Texans-Broncos postgame quotes


After the game, the Texans and Broncos spoke to the media about the Houston's 31-13 victory. The Texans moved to 7-7 for the first time in franchise history behind another steady performance from quarterback Sage Rosenfels and a Texans-record 3.5 sacks from defensive end Mario Williams.

Texans owner Bob McNair
(on Texans DE Mario Williams) "You still haven't seen the best of Mario, that's still to come."

(on Texans DE Mario Williams' going to the Pro Bowl) "I think he's Pro Bowl (caliber). He should be. After tonight, I don't know how anyone can disagree."

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak

(on the win) "It's a great win. We had an opportunity in front of a lot of people. We were the only game tonight and that was a little pressure on our guys. Our guys have never been in that situation, but it's a great opportunity for our organization and our kids. I'm very proud of how hard we played. We played really hard tonight."

(on his play calling having anything to do with him playing against his former team) "(Texans offensive coordinator Mike) Sherman and I call the plays together and we want to both be aggressive. Actually, I think we were too aggressive in the first half. I came in at half time and told the players on the offensive side of the ball that they were fine, that really we had gotten too aggressive and didn't run the ball the way we should have been. I think the fact that we did settle down in the second half and give them a chance to run the ball consistently ended up being the difference in the game. (WR) Andre (Johnson) made some big plays, (QB) Sage (Rosenfels) made some big throws, and the young kid makes a big run. Everybody pitched in. It was a team effort."

(on the play of DE Mario Williams justifying his draft pick) "I'm not worried about that. I'm not worried about that at all. I know this kid is a tremendous football player. He's a great young man. He keeps working. I'm just happy that good things keep coming his way. It's a great example of a young guy and the pressure he went through last year and the pressure that was on him as a very, very young man. I kept telling y'all that the most impressive thing about him last year was that he kept playing hurt and never said a word. This year he's just been battling and battling and he got a big stage to play on tonight, and stood up and said 'hey, I'm having a great year.' I'm just very proud of the kid and his effort."

(on if the defensive performance is the best of the season) "I think it was, and I just told them that because they played a heck of an offensive football team. They were moving the ball on us, but we stood up, and holding them to the field goals I think was very important. As I look at the stats, we end up four-for-four in the red zone; they're one-for-two. That's deflating for an offense when you're moving the ball and all of a sudden you look up at the scoreboard and you've got a 200-yard half and you've got six points. I think the way they held up and then the big fourth down plays that they held up on gave our football team a great deal of energy and it was the difference."

(on DE Mario Williams being played one-on-one) "I think a lot of credit goes to (Texans defensive coordinator) Richard (Smith). He's moving him around. He's doing enough things on defense that we are going after some people now that we've got our secondary somewhat settled. He finds ways to get Mario some one-on-one's. He played him a little inside, a little outside, so I think Richard (Smith) deserves a great deal of credit for what he's doing. I really think the kid has started to study football a great deal. At the end of the week, Richard (Smith) has a deal going with him right now, he says 'Mario, give me your top five defensive calls that you want in the game.' That is a lot of respect for a defensive coordinator to tell a defensive end that. The kid gives him his calls and there's a great thing going on right now with how he's playing and how much confidence and the job that (Texans defensive line coach) Jethro (Franklin) and (Texans senior defensive assistant) Frank (Bush) have done with him."

(on whether Defensive Coordinator Richard Smith is actually calling the plays or just asking for them) "He's calling them. I'd call them, too."

(on the challenges of having to play again after just three days) "You have to learn how to do this stuff. The guy across the field (Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan) taught me how to do it, how to prepare, how to push through, and then get your coaches fresh the last couple of days so they do a good job. It's a tough deal. I think it was a challenge for our guys. I tell you guys all the time since I've been here that we've had to learn how to do this and how to do that. There are so many things that we encounter as a football team and an organization that we say this is a first time we ever did this. We've got to go handle all of those things. The key to our football team right now is that we have made ourselves go right back to some of the places we failed at. We've been in some great games here in the last month, and twice we've failed, late in the third quarter and in the fourth quarter. We got ourselves right back in the same position against Tampa and against Denver, and we got better. That's the key to what we're doing."

(on his personal feelings about the win) "It's not about me. I just told the players it's about them. I've been a player before and I know how hard those kids are working. There was a big deal made out of where I came from and who we were playing tonight, and that makes for good talk, but it's about those players. They're the ones busting their tail and playing hurt and out there bleeding for each other to find victory. The key thing is that the Texans got a big win tonight. It wouldn't matter who (the win) was against. We play good football like that they're all sweet. I have so much respect for (Broncos head coach) Mike (Shanahan), you guys know that. That whole organization. There's a lot of faces over there I've been through many games with. I was thinking today that I think Mike and I, as a player and coach, have been in over 350 NFL football games. That's a lot of ball and I'll always have a lot of respect for what he does."

(on if the 7-7 record defines the season as a success) "I think we still have something else to do. I told the kids awhile ago that our football team is 60 minutes from being able to say we're a winning team. To have the season that is a winning season. That's a huge step. We talked about that step last year and we didn't quite get there. This year we talked about being a playoff team. We wanted to play big games in December and we're doing that. The playoffs look like a very tough call right now. There would have to be some pretty crazy things happen. We don't really control that. But the idea of getting our football team to where we can hand Mr. McNair a ball and say 'Our football team is a winner, Bob (McNair),' we've got a chance to do that, so that's going to be our focus right now."

Texans defensive coordinator Richard Smith
(on the defensive line pass rush sorting itself out) "There are guys that are working hard at it and it's the same guys upfront the positive thing we've stayed healthy. We've got the injuries at the linebacker position and also in the back end and that's the one position that has been steady in terms of injuries and I think that has been helpful."

(on DE Mario Williams' improvement) "I think there are several things that happen. Like I told many people this is let's go back to a year ago. Just what the media did to the kid in terms of trying to justify him versus other draft picks and not just him, but the organization as a whole. Everybody has their own opinion, but we believe we did the right thing. He's had a great year and will be in the Pro Bowl."

Texans G Mike Brisiel
(on playing with the Texans) "We're just a bunch of guys working hard. We're just having fun out there. It's pretty amazing."

(on playing in the NFL) "Everything we've worked for, and everything (else); once we get that victory, its just such a great feeling. I cant even put it into words; especially me getting a chance to play, and having those two victories, and guys working so hard. It really is a great feeling when it all pays off."

Texans TE Owen Daniels

(on the feeling in the locker room after the game) "It feels great. To get that win this past Sunday, and on a short week to come in here against coach's old team and we played well. Defense played great; offensively we played pretty well, and to come out here with a victory the way we did, it means a lot to us."

(on the team's playoff chances) "We're just playing. We're happy to be in the position we're in now, and to have a big game against Indy (Indianapolis) in ten days; we're just going to keep working, and try to do what no other Texans team has done."

(on the fact that the Texans are the only team in the NFL with three receivers who have over 700 yards receiving) "It means that we have some guys that can make plays, more than just one guy. We can spread the ball around to anybody, and then we've got some running backs who can run the ball pretty well. It's hard to just defend one guy when you play us."

(on Texans WR Andre Johnson's injury early in the season) "It was tough to lose Andre, but to have guys step up is huge. That's just the way the team has gone this year. We had so many injuries; we have the most guys on IR (injured reserve) in the league. We just keep fighting. We've got guys stepping up, backups playing every week, so it just shows how tough a team we are."

Texans RB Ron Dayne
(on the performance of the running game) "It could've been better if I had played more, but when they told me I had to run the ball, I was going to do what I could do and just was out there trying to have some fun and get some yards and get the win."

(on the offensive line playing well) "Yes, definitely. They did a great job. They've been doing a great job ever since I started playing, started starting, even before then they were playing well, so as long as they keep that up, we can keep running the ball."

(on how much pain he was in while running) "No, I'm good. I was alright."

(on if adrenaline kept him going) "I don't know what it was. I was a little sore, though."

(on if there was more excitement because this was a night game) "No, it's just a longer game; it takes longer. You're kind of sitting around and get bored. Guys were over here at three, we didn't have to be here until like five, so you just have to get out and we were out there having fun and guys were running around playing pretty good."

(on his key touchdown run) "It was key? It wasn't the key. I was just happy to be able to get in and run the ball. (RB) Darius (Walker) played well, and I was happy for him. We kind of looked good together out there. If I was a little more healthy then we could've really hit them up."

(on if he minds getting a lot of carries at the end of a game) "No; that's what I do. If I wasn't hurting, I would've probably had the whole load. Any time I can get in and play and help the team win, I'm happy with that."

(on being 7-7) "We just want to go out and win and play, keep playing. Whatever it takes and wherever we end up, we're not really looking at that right now. We've just got to go out and play."

Texans S Will Demps
(on playing on such a short week) "I think it was a great problem for us. It was a short week mentally we were there. We wanted to win this for the coaches ourselves because we wanted the world to know what the Houston Texans are all about."

(on the dropped interception attempts) "I left a couple of plays out there, but you know what as long as they didn't catch them and we moved the ball on third down that's the most important thing for me."

(on winning two in a row) "It's huge; we are 7-7. We just keep doing what we got. We've lost some people and it's all about the team showing up and showing people what we are all about."

(on the dropped interception attempts) "It is football. That's why we are DBs because we drop balls. As long as we get off the field and they're not catching balls that's my main goal."

Texans FS Von Hutchins
(on how the Texans defense played in tonight's game) "The credit really goes to the defensive line. Those guys played outstanding today. (DE) Mario (Williams) played great today. (DE N.D.) Kalu, (DT) Amobi (Okoye), (DT Anthony) Maddox; I know I'm missing some names, but, (DE Anthony) Weaver, all those guys played outstanding today. They did not allow (Broncos QB) Jay Cutler to get comfortable. They gave the offense fits, regardless of the situation. Defensively, in the secondary and at linebacker, we just played fast. We played fast and let things happen out in front of us. Our whole motto for the past couple of weeks was 'they can't beat us unless we give them something. They can't beat us unless we give them a deep ball.' So, we played fast, played smart, and we got a win."

(on the Texans past two victories) "We have a good team. During the course of the season, there were some games that we let go. What you saw today was the Houston Texans. We're starting as an organization; we're playing fast, we're playing smart, we're playing physical. We showed it tonight on national TV."

(on whether the Texans are having fun) "We're having fun, we're flying around. It's evident out there. Big hits are coming, guys are making plays, and guys are being physical. And it's evident. We're coming out with wins; we're coming out with victories. The offense continues to do the things they're doing. (RB) Ron Dayne is playing hurt, but he's doing a great effort. Having 'Dre (WR Andre Johnson) back, and (QB) Sage (Rosenfels) is playing well; the sky is the limit."

Texans WR Andre Johnson
(on the team developing confidence during his injury) "I think (WR) Kevin (Walter) and (WR) André (Davis) stepped up a whole lot and I think they did work a lot of plays. When I came back we just kept going. We just can't worry about one guy."

(on the balance of reception between the receivers this year) "At times tonight, especially in the first half after I caught my first two balls, they started to double team me. We just tried to find ways to get me open, but at the same time when they were doing that it opened up opportunities for other guys."

(on being on a winning team) "Yeah we are. (WR) Kevin (Walter) and I was sitting on the sideline we were just saying how fun it is that we are winning and hopefully this is something that can keep going. We have two more games against two great teams and we are playing great football and hopefully we will play great football against those teams."

Texans DE N.D. Kalu

(on the defensive performance) "That was a good game because when you play against the Denver Broncos you are going against a great running game. They could put myself back there I could have a 100 yard running game. So during the week we wanted to emphasize stopping the run and try to get a chance to get it third and long. I think we executed perfectly that's why (DE) Mario (Williams) had three sacks, myself two, but who's counting. I think we had a lot of pressures executing (Texans defensive coordinator) Richard Smith's game plan to a tee."

(on the defensive line performance) "We are doing what we are supposed to be doing all year. I think we have good rushers down in center, but for some reason we didn't show it earlier in the season now it's coming all together."

(on what this win mean for Coach Kubiak) "It means a lot. To play against the guy who used to be your boss and a place that you played at and he is so well known in Denver. For him to come in here and beat him so bad he sent a message to the people in Denver that they are really missing a good coach."

(on being active tonight and getting in front of the quarterback) "Everybody was just flying around and excited playing in a prime time game. We've just been working hard up front because we've been preparing for this all week (al season really) we just turned it up a notch."

(on playing on a short week and beating a quality football team) "Everybody knew it was a short week so after Sunday's game everybody came in the following day focused and ready to go."

Texans QB Sage Rosenfels
(on Texans WR Andre Johnson missing some games due to injury) "That was great for us, actually, that he missed some games, because it showed us we have other guys who can make plays; (WRs) André Davis, Kevin Walter, (TE) Owen Daniels. Our running backs were running the ball really well. That second half, our offensive line just controlled the line of scrimmage, and that's really the guys who won tonight."

(on Texans RB Ron Dayne's performance in the second half) "He was amazing. Once we got that 11 point lead, we were going to run the ball, and try to run out the clock as much as we could. Ron did a great job, and obviously the offensive line making the holes, including Vonta Leach at fullback, and the tight ends. So, when you can run the ball and everyone knows you're running the ball, that's a great feeling for a quarterback."

Texans RB Darius Walker

(on playing in the NFL) "This really is a dream come true. It really feels good to get out there and contribute to this team. Another good win for us."

(on Texans RB Ron Dayne) "It's really inspirational to see a guy who is a little down, a little nicked up and can still get out there and perform. It just shows you what kind of player and what kind of experience Ron Dayne has. We just kind of fed off of each other out there; it was a nice little combo."

(on the Texans offensive line) "Incredible. That's definitely the word for them tonight. Just incredible. They opened up so many holes for me and (RB) Ron (Dayne), and protecting (QB) Sage (Rosenfels), it was just a great overall game."

Texans WR Kevin Walter
(on the amount of players who can make plays on the Texans offense) "We've got a lot of guys that can make plays. People have been doing that all year. Plus, 'Dre (WR Andre Johnson) is back, and look what he's been doing. He's been doing a phenomenal job in all the games he's been back, and it's fun to go out there and make plays. When he's out there, we're just trying to make his job easier, so we're all making plays too."

(on how it feels for the Texans to be 7-7) "It's huge. I don't think this organization has been 7-7. We've got two games left, and if we win those two games then we may be in the hunt for the playoffs. But, we can't worry about the playoffs, we've just got to go worry about Indy (Indianapolis) next weekend; That's what our focus is. We've got to enjoy this win because it was a hard-fought win, but we'll be ready to roll next week."

Texans DE Mario Williams

(on increase of sacks from 4 ½ last season to 13 this season) "I don't know what to say. It's a blessing. That's the first thing I have to say. I am just going to continue to work hard and be blessed. I have been. I had some nicks and bruises. I just have to play hard. The team is playing great. The offense is staying on the field. Defensive players are making big plays. It's helping me out."

(on his increasing level of comfort on the field) "I'm just so much more comfortable now. As the week goes on, I take a look at the plays and see how they work. I watch film and think about how it would work if we ran this against that. When we go out there, he calls plays. So it's doing something."

(on his chances at the Pro Bowl) "It's out of my hands. I would like to go. Obviously, it would be a great accomplishment, but the most important thing is the last two games, definitely. Hopefully I can play before then if I do go to the Pro Bowl if we play in January. We just have to take it one game at a time and take care of business."

(on the gratification of winning on a big stage on national television) "Last night, it was ironic because I was watching TV at the hotel flipping through channels and I saw us on primetime. I thought that something good was going to happen tonight. It was a good feeling when I saw Deion (Sanders) on TV. It was a big stage and a lot of people to be in front of, and we just came out and played ball."

(on how it felt to hear the crowd chanting his name during the fourth quarter) "That was awesome! It was amazing to hear my name being said like that right behind our bench. One thing that was big was after that third sack, I don't know if any of you noticed, but I heard the Super Mario music. I got crunk off of that. I appreciate whoever did that. I heard that music. It was just all amazing!"

(on the importance of the win on such a big night) "This whole team—this was our first big stage. Everybody was watching. It was the only game on. We were able to show the world what we can do. With everything that has happened and the situation that I was in last year and the criticism the owner, the coaches and the whole organization had, this was big for us. We were able to show the world what we could do and what we are capable of doing. Tonight was a great game, and I'm glad we won."

(on the reaction from opposing offensive linemen) "On the sack tonight, I think he was pretty mad at me after that. It's all fun and games. Football is fun. You're supposed to go out there and have fun. No matter what I'm out there smiling. I have to go out there with that mindset. As far as getting double teamed, I'm getting chipped. Don't think I'm just running around out there. They changed protections. We really noticed that. The quarterback was throwing the ball fast and stepping up. The whole defense really is helping not just myself, but everyone else. We are going after it."

(on his hula dance celebration) "It came from Travis Johnson just to let everyone know. The Superman thing was from (T Rashad) Butler—offensive tackle. After the tackle, I did the Superman pose. Travis told me to do the hula—the Hawaiian dance. I tried to do it, but (DE) Earl Cochran jumped on my back and messed it up. I was just having fun. I was glad I was in a position where I could do it."

(on helping the Texans accomplish the most wins they have ever had in a season) "That's what I was drafted for. I feel like I have to be accountable to this team and this organization and to help us go out, win games and get a winning season especially. Now that we have these last two games, we have to take it one game and a time and ultimately, go out and get this thing done."

Texans T Eric Winston
(on RB Ron Dayne and RB Darius Walker) "What can you say? Guys stepping up making plays. I think Darius has taken advantage of his opportunity. We told them, I remember three weeks ago, me and (T) Ephraim (Salaam) and some guys had a conversation with him we were like, 'This league's about taking advantage of opportunity.' That's how I got in the starting lineup, I'm sure that's how Ephraim got in the starting lineup, and Darius is doing what he needs to do. What else can you say about Ron Dayne? The guy is a freight train, he really is. You know he's not going to be brought down by the first guy or the second guy. You open up a hole for him and he's going to pound it. He's going to get four yards, he's always falling forward, and those are little things that are huge for us. He's constantly falling forward. That's an extra yard you're getting every single time, so you can't say enough about those guys. I felt like we could've hung 250 on them on the rushing game, but sometimes you want to work your game plan, you want to do some stuff like that and we took some chances and towards the end of the game to ice it we settled with the run game."

(on not being surprised that RB Ron Dayne played) "You know, I've been around Ronnie now for this is his second year, and he's one of the toughest guys I've been around. He's one of those guys that you know he's going to be there for you. We all looked at him last night and people were saying, 'Oh, he's out; he's not going to play.' We looked at him like, 'Ronnie, what's the deal?' He was like, 'I'll be there for you,' and that means something for us. That means a lot for us, because he's a guy that he keeps working week after week and you call tell every time he gets more and more carries, he's just that much harder to bring down."

(on G Mike Brisiel) "Mike's done a great job taking over for (G) Fred (Weary). He's a worker, he's a guy that's going to be there. He's a model of consistency as a person and just as a player, and it's great to be playing next to him. He's a worker, he knows what's going on and we're just trying to help each other every way we can, and you can't say enough about the guy. It's a pleasant surprise, but at the same time it's not really a surprise because you know what he's doing week in and week out and I'm just so happy that he got the opportunity and he's taking advantage of it."

Denver Broncos Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan
(on the Broncos performance) "I really thought we'd be ready to play today. I thought we had some chances early. You have to give a lot of credit to Houston to come out in the second half and control the tempo of the game and run the ball extremely well. They did a great job mixing things up and we just really have to get things going. They did a much better job of getting their team ready than I did. We got outplayed and outcoached- a lot of credit to Houston."

(on how the Broncos offense handled the ball) "Anytime that you can't run the football- and they were doing a pretty good job of running the football- it comes down to them getting the job done and us not. They did a much better job of stopping the run than we did running it, but it hasn't been done many times this year."

(on the Broncos not being able to get their momentum back) "I thought we got back in the ballgame when it was 17-13. We got a little bit of momentum going and did a great job and then the 74-yard drive for a touchdown. I'm disappointed that we weren't able to put points on the scoreboard and I'm also disappointed that we ran the football the way we did."

(on if the loss of WR Brandon Stokley effected the outcome of the game) "I think the key was a guy like (TE) Daniel Graham, you lose a guy like that early in the game it is obviously effects you. I try to get guys like (TE) Chad Mustard and (TE) Tony Scheffler to come in, but we had our opportunities on offense. They did a much better job of getting their team ready to play than I did and, obviously, the results were pretty good."

(on if tonight's loss ended their playoff chances) "I don't know. You'd be able to tell me."

(on his decisions on 4th downs) "One time we were on the 35-yard line another time we thought it was worth the gamble. We have been in very similar situations this year. It's a gamble and obviously it didn't work out."

(on not calling running plays after a certain point in the game) "After the score went up 17-13 we went to two TE and had a couple of running plays and tried to get it to go in a different direction. They did a good job of stopping the run. They did a much better job of stopping the run than we did running the football."

(on what he said to Texans head coach Gary Kubiak following the game) "I just said, 'Hey, great job. You got your team ready to play. You outplayed and outcoached us.'"

(on what he will tell his team going forward) "You've got a couple games off and you've got two games left and I think everyone understands that they play hard, work hard and their chances of being back aren't very good. I expect the team to play much better than they did today."

(on the Broncos preparation versus execution) "We had a day and a half preparation so, obviously, it different than any other game during the year. I don't know, maybe I worked the guys too hard. I don't really know what it was, but we didn't have the energy that we had a week ago and you don't know what the situation is. I told them that I did a bad job of getting them ready because they didn't have the energy, but the bottom line is that we didn't get it done."

Broncos CB Dré Bly

(on his thoughts on the game) "We made some plays and we got it going towards the end of the first quarter and in the second quarter we played well. We came out in the second half after that touchdown and seemed to get the momentum back and made some plays. That has been our biggest downfall this year. But, we have two more game left. It is a gut check because everyone will be evaluated. Coach (Mike) Shanahan is going to see who wants it and who want to be here."

(on if he thought a season like this was possible) "Oh no. Just looking at the talent we have. We have a young, up and coming quarterback (Jay Cutler), a guy with a lot of ability. We have had some injuries, but guys have to step up and that is part of the game. Just looking at the veteran leadership we have on defense, I was very excited to being here and I still look forward to being here. This is more wins than I have ever had in the last four years. I am just going to keep fighting and keep trying to do all I can do to help this team win."

Broncos QB Jay Cutler
(on DE, Mario Williams) "Good player, obviously they draft him first overall. So they are getting their money's worth these days, aren't they?"

(on the level of frustration) "It's frustrating. I mean we go out and play so well last week. I thought they were quicker than us, they were ready to play, and they dominated up front a little bit, I missed some throws early on, but we just weren't sharp. It just wasn't there. That level that we had last week wasn't there."

(on feeling the frustration early in the game) "No, I thought we came out well. We had a good pre-game, everyone was there. Offensively we moved the ball at first drive and got down there, I mean I thought things were looking good."

(on how much trouble the Texans caused defensively) "Man, I don't know. We'll have to go back and watch the film to see what happened. To see if it was us or see if it was what they were doing. I thought we had a good game plan, we were calling stuff and it was working. We got rid of some of the keepers early on because they were blitzing so much, but we had some good stuff."

(on how tough it is when you can't establish a run) "It is difficult. Obviously they ran the ball better than us today. We ran the ball really well last week, I thought we were going to have another good performance with Travis (RB, Henry) and Selvin (Young, RB), but the holds weren't there. They were bringing a lot of guys down."
Broncos CB Dominique Foxworth

(on the Broncos season) "Things have been changing all year for us. I can't speak for anybody but myself. I've been inconsistent. This team has been inconsistent. I think it's a product of our youth, and things have been constantly changing for us throughout the season. I mean since camp. What we're doing now is totally different from what we were doing in camp. I think familiarity will help us to be a little more consistent. I think, to be flat out honest, some better personnel would help us be more consistent, and some more experience would help us be more consistent. We don't have what we need right now, and that's clear. There's no excuses for this team. I'll speak for myself first of all. There's no excuses for me. There's no excuses for anybody right now for what we've done. We have talent."

(on the Texans having a better record than the Broncos) "I don't care. It doesn't mean anything to me. I know I'm not happy with what our record is. We're better than what our record shows, so that's the most upsetting part. I don't care if somebody else has a better record than us."

(on the Broncos personnel) "I think we haven't been playing as well as we need to be playing. If we're consistently inconsistent, it speaks for itself. We're not going to be bad for eight games out of the year and okay for three and decent for a few other ones. You have to look yourself in the mirror and if you're that inconsistent, maybe it's not that you're inconsistent maybe you are that person.

(on frustration) "I don't know that this is as frustrated as I've been all year. This is the most I've said about my frustration all year."

(on the playoff picture) "We shouldn't even be looking at the playoff picture. We need to look at ourselves and get better. If we can manage to win these next couple games and find ourselves in the playoffs, we're lucky. That's plain and simple. We need to look at ourselves not look at the standing in our division or anything like that. What's important is that we right this ship."

Broncos RB Selvin Young
(on how he is dealing with losing) "I am not dealing with it very good at all. I really don't know what to do about the losing. I try not to go crazy when I go home at night. The best thing about it is that we have a coach that understands how to get you ready to go and play. You put everything in the past behind you. I am the type of person that is going to keep on fighting and there are a lot of guys in the room that will keep on fighting. We are going to figure out a way to get this thing going back to the old Broncos' days where there were many loses, if any at all."

(on so many young players playing and the bright future) "Every time I think about it I just try to challenge myself and just try to get better each and every day and each and every game. I try to be more physical in running the offense. These other guys have been in the offense a year already and I am coming in behind. I am trying to catch up to where those guys are so we can keep moving for the future."

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