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Texans-Browns quotes

Head coach Dom Capers

(Game summary) "Today's game was a great example of life in the NFL. It's a disappointing loss to the Cleveland Browns. They came in and picked up momentum as the game went on, and you have to give them credit. They had their quarterback, (Kelly) Holcombe, back in there and they certainly were a different team than they've been the last four weeks without him. The most disappointing thing to me about today's game is that we couldn't follow up two winning performances on the road with a big performance to finish up the season here at home. That's what good teams have. Our team has made progress, but we certainly aren't where we want to be. I can assure you one thing, we'll get back to work and do everything we can to improve this football team. We want to try to at least reach that level where we can go out and perform with the consistency week in and week out to be a winning team. Anytime you lose, there is certainly a lot of frustration and disappointment. We're all frustrated and disappointed right now. Our guys hung in there and fought right to the end, and we've got a group of fighters on this team. They hung together and never wavered through the ups and downs of the season. They've never done the things that losing teams do in terms of making excuses and not accepting responsibility. I certainly will accept responsibility of the way we played today and I'm disappointed in the way we played. I know we are going to learn from this and we are going to move into next year and be a much better football team."

(On two turnovers in the game) "We got the ball in good field position twice that we should have taken and converted into points on the board. I give the Browns credit, they stepped up and they stopped us in both situations. We didn't get it done and I think those things are momentum changers. They certainly helped their defense become confident that they could go out and could stop us in that situation."

QB David Carr

(opening statement) "It was one of those days where nothing really went right for us. We were able to run the ball effectively in the beginning, but then they just started sitting real deep. We had a couple of uninvited guests in the backfield. They just did a good job on defense of shutting us down and it's frustrating because we work all year to try and get to the highest point. I just feel bad for those guys because we have more talent than we showed out there tonight."

(on whether this was the darkest day in the Texans' three years) "It's pretty frustrating because I didn't see this coming. You expect to go out and for your offense to play well. In the beginning we had a couple of mix-ups, but it didn't feel like it was going to turn into what happened today. It's just real frustrating. I can't even really explain it."

(on not converting on turnovers) "In a game like this, or in any game in the NFL, when you get in situations like this, you have to score touchdowns. You have to get some points out of it. You can't go backwards. Obviously we'd like to have done better in those situations. It was just the total opposite of what we wanted to get done."

(on getting booed) "I'd boo, too. From what we were putting on the field today, I was booing in the huddle. It was embarrassing. As the quarterback of the football team, that might lie on my shoulders, but that's fine. What I'm more concerned about is fixing things inside the organization. I know I can speak for all the guys on my team that they put out as much effort as any team I've been around. We have to fix things in here first. The outside stuff is going to take care of itself. But we didn't go out and do anything deserving of any praise."

(on the missed fourth down play) "We called quarterback sneak on the line. The plan was to let them pinch down inside and go around the outside, and they just had a guy waiting for me. It was a long yard to get, and it was a tough situation. We just came up short."

(on next year) "I think we have enough talent to be in the playoffs next year. I think our guys work harder or work as hard as any team that I've seen. I'm going to be searching just like everybody else to figure out what we need to do to get better."

RB Domanick Davis

(on the loss) "It was real tough. We really needed to win this one. We never executed today when we needed to."

(on the play of his team) "I can't question the effort of the guys on this team. We all came out and played hard today. It all comes down to making plays on third down and we didn't convert. Everyone wanted to win. Nobody was slacking today."

(on not getting to 8-8 to finish the season) "It is disappointing but we have to look at the positives and learn from the negatives of the season. We have the talent, it's just a matter of time."

WR Jabar Gaffney

(on losing the season finale at home) "It's hard because we were coming off our two biggest wins of the season on the road. To think we could have come home and finished strong with another win is tough."

C Steve McKinney

(On if David Carr had an unusual amount of pressure on him today) "No, I know some guys were getting beat, but it's going to happen like that. I don't think that it was unusual."

(On the loss) "It's disappointing, obviously. We came into this game feeling pretty good about ourselves by winning two in a row with a chance to win three in a row and finish 8-8. I don't think it was a lack of enthusiasm or guys not being prepared. We came in ready to play, but we just got outplayed. You have to take your hat off to Cleveland. They didn't have anything to play for and they came in and basically did we what we did to Jacksonville last week."

(On if the team was fired up today) "Absolutely, I think that everybody was. We came in fired up and ready to play, but for some reason we didn't make any plays. We ran the ball effectively at times, but we were kind of one-dimensional. We have to make plays, but we just didn't make them today."

WR Corey Bradford

(On the game) "We just came out and beat ourselves. Every point they had was given it to them. We wanted to finish on a good note at 8-8, but sometimes stuff happens."

(On the improvement this season) "Even though we lost we had some bright spots. Basically, we want to build off those bright spots next year."

RB Jonathan Wells

(On the loss) "I never doubt on how hard we play and prepare, but we just didn't get it done today."

(On the pressure that was on David Carr) "It looked like it was a lot of pressure out there on David (Carr). He did the best he could and he battled back. David is a warrior."

(On if the loss will be carried into the off-season) "We actually need to let this game go. We have to deal off the positive things we did. We're not going to take anything negative into the off-season. We're trying to build and get better. We did a lot of good things this year and if we keep doing that we will be fine next year."

Owner Robert McNair

(On the loss) "This is the hardest kind of game to prepare for because all you have to do is read your reports and in our minds we had already won the game. Everybody had already put this one away and we are looking forward to next season."

(On execution) "Cleveland is a lot better team than their record indicates and Kelly Holcomb is a good quarterback, but we just didn't execute today. We have to execute on a consistent basis to get the kind of performance we all want."

(On 2005 draft) "We could use players at a number of different positions. Right now all we know is we'll be drafting around 14, 15, 16. We really don't know who will be available, so we'll just see who is available and just pick the best athlete out there."

RT Todd Wade

(On the loss) "There is no excuse. We had too many drives where we should have scored, but we just didn't execute. Cleveland wanted it more than we did."

(On 7-9 record) "Nobody wanted to finish with a losing record, Cleveland just beat us. There were certainly a lot of games this year that we could have won, but we just didn't step up. In the off-season, those close games are definitely what we'll be thinking about."

Texans WR Andre Johnson

(On the loss) "Today was real frustrating, given all the expectations we had this season. We put a few drives together but there were time it looked we just lost it."

(On going to the Pro Bowl) "I'm excited about the Pro Bowl. It was a goal I set

for myself at the beginning of the season and I'm happy to be going. But for my team and today, I'm upset."

(On what DBs did differently to him) "They really didn't do anything different, they just came out and played hard. We just didn't execute and if you don't go out and make plays, you don't win games."

Texans DE Gary Walker

(On the loss) "We just got outplayed. They came in here with more desire to win the game than we did and out-executed us. We just didn't make good decisions. People were looking more at our record than at the other team. Their quarterback made good decisions and the running back ran hard. They made a lot of plays on defense."

(On losing the last game of the season)  " I would've loved to win the last game of the season, but it didn't happen."

Texans TE Billy Miller

(On David Carr being booed) "It was crazy because one minute they're booing him and the next minute, he makes a good run, and the crowd went crazy. I say, if you're going to be a fan, then you have to stick with us. I thought it was very unfair."

(On the Texans performance) "We were just flat. This loss was a slap in the face,

a humbling experience."

Texans CB Dunta Robinson

(On the loss) "It's very disappointing to come out and lose to a team that has only won three games before this one. There's no excuse for this one."

(On having played the last game of the season) "This is the hardest thing. We have so much time off, and all we can do is sit around and wonder what we could've done to win this game."

(On having higher expectations for next season) "Next season 8-8 isn't good enough. We're not an expansion team anymore; now it's time to play football and start competing with some of the top teams in the NFL."

Texans LB Kailee Wong

(On the loss) "Unfortunately we got away from our formula that we were playing really good defense with. We gave up some big plays and they did a good job making them. That's really the biggest difference in the game."

(On playing the Browns) "We've seen them on film and they've been making those plays all year long against a lot of good football teams. It was one of those things where we needed to come in with something. We were close, we were really close, but we just have to find that extra something."

(On attitude coming into the game) "I think we came out with the intention of having the same fire. A lot of times you need to make plays to get that going and get that momentum swinging. Unfortunately we weren't able to make any big plays early on."

(On ending the season with a loss) "It's frustrating, winning was something we really wanted to do.  Finishing out the season strong with three straight wins really catapults you into next year.  Unfortunately that's not how we finished and we just have to regroup, come back, and next year I think the Texans are going to be ready to make a good run."

Texans CB Demarcus Faggins

(On not capitalizing on turnovers) "It hurts. Our offense, they make plays, but we just came up short. I don't look down on our offense; we have a great offense."

(On close games) "There is a couple of games this season that we should have taken away, but it didn't happen. Going into the off season we are going to work hard and we are going to make sure that the teams we are supposed to beat, we are going to beat. There are some great teams next year and we are going to come out and compete and win those games."

(On success of season) "In my mind I feel like we got better since the last couple seasons. I feel like we will get better next year."

(On close games) "There's a couple of games this season that we should have taken away, but it didn't happen. Going into the off-season we are going to work hard and we are going to make sure that the teams we are supposed to beat, we are going to beat. There are some great teams next year and we are going to come out and compete and win those games."

Browns DL Gerald Warren

(On coach) "Everything we did today had to do with that man. Instead of making me a puppet, he let me be a man. I have nothing but love for him. I wish we could have won all the games for him."

(On defensive line performance) "It was one of our better performances, but not our best."

Browns DB Earl Little

(On Kelly Holcomb) "I was so happy to see him out there. He made way more big plays than he did mistakes."

(On defensive performance) "To go out there and play the type of game we did defensively, I am not going to even lie, where was this all year? It was hard work with all the injuries we had this season and with the young guy back there playing quarterback. We kept fighting, and that is what it is all about. It is all about pride. That is the bottom line."

(On the win) "It was a good win, but at the same time, I am disappointed we didn't make the playoffs like we did a couple of years ago. That was a great feeling, and something I would like to feel again."

Browns LB Chaun Thompson

(On winning the last game of the season)  "It felt good to end the game on a good note. I wish the season would have went better than what it did."

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