback draw. It was the first game and everything kind of worked out on that play."

(On his confidence and his performance today) "I don't know if it helps my confidence because I made a lot of mistakes that I should not have made. They (the mistakes) were driving me nuts tonight but I'm just trying to let them go. The film is going to show them and I just have to get better next week and that is part of what camp is about."
Broncos RB Mike Anderson

(On moving back to the running back position after playing at fullback last year) "It's an adjustment, but as a runner, whenever it's tough out there you want to get back and look at the film. Maybe it might have been something else there that you didn't see during the course of the game, and you just try to build on it."

(On the play of backup QB Brandlee Van Pelt) "I've had high regards for that guy ever since his rookie season. I remember the game he got in during preseason that year, he didn't even take any reps the week leading up to the game and they threw him in there and he was operating like (a veteran). I was very impressed (then) and I'm still impressed. What he did tonight, that doesn't shock me."

(On how he feels about the remainder of training camp) "Now we get to go back and we have a little time off tomorrow. And then we have to game-plan for next weekend's opponent. It's starting off, so I'm excited."

Broncos WR Ashley Lelie

(On his chemistry with QB Jake Plummer) "We're just trying to get our timing down and get ready for this season. It's going to be a grind and we just have to keep at it."

(On how it felt to finally play against another team) "It felt good. Especially since we were able to get in there and put our helmets on somebody else. We've been here all week practicing against them too, so this whole week has been fun for us. We got used to hitting and tacking again."

(On scoring on their third series of the game) "That felt good for us. Especially the first team offense, because it we were so efficient. Jake (Plummer) dropping back and hitting me and Rod (Smith) and the tight ends - it was just a good feeling for us to be so efficient so early.

Broncos WR Todd Devoe

(On his 93-yard TD reception) "I was just trying to make up for the last ball I dropped. I guess that was the best way to make up for it.

(On the confidence he gained from that touchdown) "It gives me a lot of confidence but the biggest thing is that hopefully I can give my team confidence and I can keep making those plays.

(On the accolades he received from Jerry Rice for his reception) "That's my all-time favorite player, so him (complimenting) me is better than anyone else"

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